RT @addiebrownlee: @marceelias Heard that. https://t.co/1LW7KREY7B
@marceelias Heard that. https://t.co/1LW7KREY7B
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: I really want to know what non-Squad endorsers of Nina like @tedlieu @RepKatiePorter @MarkPocan @RepRaskin think of th…
RT @regwag2003: Update: it does not https://t.co/VxOvokLFYn
RT @TioSamSays: It will never not be funny to see people who openly hate Democrats run in Democratic primaries and then lose, shocking all…
RT @RussOnPolitics: @kirk_bado Nina Turner is of course a sore loser. And yes, I read code language. She is blaming Jews and pro-Israel gro…
RT @kylegriffin1: Joint Statement from the governors of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island: "We are appalled at the f…
RT @dougblandry: 2020-2021 election record Jim Clyburn: 2 Errbody else: 0 https://t.co/kHuMAzXsRK
RT @reesetheone1: She had more money overall...... 😂😂😂 Act Blue just helped narrow the gap. That's all. https://t.co/AW4rHWVIUh
RT @EricBoehlert: Black district supports “corporate” candidates you learn something new everyday folks https://t.co/qRAyK1psj1
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: https://t.co/4Uq0EswPyy
RT @pbump: Cuomo allegedly met a state trooper at a press conference, had her transferred to his personal detail, repeatedly harassed her v…
RT @hellolanemoore: guys on dating apps are like "MUST be a virgin slut. 10s only. I hate women, please be cool with that. If you have any…
RT @EricBoehlert: not one sentence here confirms claim that Americans “confused and frustrated” re: Biden and Covid that’s just Axios typ…
RT @nordicmodelnow: “I’m from Germany, a cesspool of human trafficking. It’s heart-breaking to see all the women & girls, trafficked, most…
RT @Green_Footballs: Journalists who don’t understand why many people are fed up with the media need look no further than the MANY articles…
RT @addiebrownlee: @OwenGleiberman I thought the title of this article was an apropos joke given Damon’s propensity for being not as awesom…
@OwenGleiberman I thought the title of this article was an apropos joke given Damon’s propensity for being not as a… https://t.co/MqtqPwRHEO
RT @aravosis: Priceless https://t.co/aSf33Q5PmH
RT @RonFilipkowski: Rep. Stephanie Murphy gives a non-verbal response when a fake news right-wing “reporter” asks her if Nancy Pelosi shoul…
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: Just because he now claims it was a joke doesn't mean it was https://t.co/GGbLzQl6QF
RT @maddenifico: After spending 55 grueling days on a ventilator while COVID destroyed his memory, his muscles, and his organs to the exten…
RT @jan6coup: @xtrixcyclex @joshtpm @teakinrj When is @MarkMeadows going to be arrested for his part in the coup attempt? 🤷‍♀️
RT @RepAdamSchiff: Making light of striking the Speaker after a mob broke into the Capitol intent on doing her violence? Real funny @GOPLe…
RT @ReallyAmerican1: RT if you agree Kevin McCarthy shouldn’t be allowed to be speaker of the house after talking about assaulting speaker…
RT @flywithkamala: Mood watching Shontel Brown upset Nina Turner in #OH11. 😎 https://t.co/I08YxZpVLQ
RT @2RawTooReal: 30 days ago this race was assured for Nina Turner to win 🥇 And miraculously Shontel Brown has come from behind & tied up t…
RT @s_m_i: There are too many stories like this in journalism. https://t.co/IdGUUJ4Ch2
RT @atrupar: if I was part of this super strategery session I wouldn't love it that Rep. Cawthorn is secretly filming me https://t.co/RyjYb
RT @SunnyDayCBay: No one will ever own anyone harder than Glenn just owned himself. https://t.co/8JFZFDDEHb
RT @jilevin: If your mask seems uncomfortable to you, try this instead: https://t.co/pefyKADCIP
RT @evacide: The Saudi Arabian govt used NSO Group's software to break into the phones of female journalists who were critical of the regim…
RT @KnoxvilleHoller: So @RepTimBurchett @timburchett is going after Pelosi for for not extending the evictions moratorium when he opposed p…
RT @ThinkingAtheist: 2000 years ago: God raises the dead. Today: God locates a sack. #miracle https://t.co/M4VEoOTHe8
RT @CREWcrew: The public still deserves transparency regarding the “private donation” South Dakota governor Kristi Noem used to deploy up t…
RT @NicolleDWallace: It’s an excellent interview-I’m sorry I didn’t credit you by name. My bad and my apologies https://t.co/YCuwC2MEpI
RT @Sites4Congress: In this country witnesses and suspects don't investigate the crime, @SenatorCollins. https://t.co/sO1FrpcK72
RT @cmclymer: This news bit about Matt Damon only recently deciding to stop saying "faggot" after his daughter wrote him a "treatise" on it…
RT @RVAwonk: A lot of people still express skepticism about whether Russia’s 2016 disinformation campaign could have actually changed voter…
RT @thebl0w: When you see homeless New Yorkers speaking out to media, refusing to go to back to congregated shelters, & sometimes choosing…
RT @DrRJKavanagh: NYC has paid out almost $300, 000 to settle claims against Zorilla. There have been 18 allegations of misconduct or use of…
RT @JoshuaPotash: This is what happens when New York puts more cops in the subway https://t.co/Ueon1MI2rD
RT @peoplesmedianyc: Video 2 of 2 https://t.co/P88aCn3dL6
RT @peoplesmedianyc: This was last night in NYC. And after this arrest, this cop brutalized, pepper sprayed and arrested someone who had…
RT @peoplesmedianyc: All this over a $2.75 subway fare. This isn’t NYPD keeping people safe, it’s them signaling that they’ll use violenc…
RT @ztsamudzi: Or just hire non-white people as journalists in every geography https://t.co/xXiWJFaNCl
RT @dhaybass: @maggieNYT Hey FBI, there is still a plot to overthrow the government and its kinda right out in the open.
RT @washingtonpost: Opinion: Require the vaccine. It’s time to stop coddling the reckless. https://t.co/AqMUto5c5s
RT @VonnieCalland: “The difference with the Delta variant is how it’s affecting children. We have 17 children admitted to Arkansas Children…
RT @CoriBush: A reminder that “reverse racism” does not exist.
RT @MrMaxWeed: @SusanSarandon https://t.co/Hvz0CYhKoJ
RT @MAndersen66: @cbrennansports Katie Ledecky swam her last 50 free faster in the 1500 METER FREE than Michael Andrew swam in the 200 IM.…
RT @deanergal: @cbrennansports Some people just beg for COVID to come get them. He deserves whatever happens, but the people around him do…
RT @EyeAmLexi: @cbrennansports *squints* he also refused to wear a medal… Oh wait…
RT @joshtpm: he simply shldn't be there. there's no right to represent America at the olympics. he shld get vaxed. but even he had some ext…
RT @joshtpm: he shouldn’t be there https://t.co/RLr6ztaP30
RT @TheTweetOfGod: I don't. https://t.co/4Q7fmGEkLv
RT @briantylercohen: NEW: A State Department aide appointed by Trump has been arrested for storming the Capitol and beating police with a r…
RT @Roninspoon: I was raised in a military rooted evangelical family and community during the 70s and 80s. You would not believe the shit t…
RT @stevesilberman: So at this point I guess the takeway is, "Trump may be the most dangerous criminal in American history, but he's too fa…
RT @katehelendowney: Let’s stop pretending there are different jobs. There’s only one job and it’s emails.
RT @TimInHonolulu: One factor that leads me to conclude the Russian intelligence services have been behind the anti-vaccine movement from t…
RT @UFWupdates: Jose Luis shared his days’ work of harvesting okra in Coachella CA. He earns $12 a basket. The high this day in July was 10…
RT @TheKateMulgrew: I see it is time to issue further orders...wear your mask and please #GetVaccinated! Don't let the Delta variant spread…
RT @mjs_DC: 15 of the 25 state attorneys general asking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade also asked the Supreme Court to overturn…
RT @irin: “There is a quadrant of straight men who take it personally when you don’t behave in a manner consistent with how they were socia…
RT @MuellerSheWrote: How is the documentary evidence of the former president committing seditious conspiracy not the lead story on every ne…
RT @EricBoehlert: Greenwald, who couldn't sleep at night fearing a woman might become president in 2016, and who spent the calendar yr deno…
RT @KevinMKruse: Why is Newsmax still given credentials for White House press conferences? https://t.co/j4sgvDppWQ
RT @DrPsyBuffy: “If we remain trapped in the older, unnuanced thinking about the supposedly intrinsic goodness of “religion” itself, whatev…
RT @mhairiforrest: @C_Stroop "Conservative, mostly white evangelicalism, which represents a fear-based, authoritarian outlook on a social s…
RT @C_Stroop: I want to acknowledge the scholars, advocates, journalists, and commentators whose important work I linked to in this piece, …
RT @C_Stroop: I have evangelical vaccine refusers in my family, and I’ve covered the Christian Right beat for six years. I’m done sugarcoat…
RT @stevesilberman: Bestselling liar @JDVance, whose "Hillbilly Elegy" provided months of cover and misdirection for Trump's treason and GO…
RT @ericgarland: There’s a critical point about cognitive bias and the Jan 6 coup attempt here: people are having trouble understanding it, …
RT @MsEntropy: “The COVID pandemic hit female academics the hardest, ” says @chronicle — asking what universities plan to do. Like me, many…
RT @iamchanteezy: It’s interesting how Nina Turner stans are accusing Shontel Brown for being “corrupt”, but it’s really “Ms. Hello Somebod…
RT @JoyceHutchens3: From a gymnast who is paralyzed. https://t.co/VtQVV6i89J
RT @heathermizeur: I'm Heather Mizeur: Democrat, former state legislator, farmer, & wife to 🏳️‍🌈 Deborah 🏳️‍🌈. My life has been defined by…
RT @johnkruzel: Worth recalling the Jan. 7 front pages https://t.co/tjCN2d9GDb
RT @politico: The Justice Department and the House of Representatives declined to represent Rep. Mo Brooks in a lawsuit that accuses him of…
RT @EricHaftelLive: When Matt Gaetz was told Venmo works well for minor purchases, I think he misunderstood... #DemVoice1 https://t.co/Hwy
RT @Canadian_66: Whoever brought the Trump on a Stick to the Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene presser deserves an award. https://t.co/
RT @NC5PhilWilliams: ICYMI: Dr. Michelle Fiscus, who once headed the state's vaccination efforts, tells NewsChannel 5 Investigates that she…
RT @NC5PhilWilliams: ANOTHER MUST WATCH: A "Ring doorbell guy" trying to tell Tennessee public health professionals how to do COVID testing…
RT @NC5PhilWilliams: ICYMI: A record of missed opportunities! That's how a former insider describes Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee's handling of t…
RT @jayhancock1: Finally this April, UVA announced permanent reforms & said it would remove most liens & cancel court judgments going back…
RT @Lesdoggg: You don’t like it UNFOLLOW ME! Cause she might have time I do muthafuckas!! @TeamUSA https://t.co/sNWpAUfTEE
RT @BrettKelman: This seems like a prime example of the Tennessee Department of Health's tweaked vaccine outreach. The agency doesn't actua…
RT @barstoolsports: Italo Ferreira grew up in a small village in Brazil. He was the son a fisherman, whose family couldn’t afford to buy a…
RT @jasonleejones: WOAH! The Texas 6th Congressional GOP primary has been called. The Trump-backed incumbent, Rep. Susan Wright (R-TX) was…
RT @NjelleHamilton: My colleague @aydeethegreat citing @IBJIYONGI for Astronomy magazine re race & space. Would love to see this convo exte…
RT @PeterHotez: The cruelty, absence of humanity, lack of kindness all the things we stand for. I tried to keep up with the hearings today, …
RT @WillBlackmon: Jordan took a break, Barry retired, Calvin Johnson Retired, Andrew Luck retired, Gronk took a break. All at the height o…
RT @jonrog1: People mocking 1/6 cops’ emotions and Simone Biles Olympic decision really brings home that we’re way past partisan divide and…
RT @Yamiche: Officer Harry Dunn: If a hitman is hired and he kills somebody, the hitman goes to jail. But not only does the hitman go to ja…
RT @SinaNemazi13: Everyone needs to hear this. https://t.co/taWwSm14Cj
RT @blackwomenviews: We didn't forget how #GabbyDouglas was tormented even AFTER she helped the USA team win gold. So let's not act like #S…
RT @kylegriffin1: Rep. Liz Cheney on ABC: "I think that Congressman Jordan may well be a material witness."
RT @KaivanShroff: For the record the January 6th hearings have already been incredibly powerful and important. Almost as if Nancy Pelosi…
RT @JRubinBlogger: "I need you guys to address if anyone in power" assisted, planned, etc. says Hodges.
RT @bellingcat: Our full investigation into the poisoning of @Navalny can be found here https://t.co/ACbA2gkV2H
RT @bellingcat: The investigative piece shown on CNN can be seen below, featuring @clarissaward doorstepping one of FSB team members involv…
RT @bellingcat: AC360 has been nominated for two Emmy's for the Bellingcat and CNN investigative piece we did as part of our investigation…
RT @pbump: In the past two weeks, there have been 126 new coronavirus cases per 100k residents of blue counties and 278 new cases per 100k…
RT @MayaCPopa: "Mostly, I want to be kind." The endlessly wise and patient Mary Oliver: https://t.co/y66267cm8n
RT @RVAwonk: NEW: Twitter has also suspended the "Audit War Room" accounts for Nevada, Georgia, and Wisconsin. https://t.co/mqxln2GZCW
RT @RVAwonk: Just in: Twitter has suspended the Arizona Audit account and the Audit War Room account. https://t.co/xYhFpE2PLL
RT @addiebrownlee: @COCKIYOOMI Yo. NONE of these guys are wearing bikinis. There are gonna be fines out the whazooooooooo!
@COCKIYOOMI Yo. NONE of these guys are wearing bikinis. There are gonna be fines out the whazooooooooo!
RT @SethAbramson: A month ago: https://t.co/ogE76Hd4jV
RT @MKEthelife4me: @kraymer_girl @monaeltahawy A HS teacher in my hometown was there, he emailed his students that he was going to "stand u…
RT @monaeltahawy: If they were not white or certainly if they were Muslim, these women would be called fanatics, thus is the privilege of w…
RT @KnoxvilleHoller: Anything to distract from the insurrection you helped enable, right J? https://t.co/vKO3MGG7FS
RT @MarshallCohen: Officer Hodges says police in the tunnel were "shocked with a cattle prod that one of the terrorists brought with them"…
RT @AhmedBaba_: Officer Daniel Hodges called the January 6 attack a “white nationalist insurrection."
RT @nixonron: @AP investigation: A confidential informant infiltrated a KKK group made up of FL prison guards. His recordings provide a rar…
RT @CaslerNoel: There’s a term in NY State politics called ‘Big Ugly’ which describes exactly what Elise Stefanik and her ilk are attemptin…
RT @kylegriffin1: Former speed skater Bridie Farrell has launched a congressional bid to unseat Republican Elise Stefanik. Farrell, a Demo…
RT @KnoxvilleHoller: In case you’re wondering why we’re in this mess, here’s an elected official calling the government trying to keep peop…
RT @JohnJHarwood: this is why the Republican Party does not want an honest investigation of that day's events https://t.co/BjJ8OfXtR9
RT @ariannagdavis: yes, this is the year of Black women saying ENOUGH—and if you can't understand that, you are likely part of the reason w…
RT @atrupar: Officer Dunn on why January 6 was violent whereas other protests in DC generally have not been: "They had marching orders ...…
RT @atrupar: "If those responsible are not held accountable, and if Congress does not act responsibly, this will remain a cancer on our con…
RT @UltraViolet: CW: misogyny, hyper-sexualization of femme bodies, bro culture, manipulation, unsafe working conditions, narcissism This…
RT @washingtonpost: Before opening statements from panelists, the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack watched video foot…
RT @addiebrownlee: @lindsaydevon I know it doesn’t help, but they’re the one that made this awkward and awful. Not you. I’m sorry.
@lindsaydevon I know it doesn’t help, but they’re the one that made this awkward and awful. Not you. I’m sorry.
RT @MSNBC: "I can see why someone would take issue with the title of terrorist, it's gained a lot of notoriety in our vocabulary in the pas…
RT @kylegriffin1: Rep. Stephanie Murphy: "What were you fighting for that day?" MPD Officer Hodges: "Democracy."
RT @kylegriffin1: This is the testimony that Republicans did not want the American people to hear. The Republicans who voted against the bi…
RT @Yamiche: Officer Harry Dunn describing being called a "nigger" multiple times while trying to defend the Capitol on January 6th. Anot…
RT @ryanjreilly: Officer Daniel Hodges: If that’s what American tourists are like, I can see why foreign countries don’t like American tour…
RT @ParkerMolloy: Gosh, it’s almost like people spending the past few months dunking on anyone who still wore a mask was bad, huh https://t…
RT @duty2warn: At some point, hopefully in the not too distant future, Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas needs to be charged with massive criminal…
RT @TheTNHoller: SGT. GONELL TO REPUBLICANS: “You’re defending the indefensible… it demoralizes not just the rank & file, but future recrui…
RT @ryanjreilly: White officer Daniel Hodges, on the other hand, testifies that a pro-Trump rioters tried to recruit him, asking him if he…
RT @ryanjreilly: Capitol Police Sergeant Aquilino Gonell testifies that a member of the pro-Trump mob told him he’s “not even an American”…
RT @joshscampbell: Officer Hodges is asked why he uses the term "terrorists" to describe the Capitol insurrection. He responds by reading…
RT @LaurenAshley087: @columbiatexan The demand that we deny these athletes of their humanity is unconscionable—Simone, Gabby, Naomi, Serena…
RT @ElieNYC: Jamie Raskin would have been a good AG
RT @ElieNYC: Well, @RepRaskin straight up with "the people who attacked you are fascist traitors to the country." Paging Merrick Garland a…
RT @vladduthiersCBS: “On Jan. 6, …I was more afraid to work at the Capitol than my entire deployment to Iraq…” “I was particularly shocked…
RT @PGourevitch: Capitol Police testifying today leave no room for doubt that Republican Party, in its embrace of the Jan 6 attack on Congr…
RT @brianbeutler: It’s simple truth. If they’d succeeded that day, Pence, Pelosi and perhaps many other members of Congress would be dead a…
RT @RamCNN: Read: Rep. Adam Kinzinger's opening remarks at first hearing for select committee on Jan. 6 https://t.co/hv15OUQSRH
RT @BrianKarem: NOW: If that’s what American tourists are like I can see why foreign countries don’t like American tourists. https://t.co/H
RT @Yamiche: Powerful moment. Sgt Gonell lays out how GOP downplaying 1/6 hurts recruitment efforts. "What do you think people considerin…
RT @Yamiche: Sergeant Aquilino Gonell: How can you call January 6th a tour when officers were attacked, bleeding, maimed and had their eyes…
RT @robreiner: Just have to say this. Nancy Pelosi is the smartest, strongest, most dedicated and compassionate elected official I have eve…
RT @AnnieGabstonH: I've always believed that the U.S. failure to come up with rational immigration policies that allow people to live and w…
RT @EricBoehlert: Politico treats demented GOP behavior as normal everyday of the week https://t.co/k5I4VMJenG
RT @brhodes: A Fox News camera crew once staked out the stoop of my apartment building in DC and screamed questions at me with a camera as…
RT @TheRickyDavila: The Montana Man who confronted white supremacist rape apologist Fox Propagandist Tucker Carlson is a hero. MAGA lunati…
RT @Zeddary: Just set up Pfizer blow dart ambushes all around South Dakota. Their armor is weak at the neck... and underneath the arm.
RT @ZacMcCrary: Cleaning out some old boxes and found a literal poll tax receipt of my grandparents for their 1958 "voting privilege". Cos…
RT @Butterflyflys83: @BaddCompani https://t.co/f7TQKmvOcc @BaddCompani Now this is F'ing Madness 😠
RT @RepBobbyRush: When the photo from Emmett Till’s funeral ran in Jet, I will never forget how my mother gathered us around the table and…
RT @magdapoodle: @themeredith @talkhurleytome His name is Alen Hadzic for anyone wondering
RT @4WheelWorkOut: Alen Hadzic under investigation for SA. Chosen for the team AFTER allegations. Flies separately to JP. Can't live in the…
RT @MaineMillennial: Idea: everyone going up against Alen Hadzic in competition gets a real sword
RT @DHSMrWright: Someone, anyone, read this and explain to me how Alen Hadzic is competing in the Olympics and Sha’Carri Richardson is not.…
RT @BritneyCHAPSTIX: Alen Hadzic truly does represent America at the Olympic. A cis white man who went to expensive colleges with multiple…
RT @adelisatu: his name is alen hadzic, i better not see ANY bosnian men defending him https://t.co/438Ewj2eDf
RT @JoanneOR_Ox: I don’t actively root against athletes at the Olympics, but I hope Alen Hadzic fails spectacularly. Disgusting. https://…
RT @RachelAxon: Three women told SafeSport that fencer Alen Hadzic committed sexual misconduct against them. An arbitrator lifted a temp su…
RT @bri_sacks: In May, when Team USA fencers sent an email to the US Olympic committee outlining their issues with Hadzic, they received an…
RT @bri_sacks: Today, as Olympic athletes walked in the opening ceremony, one US fencer, who is in Tokyo, did not participate. That's becau…
RT @TahanieNYC: The allegations of sexual assault against Alen Hadzic, a fencer are so severe that he must be isolated & under a safety pla…
RT @PopBase: US Fencer, Alen Hadzic, has been allowed to compete in this year's Olympics despite numerous allegations of sexual assault.…
RT @miadegraaf: Christine Mboma & Beatrice Masilingi can't run due to testosterone levels. Sha'Carri Richardson can't run after testing p…
RT @MelissaDSegura: One fencer in Tokyo told ⁦@BuzzFeedNews⁩, “Sha’Carrie Richardson smokes a little weed and can’t go to the Olympics. I’v…
RT @BuzzFeedNews: Despite allegations of sexual assault, US fencer Alen Hadzic made it to the Olympics — and fellow athletes want accountab…
RT @QuiGonJin_: @BuzzFeedNews Team safety plan? How about jail?
RT @irishrygirl: @BuzzFeedNews Prison would do the same thing.
RT @BuzzFeedNews: A US fencer facing sexual assault allegations made it to the Olympics and has a team “safety plan” to keep him away from…
RT @JillFilipovic: What about private citizens trying to walk into abortion clinics? https://t.co/V1cWWKwNRb
RT @drbashir2018: Long overdue.... https://t.co/7P4ypS3K8Q
RT @Lesdoggg: YES!! Just gonna leave this right here and say. This is all we want to know we make a difference. Thank you!! This was beauti…
RT @Lesdoggg: I’m telling these people e finding the right ones. And what upsetting is he gets protected while he gets to harass other peop…
RT @Lesdoggg: 2/2 she is a nurse too👀👀👀 https://t.co/dUptvNVsDf
RT @Lesdoggg: 😂😂😂😂😂Did this really happen?!! #whenmeetandgreetgowrong https://t.co/1qM1TjffV5
RT @Lesdoggg: Not all super heroes wear capes!! Take your ass to spirit with that shit!! GIVE HIM A RAISE! #letsalltakesnotefromhisbook #yo…
RT @Lesdoggg: I want to name a flip after me! But only flip I do is with a finger! @TeamUSA https://t.co/tayOVZ2uuf
RT @Lesdoggg: I’m just saying! We better watch out! @TeamUSA https://t.co/E8Y9kMN9Mo
RT @Lesdoggg: I’m just saying. Ain’t nobody gone say shit?! https://t.co/3WYkBjW1GF
RT @Lesdoggg: And when I was about to give up on commercials!! Great one!! https://t.co/O3FjUmG9ir
RT @KateHarding: My thought is, getting vaccinated will solve two problems for her. https://t.co/1KOJXCLZ4p
RT @davenewworld_2: It'd be so easy to prove Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. I said it before and I'll say it again: They should've chaine…
RT @TrishFL1: Everyone should know this 👇👇 https://t.co/IAEb4585tp
RT @Combat__COVID: "Together, we can beat this." Dr. Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health of The US Department of Health & Human Services…
RT @TheTNHoller: WATCH: “The Mature Minor Doctrine is still applicable in Tennessee.” @TNDeptofHealth Commish Piercey says the Supreme Co…
RT @drfixus: So this happened today! Thanks for the support! #TruthToPower #PutKids1st #Vaccinate https://t.co/DkR4xOwhEF
RT @TheTNHoller: WATCH: “Why have you not stepped up and taken responsibility rather than let career employees take the brunt of this?” @G…
RT @TheTNHoller: Sometimes progress looks like an empty shelf. (H/t @SenatorGilmore) #KKKBustGGGone 👋🏽 https://t.co/GIAQylLAkb
RT @JamesMWilliam18: If you don't understand and appreciate the history, impact and repercussions of white supremacy and white privilege, e…
RT @JamesMWilliam18: "Working-class whites are complicit, or at least passive instruments, in their own political and economic disenfranchi…
RT @ASlavitt: Your chances of being vaccinated & getting sick with COVID are still very very low. Not zero & slightly higher. Worth takin…
RT @jayrosen_nyu: Good day to re-up this. A while back someone on Twitter asked me for three or four changes in political journalism that m…
RT @Sifill_LDF: I missed this this piece the first time around, but I’m glad @jayrosen_nyu has re-upped it. Brilliant and urgent, still. ht…
RT @sfpelosi: The FBI and Trump White House did what MANY employers do when a #MeToo claim is raised: investigate the responses then ignore…
RT @davidmweissman: Hey @CawthornforNC, on what grounds has Dr. Fauci violated the law? You have no right to threaten him for asking the pe…
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: FBI tells Senators “the most “relevant” of the 4, 500 tips the agency received during an investigation into Mr. Kavanau…
RT @SarahBCalif: The FBI (Christopher Wray) was involved in covering up for Kavanaugh and created a bogus reporting phone-log and several f…
RT @MollyJongFast: They’re going to overturn Roe. https://t.co/7s2fYBeZB2
RT @marcushjohnson: Feels weird to say this, but every major business should do what the NFL just did re vaccines. Every blue state should.…
RT @KristiWhitePhD: I typically limit the personal details I share on Twitter, but in the service of #PublicHealth and sharing important in…
RT @monaeltahawy: How many rapists must we kill before men stop raping us? TW: sexual assault, rape https://t.co/1uo13CHhDQ
RT @m_mendozaferrer: Would the press be silent if Hillary took money from her 2016 campaign to create a non-profit political organization t…
RT @DavidJollyFL: Alabama GOP Gov Kay Ivey: "It’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinate…
RT @ElieNYC: You know, when Toobin writes "In crucial, contested cases, Chief Justice Roberts has increasingly been voting with the three r…
RT @m_mendozaferrer: Bernie's long-time political campaign advisor starts a dark money SuperPac in 2020 (remember how Bernie railed against…
RT @KaivanShroff: Joe Biden should fire FBI director Wray. He covered up for a sexual predator who is now on the Supreme Court for life. (A…
RT @pbump: A five-year-old boy in Georgia died of covid last week. He was a resident of Marjorie Taylor Greene's district. She hasn't offer…
RT @pop361: @RonFilipkowski https://t.co/ruwCuTJ9xG
RT @IAmOnlyMe89: @brianefallon why is this news? Didn't we all know this back then? The Senate Dems raised the issue during the hearings
RT @m_mendozaferrer: Nina Turner Berning through the brocialist dollars pretty fiercely. Not sure it's going to be enough to buy her a seat…
RT @MattPutorti: My name is Matt Putorti. I’m a gay, Catholic, NoCo native & Democrat challenging Elise Stefanik in #NY21. We are building…
RT @JasonOverstreet: I believe Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford exactly the way she told the world he d…
RT @Cupcakes_n_Rap: The number of rapes that happen at Ottawa's Escapade Festival is extremely high, and imo, the organizers are complicit.…
RT @nycbubbles: @m_mendozaferrer Hell, I am *still* fixated on the ghost-like Old Towne media and the *tens of millions* of dollars paid to…
RT @RepAdamSchiff: McCarthy is scared. Stefanik, too. They never wanted an investigation into Jan. 6 to go forward because they are afraid…
RT @greenhousenyt: More than 1, 000 coal miners have been on strike for more than 100 days in Alabama, and according to a new study, the thr…
RT @WSMV: Tennessee's largest COVID testing center closes; Delta variant on the rise. https://t.co/xAvebRhy0H https://t.co/aZ0qesrQDZ
RT @BrettKelman: The Tennessee state government just postponed a vaccine summit set for next month as it continues to distance itself from…
RT @dgurdasani1: Ok, time to do a thread on long COVID. Long COVID is a *real* multi-system syndrome that occurs in those infected (far mor…
RT @BlackKnight10k: Every time a member of Trump's inner circle gets indicted, an angel gets it's wings.
RT @ProfWehrman: W. J. Salts, Representative Barker, and several others who developed smallpox eventually recovered. But why did Salts show…
RT @kimmasters: Pretty sure Trump didn’t register as a foreign agent, either. https://t.co/pAkW3WGh5V
RT @StellaParton: This is absolutely no joke folks! For one of Tennessee’s leading health officials to experience this type of harassment a…
RT @StellaParton: @joncoopertweets He is correct, Sen. Paul is an idiot!
RT @irishrygirl: In Texas if you’re caught with 2-4 ounces of weed the penalty is 1 year in prison and a fine of $4000. In America if you s…
RT @shannonrwatts: The NRA’s new priority is lowering the age Americans can buy handguns to 18, even though data shows 18- to 20-year-olds…
RT @tribelaw: Here I explain why it’s vital for access to justice, the rule of law, and democracy’s very survival that Merrick Garland not…
RT @MSignorile: Lawsuit coming? https://t.co/ULEN21Eg4B
RT @activist360_co: The Climate Change and Infrastructure Crises Are Interconnected In this op-ed, @RepKatiePorter argues that environment…
RT @MG_SmithT: Summer reading #HereRightMatters https://t.co/Rut8wIJ01l https://t.co/rh86uRlsdd
RT @courtneymilan: This idea that blocking someone is bad is just… so weird. Block people for whatever reason you want, including that they…
RT @ElieNYC: Make no mistake, the behavior of the Garland @TheJusticeDept IS WHY Republicans break the law when they are in power. They KNO…
RT @jentaub: ✔️This tweet stands. I wrote Garland “will follow” this tradition. The news that Barr declined to prosecute changes nothing. T…
RT @ReallyAmerican1: When is the DOJ going to arrest Ali Alexander for January 6th? Isn't a taped confession enough?
RT @ericgarland: He’s not quitting over the literal RICO charges for the Ohio GOP? Oh. https://t.co/eP6MeeKW4P
RT @owillis: we always let them get away with it so then they do it again. https://t.co/KzxNfqXUwm
RT @abbynormansays: I quit my teaching job and now make more bartending for 15 less hours week. Also I get blamed for way way less and get…
RT @UFWupdates: A federal heat standard would save countless lives, and having legal status would help us protect the rights we DO have.…
RT @StrictlyChristo: Stop calling it a labor shortage. It's a wage shortage. https://t.co/EWsNuvqzDl
RT @helenprejean: Is that who’s been sending me those DMs about zombies? https://t.co/lQzJetjEQS
RT @VP: Let’s keep working, America. #WeekInReview https://t.co/tLrLOMCz5h
RT @PsycheSojourn: @HillaryClinton Madame Secretary's proposals, plans and bills were the most progressive in US history. She deserves the…
RT @HillaryClinton: 👀 https://t.co/IIgSSbCDUC
RT @jilevin: Worried about socialism? https://t.co/Gv8dH7sjLl
RT @DeanObeidallah: Let's be blunt: The reason Fox News has spewed so many lies and misinfo about the Covid vaccine is because they want Pr…
RT @TomHeartsTanks: I hope you’re only reading the Bible in Koine Greek, you absolute dweeb https://t.co/awXi8MEMwf
RT @CNNPolitics: The House GOP's 10 Trump critics raise piles of cash in a battle to hang onto their seats https://t.co/2A8C6JKsvv
RT @medit8now: @RickPetree @harrygod Peter Strzok to NBC: "I believed at the time in 2016, and I continue to believe, that Donald Trump is…
RT @washingtonpost: Perspective: At 15, Zyahna Bryant created the petition to remove the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in her ho…
RT @JoyAnnReid: Read this whole thread: https://t.co/qZW4BIkQxH
RT @SupportAdvocate: On the anniversary of losing the great John Lewis…This is a dog whistle being blown thru mega speakers. Let’s be clear…
RT @Arrianna_Planey: It is a mistake to treat using 1st names as a universal way to signal that faculty members are “approachable” when it…
RT @addiebrownlee: @JeromeAdamsMD That’s exactly NOT how it happened. Fauci said please don’t buy ALL the masks bc health care workers need…
@JeromeAdamsMD That’s exactly NOT how it happened. Fauci said please don’t buy ALL the masks bc health care workers… https://t.co/WeLCH3hbfA
RT @JohnCooper4Nash: I encourage anyone 12 and older to get vaccinated. Here is a list of upcoming #COVID19 vaccinated events. https://t.co
RT @NashvilleHealth: We also plan and execute community vaccination events every day, bringing vaccines to places where our fellow Nashvill…
RT @BrettKelman: Tennessee just fired its top vaccine official. On the way out, she dropped a 1200+ word statement torching government lead…
RT @stephaniemlee: “We have a legislature filled with people who are not scientists and not healthcare providers who have their own crazy i…
RT @NashvilleHealth: Our team is taking appointments for back-to-school immunizations at our three clinics. Students entering kindergarten…
RT @NC5PhilWilliams: BREAKING: Tennessee health department officials were ordered last week not to even acknowledge that August is National…
RT @NAChristakis: Tennessee abandons vaccine outreach to minors — not just for COVID-19 https://t.co/B9YxTD91Qz via @Tennessean How a grea…
RT @PeterHotez: Many thanks ⁦⁦@andersoncooper⁩ for hosting me @AC360 on alarming news that Tennessee Health Dept will dial back COVID19 vac…
RT @PeterHotez: Soon delta will accelerate in Tennessee as it is in Arkansas Missouri and likely many even thousands of unvaccinated adoles…
RT @NC5: Doctors from the group "Protect My Care" have called on the Justice Department for an independent investigation into Gov. Bill Lee…
RT @LaurenWeberHP: And our last count showed at least 248 public health leaders had resigned, retired or been fired — leaving nearly one in…
RT @WSMV: Some Tennessee doctors are calling for an independent investigation into Governor Lee's actions after the state health department…
RT @addiebrownlee: @BrettKelman and "no outreach whatsoever regarding HPV vaccinations." Because in Tennessee it’s your virginity or your…
@BrettKelman and "no outreach whatsoever regarding HPV vaccinations." Because in Tennessee it’s your virginity or your life.
RT @ShontelMBrown: This race is getting close we need your support to help us get to the finish line on August 3rd. https://t.co/Z3ycKwnw7X
@iamchanteezy You can trust that we’re ALWAYS gonna want you to keep it funky.
RT @iamchanteezy: Let’s keep it real. Nina Turner is NOT to be trusted. Here’s why? #OH11 #ChantaysAnalysis https://t.co/GiytjOS0gF
RT @HoodClarkKent: shaun king’s wife logging on to see her husband account gone https://t.co/q3YC2yDuFH
RT @DoctorJonPaul: When you wake up to learn Shaun King deleted his Twitter! https://t.co/NguCk0a9Y8
RT @MeAloneInMyMind: I forgot Shaun King was on Seinfeld. 😂 https://t.co/l8SQMM1Akf
RT @TNLookout: In “The curious case of Dr. Fiscus, ” editor @jhollymc writes that the full story may never be known but given the facts, cre…
RT @RobotCampaign: The sex trade can only work with lies, distortion and dissociation - & fictional fiction promotes deception - brilliant…
RT @kylegriffin1: Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has signed an executive order significantly restricting the use of conversion therapy in the stat…
RT @NARAL: Anti-choice extremists are becoming increasingly radicalized, and they’re posing a very real threat to our reproductive freedom—…
RT @nytimes: In recent years, there have been an expanding number of services created to help people of color find a therapist they can tru…
RT @MollyJongFast: Honestly, this is correct https://t.co/7YtJSKQboF
RT @TheTNHoller: They “canceled” Dr. Fiscus They “canceled” Coach Hawn They “canceled” Coach Shay They’ll “cancel” teachers who teach the t…
RT @MattBinder: regardless of whether you agree or disagree with Biden here, there’s no doubt it was effective. look at this immediate resp…
RT @JeffSharlet: I don't have a distilled set of answers. But I think we know some of the mistakes. For instance, temporary heroes: I'm gla…
RT @HillaryPix: ❤️ 🙋🏼‍♀️ 🎶 😊 https://t.co/w18aWp7rO2
RT @HillaryPix: #HillaryWarnedYourAss 😅 https://t.co/S4wFMR7SFY
RT @HillaryPix: HRC hits back at critics telling her to "go away" following the 2016 election, saying, "I was really struck by how people i…
RT @HillaryPix: When you should be the one hosting the dinner... Hillary Rodham Clinton will be back in the White House tonight ❤️ to fare…
RT @HillaryPix: What could have been 😢 The Chancellor and the President of the United States. https://t.co/ri9zn4eCUs https://t.co/ouoMVGIs
RT @HillaryPix: 😍 https://t.co/4t3r3PONMB
RT @Shopaholic_918: Me bidding farewell to my last “give a damn” https://t.co/tdIjAcaNgf
RT @MSNBCDaily: .@joycewhitevance: We have reached a rare moment when the right thing to do has become obvious and easy. The filibuster has…
RT @AlexandraChalup: Why is the Kremlin releasing docs now? To gaslight and defend from what the U.S. intel community has and what public w…
RT @AlexandraChalup: Also, the Kremlin and Manafort had a plan in place well before the 2016 election to defend from being accused of their…
RT @AlexandraChalup: In 2016, Vladimir Putin, with the help of the same network of western operatives, waged WWIII hybrid warfare against t…
RT @AlexandraChalup: Putin’s team attacked U.S. to elect Trump and other American politicians, but there was a geopolitical strategy using…
RT @AlexandraChalup: Few Americans have done more damage to democracy than Mark Zuckerberg. He should be prosecuted for helping America’s e…
RT @AlexandraChalup: Thanks to Obama’s negligent “reset” with Moscow, Facebook, Twitter, Google, were all well financed by Russia’s proxie…
RT @AlexandraChalup: By 2014, Bannon was expanding Breitbart News into Texas, London, Cairo, Jerusalem; it was a major news source for Neo-…
RT @AlexandraChalup: In addition, Steve Bannon had been testing Cambridge Analytica political warfare on US elections, first in 2013, then…
RT @AlexandraChalup: In 2015, Manafort was fully operational in Ukraine again and in communication with Devine, as he rebranded the Kremlin…
RT @AlexandraChalup: Dec. 2015, Kremlin flaunted Putin’s grip on U.S.’s political system as it launched a hybrid warfare attack on the U.S…
RT @AlexandraChalup: By 2015, Kremlin ran multi-year constituency engagement programs… Faith Outreach: U.S. evangelicals held meetings in…
RT @AlexandraChalup: By 2014, it was clear Russia had a well-oiled propaganda machine in the U.S., top cable news networks promoted Kremlin…
RT @AlexandraChalup: On Jan. 22, 2014, a couple months after Moscow Miss Universe and strategy meetings with Russians, Trump’s Russian hand…
RT @AlexandraChalup: In November 2013, while Manafort’s Kremlin client dictator in Ukraine faced mass protests, Trump held Miss Universe in…
RT @AlexandraChalup: 2011 was also the year Jack Hannick, who was instrumental in launching Fox News and produced Sean Hannity, moved to Mo…
RT @AlexandraChalup: In 2011, while working for the Kremlin’s interests, helping the Russian mafia money launder and on secret deals with M…
RT @AlexandraChalup: DNC’s emails were only ones released because the GOP’s nominee was Putin’s top pick: someone Russian intelligence KGB/…
RT @AlexandraChalup: The “rigged” narrative that dominated the political discourse of both the GOP and Dem primaries was important to Putin…
RT @AlexandraChalup: Manafort and Trump worked together since 1980s and he’s Putin’s most trusted American operative. Devine worked for Ber…
RT @AlexandraChalup: Trump returned from Moscow bashing NATO, even placed a $100K ad. It would be a regular theme for the next decades. We…
RT @AlexandraChalup: In the mid-1980s, the KGB’s western targets included Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, who both visited Moscow and came…
RT @LisaTalmadge: @albyselkie @GabbieKDrice @mgranville1 @SenSanders Thiis is just before he runs and wins his seat in the House in Nov88
RT @GabbieKDrice: @mgranville1 @SenSanders At least we know where “civil rights hero” Bernie Sanders was after he “white flighted” from 196…
RT @m_mendozaferrer: BREAKING: @SenSanders like you’ve never seen him!! Bernie and Jane on their honeymoon in Russia singing “This land i…
RT @m_mendozaferrer: Bernie Sanders went to Moscow in this mid-1980s with his wife (whom he had secured a paid job through his position as…
RT @johnpavlovitz: It's demoralizing sharing a country with people who think Donald Trump is someone worth emulating.
RT @monaeltahawy: Happy Birthday #AssataShakur “But you, me, and tomorrow hold hands and make vows that struggle will multiply. ... We ar…
RT @monaeltahawy: Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who w…
RT @Cdn_SNAFU: @AnaMardoll I've been masking since March 2020 and will not allow public health measures which are clearly set for the lowes…
RT @carentarvin: @AnaMardoll Mask should be cool. We wiped out the common cold and flu last year. People should LOVE them by now, especia…
RT @eclecticbrotha: When I said the CDC announcement was a bad idea, I endured plenty of ridicule from people who claimed I "wasn't trustin…
RT @addiebrownlee: @WhiteHouse @SecFudge I’m listening. https://t.co/eKkVejlIMc
@WhiteHouse @SecFudge I’m listening. https://t.co/eKkVejlIMc
RT @CCDHate: Ban Racists for Life: No Yellow Card. England players were subjected to vile racism in the wake of the Euros. Social media…
RT @SollenbergerRC: NEW: Matt Gaetz filed a bananas FEC report: Three payments to Roger Stone; hiring Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer, a Nunes aid…
RT @reesetheone1: The N95 mask is on when I'm in public. It's off around verified Fully vaccinated family and friends. https://t.co/9y1vB
RT @greenhousenyt: Hundreds of Frito-Lay workers remain on strike in Topeka, citing forced overtime & 84-hour workweeks "They are forcing…
RT @JimLaPorta: In the 246-year history of the @USMC - only 25 Black Americans have reached the general officer ranks until this year. None…
RT @reesetheone1: The central park Five could have used a law like this. https://t.co/MjiA0jaGnI
RT @EricBoehlert: CRT has basically become a case study of how Beltway press is broken; https://t.co/dlY0bXNO3U
RT @angie_rasmussen: We hear often about how delta is more transmissible, but we don't hear much about why that's the case or how that impa…
RT @Marcus4Georgia: Last year, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene didn't have an opponent. Now, thanks to 76k of you who donated, we just matched…
RT @harrygod: I'd like to believe the IC has looked into the misclassification of communications on the secure servers. We do have people w…
RT @tomiahonen: To be very clear January 6th Insurrection & terrorist attack including attempted hanging of Mike Pence attempted torture o…
RT @BrunoAmato_1: How does someone get #SubpoenaMcCarthy trending?
RT @tomiahonen: In 2016 Qevin McCarthy told Republicans that there are two people Vladimir Putin pays, Rohrabacher and Trump Now we know P…
RT @so_solstice: On Comey, George Conway and the like. https://t.co/t4Nl86uLoR
RT @mommamia1217: OMFG! PEOPLE WILL DIE. How dare you remove this safety measure FOR OUR CHILDREN! THIS IS BARBARIC! Don’t ever say that…
RT @KaivanShroff: This pre-confirmation piece on Kavanaugh that got little reaction seems to be supported by the latest reporting on creepy…
RT @ReproRights: PSA: The right to abortion is not real if only some people can access it. Cuts to sexual and reproductive health servic…
RT @justwongisms: How many cops do you count? A subway is $2.75 . The money spent on this enforcement could've been better spent on buying…
RT @AAPolicyForum: So what is Critical Race Theory, really? And why is it so important? Kimberlé Crenshaw (@sandylocks) sets the record st…
RT @iamchanteezy: MSM repeatedly said Hillary Clinton did not go to any of the rust belt states during the 2016 election. 🤔 Here’s a clip…
RT @Amy_Siskind: But there's more - Trump's DOJ sought the emails of 3 WAPO reporters the day before Barr stepped down in a last-ditch effo…
RT @lindyli: Friendly reminder that Marsha Blackburn is the U.S. Senator for Tennessee, which is now stopping ALL vaccine outreach for chil…
RT @VoteGloriaJ: We currently have a pro-disease/anti-science GOP Gov and supermajority in TN and that should be terrifying to TN families.…
RT @TheTNHoller: THREAD… @GeraldHarrisTV - a good reporter doing his job - getting blatantly disrespected and ignored by @GovBillLee’s @TND…
RT @BiesanAK: The UN will set up a panel of experts to investigate systemic racism in policing against people of African descent, adding in…
RT @NickKristof: Iranian officials allegedly plotted to kidnap ⁦@AlinejadMasih⁩, an Iranian-American human rights advocate living in New Yo…
RT @LauraReynosoRN: #FarmWorkerLegalization https://t.co/IHo0KTrvJJ
RT @GalvinAlmanza: My @JetBlue flight was canceled tonight (to the dismay of everyone) because the pilots were wiped & said they couldn't…
RT @GiGicmka: Democrats...only Democrats...have made this possible for our children! It is life-changing! https://t.co/LFSOLnKsLa
RT @womensmediacntr: By May, 17 anti-LGBTQ pieces of legislation had been enacted into law, breaking a previous record of 15 such bills in…
RT @pbump: There was a decent correlation between how many White people live in a county and Trump's margin there last year. But there was…
RT @TheTNHoller: UPDATE: Elizabeth Murphy, anti-vaccine activist running for Knoxville Council, claims the GOP push to dissolve @TNDeptofHe…
RT @iamchanteezy: Shontel Brown is about that life for the people ✊🏿 https://t.co/b3WJYk6TqY
RT @BrianHTweed: Anyone who is surprised by the shocking racism showed by English fans last night clearly hasn’t been paying attention. htt…
RT @joncoopertweets: NEW: Ten children are currently hospitalized in Mississippi on life support amid an uncontrolled Delta variant outbrea…
RT @CaseyHannan: This photo is a full body smile. 😀 That’s it. That’s the tweet. https://t.co/ASrTdzAQF8
RT @nancydonado: When I thought #Tennessee was trending because of Pekka Rinne, or because it lived up to its nickname of “The Volunteer St…
RT @TirxieSimone: My Mom is 73 🇨🇦. She told me one summer that she wasn't allowed to play OUTSIDE because of Polio. She was so grateful whe…
RT @ADAPAC1: Shame on State of Tennessee leaders for abolishing vaccination for innocent children. They are murderers and selfish. They ne…
RT @RandallVC: California may be on fire California may have a drought; But thank God I don’t live in fucking #Tennessee. 🤦‍♂️
RT @InformedNJNurse: #Tennessee 👏🏻 The health department will also stop all COVID-19 vaccine events on school property, despite holding at…
RT @DrDenaGrayson: SAME HERE. #IStandWithDrFiscus #Tennessee #GetVaccinated https://t.co/cHG4A2OXaD
RT @PeterGleick: The new Tennessee Tourism Guide. #Tennessee https://t.co/unc8VWFMyb
RT @YourAnonNews: .. holy crappolee #Tennessee 🇺🇸 https://t.co/7GYtP1Nw2K
RT @johnpavlovitz: What we’re seeing now is irrefutable evidence that these people were not altered by the presence of some singularly vile…
RT @thereidout: .@TiffanyDCross on #Tennessee halting adolescent outreach for all vaccines. #TheReidOut #reiders https://t.co/08ESQVK28U
RT @johnpavlovitz: Being anti-vaccine is being anti-life. #Tennessee
RT @johnpavlovitz: All these years Republicans have been calling the Left "baby killers..." #Tennessee
RT @johnpavlovitz: Republicanism kills. #Tennessee
RT @DrDenaGrayson: 🚨#Tennessee Dept of Health halts all #vaccine outreach to kids—not just for #COVID19 but ALL diseases—amid pressure from…
RT @schmutzie: "Feminism is not me and my friends making it through patriarchy’s obstacle course. Feminism is the destruction of those ob…
RT @SollenbergerRC: NEW: Leading Democratic congressional candidate and progressive firebrand Nina Turner has repeatedly sworn she wouldn't…
RT @_MissLeandra: “GET HER AWAY FROM ME” as she chases the Black woman through the store. Evil and calculated. We’ve seen it over and over…
RT @MollyJongFast: If you read one paragraph about Fox News make it this one https://t.co/PKbr3akgs1 https://t.co/qJioGiEI44
RT @DrEricDing: Florida #COVID19 cases and hospitalizations both rising. 5, 790 new coronavirus cases today, the biggest one-day increase si…
RT @MsEntropy: My kid is trans, and I’m only going to warn you once: — Things that matter and belong in my life: my son’s well-being, heal…
RT @Amie_FR: “Even at her most desperate and vulnerable, she approached Putin, the man trying to kill her husband, not as a fearful supplic…
RT @goldengateblond: the same people who are totally fine letting a broken power grid kill Texans passed a law that lets anyone sue anyone…
RT @greenhousenyt: Home care workers will march in 20 cities this coming Tuesday on behalf of Biden's $400 billion care economy proposal h…
RT @kylegriffin1: Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has asked the state attorney general to open a criminal investigation into possibl…
RT @AriBerman: Greg Abbott didn’t call special session after 23 murdered by white supremacist in El Paso or after 700 died when power grid…
RT @ChelseaClinton: Please don’t comment on kids’ appearances. Please don’t invade kids’ privacy. Please don’t “joke” about kids. Please…
RT @luckydevilgaia: Recognize this for what it is: Republican propaganda being used to suppress the vote by making people think Democrats a…
RT @tomwatson: Democrats need to be more partisan. Not less. </memo>
RT @JenAshleyWright: The dumbest people in the world. https://t.co/La1Kxgdlcz
RT @funder: Donald trump should be arrested for the insurrection he incited 6 months ago.
RT @MSNBC: "A lot of those same people who are 'the rules are the rules' crowd are the same people who had so much trouble following the he…
RT @JoyAnnReid: Nikole Hannah-Jones: UNC denying me tenure ‘confirms my life’s work’ https://t.co/iwsamY28Sx via @msnbc
RT @JillFilipovic: Make it possible for New York City's Hometown Heroes to actually live in New York City. https://t.co/4HreEqn6HF
RT @WipeHomophobia: https://t.co/JXmvoM4DLf
RT @HillaryClinton: The world has never needed gender equality more. It’s up to us to demand it. #GenerationEquality #ActForEqual https:/…
RT @AmyCEdmondson: “Maybe that’s not nagging, Doug, maybe it’s just that you really do need to move more often.” Then moved on, without giv…
RT @AmyCEdmondson: Tired, #sexist tropes from a radio personality this morning. Paraphrasing: Women must have been involved in the developm…
RT @sha_merirei: “…Do not be afraid to name the enemy. The enemy is racism. Your own people can practice racism. Your own people can tell y…
RT @fightfor15: Today, Imelda Rosales and her son were welcomed to the White House by @POTUS and @FLOTUS. Imelda is a leader in the #FightF…
RT @mitchellscomet: Its almost like Huffpo forgot to do their piece on the number of white men that support the left that harass Black wome…
RT @iamchanteezy: Folks are praising Bernie Sanders & other leftists for speaking on Women’s rights is Human Rights, but it was then-First…
RT @iamchanteezy: Let’s be clear. Hillary Clinton was ahead of her time. She spoke out on key issues as the First Lady of the United States…
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Welcome to America, where we celebrate our nation’s independence by upsetting dogs.
RT @JakeLobin: On this #July4th let's remember that Lauren Boebert said January 6th would be her 1776. Arrest her. Now.
RT @iamAtheistGirl: i say hell yeah! if we ain’t sinning jesus died for nothing! https://t.co/k6AVoU2FPx
RT @AntonioDeLoeraB: On the Fourth of July, I always think of my dad. He earned his American citizenship by making the bold and difficult c…
RT @Fly_Sistah: @jemelehill And the only person punished for Rachel Nichols self recorded racism was Kayla Johnson. We're to believe Maria…
RT @mkarolian: My fully mRNA vaccinated pregnant wife went to her first unmasked indoor event last week and now has symptomatic COVID. We…
RT @GardenSage: @EllenHopkinsLit @joncoopertweets I do not trust anything about Florida. @RonDeSantisFL
RT @RepMaloney: The Sackler family does not deserve to have more than 1/2 of their money shielded from current & future lawsuits. They must…
RT @monaeltahawy: Ashli Babbitt never imagined the Capitol Police would shoot her because the police rarely shoot white women, unless it’s…
RT @ashtonpittman: "Kavanaugh would help kill the Voting Rights Act and uphold voter suppression laws that make it harder for voters of col…
RT @CoriBush: It can't be made any clearer: Black, brown, and Indigenous people are going to lose their ability to vote for the change that…
RT @beessneeze: white women, read this. "Again and again, the audacity of white womanhood obscures and obfuscates the violence that white…
RT @MiusoticZ: My grandpas hands are so worn from work that the phone finger ID has a hard time detecting his print. Farmworkers feed you h…
RT @HillaryClinton: Twenty-six years after Beijing, it’s no longer enough to talk about women’s rights. We’ve got to talk about power: wh…
RT @RoArquette: Bill Cosby is STILL an evil rapist .the end.
RT @ProfessorCrunk: White supremacy has been brutal and deadly in its sexual demonization of Black men. Bill Cosby, however, is a rapist wh…
RT @RepUnderwood: I was so excited to sit down with @ChelseaClinton to discuss our nation's maternal health crisis, and how we can address…
RT @JessicaValenti: Bill Cosby going free is just another way to tell women that men can do whatever they want to us
RT @UROCKlive1: Dear @MSNBC: NO ONE EFFING CARES WHAT A GREAT MOMENT THIS IS FOR BILL COSBY! JFC. This is a horrible moment for all wome…
RT @raesanni: Y’all do know that Cosby admitted drugging women in a deposition, right? Like under oath. Out his own mouth.
RT @FredTJoseph: Bill Cosby is a rapist. Stop leveraging the plights of millions of Black people suffering at the hands of a white supremac…
RT @wjeromecoleman: Howard University after Phylicia Rashad sent that tweet supporting Bill Cosby's release. They could always call Debbie…
RT @djrothkopf: The Cosby decision does not speak to his guilt. It has been well established. It is based on a technicality. That's what…
RT @RebeccaJarvis: “He was found guilty by a jury and now goes free on a procedural issue that is irrelevant to the facts of the crime.” Di…
RT @DrIbram: I believe the survivors. #BillCosby https://t.co/SLww8IWrwj
RT @coreyreynoldsLA: A friendly reminder that Mr. Cosby has not been acquitted, nor has any new evidence been brought forth that challenges…
RT @GinaSpadafori: .@HowardU will review and make a call on their new dean, and I don't envy them. But how on *earth* can this view be defe…
RT @DearAuntCrabby: Bullshit. Cosby is still guilty as determined by a jury. https://t.co/YPkdHPn54i
RT @bitchit999: People in jail for a gram of weed watching Bill Cosby go free https://t.co/fkrmZYdZmF
RT @ericgarland: One of Trump’s impeachment lawyers had ties to Cosby’s case. Remember that. https://t.co/ViE5HRhSw8
RT @CoreyRForrester: Pay close attention to those celebrating Bill Cosby and remember them https://t.co/mmvbzgV447
RT @kaitlancollins: Can't fathom how infuriating and devastating today's decision is for so many women who waited for accountability for so…
RT @WonderKing82: Nah. The man publicly admitted to drugging and raping women... that's a different type of loyalty I can't co sign, not as…
RT @WonderKing82: You could've just sat there and said nothing...ugh..... Auntie the man is not innocent he was released on a technicality.…
RT @D_jeneration: Bill Cosby is out here saying his release from jail is a victory for black Americans No Bill Cosby it has nothing to do…
@AuroraPerrineau @BitchMedia With you, Aurora.
RT @ClaraJeffery: 10/ To read a much more detailed and nuanced piece about how audiences (ours in particular, but all of them) are doing ri…
RT @CarrieNBaker: Black women have a long history of supporting the #ERA! @ERACoalition @MsMagazine @FemMajority https://t.co/gHUrmJLwsz
RT @MaxBoot: Tucker Carlson & Co. are giving aid & encouragement to racists in the ranks, telling them, in effect, to ignore the guidance t…
RT @ashtonpittman: NEW: No single person can claim credit for retiring the old Mississippi state flag a year ago today. It was driven by d…
RT @JacobRubashkin: A day after she wrote a USA Today column arguing the Senate should get rid of the filibuster, Val Demings is hitting Fa…
RT @yildirimmali: From NYC Pride Parade, 2017 Says it all. #OnurHaftası https://t.co/BYp6bJaWhr
RT @lmechegaray: Protect farm workers. Read this thread + support those who feed you. A big number being undocumented immigrants. These are…
RT @SallyLHudson: The climate crisis is already here for the least protected workers. https://t.co/iYXQEYvw5u
RT @owillis: GOP’s Transgender Sports Bills Prove The Right Is Obsessed With Kids’ Genitals https://t.co/b3FjjCIVfS
RT @jeremyfriesen: @kashia May I retweet this? I ask because your voice highlights the very real and toxic nature of office spaces as antit…
RT @kashia: @jeremyfriesen go for it. it’s just so intersectional from micro aggressions (and aggression aggression) at work to intergener…
RT @fanofprincephil: @kashia @chaedria Did you see this too, from the L.A. Times? Similar. https://t.co/NfXCoMRAG4
RT @RicoWinston1: @Raycho_And @kashia Companies want to talk about “preserving the culture” not realizing their culture is toxic as hell. K…
RT @kashia: three percent. THREE. for every story we hear about, re: being Black at work, think about how many more we don’t hear - for w…
RT @NaveedAJamali: Reminder that, thankfully, Tucker was rejected by the CIA for service. https://t.co/25jvhxzTte
RT @mmpadellan: Just a reminder that the 1776 lady who was tweeting Speaker Pelosi's location during the January 6th attack is still walkin…
RT @ThomboyD: Yea, we are vaxxed. But we are still wearing masks indoors and in any crowded outdoor spaces and will continue to do so for t…
RT @__a_l_e_x_a_: This ain’t the first time he’s done this he would come to my work and leave if I didn’t take his order and at fist he was…
RT @cara_elizabethh: I SAY THATS MY BABY AND IM PROUD @_rachnicole https://t.co/wmq9fP5Rdg https://t.co/KOjDpB6zV9
RT @KaraLashbaugh: Eddie Deezen is a fucking CREEP who comes into my work at least once a week, calls and asks other servers for my schedul…
RT @anneymarie: @KaraLashbaugh BAITED HIM. Internalized misogyny is a hell of a drug. https://t.co/qyhjtJZ68w
RT @jdawsey1: “Shut the f—k up, Stephen.” https://t.co/NfGGyGIOIU
RT @brentinmock: 65 years ago, Pittsburgh became the birthplace of federal "urban renewal"--or as James Baldwin called it, "Negro removal"-…
RT @Mikethewander1: Hey fellow atheists, the sale is on! https://t.co/tKGPNteV29
RT @Cleavon_MD: Florida Pastor and Anti-Vax COVID-19 Conspiracy Theorist Rick Wiles hospitalized with COVID after saying it’s God’s judgmen…
RT @jaxinn: @Daksthetruth https://t.co/AZzW77Uga9
RT @poliscibitches: MALE PROFESSORS! It is incumbent upon YOU to tell the students about the bias! Help us out! https://t.co/EfVnt0nnmT
RT @RepJayapal: Your daily reminder: the 50 Democratic Senators represent 41, 549, 808 more people than the 50 Republican Senators who filibu…
RT @MsMagazine: Feminist movements around the world hold answers to some of the U.S.’s most intractable problems. Ms. Global is taking note…
RT @JRClemmons: We appreciate Dr. @FLOTUS visiting us here in #Nashville today to encourage #COVIDVaccination and for being an all-around i…
RT @JRClemmons: TN’s underfunding of public schools & literacy rates are so bad that @GovBillLee called a special session to mandate summer…
RT @johnpavlovitz: If only these sick people and activist students and shooting victims and migrant babies and transgender teens and black…
RT @KremlinTrolls: Hey @AP .. "Russia's waters" is incorrect, unless you work for the Russian ministry of defense https://t.co/D96XV8UNaq
RT @RVAwonk: Glad we spent five months devoting *massively* disproportionate time and coverage to the man who was never going to be the nex…
RT @Tuba1060: @craigcalcaterra @damnyouwillis Businesses resorting to unimaginable, desperate measures like *checks notes* offering better…
RT @JulianCastro: I have to hand it to the governor. “Anti-voting rights, pro-animal cruelty” is a bold re-election message. https://t.co/b
RT @VABVOX: The day men are "on their tiptoes for fear of getting cancelled" will be the day ONE IN FIVE WOMEN ISN'T A FREAKING RAPE VICTIM…
RT @GiacoSanfilippo: ...are just as homophobic as heteronormative homophobes. You can't say you're not homophobic, because heteronormative…
RT @MSNBC: FBI agent acknowledges in court filing that Trump supporters were talking openly in the days before the Jan. 6 riot at the US Ca…
RT @LibbityBoo: The last picture is MAGICAL 😭 https://t.co/d2xRKP6sOi
RT @dianejeffersonc: that time when hillary and meryl took selfies at the kennedy center https://t.co/X3XZsKWWY9
RT @ashoncrawley: the way she loves her grandmother. the way they hug each other. this joy. black love. amen. 🌸💕 https://t.co/M6gWZJXbwc
RT @MalvernPrep: Malvern Prep stands with Carl. Proud of our alumnus, today more than ever. #mpproud Carl Nassib https://t.co/wYC6HTD1rp
RT @mmpadellan: If you want to prevent the former guy from being appointed Speaker of the House in 2022, get everyone you know REGISTERED t…
RT @jennycohn1: 16/ https://t.co/FmYoh6ed1I
RT @jennycohn1: 8/ https://t.co/54hDKylIwh
RT @jennycohn1: August 2020. A rather random stop in Old Forge. 1/ https://t.co/SeiQayHsvp
RT @tedlieu: Dear @USCCB: There are a number of Catholic @GOP elected officials who support the death penalty, some of them quite enthusias…
RT @CapehartJ: “Marco Rubio is afraid of a tough fight. I am not. I grew up poor, Black and female in the South. The first time I was calle…
RT @JohnFugelsang: US Catholic Bishops: willing to weaponize the Eucharist over something Christ never mentioned. But they wouldn't deny C…
RT @soledadobrien: Both sides! https://t.co/cDsPMepmAv
RT @RadioFreeTom: Liberals are being baited into debating the merits of critical race theory and I wish I could explain to them why taking…
RT @cindygallop: The most astonishing thing about this story is that Facebook has a role titled 'VP of Integrity' https://t.co/rv745DfUoY
RT @Everytown: Domestic abuse and gun violence go hand in hand. https://t.co/VGqf3DKZkb
RT @MsLaToshaBrown: https://t.co/dI2vGDmbwO
RT @MarshallCohen: FULL STORY on the new video that, why it came out today, the months-long court fight by CNN and other news outlets to un…
RT @DrDenaGrayson: TOTAL PROJECTION. @RonJohnsonWI has pushed the Kremlin narrative for years. What dirt does Putin have on Ron?🧐 #PutinsP…
RT @maddenifico: The fact that Joe Biden is in favor of repealing a president's power to unilaterally go to war — it shows how wise and eg…
RT @jason_kint: quite a chyron to go with this. https://t.co/XetYwjjUTB
@AstroKatie Ordered up!
RT @AstroKatie: This has been official @NASA terminology for about two decades. Instead of “manned”, they use: ✅ “human” ✅ “crewed” ✅ “pi…
RT @AstroKatie: You are of course free to use whatever terms you like and your choice will determine exactly how far back into my head my e…
RT @AstroKatie: I mean https://t.co/Wu64kvIWlm
RT @AstroKatie: ME: [famous author] writes about cool future space things but ALWAYS says “manned” instead of “human” or “crewed” and it re…
RT @walks_o: A Former GOP Sen. Was Taken Into Custody On Felony Charges Of Election Fraud https://t.co/9mAMeL116N via @PoliTribune
RT @sarahcpr: Clip of the century https://t.co/6dx4YNiE8p
RT @ChristopherHahn: John Bolton didn’t show up for America when it mattered most. We shouldn’t care what he has to say now.
RT @NatashaBertrand: Biden apologizes to @kaitlancollins. “I owe my last questioner an apology. I shouldn’t have bene such a wiseguy with t…
RT @pcbrynn: Banning the teaching of systemic racism is actually a perfect example of systemic racism.
RT @davidmweissman: Who does Kevin McCarthy answer to? How dare he threatens to remove Congresswoman Omar from committees but does nothing…
RT @bryanbehar: Doesn’t it feel like not enough people care that the President of the United States directed a violent mob to attack Congre…
RT @TheDailyShow: When neither of the fathers at the wedding like the DJ https://t.co/ipIATrGV5l
RT @AriBerman: GOP traded 600, 000 American lives for 234 Trump judges
RT @RepMaloney: I promised I would investigate Jan 6, regardless of the outcome of the impeachment or vote on a bipartisan commission. Th…
RT @RepSwalwell: #BREAKING Officer Fanone just ran into @Rep_Clyde at Capitol (he’s the “Jan 6 was a typical tour” guy). Fanone introduced…
RT @PeteButtigieg: Three years since @Chasten and I said “I do” and I still can’t believe my good fortune. Happy anniversary, love! https:/…
RT @TrumpFile: @sarahkendzior @AndreaChalupa Andrea makes a point that I made earlier today: In 2016, the Putin puppet in Congress was Dana…
RT @TrumpFile: "What message does it send when a government won't investigate an attack on its own Capitol by seditionists who are now agai…
RT @TrumpFile: @sarahkendzior @AndreaChalupa The DOJ "is a revolving door of corruption, and the FBI works the same way. You had two FBI di…
RT @RussOnPolitics: @SenStabenow @VP I feel terrible for Sen. Jacky Rosen, who apparently had to dine next to Marsha Blackburn -- the Sarah…
RT @jaykayokay2020: @SenStabenow @VP That last photo is a great reminder that there are now ZERO black, female senators in Congress. 😬
RT @lacy_crawford: I love how a man’s like, “I got swallowed by a whale and spit back out!” and everyone’s like, Amazing! And a woman says, …
RT @RBReich: Let's get one thing straight: McConnell is running down the clock. He has zero intention of compromising on anything.
RT @eminently_me5: Just want to be clear. They are not just banning. It’s not just “don’t teach x”. They are *literally* *explicitly* deman…
RT @robreiner: We must never forget that a President of the United States led a deadly insurrection to overthrow our Government. And for th…
RT @PatinkinMandy: We see comments that say “I would pay to watch these” that’s very nice. We’re happy some people feel they’d pay to watch…
@PatinkinMandy Christian Bale is a great actor. But he’s no Mandy Patinkin.
RT @JoelMBenge: @PatinkinMandy Petition for these two to play witnesses to a crime in the next Batman movie and to have a ten-minute scene…
RT @WrittenByHanna: For @EssenceGU I wrote about Oluwatoyin Salau https://t.co/EFDKmw2mOE
RT @timesunion: The city of Albany is trading coronavirus vaccines for outstanding parking tickets. https://t.co/sTyeXURrzS
RT @eminently_me5: I swear Hillary Clinton not baking cookies broke America’s brains.
RT @HuffmanForNC: So this happened yesterday in my Congressional district. Thank goodness for the counter protest. #BLM #nc #NCPOL #Pride20…
RT @FrenchRainez: Or, hear me out... maybe you are not husband material. 🙃😉 Signed, Bw married 25+ https://t.co/ol94ZIxr2d
RT @RoArquette: Kamala Harris Becomes First Sitting Vice President to March in a Pride Event https://t.co/QiKyfjCoLs
RT @johnpavlovitz: How do you reconcile an all-powerful and all-loving Creator you supposedly trust enough to go maskless at the grocery st…
RT @RepValDemings: We must protect LGBTQ Americans in life, not only mourn them in death. Today we mourn those who died at #Pulse. But eve…
RT @BillKristol: Part of the executive branch, quite likely improperly (no one then atop of DOJ seems to admit to knowing about it), goes a…
RT @HerbieZiskend46: “Harris participated in a march with Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff on Saturday during Capital Pride in Washington, D.C.…
RT @saletan: In a speech today, @RepRaskin tells graduating seniors the "bloody attempted coup" on 1/6 "demolished a lot of what we assumed…
RT @anthonycwalker: See if you can spot the subtle difference. https://t.co/P3nMbHdzVG
RT @JulieZebrak: Making history is her jam https://t.co/4Ip03h7EeZ
RT @chrisjohnson82: Kamala Harris is first sitting VP ever to march in a Pride event https://t.co/IYQckI2Xm7
RT @monkeyes2: The wise words of @sarahkendzior #Ohio For the @GOP cruelty is the point. https://t.co/acOZbnVuy2 https://t.co/RiQq8gCkLQ
RT @JulieSLalonde: I'm presenting to military leaders next week and I now have to add "Don't golf with a man under investigation for sexual…
RT @BuzzFeedNews: Part 2: Dozens Of Ex-Prisoners Detail The Horrors Of China’s Detention Camps https://t.co/sRlMFddZry
RT @BuzzFeedNews: Part 3: Inside A Xinjiang Detention Camp https://t.co/peWZUfYnD3
RT @addiebrownlee: “There is no way to produce responsibly in the region until the forced labor and broader repression ends.” https://t.co/
“There is no way to produce responsibly in the region until the forced labor and broader repression ends.” https://t.co/Gs8V1tl7T4
RT @FruitKace: Consistently bashing Dems ain’t helping any of the marginalized/vulnerable people you swear you’re an ally to and advocating…
RT @SethAbramson: (🔓) PROOF UNLOCKED: Here's the free PROOF article—it's been free for a *very* long time—that a video was taken from which…
RT @CapehartJ: .@valdemings rides a 2004 @HarleyDavidson Road King Classic. Its sierra red color is an homage to her sorority @dstinc1913 D…
RT @UN_Women: Noor KC says she developed a feminist perspective from a young age; her mother was the head of her family in a community wher…
RT @themaxburns: Jennifer Rocha, the daughter of immigrants and the first in her family to attend college, shared this powerful graduation…
RT @mmpadellan: Angela Merkel seems as pleased as the rest of us to not have to deal with a deranged lunatic buffoon in the White House any…
RT @SethAbramson: 5/ Jones is an "insurrectionist leader" because he plotted, with Alexander, Stone, Coudrey, Finchem, and many others—incl…
RT @SethAbramson: (🆚) UPDATE: I've now added a significant update (including new photographs) to the BREAKING NEWS from last night about Do…
RT @PeterVelz46: The @VP and @SecondGentleman are on the move at Capital Pride 🌈 https://t.co/F27RxDaoHJ
RT @EugeneDaniels2: The @SecondGentleman was also with Harris. He clapped and waved to the crowd. https://t.co/zoEsWbYdM9
RT @EugeneDaniels2: @VP to the crowd: “We still have so much to do. We celebrate all the accomplishments. Finally marriage is the law of th…
RT @EugeneDaniels2: .@VP Kamala Harris makes a stop at the @CapitalPrideDC walk and rally. https://t.co/anD2A7HIgS
RT @MsLaToshaBrown: Judge halts debt relief program intended for farmers of color - The Washington Post https://t.co/Ga5N6Eu5DL
RT @JoJoFromJerz: @mckaycoppins Animal groups. Always a fave. Google them. My kids love this!! Adults too. https://t.co/i5PxuSdbjO
RT @mckaycoppins: My two oldest kids (8 and 6) ask me to tell them an “interesting fact” every night at bedtime. Having now exhausted my ow…
RT @JewdyGold: Let me update this quote: A CNN executive told me that Toobin deserved another chance: “I don’t think that one terrible mi…
RT @nycsouthpaw: @ggreenwald No, you’re wrong. They didn’t interview them all. Read the report. https://t.co/QMSnABs4vW
RT @stuartpstevens: I get the argument that millions have been fed lies by Fox & the right wing hate machine. But I see no reason to give a…
RT @CaslerNoel: The Koch brothers still own a lot of real estate, but their best investment may be the Manchin they bought in West Virginia.
RT @JoeBiden: LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. As we celebrate this month, we won’t rest until full equality for LGBTQ+ Americans is finally…
RT @RexChapman: This little man dancing with the big folks is the Twitter content I’m here for… https://t.co/ikpuHdM8CC
RT @EktaShahMD: Imagine being a Black Wife and NOT having to work because your man pays all the bills BUT White America ran low on housemai…
RT @RVAwonk: There’s evidence that vaccine skepticism in some people may be driven by differences in information processing and skewed risk…
RT @MSNBC: Live on @MSNBC: Rep. Val Demings joins @JoyAnnReid, following her Senate run announcement. https://t.co/RdYLvfum24 https://t.co
RT @nomoremrnicega: @MajorFactor2 https://t.co/P3RJkaNTzF
RT @johnpavlovitz: Ashli Babbitt shouldn't have been participating in an insurrection. However, if her husband wants an investigation, he…
RT @johnpavlovitz: You see, I just don’t wake up in the morning and feel burdened to be cruel to people; to actively push them to the perip…
RT @RepJayapal: Momentum is growing across America! Let’s get this done — let’s finally guarantee health care as a human right! https://t.c
RT @JenniferSeberg: When I was a teenager, I thought Virgil Texas was very funny. I asked him to proofread an essay I submitted to a websit…
RT @JenniferSeberg: Even though he believes the same things I believe -- the things that are egalitarian and pro-worker -- I refuse to excu…
RT @PalmerReport: If you think “activism” means sitting around nitpicking the Democratic leaders so you can feel superior to them, you are…
RT @RevJacquiLewis: Democrats need to stop kindly requesting freedom from people in the business of making shackles
RT @sarahkendzior: "We do not deserve to live under a mafia state. It's unfortunate that Merrick Garland does not agree with that. He seems…
RT @jentaub: To say that I am deeply disappointed in Merrick Garland deciding to take Donald Trump‘s case against E. Jean Carroll is an und…
RT @monaeltahawy: “When she was asked, “Why do women fight feminism?” she would quote Octavia Butler, the author of she was named after: “D…
RT @addiebrownlee: @joncoopertweets Doubt it.
@joncoopertweets Doubt it.
RT @MSNBC: "We are confronting a looming catastrophe. Climate scientists are virtually unanimous that we have 9 years to cut our fossil fue…
RT @addiebrownlee: @brianstelter @joncoopertweets Will all due respect. Obama is the last person who should be chastising anyone for inacti…
@brianstelter @joncoopertweets Will all due respect. Obama is the last person who should be chastising anyone for inaction.
RT @ChristopherHahn: Joe Manchin isn’t the only Senator holding up progress. I can think of 50 others. Anyone of them could easily cro…
RT @inlowdownlow: @addiebrownlee The dejection is real.
RT @addiebrownlee: Me. And my dad telling me I’m tough and ok. https://t.co/sKN5noT1HA
Me. And my dad telling me I’m tough and ok. https://t.co/sKN5noT1HA
RT @prevostscifi: The people of WV need to hold a town hall and invite Manchin to hear them out. A big town hall. Out in the streets of W…
RT @SharonMahony: Looking forward to an update on the Nancy Mace vandalism story. https://t.co/4nedph2J3n
RT @crooksandliars: Seriously, @NancyMace needs to be hauled before the House Ethics Committee for engaging in faking Antifa attacks for Fo…
RT @simonbirenbaum: @bessbell @NancyMace Wild! These anarchists have also copied Nancy's hook on the end of her n's! https://t.co/seVEuymGK2
RT @TheRealHoarse: So, the (cough) Antifa (cough) who graffitied only areas on Nancy Mace’s house that could be power-washed also managed t…
RT @lilyellx: Nancy Mace’s children watching her spray paint the avengers symbol in the garden at 4am https://t.co/poe63inxgD
RT @PNWPragmatist: Nancy Mace resigning from the House/going to jail for filing a false police report is exactly the energy boost I need.
RT @kurteichenwald: Wow. When you go through the comments (detective work by several people, showing ways handwriting of notes match her ow…
RT @bessbell: Nancy Mace is using the "Antifa vandals" story to raise money. She also had an unsolved case of targeted vandalism a month be…
RT @AmarAmarasingam: Well, this is insane Belgium's leading virologist has been living in a safehouse with his wife and 12-year-old son be…
RT @FeelGoodPage11: Coolest...you.. ever...seen https://t.co/orb6qeeM4O
RT @FeelGoodPage11: “I've been barking outside and you always tell me to shut up, anyway your car is gone” https://t.co/RIYz4LGTSc
RT @FeelGoodPage11: Baby elephants will sometimes throw temper tantrums and toss themselves into the mud when they're upset. https://t.co/d
RT @DonDimble: @JoyAnnReid Italy can’t build a car that doesn’t burst into flames if you look at it funny but they have the tech know how t…
RT @SamEdwardd: Just to let you know, israelis walk past them freely, its the Palestinians that have to wait for hours at a checkpoint to g…
RT @shoeleatherkate: 🌈🧵! What can we do for Pride month in media? Let's joyfully examine the way we frame stories and make them more acc…
RT @JillFilipovic: It's pretty striking that the Democratic President of the United States attends a church that does not allow women in it…
RT @kazweida: Jen Psaki’s face while listening to another crackpot, disingenuously framed question from Peter Doocy and waiting for her cha…
RT @BrianDMcBride: Jen Psaki giving the press “per my last email” energy. https://t.co/sYYTJeSjpq
RT @FrankFigliuzzi1: Should I tell him? https://t.co/YuHqX0JklT
RT @CarolynGarman5: @FrankFigliuzzi1 https://t.co/hgpNUCNimw
RT @sl_lbcake: @bessbell @ClaraJeffery @NancyMace Not sure who does the booking for @MeetThePress @chucktodd but you may want to do some re…
RT @bessbell: @NancyMace These unsolved vandalisms keep happening to @NancyMace and I hope the police get to the bottom of it soon! https:/…
RT @bessbell: @NancyMace Not to crisis manage this for you, but you should release your clearly-visible doorbell camera video and explain t…
RT @PadmaLakshmi: 🌈🌈🌈 https://t.co/sqbgsaaPSk
RT @retro_ushi_: These people harassed my family because we were flying gay pride flags in Moses Lake Washington, by racing around us and s…
RT @BuzzFeedNews: A group of boaters who had allegedly been harassing a group flying LGBTQ pride flags had to be rescued after their vessel…
RT @Nosheen_Z: "To My Unborn Daughter: I would have taught you to be too big to be a wife. I would have taught you to disobey everything I…
RT @charlesornstein: “A Horror Movie in Reverse”: How I Investigated Decades of Untested Rape Kits https://t.co/cVAABBMPzo @cdrentz
RT @FeelGoodPage11: Because every timeline needs a video of pandas enjoying a slide https://t.co/OuYHkvvSRK
RT @FeelGoodPage11: Selfie of the year 😍 https://t.co/9Sfr6zkMcW
RT @bessbell: @NancyMace Ma'am, your handwriting is readily available on the internet. Whoever the mysterious cursing anarchists were, they…
RT @BornToChill: @bessbell @willmenaker @NancyMace https://t.co/60G2ZNghR2
RT @UCILaw: LISTEN: Prof. @michelebgoodwin is joined by the all-women Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on the latest episode of her…
RT @espnW: Venus dropped the mic 👑 (via @Tennis) https://t.co/Krm1JitnM3
RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: the clarity https://t.co/FQ9fgnZTPV
RT @KJP46: “My fellow Americans this was not a riot, this was a massacre.” - @POTUS speaking about Tulsa Race Massacre
RT @ashahawkesworth: Yes, it is. Toxic doesn't even begin to cover it. It's almost as if they worship a demonic force rather than a loving…
RT @C_Stroop: I remember getting into a fight over lunch at a restaurant on Sanibel Island with my aunt over this during a family vacation…
RT @BreeNewsome: This is not about a concern over press coverage or professional tennis. This is about Osaka being the latest proxy for an…
RT @sassybibrarian: @BillieJeanKing This is a disappointing take. Naomi owes nobody anything and, frankly, this kind of thinking encourages…
RT @AngelaMayRob: @sjjphd @BillieJeanKing Survivorship bias, if I survived the adversity others are invisible
RT @sjjphd: @BillieJeanKing I’ve admired you my whole life and am disappointed. It is an outdated and solidarity-less feminism to expect ot…
RT @JeremyMcLellan: shout out to all the branches of the military nobody makes movies about like the coast guard and national guard, not do…
RT @oliviacpaschal: Many journalists & outlets still allow state power and capital to contextualize & explain away its actions while not af…
RT @StephenCurry30: You shouldnt ever have to make a decison like this-but so damn impressive taking the high road when the powers that be…
RT @cmclymer: Roland-Garros needs to schedule a press conference to answer questions justifying their actions against Naomi Osaka. It's onl…
RT @atima_omara: Naomi Osaka brings money and eyes to the French Open but the French Open officials care little about her mental health. En…
RT @reallovepunk: @ABC https://t.co/3c0hBd83Mn
RT @TanekaStotts: I see the French Open has returned to my timeline yet again... Let's remember the time they banned Serena Williams from w…
RT @reesetheone1: Talking about why he didn't suspend his campaign March 15th 2016 after he went 0 for super Tuesday 2. https://t.co/PTN2Li
RT @thedailybeast: A Nashville hat shop that caused an outcry for selling gold star-shaped patches reading “NOT VACCINATED” appears to have…
RT @casual_minerva: @PopulismUpdates Asking him about why he was so much more deferential to Joe Biden in the primaries than Hillary Clinto…
RT @JeremyLittau: When a pro athlete says required press conferences are bad for their mental health and tournament organizers are like, “N…
RT @JeremyLittau: Journalism got the #2 tennis player in the world to withdraw from the French Open but Jim Crow voting bills keep getting…
RT @naomiosaka: https://t.co/LN2ANnoAYD
RT @JeremyLittau: Grand Slam tennis doesn’t need one iota of in-person news coverage to succeed, and there isn’t any real journalistic reas…
RT @eclecticbrotha: Tell me you blame Serena Williams for all the vile shit she had to go through with the tennis media without telling me…
RT @EdgeofSports: They want to roll back the athletic political and economic power that's been flexed in the last year primarily by Black a…
RT @EdgeofSports: Last point: this treatment of Osaka should be a wake up call. Players, their unions and their allies, need to *wake up* a…
RT @RevJacquiLewis: If critical race theory threatens your Christianity, you may be worshipping whiteness.
RT @jonathanalter: I understand why @Sen_JoeManchin worries about payback when Republicans gain control of the Senate, as they eventually…
RT @muski2030: No other way than holding!!! 🚀🌕🚀🌕 #Crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptocrash https://t.co/A4WGRabP95
RT @UN_Women: More #womeninpeacekeeping means more effective peacekeeping. On #PKDay, we thank women peacekeepers working with youth to c…
RT @OlgaNYC1211: Ukrainian nationals who are Russian intelligence!! Frustrating how US media pushes Kremlin propaganda without realizing it…
RT @BoZaza: Supporting and listening to @gaslitnation becomes more important with each new horrific news item that oozes out of MSM. Pay at…
RT @SethAbramson: (🔓) PROOF UNLOCKED: The insurrectionists' use of golf carts on January 6 was breaking news today due to new reporting by…
RT @jen_2022: @thedailybeast Do we always neeeeed to identify teenage female victims as cheerleaders if they were cheerleaders? What is the…
RT @heinzsight2020: This is not discussed enough. My body took so much abuse - I was always bruised, swollen, chafed, torn, etc. One seemi…
RT @FINALLEVEL: https://t.co/7Hxvk5fduO
RT @jennycohn1: The Religious Right was born from the desire to maintain segregation in Christian schools. Most Religious Right leaders did…
RT @catcontentonly: Im looking through this ADL tracker (the main source of the claim that “antisemitic incidents” have been on the rise, c…
RT @mog7546: #BrianSicknick's mother requests meeting with every GOP senator to push them on Capitol riot commission Gladys Sicknick is lo…
RT @Carolyn4GA7: In 2020, I was the only Democrat to flip a competitive House seat. Republicans are already trying to suppress the vote and…
RT @CREWcrew: Stronger ethics rules for judges. Now. https://t.co/mQuuhk8Luz
RT @EvelynNFarkas: Also reminiscent of 1994 Rwandan genocide - when radio RTLM told ethnic Hutu listeners to “exterminate the cockroaches, ”…
RT @jftaveira1993: .@AndreaChalupa and @sarahkendzior's analysis about the failure to investigate the #CapitolCoup, the arrest of #RomanPro…
RT @NARAL: “The only conceivable reason the justices have to reassess this settled law is that the court’s composition has changed since th…
RT @RobertGReeve: "We spotted a senior official at the Department of Defense walking through the Women’s March ... His wife was also on the…
RT @RobertGReeve: I'm back from a week at my mom's house and now I'm getting ads for her toothpaste brand, the brand I've been putting in m…
RT @Lana_Macondo: @UBIasFoundation @JillFilipovic i promise you andrew yang is not going to bring a workable UBI to new york. i'm sure he t…
RT @JillFilipovic: It is certainly frustrating to see, yet again, several highly-qualified women being broadly overlooked by voters in favo…
RT @SorayaMcDonald: Also in this neighborhood: making Surya Bonaly's backflip illegal https://t.co/aD86XoT1MT
RT @EricG1247: "Texas lawmakers approve letting people carry handguns without a license, background check or training." But voting by mail…
RT @OlgaNYC1211: Not sure what the new hype is surrounding Manafort but Ukrainians know Manafort was an agent of Putin for almost 2 decades…
RT @NormOrnstein: Including all the gay ones! https://t.co/meri4UasVV
RT @olivia_moultrie: ...or if I were a boy. The only gender and country combination in the entire world where I can’t play professional soc…
RT @RFERL: Raman Pratasevich was taken away by police shortly after the Ryanair flight, which was on a scheduled route from Athens to Vilni…
RT @C_Stroop: You don’t defang the evangelical persecution complex by trying not to set it off. You defang the evangelical persecution comp…
RT @C_Stroop: @dancgrn @heather_leisure @paulaptlb Conversion attempts are always objectifying. They are indeed an assertion of dominance, …
RT @PatrickArp2: Just finished 'In Plain Sight' by @sarahkendzior We're all busy keeping up with media reporting & Twitter conversations.…
RT @JulieSLalonde: Haters trying to be tempt us with a good time. https://t.co/1HXIcjIgUk
RT @philaroneanu: "The truth is that causing trauma to another group will never ease our own." Thanks @MarisaKabas for writing this. https:…
RT @nowthisnews: ‘What you do makes me cry at night.’ — Severn Suzuki was the Greta Thunberg of 1992 and she’s still fighting for the envir…
RT @JohnFugelsang: This happened https://t.co/xAfws03LV4
RT @edwardlucas: Just imagine how frightened he was. And what he’s going through now https://t.co/tnY1scgQZ7
RT @JohnJHarwood: in 2012, when most pundits saw just "dysfunction" or "gridlock, " political scientists Tom Mann and Norm Ornstein offered…
RT @stilllaurieone: @RavMABAY @Lazarus1957 😎✌ https://t.co/PtuHAPebuS
RT @Justine_F1: @RavMABAY @CharlesSelfJr https://t.co/hhXm0qaUvX
RT @baardvrouw: @tjtwo1961 @RavMABAY With source: https://t.co/kIcsm9Fp9Y
RT @AttorneyCrump: This is Tanitoluwa Adewumi. He just became America’s newest chess master at 10 YEARS OLD!! ♟👏🏾#BlackExcellence https://t…
RT @Emolclause: @CaslerNoel Well well well....look who's hiding in plain sight👇👇 https://t.co/DLBA3c9bgH
RT @a_toots: @CaslerNoel It shouldn’t take this long. How hard can it be to track down the ppl who removed the panic buttons (and those who…
RT @Brendan1963: @CaslerNoel Who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s debts? Who removed the panic buttons from Congressional offices? Who aided Ja…
RT @AKD329: @CaslerNoel How about Ginnie Thomas organizing the busing.I am sure hubby Clarence was involved too so how about his resignatio…
RT @CaslerNoel: You would think almost 6 months would be enough time for the FBI to find out who removed panic buttons, gave tours, consult…
RT @TravisAllen02: I will still wear a mask because last week people were filling bags with gas
RT @AaronParnas: To all those who believe Donald Trump is the President, remember, he cannot run again in 2024 because he will be term limi…
RT @GeorgeTakei: Change is possible, even if it takes time. When I was younger, Asian men couldn’t legally marry white women. Now look at…
RT @FeelGoodPage11: Only in Japan https://t.co/3UBwOrT5yX
RT @lifeafterdawn: Transwomen of color need our support every day. #translivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #girlslikeus #transisbeautiful https…
RT @lifeafterdawn: Your white privilege-fed, cisgender-based confidence will not be enough to outrun the law.  Not this time. Not ever. Si…
RT @lifeafterdawn: Also search for the August 2020 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, which upheld that #TitleIX p…
RT @lifeafterdawn: Take a break from the track and writing your opinion pieces and look up the #14thAmendment to the U.S. Constitution, whi…
RT @lifeafterdawn: Not just you.  You may have won those races, and your scholarship, but what you have already lost is your moral compass.…
RT @lifeafterdawn: The fact that you, your co-plaintiffs, the parents involved and legal sponsors apparently think you're being treated unf…
RT @lifeafterdawn: What is happening across our nation right now is an overreaction to propaganda and ignorance. Transgender athletes have…
RT @lifeafterdawn: No court in the world, no matter what party the judges are affiliated with, is going to give you the right to win at the…
RT @lifeafterdawn: Of course, every athlete wants to win, to place first, and every mom and dad wants to see their children succeed. I do, …
RT @lifeafterdawn: But you and your cohorts and your legal sponsors at the extremist Christian anti #LGBTQ hate group, the @AllianceDefends…
RT @lifeafterdawn: You and your co-plaintiffs are conveniently ignoring what every coach and recruiter knows all too well to cover for your…
RT @lifeafterdawn: But no matter what phrase or words you use, your bias cannot erase who they are. Trans girls are girls. Trans women are…
RT @lifeafterdawn: You didn't lose to a male; that's your transphobia showing. Terry Miller is a young woman. So is Andraya Yearwood. They'…
RT @lifeafterdawn: I sent this letter to the editor of @USATODAY in response: Ms. Mitchell: Your op-ed is, like your federal lawsuit, full…
RT @lifeafterdawn: #ChelseaMitchell wrote an op-ed in @USATODAY that is going to resonate with a lot of athletes and moms and dads. But it'…
RT @mmpadellan: In 2021. In Atlanta. In an empty restaurant. Legendary Dominique Wilkins was turned away from Le Bilboquet restaurant beca…
RT @gaslitnation: .@RepGwenMoore: "It was obvious from the beginning that the Capitol attack was a coordinated plot. The absence of any ear…
RT @TriCitiesHoller: .@RepHarshbarger care to explain? 🧐 https://t.co/8cfQztkhvM
RT @WesleyLowery: I keep thinking about this, from @perrybaconjr, and how it speaks to so many of the conversations happening currently in…
RT @chick_in_kiev: I think expecting people to instantly give up on 15 months of fundamental changes to their behavior and lives, and patho…
RT @SimonWDC: Why Democrats keeping the House both in 2022 and 2024 could be rightly seen as essential to maintaining American democracy.…
RT @JoshuaPotash: I can’t get over how many people came out in Queens today to keep pushing for a free Palestine https://t.co/AxZ2tu3G7P
RT @sarahleah1: “An Israeli pilot revealed that the destruction of residential towers in #Gaza Strip was "a way to vent the army's frustrat…
RT @sarahleah1: For more testimonies from @idf soldiers about their war crimes against #Palestinians see the brave and honorable work of @B…
RT @DisavowTrump20: Hillary was right about everything. EVERYTHING. https://t.co/Kk13wbPHhf
RT @C_C_Krebs: Ugh. For some reason I can’t log into my utility account. What am I getting wrong here? https://t.co/3ILmwadeih
RT @BryanDawsonUSA: Republican Liz Cheney opponent admits to impregnating 14yo girl when he was 18: “Girl gets pregnant. You've heard thos…
RT @Strandjunker: Just a casual reminder that in 1861, 11 Senators and 3 Representatives were expelled from Congress for failing to recogni…
RT @TrinityMustache: @TolenRebecca @CUPCAKEWILLIAM6 Also, Tad Devine was actually still working for Putin when he went to work for Bernie.…
RT @TrinityMustache: @TolenRebecca @CUPCAKEWILLIAM6 Well actually, the Mueller report found that Putin deliberately helped Bernie’s campaign
RT @TrinityMustache: @logicBFF She was recruited to do b). Kyle Kulinski and Cenk Uygur, who picked her and financed her run, already gave…
RT @nordicmodelnow: “If you built a robot that looked like a black person & created a slave association with it, there’d be uproar because…
RT @ejeancarroll: Trump's, Uh, Problem The Women Bringing His Doom @NewYorkStateAG @FaniWillisForDA @kaplanrobbie \https://t.co/X8O947sa5G
RT @mmpadellan: We cannot allow lowlife pedophile enablers like Gym Jordan to remain in Congress any longer. America and Ohioans deserve be…
RT @JoelEvilsteen: If you will obey Satan’s commands and keep Him in first place in your heart and life, His blessings will chase you down…
RT @AdamParkhomenko: 2.8 million views in 7 hours. Republicans are shitting their pants. https://t.co/YvPTekXNgR
RT @WideAsleepNima: Death by @NYTimes passive voice. The cause of all the destruction, damage, force and killing is a complete mystery. htt…
RT @WideAsleepNima: "The fighting" did it, eh? How cruel of "the fighting." https://t.co/6TIcgyTrhu
RT @Smorgasboredom: In a just world, being endorsed by Meghan McCain would end your career. https://t.co/WeZsH9gpgn
RT @Smorgasboredom: Every time we’re forced to talk about Joe Rogan I am reminded of my best and most immutable axiom: Nothing that only me…
RT @OlgaNYC1211: This is nuts! Colonial pipeline paid $4.4 million to Russian hackers. Wonder if there will be some response https://t.co/R
RT @noa_landau: Jews & Arabs formed a human chain against violence, today at the Walls of Jerusalem https://t.co/VnHe9zI2QW
RT @davidmweissman: Hillary Clinton didn’t oppose the #Benghazi committee, and she testified. Why can’t Republicans have the same courtesy…
RT @aaamanda: What is our fucking deal? https://t.co/v2Jfy4cQuf
RT @AshaRangappa_: omg I love this (I want to hear him read the rest of the letter!!! 🤣) https://t.co/vg5qnlZwGr
RT @MacFarlaneNews: A week ago today, in a US House hearing, a Member of Congress said "There was no insurrection" and compared this to "to…
RT @CREWcrew: Anyone else think the people who incited insurrection should not be the same people who get to decide if there's a broad inve…
RT @mayawiley: New Yorkers deserve leaders who put civil rights first — the *bare minimum* should be to take it seriously when a civil righ…
RT @SisterSong_WOC: Hey @POTUS! It’s time to keep your word and make the US a champion of sexual and reproductive rights. You can act NOW b…
RT @MoiraDonegan: This is effectively a total abortion ban. Many women don’t know that they’re pregnant six weeks after their last period, …
RT @RaiseUpfor15: HAPPENING NOW: @McDonalds workers in Fayetteville, NC walk off the job ON STRIKE to demand $15/hr now for ALL workers, no…
RT @chris_notcapn: Honestly when I see Eric Trump all I can think is "Hey you guyzzzzzz"
RT @MSNBC: “I believe that Congressman Clyde on January 6th would disagree with the Congressman Clyde of today. And it’s very clear that yo…
RT @katewillett: We are literally still in the pandemic https://t.co/YRriMfhGNm
RT @_CROPES_: Here we see Nick doing something almost unheard-of for a creationist. He's being honest. Well done @nick_depanfilis https://t…
RT @RVAwonk: Sources tell CNN that GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has become increasingly worried about the scope of the probe and that…
RT @chris_notcapn: The Trumps are about to go through some things. https://t.co/8djKRA7AtQ
RT @AlexandraChalup: Benjamin Netanyahu is executing a Kremlin-backed operation that will continue to kill Israelis and Palestinians; he t…
RT @Mznewzz: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/rxBeCEtt2B
RT @Ty___Webb: The face you make when you’re scared shitless of “tourists”. @Rep_Clyde https://t.co/ebJu4HX6tW
RT @TammyDuckworth: Don’t believe the gaslighting. This is what the so-called “tourist visit" did to my office: https://t.co/Ge8KNwWMXp
RT @AnaCabrera: NEW: NY AG’s office tells CNN — “We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the organization is no…
RT @AdamsIngrahams: @AnaCabrera perjury bribery treason extortion espionage conspiracy bank fraud tax evasion emoluments embezzlement abuse…
RT @MacFarlaneNews: Feds respond to accused Capitol Insurrectionist Chris Worrell's request to transfer case to Florida, but arguing he has…
RT @marceelias: I am sure she is concerned and disappointed. https://t.co/OcUzKyRi3j
RT @washingtonpost: Black Lives Matter activists said a man tried to hit them with his car. The suspect turned out to be a judge. https://t…
RT @GeorgeTakei: Maybe if a woman’s body were a mask, they could scream that no one has the right to say what they can do with it.
RT @RexChapman: This dog is actually doing yoga... https://t.co/d7oK5EJa2l
RT @Eviljohna: Shout out to Bernie Sanders who declared abortion was settled law, not under threat & not worth discussing Perhaps if old…
RT @gore_won: 💯 https://t.co/91OkCcIcpW
RT @kpoulsen: This was just unsealed. In the last weeks of the Trump administration, William Barr's Justice Department tried to use a secre…
RT @waltisfrozen: Dolly Parton https://t.co/cPpqaAAWg1
RT @BradMossEsq: No, he was removed because he lacked authorization to speak publicly on government matters. I represent countless such off…
RT @JoshuaPotash: The one country blocking the UN Security Council from calling for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is the…
RT @marcushjohnson: The sentiment espoused in this video—praise for a violent white colonial authoritarian state—accurately encapsulates wh…
RT @davidsirota: There isn't a labor shortage, there is a shortage of jobs that pay a living wage for labor.
RT @WideAsleepNima: Only a few months later, an official South African government document reinforced this shared predicament: "Israel and…
RT @MollyJongFast: Trump really hired the absolutely nuttiest most Deranged people https://t.co/QmOWdGbXxO
RT @NARAL: This bill would ban abortion before most people even know they’re pregnant—but that’s not all. Clearly, the cruelty is the poin…
RT @HeyItsMurad: Thousands rally in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to stand with Palestinians calling for the end of the occupation, settler violence…
RT @washingtonpost: Video of San Diego officers repeatedly punching Black man during arrest triggers investigation https://t.co/SHtbhIOqMh
RT @addiebrownlee: @SteveTobak @nytimes You just said you have half a brain. No for real.
@SteveTobak @nytimes You just said you have half a brain. No for real.
RT @mjkuhns: @HenryJGomez @daveweigel Everyone recalls four years ago when a Republican Congressional candidate personally assaulted a jour…
RT @kylegriffin1: Rep. Katie Porter has introduced legislation to make it easier for families headed by single parents to get help from the…
RT @salstrange: There. Is. No. Such. Thing. As. An. Underage. Prostitute. The phrase you’re looking for is “sexually exploited minor.” Th…
RT @JoshuaPotash: I feel like I'm losing my mind when I need to explain to fellow Jews that ethnic cleansing is not okay under any circumst…
RT @TheTNHoller: "I can tell you that queer children's mental health is affected because of trying to cope with the way they're treated by…
RT @micahflee: I tried explaining what's going on to my mom and she said, "Why is Glenn Greenwald so grumpy?" I don't know, Mom. I don't t…
RT @RBReich: Trickle down economics is design to enrich corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the American people. The time is no…
RT @Ledermand: @johnpavlovitz https://t.co/SCAmj8iYFk
RT @libcomorg: Italian dockworkers refusing to load arms headed for the IDF. https://t.co/Gp6qlwd9be
RT @RossAMataz: @Lowkey0nline Absolute heroes... The lot of them ♥ So proud to be glaswegian We don't have any refugees.. We have Refuwee…
RT @nordicmodelnow: “Women are human beings, not sex aids. The human right to a private life does not mean that someone else must provide y…
RT @olivier_patti: I hope they give him the maximum sentence .. !! You whiny sniveling self-serving Insurrectionist.! How dare you..? Good…
RT @JournalistJG: @CraigRozniecki Same goes for #DontheCon. If you've never heard my taped conversation with "John Baron" for the Forbes…
RT @LilHurl: @yashar Any chance they prosecute Marjorie as fiercely as they did Olivia Pearson: https://t.co/onyIWElgSo
RT @yashar: Marjorie Taylor Greene filed homestead exemptions on 2 homes, violating Georgia state law https://t.co/OM3rfm1F5p
RT @CNN: "This was not a peaceful protest. When somebody breaks and enters, and then just because you know they don't completely trash your…
RT @kazweida: All you folks who are like… “but unvaccinated people are supposed to stay masked” are adorable Of course they are And of cou…
RT @FeelGoodPage11: Sometimes i feel low and then I remember of a dog who was caught in a parade for the pope in Mexico and thought it was…
RT @NARAL: Medication abortion is safe and effective, and it should be accessible.
RT @SLThomas: I really enjoyed not getting sick at all, not just not getting covid, for the last year. Keeping my mask. Maybe forever.
RT @poniewozik: HUGE news: new CDC guidance stipulates that vaccinated people no longer need to maintain a sourdough starter
RT @DaveKronig: Hi hello, it's me, your immunocompromised friend. I'm fully vaxxed but still gonna be wearing masks for a long time because…
RT @KatiePhang: Sooo...how does one tell the difference between a fully vaccinated person and a not vaccinated person?
RT @MohanadElshieky: The CDC says that unvaccinated people can now pretend to be vaccinated
RT @FeelGoodPage11: When you’re over 35 and the movie starts.. https://t.co/tPw8emdRhY
RT @Will_Bunch: A remarkable piece of journalism by my Inquirer colleague @abgutman, an Israeli citizen who writes movingly about the confl…
RT @AshaRangappa_: A part of the authoritarian playbook is coopting intelligence to ferret out political enemies. That Trump supporters cre…
RT @ECMcLaughlin: Exactly. Which is why my kids stay masked until they are. https://t.co/Ymozm7Ar0U
RT @mattysino: @DocumentingBTC No that’s effectively false that stat refers to using renewable energy as part of the mix. The more accurate…
RT @NewYorkStateAG: #BREAKING: A judge has ruled in our favor and rejected the @NRA's attempt to claim bankruptcy and reorganize in Texas.…
RT @DarkLady4202: Ashli Babbitt wasn't executed. She traveled 3000 miles to overthrow the government. Full stop
RT @JoshuaPotash: Just saw videos of zionists breaking into Palestinian homes. I know I lose followers when I tweet this, and I know I upse…
RT @JoshuaPotash: My best friend’s parents met in the IDF. They were born in Jerusalem. Their mom’s whole family is Jewish and still lives…
RT @yeahshewrites: Was this guy not on national television speaking about Palestinian oppression just under 24 hours ago??? https://t.co/B9
RT @msolurin: It’s misguided to think that a criminal system built on pain, punishment, + suffering operates entirely without a society tha…
RT @C_Stroop: “The interplay between secular eugenicists and religious conservatives utterly contradicts the latter’s claims to reject godl…
RT @RepLizCheney: Freedom only survives if we protect it. We must speak the truth. The election was not stolen. America has not failed. htt…
RT @TheBlackCaucus: We welcome our newest member of @TheBlackCaucus Congressman Troy Carter (LA-02)👏🏾 https://t.co/3uCubCG5mm
RT @MarkRuffalo: 1500 Palestinians face expulsion in #Jerusalem. 200 protesters have been injured. 9 children have been killed. Sanctions o…
RT @BreeNewsome: They study what we tweet & try to subvert the message but it’s always obvious to people who are actually involved in movem…
RT @malsaafin: 6AM in Gaza, watching a live feed from Gaza. Dozens of absolutely massive air strikes in the last couple of minutes. Not sur…
RT @C_Stroop: Proselytizing is always objectification. You don’t respect my boundaries, you won’t be in my company https://t.co/xbdlieY628
RT @atheistic_1: Ahh, unintentional Christian irony. https://t.co/PCLII5uz80
RT @abbottalynn: Chrissy’s really rubbed off on me in the last year. I can’t hold space for oppression anymore. I just can’t. When I appl…
RT @MSNBC: Republican Rep. Kinzinger says House Minority Leader McCarthy dismissed warnings of violence ahead of Jan. 6, praises Rep. Chene…
RT @yarahawari: ... this Palestinian woman in Jerusalem was dragged by her hijab, beaten & handcuffed by Israeli soldiers whilst they took…
RT @adamjohnsonNYC: If you’re playing Israeli war crime whitewash BINGO tonight be sure to mark “unrest”, “tensions boiling over” and “clas…
RT @OmarBaddar: Israeli police repeatedly brutalize a defenseless Palestinian (including while handcuffed). If Hamas militants were kidnap…
RT @OmarBaddar: A few days ago, I told TRT that Israel was pushing towards a very dangerous escalation, & this is driven by the emboldenmen…
RT @OmarBaddar: 1) Status quo: occupation/apartheid is violence against Palestinians 2) Then Israel escalates through evictions/beatings/s…
RT @AymanM: Just a reminder the Israeli-Palestinian conflict doesn’t begin when western media decide to start covering it? Don’t forget t…
RT @ThecaJones: @BraceyHarris He needs some data for that Yee Yee ass haircut he got
RT @BraceyHarris: Would be helpful to have data around where these jobs are available. Are there geographic disparities in terms of where…
RT @AboutLungCancer: @Lisa723Kelly @benleemusic And you have the freedom to live longer, too! https://t.co/x1zL1970tC
RT @AdamKinzinger: A few days before Jan 6, our GOP members had a conference call. I told Kevin that his words and our party’s actions wou…
RT @TheRealHoarse: Completely unrecognizable. I can’t tell if Leo is the woman on the left or the one who looks exactly like Leonardo DiCap…
RT @MittRomney: Expelling Liz Cheney from leadership won’t gain the GOP one additional voter, but it will cost us quite a few.
RT @benleemusic: Hi I’m in Australia and saw a specialist this morning, gave them my Medicare card and by 9pm the rebate showed up in my ba…
RT @JoshuaPotash: Stephen Miller, Meghan McCain, and Ted Cruz are all applauding Andrew Yang's position on Palestine, which completely igno…
RT @JoshuaPotash: If I was running for office and Stephen Miller supported anything I said I would simply drop out @AndrewYang
RT @MarisaKabas: Yang critics get blasted as twitter progressives not representative of reality, but Yang is the one not living in reality.…
RT @Ojeda4America: Lauren Boebert was live tweeting Nancy Pelosi’s whereabouts during an attempted coup!!!! When are we going to see her i…
RT @mason4922: 👊 https://t.co/zRQn6NcvND
RT @RBReich: What kind of a political party kicks out a leader because she tells the truth about a presidential election?
RT @hcarolineking: TW . . . What people are missing is that josh duggar isn’t an anomaly. I knew several josh duggars growing up in fundame…
RT @mhmck: Russian forces attacked Ukrainian defences 19 times yesterday, May 5. The heaviest shelling was at Vodyane. Attacking civilian t…
RT @FeelGoodPage11: The way this cat sleeps 🤣😴 https://t.co/TWnSoAVn6i
RT @FeelGoodPage11: This GENTLEMAN cares for stray dogs.🙏 Eugene Bostick, an 80-year-old retiree, noticed that people were abandoning thei…
RT @UFWupdates: Sí se puede, Colorado! https://t.co/iNRpMXXf5r
RT @addiebrownlee: @CNN @jillsobule You’re good now!! https://t.co/Q04yyOtOJX
@CNN @jillsobule You’re good now!! https://t.co/Q04yyOtOJX
RT @FeelGoodPage11: I can’t stop laughing.. 😂😂 https://t.co/IBoZdYG37q
RT @oliveblogs: Do you suffer from Correctile Dysfunction? 😂 #Mansplaining https://t.co/B1FPO1GN4U
RT @FeelGoodPage11: Never heard a fox laugh before! https://t.co/xYCbZFCgzB
RT @RDispatches: Duggar, Falwell Jr, Hillsong... according to @C_Stroop 'are part of a pattern that can be directly linked to indoctrinatio…
RT @ElTucker4: @ericgarland Gotta be a white guy since there was a standoff for hours and he was transported to the hospital and not the mo…
RT @Liz_Cheney: The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the…
RT @Weinsteinlaw: Florida currently has the seventh highest average daily infection rate in the U.S. and has more cases of coronavirus vari…
RT @Ordinary1World: Democrats aren’t perfect, but at least we’re not republicans.
RT @hugolowell: House Oversight chair Carolyn Maloney releases bipartisan Whistleblower Protection Improvement Act — that no federal employ…
RT @johnpavlovitz: If you refuse to be vaccinated, please stop saying you’re pro-life.
RT @WajahatAli: Rick Santorum was back on CNN tonight so let me just re-share my piece from yesterday. https://t.co/bIWZpWZMRJ
RT @TheRickyDavila: A reminder again that Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue, Ron Johnson, Richard Burr, Dan Crenshaw, Jim Inhofe all committed c…
RT @MichaelArt123: Trump Defense Secretary Christopher Miller Disarmed D.C. National Guard Before Capitol Riot (2) On Jan 4th former Defen…
RT @Sjladuke75Susan: @MichaelArt123 Why hasn't this gotten more attention? https://t.co/aojUvljL3N
RT @TheRickyDavila: Why does @CNN continue to employ a racist moron like Rick Santorum? I don’t see any reason why he’s asked anything abou…
RT @atheistic_1: They want a theocracy. Christian Sharia law. And an extensive military/police presence so that White Christian Nationali…
RT @lizburgh: @LeftSplintered Not sure how familiar you are with Reddit but the S4P subreddit was an absolute *HUB* of foreign activity. It…
RT @LeftSplintered: 🧵Operation Sandy🧵 In April 2016, the Bernie 2016 campaign ran an op to convince voters that the NY Democratic Primary…
RT @UN_Women: "I believed that unless we, women, start telling the stories of women, nobody else would." Subina Shrestha is an award-winni…
RT @FeelGoodPage11: https://t.co/FEaQMUsrrO
RT @C_Stroop: Also, recognize that a robust understanding of church-state separation involves issues that affect more people than just stra…
RT @blackgirlinmain: Yo peeps. Stay safe. A fully vaccinated acquaintance picked up Rona from a partially vaxxed relative, who was involved…
RT @RockShrimp: to be fair, the big distinction between the MAGA agenda and the left agenda is MAGA as advertised (e.g. the shit they lie a…
RT @TheRealAndrew_: Hillary Clinton was RIGHT about EVERYTHING!!!
RT @csd: Imagine telling a Secretary of State on tape “I need you to find me 11, 780 votes” and still not being arrested.
RT @JohnathanPerk: Last night, my best friend [civil rights lawyer, a Black man] was held by cops after HE called 911, after being rear-end…
RT @FeelGoodPage11: Timeline cleanser: Jason Hardesty, UPS driver posts the adorable dogs he meets on routes. https://t.co/zNjcnBDWYA
RT @MarisaKabas: here’s the hospital bill breakdown (for inpatient surgery and an outpatient follow-up procedure.) $14, 666 just for the rec…
RT @MarisaKabas: Just got the bill for my surgery and hospital stay. How is this country real. https://t.co/7xxfShuHtt
RT @yesica: Why is @washingtonpost giving a sponsor of the 1/6 insurrection a platform? He saluted the armed groups who attacked our Capito…
RT @Denton21990: I've been screaming this from the rooftops lately & I'm dead serious now! Tucker Carlson is pushing the idea that wearing…
RT @LRPow79: I reviewed the Bible VERY closely. NOWHERE does it state owning firearms is a “God given” right. I thought Republicans knew t…
RT @Julius_Kim: Anti-transgender bills?? But GOP, I thought ALL lives mattered?
RT @jelani9: Subjective questions like “Is America a racist nation” are fairly useless. Some say yes, some say no but what they’re actually…
RT @ScottMKaiser: @AndrewLSeidel "When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression."
RT @GretchensTravel: @AndrewLSeidel https://t.co/H5dMZiMqpr
RT @AndrewLSeidel: Dear White Evangelicals, We're not coming for your rights, we're coming for your privilege. You'll be able to worship as…
RT @ThinkingAtheist: This is also known as The Problem of Needless Suffering. https://t.co/yXiMQbaWJB https://t.co/Y7S177yRKZ
RT @Random_Neuro123: @AtheismIsBad4u @life_she_wrote @C_Stroop No, that is where consent matters. If we say don’t proselytize, then no mean…
RT @C_Stroop: “These social standards were invented by white men to keep white men comfortable, but it is white women who enforce them in e…
RT @samiamsamh: @mattmillr @C_Stroop @nytimes my body my choice for masks complete and total government control for vaginas and uteri why…
RT @samuel_pollen: European out-of-offices: “I’m away camping for the summer. Email again in September” American out-of-offices: “I have l…
RT @brahmresnik: UPDATE I deleted retweet that showed ballot at audit table where ex GOP State Rep. Anthony Kern was counting ballots. Medi…
RT @erinschaff: .@VP descends from Air Force Two after a day trip to Cincinnati at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on April 30. https://t.co
RT @cmclymer: @RepCawthorn Didn’t you vote against this?
RT @Marmel: You voted against this. https://t.co/PFftOTE8CB
RT @MsEntropy: Ex Neo-Nazi veterans have offered their expertise numerous times at military installations, including — for example, TJ Leyd…
RT @bensiegel: NEW: The Biden administration will return $14 billion+ in military funds to the Pentagon, money seized by the Trump administ…
RT @NewYorkStateAG: We stopped these anti-choice protesters from threatening and harassing individuals trying to enter a Planned Parenthood…
RT @JoyAnnReid: Tonight on @thereidout ... We’ll be joined by former First Lady, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, and presidential candida…
RT @dtheavenger: @KaivanShroff So can someone explain to me why the hell is Gaetz still a free man and @GOPLeader has him on the committee…
RT @JessicaHuseman: So, I'm sorry, you're saying that Bill Barr's DOJ got a warrant to search your cloud while Trump was president and in t…
RT @joshtpm: To ward off rightwing bullshit simply remember that the current investigations into Giuliani and Gaetz both began under Bill B…
RT @JohnKaminar: I hope someday to see Doug Emhoff promoted from @SecondGentleman to First Gentleman. Just sayin’.
RT @JohnKaminar: THREAD.  Folks, bear with me for a minute, please.  I want to address a point that is often made by gun rights advocates, …
RT @UFWupdates: “Farm workers during the pandemic didn’t ask if the food they picked was for Republicans or Democrats, ” said @UFWPresident…
RT @Sites4Congress: @kylegriffin1 Congress should too. Pass the Equality Act.
RT @kylegriffin1: President Biden: "To all the transgender Americans watching at home – especially the young people who are so brave – I wa…
RT @cmclymer: First Mensch. I love him. 😂❤️ https://t.co/wuyRvpHFNC
RT @Acosta: Biden to refer to Jan 6 insurrection as “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War” in speech tonight. https://t.co
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Why do Republicans love child poverty so much?
RT @mattmfm: The Republican Party is pro-coronavirus. https://t.co/lSZeAG1UK3
RT @BeschlossDC: Thank you to @frankthorp for this photograph of history being made tonight as first female @VP walks into U.S. Capitol for…
RT @petridishes: if I were Joe Biden i would toss in one weird thing with the same earnest, calm demeanor ''and let's put a furby in every…
RT @addiebrownlee: @rudepundit And he forgot his dry shampoo.
@rudepundit And he forgot his dry shampoo.
RT @addiebrownlee: @mmpadellan Also Mitt forgot his dry shampoo.
@mmpadellan Also Mitt forgot his dry shampoo.
RT @TheDemocrats: History made. https://t.co/7fprLlSItA
RT @tom_beshere: @pbump @SpiroAgnewGhost Among other things, that timeline is a good reminder of other Trumpworld figures who were in Rudy'…
RT @reevesjw: @pbump @gtconway3d What about these remarks on the day of the Comey letter in October 2016? https://t.co/AGtVQ2lMMN https://t…
RT @pbump: Guys, I went back to put together a timeline of Giuliani's questionable interactions and you really forget how central he was to…
RT @rudepundit: It's gonna take years to overcome the sins of the last guy. https://t.co/sCrCd6D9uY
RT @Sifill_LDF: “Madame Speaker, Madame Vice President....No President has ever said those words from this podium. And it’s about time.” -…
RT @FeelGoodPage11: This young man was on his way to a job interview and had some difficulty tying his tie. The lady in the red coat notice…
RT @KaivanShroff: 🚨BREAKING: Federal investigators in Manhattan have just executed a search warrant at the Upper East Side apartment of cor…
RT @ScottHech: THREAD: Meet Cash Spencer. Oregon juror. Only Black person other than defendant. Thought he was innocent. White jurors didn’…
RT @FeelGoodPage11: it’s official this is the best tiktok to exist https://t.co/k8M4d7qKPA
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: These two women will sit behind @POTUS tonight, and it will make history. Congratulations @VP and @SpeakerPelosi. htt…
RT @nycsouthpaw: "Under the previous administration, I received more time than an actual Russian spy, ” Reality Winner said, referring to M…
RT @FeelGoodPage11: 😁😂🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/QOsaCVzuA1
RT @DannyDeraney: Because you want to see doggies having a meeting. https://t.co/BmAfso9XNu
RT @FeelGoodPage11: Thread of Animals Taking Seflies. https://t.co/iK7weJ4TIR
RT @addiebrownlee: @voxdotcom LISTEN TO JAAAAAAAAAAMES!!!
RT @Blackamazon: I am 36 years old realizing how little childhood I had” https://t.co/STzRzsyTut
RT @juliaioffe: While you weren't looking, the Kremlin has turbocharged its campaign to kill what's left of independent Russian media. Jour…
RT @RepKatiePorter: Today, I chaired my first hearing of @NRDems Oversight Subcommittee. I wanted Congress to hear directly from Americans…
RT @ReproRights: #KENYA: Judge Martha Koome has just been nominated as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. This would make her the…
RT @mmfa: The NY Times and Politico played up GOP accusations against John Kerry of disclosing Israeli strikes. The outlets gave little con…
RT @BillKristol: “What happened on Jan. 6 is unprecedented in our history...And so, I think it's very important that the Jan. 6 commission…
RT @RpsAgainstTrump: #BREAKING: GOP leader Liz Cheney, says that Ted Cruz is disqualified to be president, after he voted to overturn the r…
RT @ActresssenayJ: @DC96908608 @stevesgirl56 @ReallyAmerican1 Or Clarence T and the roll it’s wife played in the riots? He’s still sitting…
RT @stevesgirl56: @ReallyAmerican1 As Merrick Garland announces that Vanita Gupta will lead investigation into Louisville Kentucky police, …
RT @FeelGoodPage11: i don't know what this cow is going through but i can relate https://t.co/7fryx6oaBl
RT @SpeakerPelosi: Honored to swear in the former commander of the Washington, DC National Guard, Major General William Walker, as House Se…
RT @TheTNHoller: NORTH CAROLINA:  “Let’s be clear, This was an execution. His hands were on the steering wheel." — The family of #AndrewB…
RT @MollyJongFast: This is peak politicization of public health and it’s absolutely “destructive for attention.” https://t.co/rXeg2zEcZP
RT @NewtownAction: "We dedicate this film to all those who've lost loved ones to gun violence...We deserve better, we must do better, we wi…
RT @TruthTellersUSA: The police lied- as they often do - about the initial facts of this case. It is imperative we do not let them cover up…
RT @washingtonpost: Ursula von der Leyen, one of the most powerful women in Europe, says she still faces sexism https://t.co/gVRLb7iMFv
RT @CNNPolitics: West Virginia is giving people under 35 $100 savings bonds for getting vaccinated https://t.co/Pmkm9tNiWq
RT @AriBerman: Breaking: Florida Senate just passed Georgia-style voter suppression bill #SB90 criminalizing giving food and water to voter…
RT @LittleDoorTrial: I appreciate that Moore is trying to ask that the church look inward in response to those leaving. However, if he didn…
RT @ezraklein: The idea that a 23-year-old at McKinsey is a high-skill worker while a home healthcare aide with 30 years of experience is l…
RT @ezraklein: I love this @AnnieLowrey jeremiad against the term "low-skill jobs." Those jobs aren't low-skill. They're low-wage, and call…
RT @TIME: For the first time in the Oscars’ 93-year history, a Korean actress has won an Academy Award. Here's the crucial history behind…
RT @addiebrownlee: @velvetrevulva88 OMG OMG OMG
@velvetrevulva88 OMG OMG OMG
RT @EdwardHMO: Ella Fitzgerald #botd “I owe Marilyn Monroe a real debt. It was because of her that I played the Mocambo, a very popular ni…
RT @RBReich: So let me get this straight: Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos want to colonize outer space to save humanity, but they couldn't care le…
RT @Lesdoggg: Lesliepalooza!!! @UberEats #ad https://t.co/YDhBlMQVLN
@owillis Too soon. But also respect you working through the pain with jokes.
RT @addiebrownlee: @Lesdoggg @UberEats I will watch anything @Lesdoggg is in. I don’t care what it is or for or I just don’t care MORE LESL…
@Lesdoggg @UberEats I will watch anything @Lesdoggg is in. I don’t care what it is or for or I just don’t care MORE LESLIEPALOOZA
RT @Lesdoggg: Always got to fix those @essence #blackwomeninhollywood Awards on https://t.co/7TQISM19ID Styled BY: @brianmcphatter Suit: @…
RT @nihil_lesbian: @Anthony_Parisii @NathanielHenne1 @ComradeBrigid no, it wasn't. https://t.co/bumzTvJVpe
RT @markmobility: Newark Police officers did not fire a single shot during the calendar year 2020, and the city didn’t pay a single dime to…
RT @jennycohn1: I’ve been researching the 2018 midterm election and it is giving me a sick feeling. There was no manual recount due to Flor…
RT @jennycohn1: Why did Lev Parnas text message Florida Governor Ron DeSantis? https://t.co/kL7TEuRQzB
RT @RepMaxineWaters: If we take a knee, they’re mad. If we speak up like I do, they’re mad. If we protest like Martin Luther King Jr. taugh…
RT @mwolfers: I will never ever ever get over 2016. ESPECIALLY after the Nader debacle in 2000 and the horrible reign of w that followed.…
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: You expected Bernie to be president. Your expectations are shit. https://t.co/zRH3m9bb6h
RT @FeelGoodPage11: Before and after he was told he is beautiful https://t.co/Q5QRk4dCjP
RT @FeelGoodPage11: i just blessed ur timeline ❤️https://t.co/BQzvyosZSO
RT @FeelGoodPage11: https://t.co/VEnksajFPh
RT @designmom: Ask yourselves: What would it take for you to value the life of your sexual partner more than your own temporary pleasure or…
RT @designmom: And if not, is that because you actually care more about policing women’s bodies, morality, and sexuality, than you do about…
RT @designmom: For those of you who consider abortion to be murder, wouldn’t you be on board with having a handful of men castrated, if it…
RT @designmom: When I hear men worshipping guns and talking about how there’s nothing that will stop them from defending their family, my m…
RT @VanityFair: Kavanaugh, who said it was absurd to judge him based on who he was in high school, thinks children convicted of crimes shou…
RT @FeelGoodPage11: Reunion https://t.co/2V5gB6nnij
RT @HelenKennedy: That guy who is mad at Disney for getting rid of a theme park animatronic scene of shackled women being auctioned as “bri…
RT @NoahBookbinder: Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne voted to overturn the election. She nonetheless got $1, 000 campaign contributions in March…
RT @ty_hotcommodity: Sir you are ugly https://t.co/CAUGVqlIWk
RT @ACLU: “‘Mama, ’ she asks me daily. ‘Can you keep fighting for trans rights so maybe I can feel safe leaving the house?’” Melody Gomez, …
RT @BreeNewsome: Police aren’t just shooting Black people and children, they’re emptying their clips into them.
RT @nealx1: Police think they can be judge, jury, and executioner. https://t.co/gByXwnoekP
RT @BreeNewsome: If he was trained to kill kids then it’s time to abolish policing https://t.co/nZMHwmsSvd
RT @kenklippenstein: This is why media needs to stop taking police public affairs at their word https://t.co/CvYzoI6laJ
RT @voxdotcom: In theory, qualified immunity shields government officials from lawsuits involving novel legal claims. In practice, however…
RT @DearAuntCrabby: CNN : US Capitol Police officer allegedly told units to only monitor for 'anti-Trump' protesters on January 6. Just as…
RT @lexilafleur: A hobby of mine is finding ridiculous items for sale at Nordstrom’s. This might be my best find yet. https://t.co/racNtYs0
RT @DMoritzRabson: Getting mad every time @TaylorLorenz tweets does not count as a skill or hobby you picked up during the pandemic, sorry…
RT @juliaioffe: @donmoyn So strange that Matt Taibbi, who once wrote that Russian women want to be raped, would be so obsessed with harassi…
RT @addiebrownlee: @atrupar STACEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!!!
@atrupar STACEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!!!
RT @samswey: Columbus police have killed more than 40 people since 2013. Black people were killed at 5x higher rate than white people. Data…
RT @BreeNewsome: People are really arguing that because one teen might have gotten stabbed otherwise, it was better that police shot & kill…
RT @tressiemcphd: An older white woman passed me on the trail. Without missing a step she whispered, “thank God” and kept walking. Somehow…
RT @nordicmodelnow: “When you're in prostitution you internalize the violence. You hear the same things over & over - you're called a slut, …
RT @bryanbehar: Val Demings served in law enforcement for 27 years. Gym Jordan’s only involvement with the law was not reporting locker roo…
RT @arelisrhdz: Just before the verdict was announced, Ohio police fatally shoot a Black teenage girl, family says https://t.co/4EhsPz7tHT
RT @drbashir2018: Putin will sow disinformation worldwide so he can grab land without the world’s eyes! https://t.co/XeuCd2K4Ip
RT @ElieNYC: Neighbor: You don't let your kids right their bikes around the neighborhood by themselves? Me: Nope. Neighbor: Why not? I've a…
RT @DDpan: If you are a journalist who is still taking law enforcement narratives at face value, you are not doing your job.
RT @PattyArquette: @iAm_Junha @deep_dab Is this going on their record? Come on! Registering bikes? Arresting kids for bike riding?
RT @ECMcLaughlin: Hey, check out this new progressive organization that is focused purely on state legislative races. As I've been preachi…
RT @juliaioffe: Alexey @Navalny has been transferred to the hospital of a nearby penal colony. Russian independent media spoke to former in…
RT @NickKristof: Excellent @nytopinion op-ed by @RickKahlenberg about the damage caused to working class Americans of every race by exclusi…
RT @Kendragarden: Girls don’t want boys; they want Stevie Nicks hair and a bookstore within walking distance of their apartment.
RT @jjz1600: In upstate NY: my hometown of Utica was dying. Refugees are bringing it back & the city has opened its arms wide. A former Met…
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Rest well, Mr. Vice President, and thank you for fighting for us. https://t.co/7aAkEcvo9q
RT @JuddLegum: I wrote about why there are more consumer safety regulations for Teddy Bears - AND TOY GUNS - than for actual guns. It has…
RT @MacFarlaneNews: !!! Major media organizations (mine included) have filed a legal challenge in DC federal court to obtain copies of the…
RT @edokeefe: CONFIRMED: Former Vice President Walter Mondale, widely credited for elevating the role of vice president and known for his w…
RT @marclacey: “Let’s tell the truth, ” he declared in his nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in San Francis…
RT @MattMurchison: Hillary Clinton never did anything but try to improve people's lives, and she is HATED for it.
RT @MEdwardsVA: His mother warned the FBI a year in advanced and he was apart of white supremacist forums But sure, go ahead and talk to u…
RT @RepKatiePorter: Taxpayers lose $1 trillion or more each year to corporations cheating our tax code. Yes, trillion with a T. Orange Cou…
RT @BrianKarem: How is it a certain part of the population can go into a spit spewing, purple frenzy over something Waters said, but has no…
RT @RhinoReally: Remember when Tulsi supporters made an actual hit list of Twitter enemies?
RT @jdawsey1: "Although I would have rather won, tonight we rejoice in our democracy, we rejoice in the freedom of a wonderful people, and…
RT @VABVOX: 5 mass shootings in America on Sunday. FIVE. IN. ONE. DAY. ▪Kenosha, WI ▪Columbus, OH ▪Austin, TX ▪LaPlace, LA ▪Shreveport, LA…
RT @AndreaRScardina: "A 2015 study in the U.S. found that, over a 10 year period, an officer was caught in a case of sexual misconduct ever…
RT @BryanDawsonUSA: @BillyBaldwin Gun manufacturers are exempt from the 1972 Consumer Product Safety Act and get other protections. It’s on…
RT @JohnFugelsang: Hobby Lobby covers Viagra, but not IUD. Because a fertilized egg is clearly God's will but impotency clearly isn't.
RT @Toure: Police are murdering Black people all over the country while also actively helping the Oath Keepers. And you wonder why people…
RT @Azi: "Mr. McFadden, who is Black, said the police did not believe his press credentials were real until another photographer vouched fo…
RT @Vonnie932: @JoshuaPotash This is why white supremacist will remain in America. 👇🏾 13 investigations, no court-martials: Here's how the…
RT @washingtonpost: Opinion: Being Black in America is exhausting https://t.co/4z9gKV6251
RT @bibliohussy: So my daughter has a gov’t related job, and is due to have her security clearance upgraded. An agent called me today, and…
RT @ReverendWarnock: If you ever think your voice in our democracy doesn’t matter, just look at how hard politicians are working to silence…
RT @NickKnudsenUS: Retweet if you’re partially or fully vaccinated but you’re still wearing a mask to help protect your community. #WearAMa…
RT @GeorgeTakei: The good apples are way too quiet about the bad ones.
RT @Politidope: OMG. This just broke me. https://t.co/b4njfns9l7
RT @StrictlyChristo: This happy pup spending his first night at his new home after being adopted from the shelter. https://t.co/IzceUV1cnF
RT @underaredflag: @PeoplesMomentum “Only when women's bodies are being sold for profit do Leftists claim to cherish the free market.” -And…
RT @nordicmodelnow: @PeoplesMomentum https://t.co/tMTuQhfs65
RT @cathydevine56: @PeoplesMomentum Commodifying women's bodies. How very 21C socialism. Patriarchy, same as it ever was.
RT @mcdon_al: @PeoplesMomentum This is bullshit. Momentum should be leading the fight to eradicate the conditions (socio-economic etc) that…
RT @underaredflag: @PeoplesMomentum Momentum launch their "Justice for Johns" campaign becuse facilitating the exploitation of the desperat…
RT @fickleskittle: @PeoplesMomentum The right think women are private property whereas they left think they belong to the public
RT @BitterTonic: @PeoplesMomentum it's like saying let's make it nicer for the children in the mines... instead of let's get the children o…
RT @AKAsusangreen: @humbleetc @PeoplesMomentum Institutionalising oppressive abusive practices will not deliver harm reduction. Investing i…
RT @AKAsusangreen: @PeoplesMomentum You are defending one of the most exploitative capitalist markets to have existed. Momentum powered by…
RT @kjonesoctober: @PeoplesMomentum Trotsky described prostitution as "the extreme degradation of women in the interests of men who can pay…
RT @joncoopertweets: The Biden administration lifted restrictions on using fetal tissue for medical research, reversing rules imposed by Tr…
RT @JohnCollins_KP: This is a reminder that quoting scripture is not the same as living by it.
RT @joncoopertweets: 'I shut him down': Maxine Waters condemns Jim Jordan for 'bullying' Dr. Fauci https://t.co/svGAmVWOcK
RT @TheTNHoller: INBOX: Students at John Overton High and across MNPS are organizing a protest to help end the excuse for sexual harassment…
RT @JoyAnnReid: Tossing it over to a historian for final comments. By the way, stuff like this used to be perfectly normal and respectable…
RT @JoyAnnReid: Solid question. Because uniquely AMERICAN culture wouldn’t exist without jazz, hip-hop, blues, rock, country and soul music…
RT @jkarsh: Siri, show me ‘systemic rot.’ https://t.co/oppl6KSef2
RT @JoshuaPotash: The Gothamist does a lot of good reporting on the NYPD, and they did change the headline on their website (link below), t…
RT @JoshuaPotash: Allegedly? What's that a picture of? https://t.co/ToJwtzMFVY
RT @JustinGTanner: @robertjdenault For those who haven’t read the report, this is what Mueller literally said. And this is only one excerpt…
RT @debaajimod: @robertjdenault Once more for those in the back: The 2016 election was stolen. His entire Presidency was *illegitimate.* Hi…
RT @harrisonjaime: I just put my boys down for the night kissed them & told them I loved them. Adam Toledo was only 13. He is dead & his p…
RT @harrisonjaime: Tomorrow, I’m going to begin personally calling every Democratic Member of the US Senate & l will write to my US Senator…
RT @NoahShachtman: An examination of Greenberg’s Venmo transactions shows dozens of suspicious and curiously titled payments. Some were as…
RT @BreeNewsome: The riots are always sparked by police murdering people. Communities don’t need curfews. They need police forces to stop k…
RT @sarasidnerCNN: Police have pushed protestors into the parking lot of the dollar tree. Huge police line saying “move you will be arreste…
RT @Dianne4NYC: I have been the mother on the phone, listening as my son is harassed by police, coaching through the interaction, overwhelm…
RT @Kalarigamerchic: Not that I should even have to tweet this but a warrant does NOT give an officer the right to execute an American citi…
RT @brinleyhineman: What a violent day in Tennessee. This morning a woman and her mother were killed in a Lebanon shooting. Then a shoot…
RT @joncoopertweets: American people: We LOVE calm President Biden because he doesn’t post unhinged tweets like Trump did. American media…
RT @otto_maddoxx: @Eric_Williams_1 @therecount This needs to be on a every commercial in the midterms. Ted Cruz says, "After every mass s…
RT @Eric_Williams_1: @therecount "What happens in this committee after every mass shooting is Democrats propose taking away guns from law a…
RT @FeelGoodPage11: I will always be there for you. https://t.co/wMvXcWDVj6
RT @BebeNeuwirth: Just because we got our vaccines doesn’t mean we can rouge our knees and roll our stockings down.
RT @MsEntropy: I don’t have much time right now, so I’ll pick this up later, but: Government reluctance to pursue white supremacist activi…
RT @maddenifico: The black mother who kicked the KKK’s racist ass: The new four-part docuseries “The People v. the Klan, ” premiering Apri…
RT @MSNBC: Opinion | @HayesBrown: Rights are not a zero-sum, winner-takes-all system. Acknowledging someone else's rights in no way diminis…
RT @MorganicInk: Vaccinated people are supposed to still wear masks and everything right? I’m seeing a lot of people posting pics with frie…
RT @OlgaNYC1211: https://t.co/Ge3YMnN1El This is really crazy especially now that Russia is escalating and threatening destruction of Ukrai…
RT @JudyHager11: Ain't that the damn truth. https://t.co/Ygc0PNhzf9
RT @m_mendozaferrer: 'Yang himself admits that the milestone of 100, 000 jobs at the core of his pitch was not a realistic target. VFA today…
RT @m_mendozaferrer: Manifest Destiny was an ideology that was used to justify genocide against Native Americans and Andrew Yang thought i…
RT @JamesGleick: The mainstream press, including the @nytimes, should not adopt right-wing talking points. According to the Times, McConnel…
RT @drsanjaygupta: Take a look at the brain images here. Evidence of brain changes associated with autism as early as six months of age. Re…
RT @Sites4Congress: "I never knew about any type of abuse. If I did, I would have done something about it." - Jim Jordan "I believe Matt G…
RT @Ireland0828: @NoMoSplainin @ChkUOut @willip @LoordyMarie @GivensLois @SolUru @Mgivens61 @Jensin520 @kharly @ncforchange @GrannyBlinky @…
RT @Men_4_Choice: If you believe that your opinion about someone else’s reproductive decisions should matter at all, you’re an asshole. Y…
RT @DearDean22: Only 1? https://t.co/sQYgBKOLUd
RT @mlevenson: “The defendant’s act of coughing in my face at the height of a pandemic was an act that was calculated to attack me at my we…
RT @PenalvaCubana: The Grifting has begun again https://t.co/7eSvPicfPD
RT @IsaacDovere: Jane O’Meara Sanders and her son David Driscoll announce that they’re restarting the Sanders Institute—closed as he starte…
RT @nathanheller: Story of a 66-year-old researcher, an immigrant, who rarely got grants, never got her own lab, never earned more than $60…
RT @addiebrownlee: @MEPFuller Has anyone checked to see who actually to the bar for Gaetz because this is next level stupid.
@MEPFuller Has anyone checked to see who actually to the bar for Gaetz because this is next level stupid.
RT @JoyAnnReid: And will they be doing these patrols armed, just to complete the history-conjuring imagery and the potential lethality of t…
RT @ericgarland: Lobbyist? Brian Ballard by any chance? https://t.co/6WDebLffnQ
RT @aanika_islam: Making the #abortion pill available through #pharmacies on prescription can improve abortion access—especially for those…
RT @sashafeld: Thank you Lily Tomlin of @GraceandFrankie for standing with #domesticworkers. #SB321 #HealthandSafetyNow https://t.co/VZXpn
RT @lawcrimenews: Backing Tennessee Abortion Providers, 20 Attorneys General Tell Sixth Circuit to Strike Down Law Requiring Waiting Period…
RT @thehill: Investigators seize documents, laptop from Trump Organization CFO's former daughter-in-law https://t.co/ePVSYnQvZl https://t.c
RT @JoyAnnReid: Trump’a political legacy: https://t.co/DLp8LdsOT3
RT @jeremythunder: This is art https://t.co/f3URQSgEFM
RT @AmyMcGrathKY: so true https://t.co/wDJbFzZVLp
RT @RepDonBeyer: So, kind of like.... a vaccine passport? https://t.co/e5wpJVuBxo
RT @chasestrangio: The Arkansas General Assembly has officially voted to override Gov. Hutchinson's veto. HB1570 passes. We will see you in…
RT @TheRealHoarse: This is now a @tedlieu fan account. https://t.co/uwiBatU7MI
RT @santiagomayer_: So... are we ever gonna find out who removed the panic buttons in Ayanna Pressley’s office?
RT @kenolin1: Hey @mtgreenee - Why did you delete this photo with @mattgaetz? https://t.co/1vgVGQm6la
RT @SenDuckworth: Instead of holding DeJoy accountable, the USPS Board of Governors confirmed what I always suspected was true: The 6 curr…
RT @lindyli: The FBI is investigating Matt Gaetz He’s still on the Judiciary Committee, which oversees the FBI See the problem here?
RT @ialhusseini: Polio and smallpox never reached herd immunity. They were eradicated by vaccines.
RT @MSNBC: President Biden names diverse slate of judicial nominees in first effort to reshape federal courts. https://t.co/uE3l5cwus5
RT @Smorgasboredom: Imagine finding out you’re the one Republican who’s not allowed to do sex crimes. https://t.co/1XaGHlZoAL
RT @harrysiegel: This @petridishes piece about Matt Gaetz showing off his "trophy" photos, "the moments when people make up their secret mi…
RT @OlgaNYC1211: What kind of analysis is this? Sliding into war? I cannot understand how the fact that Russia is occupying parts of Ukrain…
RT @addiebrownlee: @BernieSanders @JoyAnnReid Why would you care? You have never thought Black and Brown voices were important or needed. I…
@BernieSanders @JoyAnnReid Why would you care? You have never thought Black and Brown voices were important or need… https://t.co/Vo93PKXM9F
RT @BajaGorgeGirl: Whenever you buy any produce, be it fruits or vegetables, please remember the real people out in the fields doing the ba…
RT @AliciaOnMSNBC: "What I can say is that it shows that all of these offenses that we've been prosecuting and convicting individuals for..…
RT @marceelias: This might just be the best example of how mainstream journalism is failing democracy. It is actually quite depressing. htt…
RT @VP: Going back to how things were is not the end goal of getting through this pandemic. We must build our country back better than it w…
RT @NARAL: While pregnancy discrimination is technically illegal, there are far too many loopholes that still exist. That’s why we need the…
RT @BitchMedia: “We learned there’s so much more that you never read about. The media narratives that we had ingested, that had been espous…
RT @fightfor15: It's time @McDonalds steps forward and takes real action against sexual harassment at their stores, and listens to survivor…
RT @PaulaCobia: The @GOP are fine with mentally unstable humans getting a gun, committing mass shootings and thousands of Americans dying f…
RT @PaulaCobia: The @GOP are fine with the @NRA being a Russian Money Laundering franchise because that's where most of the money originate…
RT @dawnstaley: Congrats @aa_boston! 2 time @LisaLeslie award......career sweep it. #hardwareU https://t.co/QkZFzH1fqg
RT @Zeddary: New rule: if you're repping a state that has a big-ass bridge named for a Klansman you don't get to trash someone else's infra…
RT @JoyAnnReid: Whew... @60Minutes right now is running down the disaster that @GovRonDeSantis made of the covid vaccine rollout, which bec…
RT @joannelipman: I love this pic so much: for the first time ever, all 8 Ivy League college newspapers are led by women 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 https://t…
RT @Esosa_Osa: THREAD: 50 Reasons Why Georgia's New Voting Law Really Is That Bad. Each reason is cited by line so feel free to follow al…
RT @a35362: With stimulus cash and jobs spike, U.S. emerges as main engine for global economic recovery https://t.co/OC9ZLuqgnh
RT @JoyAnnReid: No one with fully functional brain cells does. https://t.co/3IibzokSzy
RT @RottenInDenmark: As usual, they're projecting the pathologies of the in-group onto an out-group. Conservatives are openly hostile to hi…
RT @60Minutes: In Belle Glade, Florida, many residents don’t have cars. In January, Florida’s governor announced a partnership with Publix…
RT @TheTNHoller: WATCH: “In 2020 @GovBillLee said he was enacting paid leave for state employees... this is an attempt to make good on that…
RT @SethAbramson: PROOF offers comprehensive reportage and analysis on the largest, most complex FBI case in history: the federal criminal…
RT @60Minutes: A Florida mayor said he was trying to secure vaccines for his town’s firefighters when he learned that some board members of…
RT @kerrycorkmd: @nypost This "story" cited favorable reporting on Penske by Womens Wear Daily (WWD), which is owned by Fairchild Fashion L…
RT @meiselasb: NEVER call a Republican “conservative” again! If you hear someone refer to them as “conservative(s)” correct them! They are…
RT @ArnoldZiffleJr: @meiselasb @seth_hettena @RollingStone Hence their love affair for that young cutie who killed 3 people in Boston and m…
RT @meiselasb: Check out the political contributions made by @seth_hettena’s boss the owner of @RollingStone who is Saudi funded... well, w…
RT @trom771: The fact that congressional Republicans are still blocking an independent investigation into the Jan. 6 riot can mean only one…
RT @TheTNHoller: How it started How it’s going The @TNGOP edition. (H/t @brotherjones_) https://t.co/Wy7olmGz0Y
RT @notstevenwhite: A lot of people seem to have developed this idea that Jim Crow era voting restrictions were a series of laws explicitly…
RT @BetoORourke: Nearly 200 people died during Texas power failure, including: - 100 cases of hypothermia - 16 cases of carbon monoxide…
RT @atrupar: Voting is a right. Going to an MLB game is not. Boarding a plane is not. https://t.co/RQcQlIfz2H
RT @jefftimmer: Let’s not fuck around. I say go straight to DEFCON 1 Pro teams should refuse to play games in these states. So should @N…
RT @ananavarro: ALL Americans -regardless of color- should be profoundly angry and saddened by the inhumanity of #derekChauvin. Watching an…
RT @T_FisherKing: Pretend it's about Hillary Clinton, @DanaBashCNN 🙄 https://t.co/MKDocILXKV
RT @addiebrownlee: @kurteichenwald You’re talking about the no call hard UConn foul in the game that got them here? Or the kick ball in SC/…
@kurteichenwald You’re talking about the no call hard UConn foul in the game that got them here? Or the kick ball in SC/Stanford?
RT @funder: RED FLAG Matt Gaetz campaign filings questionable expenses: Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort $1, 000 for "lodging"--exactly $1, 00…
RT @sfpelosi: 🗣 Shout it t from the rooftops! Let this be the end of the facile “economic anxiety” argument from pundits seeking to explain…
RT @dailykos: Officers pepper-sprayed ICE detainees who peacefully protested lack of PPE, DHS watchdog says https://t.co/qe3nkIUwDO
RT @Eviljohna: So I took a field trip over to Ro Khanna’s Twitter feed & noticed he’s not said a peep about his buddy Matt Gaetz For some…
RT @jemelehill: What a terrific game by Arizona. No question they were the better team. #ncaaW
RT @addiebrownlee: @washingtonpost Imagine someone who coached her team to a national championship without once looking at her players like…
@washingtonpost Imagine someone who coached her team to a national championship without once looking at her players… https://t.co/oqYHq1S0Es
RT @ejeancarroll: When I accused Trump of assault, Elle fired me. But I miss my Ask E. Jean correspondents . . . so: https://t.co/Tk8kGiM
RT @donwinslow: Tucker Carlson is a serial liar and great friends with @mattgaetz. https://t.co/phnYBjL3nc
RT @dwnews: The US has lifted sanctions on the International Criminal Court's top prosecutor, as President Joe Biden seeks to reverse the T…
RT @JuanSaaa: This SPECIFIC detail from @washingtonpost should be bolded, underlined, and highlighted — as Gaetz (currently under investiga…
RT @kurteichenwald: @JoyAnnReid No unvaccinated in our house both because it is not worth taking the risk and I don’t want to show hospital…
RT @ajplus: Chicago police killed a 13-year-old boy on Monday, say officials. Police chased #AdamToledo in an “armed confrontation” and sh…
RT @ThomboyD: Help me out, Aussies: a young staffer is allegedly raped by a colleague two years ago in Parliament House, she eventually com…
RT @CNNPolitics: Latinx activists in a Chicago suburb oppose renaming a school after Barack and Michelle Obama, citing the former President…
RT @ZevShalev: Washington Post says close ties to Donald Trump and Roger Stone. https://t.co/etT0sMHH8S
RT @TeaPainUSA: The immoral behavior of @MattGaetz is iconic of the toxic masculinity of the Trump administration. It was an orgy of sexu…
RT @JJohnsonLaw: What my Senator is doing vs what Arizona’s Senator is doing... https://t.co/huba4VIgZD
RT @ConSelfOwns: https://t.co/DSCTe8TjHI
RT @johnsweeneyroar: Putin is mucking about, sending troops to #Ukraine border. Meanwhile, Russian oligarch money sits in London, safe as h…
RT @joshtpm: Glenn is just consistently, increasingly, gratuitously mean, and seemingly all in the service of multilayered grievances about…
RT @Mama1494: It just Gaetz worse and worse. https://t.co/ArO7kGrXxE
RT @ACLU: “I encourage us to look at this in the context of years-long attempts to stigmatize and further marginalize trans people.” Laver…
RT @RepKatiePorter: A Big Oil exec told me I had a "misconception" about a special tax break polluters get that other businesses don't. So…
RT @pinkheretic: "Evolution is the atheist religion" #evolution #atheist @_CROPES_ https://t.co/Y1tH8llWJQ
RT @pinkheretic: "Women have an extra rib to men" #atheist @_CROPES_ https://t.co/kNgqtONW2U
RT @BVDGRRL: Oh yeah just casual genocide in 2021. Perfectly healthy country. https://t.co/Lsd8JrdUsO
RT @lmatsakis: OpenStreetMap is an open source tool used by many of the world's most prominent tech companies. Anyone can edit it. @NilChri…
RT @kylegriffin1: Marc Elias, the Democratic lawyer who's suing to overturn Georgia's voting restrictions, says he might sue Florida Republ…
RT @pinkheretic: "DNA similarities are evidence of a common designer." #evolution #atheist @_CROPES_ https://t.co/b23fwWa5ZY
RT @olgavandijk: @DrTomFrieden https://t.co/C2tPAk5ffx
RT @epitygxanwn: @Pancreas7 @DrTomFrieden @MonicaGandhi9 Not quite right. In order to feel that "selective pressure", the virus has to muta…
RT @WalshFreedom: I don't care what was in his system. I don't care if he was drunk. I don't care if he was high. I don't care if he was an…
RT @BKimGerv: @DrTomFrieden @happyshinyrobin Please use Inhibits or mitigates, not prevents. The precise language helps us have the discuss…
RT @SenWhitehouse: Dark economy tax havens support international cartels, kleptocrats, and enemies of our country. This goes beyond just ta…
RT @SethAbramson: If you want to see the summer 2022 "breaking news" from CNN about a January 5 "war council" at Trump International Hotel…
RT @TriMyData: When I’m in danger of taking life too seriously, I look at my dog. https://t.co/9B5BperrSI
RT @addiebrownlee: @bryan_jersey @cmclymer @NCAA My religious conviction is that everyone with a dumb name like Bryan should be put out to…
@bryan_jersey @cmclymer @NCAA My religious conviction is that everyone with a dumb name like Bryan should be put ou… https://t.co/kqrarc9vDc
RT @dickens_man: @bryan_jersey @cmclymer @NCAA No its not, someones belief in an imaginary sky daddy dosen't justify or excuse taking real…
RT @lbibclc: @bryan_jersey @cmclymer @NCAA Yes, they can make their own policies but the NCAA has policies also.
RT @cmclymer: @JohnRussell99 @NCAA Well, permitting a school that bans LGBTQ people to compete and enjoy the rewards of all this seems to b…
RT @cmclymer: Here's where Oral Roberts expressly forbids "homosexual behavior" in its student code of conduct. #MarchMadness https://t.co
RT @cmclymer: Here's a question: why does the @NCAA allow schools like Oral Roberts to compete when they have literal bans on LGBTQ student…
RT @camiloreports: San Diego's convention center, which was converted into a makeshift shelter for migrant children, is set to receive this…
RT @NotHoodlum: Arkansas governor, Asa Hutchinson signs bill allowing medical workers to refuse treatment to LGBTQ people. https://t.co/OD
RT @JoyAnnReid: Indeed. https://t.co/3FNmvmKJvT
RT @ScottDougan1: @eminently_me5 It’s easier to imagine we have total control of our lives—of who we are—than to acknowledge the importance…
RT @brianefallon: This man has quickly become one of the most compelling senators in the body. https://t.co/Aa2kyCAnR0
RT @_RichardHall: Season 7 of Lost looks really bad. https://t.co/AdEZ1esFD1
RT @SethAbramson: Just came across some fascinating new major-media information that is relevant—indeed, is *highly* relevant—to the now-in…
RT @jennycohn1: @CShaef6687 I wrote about Cleland's loss to Chambliss here. Diebold applied uncertified software patches before that electi…
RT @jennycohn1: We do not have enough control of the Senate. It is crucial that we examine some of the unexpected (poll-defying) Republican…
RT @KaivanShroff: So not a single Coronavirus question at the press conference. Shows you the press corps values drama and not keeping the…
RT @SE_DC_4life: @samstein You are still pissed about Bernie, and it shows. What’s next, another hit piece on the dog? You know damn well w…
RT @RobertCooper58: The Senate confirmed Dr. Rachel Levine as assistant secretary of health at the Department of Health and Human Services, …
RT @NormOrnstein: @BillyBaldwin In Texas, you can use a concealed weapon permit as a voter ID, but not a state-issued student ID. What does…
RT @piyushmittal: If you’re watching Maddow .. this is how the cabal of old white men will crumble. With highly qualified, dedicated people…
RT @QondiNtini: Rachel Maddow exposing Senator John Cornyn for trying to get revenge on Vanita Gupta for beating him and the corrupt cops i…
RT @allisongeroi: @amazonnews @repmarkpocan What about the time an employee had a heart attack and was on the floor for 20 minutes before s…
RT @neal_katyal: https://t.co/xdyZxPx0Rq
RT @JulieSLalonde: Buckle up, boo-boos. It's a journey. A man watched a 5 minute PSA about my experience of stalking and thought "You kno…
RT @JoyAnnReid: This is gonna be me when I get vaxxed... https://t.co/695awSTnVv
RT @eclecticbrotha: It seems inconsistent for Bernie to make the OMB confirmation about Neera Tanden's supposedly mean tweets and then turn…
RT @HC_Exvangelical: @life_she_wrote @C_Stroop @RachaelBL @kelsyburke @DavidAFrench There seems to be either fear or apathy when it comes t…
RT @51for51: 📣 @MayorBowser to @JoyAnnReid: "712, 000 tax-paying Americans don't have a voting representative in Congress and no senators. T…
RT @nytopinion: "It seems plausible to some gun policy experts that a sensible, politically feasible set of public health steps could over…
RT @MSNBC: .@AymanM: "Why do you think stripping veterans and active service members of their benefits is the right move right now?" Rep.…
RT @KaivanShroff: D.C. has a population of 712, 000. Vermont has a population of 623, 000. Wyoming has a population of 578, 000. D.C. is 45…
RT @sarahkendzior: "We live in a growing corporate oligarch-driven power structure. Elon Musk drives space exploration. Jeff Bezos provides…
RT @mjs_DC: A senior law enforcement source told CNN that this is the kind of rifle a gunman just used to commit a mass shooting. In Boulde…
RT @MaryLTrump: The NRA is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such.
RT @voxdotcom: When the 40-hour workweek became part of American labor law, it was designed so that men worked all day while wives raised t…
RT @KayKosmos: #DCStatehood is a civil right's issue. Every U.S. citizen should have equal rights. Every U.S. citizen should have represe…
RT @Abraxsys: BREAKING: This Photo from the surge at the border illustrates the growing danger to America that Republicans warn has become…
RT @esglaude: “No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.” -Warsan Shire, “Home”
RT @TheAmandaGorman: When I dress up as my idol I have to dress up as him! https://t.co/oitNAsEC9V
RT @igorbobic: Warnock on Meet the Press: “We have to pass voting rights no matter what. And it's a contradiction to insist on minority rig…
RT @santiagomayer_: I still want to know who removed the panic buttons from Ayanna Pressley’s office.
RT @marceelias: "In recent weeks, many of the most prominent and well-organized groups that power the G.O.P.’s vast voter turnout efforts h…
RT @NILES100: white dudes get to make 4 hour movies, movies that “you might have to watch twice to get it”, movies with Mel gibson in it an…
RT @dailykos: From weight rooms to COVID-19 tests, the NCAA's lack of care for women athletes is on full display https://t.co/7ZEtJe6ydm
RT @Rosemarie4311: @Jo_IsABitch @nazuzuwin https://t.co/EZygDNJ1wr
RT @MomsDemand: “That the Asian women murdered yesterday were working highly vulnerable and low-wage jobs during an ongoing pandemic speaks…
RT @MomsDemand: WE DID IT! At the urging of thousands of our volunteers and other gun safety advocates, the U.S. House just passed #HR8, a…
RT @ArtsyJoJoBeans: And so it begins. Trump calls @SenKamalaHarris "Nasty" and says that she's the meanest and most horrible person in the…
RT @ArtsyJoJoBeans: Fueling up for a day of bad assery & @MomsDemand advocacy! First on the docket: Our local chapter monthly meeting w/ a…
RT @VP: Ready for lift off! https://t.co/jfeOAsh6sm
RT @AdamJSchwarz: How Police How Police handle handle a vigil an anti-Lockdown for a murdered protest. young…
RT @AdamJSchwarz: So apparently... Not a danger Danger to to public health public health (7 March)…
RT @AdamJSchwarz: Perhaps the women who attended last week's vigil for a murdered young woman should have taken off their masks and pretend…
RT @ericgarland: The buried lede here is that Trump is a money launderer. If American prosecutors know his business practices in detail, …
RT @henderway: @DerrickNAACP @WhiteHouse @mlfudge She just gave them a "Praise the Lord Saints" greeting. They better research "call and r…
RT @DerrickNAACP: If the @WhiteHouse press room didn’t know #BlackChurch protocol, they do now! #GoodAfternoon! cc: @mlfudge https://t.co/1
RT @hill_charlotte: @drvolts @RadioFreeTom To this point, there is high-quality research showing that FOX could gain viewership if it adopt…
RT @politico: The battle over abortion rights has a dramatic new front: the fight over whether the Biden administration will make pills ava…
RT @nycjim: Perhaps Gov. DeSantis or Rep. Gaetz have some thoughts they would like to share about election integrity in Florida.
RT @nycjim: Florida Democrats are demanding a special election after a former GOP State Senator was arrested for allegedly tampering with v…
RT @MSNBC: "Given how Asian women are hyperfetishized and sexualized in this country and the specific type of racialized sexism that we dea…
RT @diannaeanderson: “Queer” in the 90s, Grindel says, “connoted gay men and lesbians” and now “it’s much more amorphorous.” Bitch which 9…
RT @RISEtoWIN: “I say what’s on my mind. I can’t not do it. I can’t not post it because I don’t want to live with thinking that I should’ve…
RT @itsBTerrell: That’s it‼️ The 👑 Dawn Staley has spoken out in regards to @NickSwagyPYoung’s horrible 🗑 take. #NCAAW https://t.co/99ejl
RT @dawnstaley: THIS! Incredible exchange between the visionary behind #pieceofthenet. Thx @CAROLYNPECK for your vision and belief #nationa…
RT @dawnstaley: #WHATMATTERS https://t.co/QTQzCwbnZT
RT @IAMWholescalera: @dawnstaley If colleges withdrew the men's teams until the inequities were rectified, then the inequities would disapp…
RT @Amy_Siskind: I'll wait for Stefanik, Zeldin and the rest of these GOP hypocrites to call for an investigation of Tom Reed, or for his r…
RT @anitasaito: @markberman Life turned tumultuous was pretty disgusting to read. It may not have been your intention but it reads like an…
RT @VP: Everyone has the right to go to work, to go to school, to walk down the street and be safe, and also, the right to be recognized as…
RT @mollycrabapple: Delania Yaun was one of the eight people murdered by a fundamentalist, racist pig in Atlanta. Cops arrested her husban…
RT @Abihabib: We bring you the latest scenes from the US-Mexican border. Photos by ⁦@berehulak⁩ are a moving snapshot of the despair and fr…
RT @TheTinaVasquez: The Asian women who were murdered in Atlanta had full, complex lives and it is so overwhelmingly clear that most newsro…
RT @aterkel: Dianne Feinstein is now open to filibuster reform — a significant shift from a longtime holdout https://t.co/z3giMBUsnY
RT @CNNPolitics: See the names of the House Democrats who support a resolution to expel Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from…
RT @KayTy93: .@RepStefanik care to explain why you voted against this? https://t.co/qsTQwaLrta
RT @marceelias: "Where minorities constituted more than 90 percent of active registered voters, the average minimum wait time in the evenin…
RT @nytimes: The Los Angeles Police Department said on Thursday that it had opened an investigation into a woman’s allegation that she had…
RT @AdamJSmithGA: C’mon sleepy Joe! https://t.co/YGjilF89vl
RT @rachelswarns: In 2016, I received an email that knocked me off my feet. It was a tip about Jesuit priests who sold 272 people in 1838 t…
RT @adrienneelrod: Pretty messed up that 172 Members of Congress - all Republicans - voted against the Violence Against Women Act. No bette…
RT @rgoodlaw: @danielsgoldman Agreed. Plus Nunes's actions during the impeachment hearings: "At no point did Nunes ever mention that he or…
RT @C_Stroop: Christ is what Christians make him https://t.co/EHHFwMx7BM https://t.co/OaBt25npjV
RT @voxdotcom: The Atlanta violence "was a mass shooting, an act of gendered racial violence fueled by misogyny, xenophobia, and modern-day…
RT @NARAL: Medication abortion is safe. It’s effective. And it should be accessible. #SafeButStillObstructed
RT @davejoh24134011: @DearAuntCrabby let's make DAMN SURE those in govt that helped with this scheme also get exposed and dealt with accord…
RT @DearAuntCrabby: A New Report Adds Evidence That Trump Was a Russian Asset Trump helped Putin manipulate the U.S. election in 2020, as…
RT @matthewjdowd: Here is what I don’t get: why didn’t the Republicans and Fox News, who are calling for Governor Cuomo to resign, call fo…
RT @addiebrownlee: @everywhereist Bwahahahahahahaha. TESTIFY
@everywhereist Bwahahahahahahaha. TESTIFY
RT @KenTremendous: What kind of day was he having though? https://t.co/C2WON0ekAk
RT @ishaantharoor: Hideous racism. The casual ease with which it's articulated is shocking. And yet another demonstration of how so many wh…
RT @JenAshleyWright: Raise your hand if you're a woman who has been hearing messages about "how to treat men properly" since you were old e…
RT @JenAshleyWright: This is, perhaps, the best summation of the “men’s rights movement” I've ever read. https://t.co/iNltLh9ros
RT @C_Stroop: In short, this case has specifically evangelical toxic masculinity and purity culture written all over it. The attitudes des…
RT @C_Stroop: If they are abused or assaulted by a male church leader, they are often forced to “confess” to “their part” in the “sin.” In…
RT @C_Stroop: Generally these “addictions”—aren’t. On this see the work of @JoshuaGrubbsPhD And yes, while this sometimes leads to self-h…
RT @C_Stroop: The person who most often conveys this message is the youth pastor—Long’s dad in this case. Long’s sex drive was likely norm…
RT @C_Stroop: “‘He... wouldn’t even cuss, ’ the woman said. ‘He was big into religion.’” Looks like externalization of self-hatred by a pur…
RT @C_Stroop: Mass murderer Aaron Long reportedly told police he sought to “eliminate temptation” by murdering sex workers. Yes, we’ve seen…
RT @CraigCaplan: 244-172: House votes to reauthorize and update the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which expired two years ago. 29 Repu…
RT @marceelias: To all of the hateful trolls who insist on tweeting my association with @HillaryClinton, thank you! #ImStillWithHer
RT @kate_manne: But if you'd like to think through the injustices faced by Black women in the medical system, the transmisogynistic policin…
RT @kate_manne: Seems like my previous pinned tweet, which announced the publication of my upcoming book on white male privilege and entitl…
RT @GretchenKoch: @kate_manne https://t.co/6OU8CNXEkj
RT @kate_manne: Most, if not all, of us can feel shame. But many white men harbor what I call "entitled shame, " which is not content to hid…
RT @kate_manne: Whatever else we learn about this heinous crime, what we now know suggests that Long has a great deal in common with incels…
RT @kate_manne: Long may be a misogynist who, like so many, targets only or mostly a particular class of women, who are especially vulnerab…
RT @kate_manne: It is entirely possible that Long targeted the women who were representative of who he desired the most, and desired not to…
RT @kate_manne: When a white man attributes his feelings of shame to a woman--because she has left him, or she is sexually unavailable to h…
RT @gutsywoman19: @petestrzok "I don’t want to hear “taking the high road” as a euphemism for DECLINING to prosecute the criminal politicia…
RT @laurastuart: @dtd823 @petestrzok Demand the resignations of @ChuckGrassley and @SenRonJohnson NOW
RT @dtd823: @petestrzok I really don’t understand how these Senators are still allowed walk among us. Shouldn’t they be in jail? Aren’t the…
RT @JuneCasagrande: @petestrzok The Chuck Grassley that cozied up at the 2017 Prayer Breakfast with a Russian hand-picked to create a GOP-t…
RT @AudreyWatson56: @petestrzok See! I’ve been saying for a long time @ChuckGrassley is a Putin asset. It started at breakfast. https://t.c
RT @petestrzok: https://t.co/HqGng1OBQP USIC concludes with high confidence Putin intervened again in our presidential elections to help T…
RT @SpyTalker: #Wisconsin voters should have no misunderstanding about Ron Johnson: He’s a willing Russian tool. Is that what they want? Ne…
RT @slkpca: I don’t want my daughters to have to live under white male authoritarianism. Unless @SenSchumer and @POTUS act boldly, this cou…
RT @moontwerk: I’m sick of white cis men speaking for Black women. White people speaking for Black people. Non-Black people speaking on our…
RT @addiebrownlee: @kylegriffin1 There’s no place like home.
@kylegriffin1 There’s no place like home.
RT @sarahkendzior: The US did a very unusual thing when it voted out an aspiring autocrat despite huge obstacles (voter suppression, threat…
RT @shawnsebastian: Yuuuuuuuup. We can abolish the filibuster and push through voting rights reform or let every Republican controlled sta…
RT @RJSzczerba: In 1964, a group of kids went to see the Beatles. While they were driving, Ringo pulled up beside them and snapped a photo.…
RT @_Yayger: "Born-again Protestantism is, like all fundamentalisms, ultimately incompatible with democracy; it must be defeated politicall…
RT @cmclymer: This right here. I couldn’t agree more. Raise the minimum wage NOW. https://t.co/Kcrx0RwbFv
RT @AriBerman: Dems have a clear choice: they can end filibuster to pass HR1 & John Lewis Voting Rights Act to stop voter suppression Or t…
RT @RobertMaguire_: Siri, show me something that nobody in any other developed country ever has to do to cover their basic health needs ht…
RT @ericuman: Wait, Cuomo's office released government records on one of the women??? Cuomo's acting counsel said, "It is within a governm…
RT @janellefiona: Sharon Osbourne also referred to former co-host and executive producer Sara Gilbert, who is a lesbian, as "p---- licker"…
RT @DJSugi: Great piece by @scout_brobst on why so many of us former evangelicals feel the need to #EmptyThePews with @C_Stroop @brchastain…
RT @DJSugi: #whyileft https://t.co/70Bu7ir4Y0
RT @CREWcrew: Hey, Congress — Here's a simple way to avoid embarrasing ethics scandals: Ban individual stock trading and corporate board m…
RT @addiebrownlee: @TheRickyDavila Taylor was hoping that no one was ever going to know that he works for BWAHAHA. Sorry. Mar...BWAHAHAHA.…
@TheRickyDavila Taylor was hoping that no one was ever going to know that he works for BWAHAHA. Sorry. Mar...BWAHAH… https://t.co/tB5NeqPQo2
RT @BetheneC: @TheRickyDavila @donwinslow I do love the kind approach of bringing gifts and allowing her the opportunity to be gracious in…
RT @KevinMKruse: So voter fraud in Texas is so rare that calling it a “one in a million” thing actually overstates the frequency? https://t…
RT @MonicaLewinsky: not playing. https://t.co/5ONapMpd1Q
RT @axios: BREAKING: Deb Haaland has been confirmed as secretary of the Interior Department. She makes history as the first Native America…
RT @cwebbonline: I’m old enough to remember when Italy locked down the 1st time before we did. It was a warning then & we should take it as…
RT @TheRickyDavila: Wow, so Maryland Republican Gov Larry Hogan hired Robert Redfield to be “Senior Advisor of Public Health” even though R…
RT @MakahaMelody: @hungrybowtie @ryanjreilly Several Capitol Police Officers were suspended after the Jan 6 insurrection. For each one of t…
RT @AWKWORDrap: This is disinformation The cops didn’t “ignore” the Proud Boys They *are* the Proud Boys And that’s why reforms are mere…
RT @grantstern: Why is the WH press corps so upset about a lack of press conferences when they completely ignored the first speech by the n…
RT @DeanObeidallah: Is it time that the GOP be officially designated as a White supremacist hate group?
RT @TheTNHoller: Always worth remembering @joey_senator Hensley, who wants to impeach Lee if the KKK bust gets moved, got popped for illega…
RT @VoteGloriaJ: Dude. Wow. #slaverycaucus https://t.co/eM7HycPLVA
RT @DrStaceyPatton: Arguing with people who are incapable of thinking critically about their own social conditioning is a futile exercise.
RT @MSNBC: WATCH: Gov. Newsom commits to nominating an African American woman to Senate if Sen. Feinstein retires. https://t.co/47CVEcIalL
RT @JillWineBanks: .@RonJohnsonWI says he wasn't afraid on Jan 6 bec mob "loved America" but wld have been afraid if it was #BLM. He's up f…
RT @kylegriffin1: Mississippi's Republican governor, Tate Reeves, remains committed to denying access to Medicaid for constituents near the…
RT @clearing_fog: Thankfully, Roger Stone’s account has been suspended. He is a crook who has been involved in some of the dirtiest, most…
RT @dsupervilleap: WASHINGTON (AP) — New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland confirmed as interior secretary; 1st Native American to lead US Cabinet ag…
RT @page88: ...but overnight any man trapped in middle-class life, suddenly needed the delicacy of an American girl to break into his overm…
RT @page88: It’s astounding how smoothly in the 20thc child rape became a proxy for the avant garde & a hallmark of worldliness. The signat…
RT @page88: Nabokov’s best & creepiest con with Lolita (1955) was to make gruesome Humbert Humbert aspirational for provincial American men…
RT @MaryLTrump: A brilliant, incisive analysis that should give us all some hope that justice is coming. 👇🏼 https://t.co/3GGLMgeV2s
RT @donwinslow: Jesus. What a headline. The Trump family steals from kids with cancer (and paid $2m fine) They steal from dogs in shelte…
RT @CheriJacobus: https://t.co/xTzM9kKe5Q
RT @MaryLTrump: Black lives matter. It has to be said because it isn’t implied. #BreonnaTaylor #SayHerName
RT @JoyAnnReid: When you say “make the officer corps less woke, ” do you mean less open to diversity and inclusion in the ranks? Less hostil…
RT @HuffPostWomen: Timothy Hale-Cusanelli was reprimanded for mockingly sporting a Hitler mustache at the New Jersey Naval Weapons Station…
RT @HelenKennedy: @art_morehouse @sahilkapur This is good. Hashtag it. #BidenBucks
RT @AllTransLivesM1: I went to Walmart to get food and omg it’s packed in there it’s stimulus check day people were buying all electronics…
RT @MaryLTrump: So, trust fund baby and misogynist, Fish Sticks, who's never sacrificed anything for this country in his life, has a proble…
RT @FBI: Help the #FBI capture the rest of the individuals who took part in the January 6 violence at the U.S. Capitol. Visit https://t.co/
RT @Gabriele_Corno: Due to the pandemic all beaches are free..... https://t.co/egh6TaheyB
RT @bocxtop: i can’t do this whole 5 days of suffering and 2 days of trying to distract myself from the next 5 days of suffering for the re…
RT @FredTaming: if this is a then wtf pair of scissors is this https://t.co/bEVCPLfsI5
RT @kaichoyce: https://t.co/0VTbziXXJK
RT @dmeisner99: She has a history of kicking ass in statewide NY races https://t.co/oepdToIKur
RT @dmeisner99: Hillary Clinton should run for NY Governor in 2022
RT @QueenMab87: I know HRC is living her best life and doesn’t need the hassle but her as governor would be amazing https://t.co/0bw6eVSopN
RT @MaxKennerly: The "filibuster on the legislative calendar" was invented out of whole cloth by Majority Leader Mansfield in 1972, the yea…
RT @MSNBC: "You can get the feeling that this is just gonna keep building ... They're putting together the bricks of a conspiracy, " @CarolL…
RT @Baligubadle1: Reporter: How did y’all come up with Fourth of July? Jen Psaki: How did y’all buy it will “miraculously” go away by Eas…
RT @Rschooley: "Here's money Republicans didn't want you to have" is a pretty effective political message.
RT @Sifill_LDF: Some of the ugliest moments at ⁦@vanitaguptaCR⁩’s confirmation hearing⁩ to serve as Assoc AG was when Repub Senators, unable…
RT @Thinkwert: Every raccoon is either planning a heist or in the middle of a heist. https://t.co/g858cdKKGm
RT @maziehirono: Vanita Gupta. Deb Haaland. Neera Tanden. Highly qualified/respected women of color singled out by GOP senators for being…
RT @LethalityJane: When I tweeted this, I didn't really expect anyone to speak out. So thank you to @PaulFunk2, @TradocDCG, @PatDonahoeArm…
RT @LethalityJane: Dear @TuckerCarlson and @FoxNews, I'm a woman who has served in the U.S. military for over a decade. I've deployed three…
RT @KerryDonovanCO: Lauren Boebert just voted AGAINST the American Rescue Plan. Let’s be clear what that means: Vaccine supplies in Durang…
RT @rinaskal: @B52Malmet What’s the penalty for purposely killing the people of Texas because of neglect in not winterizing the equipment n…
RT @jim1036: @B52Malmet The sperm donor should be considered an accomplice and receive a similar sentence.
RT @TeamPelosi: Democrats were able to keep our promises and deliver #ForThePeople because *you* voted in record numbers to #BuildBackBette…
RT @CNNPolitics: First on CNN: A nonprofit watchdog group has filed a complaint with the House Committee on Ethics, requesting an investiga…
RT @NickKnudsenUS: Is Minority Leader Mitch McConnell supposed to have veto power? Because that's what the filibuster is. A McConnell Veto…
RT @SeditionHunters: #macenhammer New addition to FBI wanted list 268-AFO Do you Know this person?? Please contact the FBI #SeditionHunters…
RT @sfpelosi: Here we go ... our very first of many Republican hypocrites to “Vote No and Take the Dough” https://t.co/u11v6YWPa0
RT @d_l_mayfield: if Beth Moore can leave the SBC in 2021 you too can leave your church that is committed to upholding the toxic status quo…
RT @anniefdowns: Beth Moore. Meghan Markle. Truth-telling women, unafraid of the institution, willing to lose so much for what is right. T…
RT @JaelitheL: Psst: hey, white evangelical christian women....now's your chance: escape with Beth Moore. https://t.co/PltptBZbcc
RT @SteveRustad1: Why are these MAGA traitors still in Congress??? Expel them all. NOW. #MerrickGarland #MarjorieTraitorGreene #MorningJ…
RT @imteddybless: women can’t even tweet about how shaken they feel without some guy rolling up to make sure that she knows he’s One Of The…
RT @AnnieGabstonH: Vaccinated governors who tell unvaccinated citizens that masks are no longer needed aren't serving the people of their s…
RT @mjfree: BREAKING: Merrick Garland will be the next Attorney General. Senate vote was 70-29.
RT @therecount: Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) yells at the GOP over union organizing bill: “Heaven forbid we pass something that’s going to help the…
RT @DanPriceSeattle: When we doubled our minimum wage to $70k, the rate of staff having babies and buying houses both grew 10x. All of a su…
RT @HillaryClinton: Imagine thinking you should be the one to explain tax law to Katie Porter. https://t.co/nC2Ea3s3iL
RT @mikemchargue: If anyone is every curious why it can take so long for Baptists and other Evangelicals to leave, or to see the impact of…
RT @RLStollar: Which is the result of unregulated Christian homeschooling and private schools, as @C_Stroop has pointed out: https://t.co/S
RT @CNNPolitics: The House of Representatives introduces legislation to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, a landmark bill champio…
RT @themaxburns: "Piers Morgan is such a baby someone at Buckingham Palace just asked what color he's going to be." @StephenAtHome with a…
RT @C_Stroop: This is a huge blow. @rklein90 has given us the best recent reporting on the racism and “alternative facts” that pervade Chr…
RT @ABC: U.S. visa applicants denied under Trump's travel ban can reapply. https://t.co/ftKJaDZMSc
RT @CBSNews: Ohio sued over law requiring burial or cremation of aborted fetal remains https://t.co/7k2qa7IpKl
RT @Needle_of_Arya: Almost none of the white men's comedy specials playing on Netflix are hitting the same way in 2021: once they begin to…
RT @cjchivers: whatever your politics or positions, getting bit by your boss’s dog is pretty much how the world works
RT @staceyabrams: This week, there is a coordinated attack on voting rights. GOP-led legislatures in GA, AZ & NH are pushing dozens of bill…
RT @itsmeglinehan: H.R.1644 - To prohibit the use of funds for the 2026 World Cup unless the United States Soccer Federation provides equit…
RT @HillaryClinton: Tune in this afternoon! https://t.co/6BHy2V4OUA
RT @YourAnonCentral: The terrorist junta trapped hundreds of young protestors in Sanchaung, Yangon, and blocked all the exits. Protestors r…
RT @politico: Sen. Roy Blunt, a member of GOP leadership, will not run for reelection https://t.co/1WduWK4Q5e
RT @rudepundit: All I'm gonna say about Woody Allen is that one of his best films is Crimes and Misdemeanors, which is about a man getting…
RT @Sifill_LDF: Well, remember that Strom Thurmond filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1957 for more than 24 hours, breaking only once for…
RT @MSNBC: Opinion | @JoyceWhiteVance: People who are afraid of the results of elections in which everyone who is eligible to vote can vote…
RT @T_FisherKing: Because, to the British Royal family, .. Pedophilia is much more acceptable than being Black🙄 https://t.co/EMXBzS1b3C
RT @UN_Women: No more stigma. No more silence. No more stereotypes. No more discrimination. No more systematic barriers. No more harmful ge…
RT @vz_: Queen Diana in heaven livestreaming the Oprah interview on her mobile. #OprahMeghanHarry #MeghanMarkle https://t.co/03fNue8KAU
RT @monaeltahawy: The Sorority of Pinky Swears wears a bespoke feminism that is tailored to fit their aspirations of fighting whatever hurt…
RT @notcapnamerica: Oprah’s face when Meghan said the Royal Family didn’t want Archie to be too dark https://t.co/zeUtUcGR82
RT @kurteichenwald: Well, that’s it. If you live a good life, when you die, you go to Somalia. https://t.co/0c1SkN044T
RT @MelanieMoore: 3/4ths of ALL the charity money given last year by philanthropists for pandemic relief...came from MacKenzie Scott. http…
RT @page88: I’m no Dr. Seuss. But if the right is worried about censorship they should speak out about the ceaseless campaigns against jour…
RT @addiebrownlee: @RonFilipkowski Pastor Stewart Allen-Clark forgot to look at himself.
@RonFilipkowski Pastor Stewart Allen-Clark forgot to look at himself.
RT @Sifill_LDF: When Sessions was nominated to be Attorney General in 2016, we shared w/the Senate the 1986 letter Coretta Scott King wrote…
RT @tgracchus1848: i love being an essential worker in time of plague. i get no raises, risk my life every day, and get treated like dirt b…
RT @godless_mom: If you ask me what stops me from killing w/o god, you're outing yourself as a terrible person. You're saying w/o a god, yo…
RT @TWLadyGrey: @SenSanders Bernie you did nothing. Thank you Chuck, Joe, and Nancy for this $2 trillion bill that is going to change peopl…
RT @thepoliticalcat: @diamondj1978 @SenSanders Name a single bill Bernie ever wrote that would benefit BIPOC folks. Just one. Please.
RT @BerniceKing: No one should be okay with anyone living in poverty.
RT @TheAmandaGorman: A security guard tailed me on my walk home tonight. He demanded if I lived there because “you look suspicious.” I show…
RT @briantylercohen: While Trump was president, EVERY Democrat voted for the $2 trillion CARES Act, even though doing so helped Trump. Whi…
RT @kylegriffin1: A federal criminal investigation into Rudy Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine is resuming after stalling in the final months…
RT @StakeSoon: @nierop_pieter We've come a long way, Pieter, sometimes we have to be patient. 😉 https://t.co/p274A3N9OI
RT @StephenLevin33: This is a clear example of how ⁦@NYPDnews⁩ discipline is broken-the well-connected get to retire w nice new job lined u…
RT @runwithskizzers: Now kill the filibuster @SenateDems so you can pass the voting rights bill that just got through the house — we won in…
RT @DemopJ: "Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hosted a delegation from the far-right German party, Alternative for Germany, or AfD, i…
RT @DoloresHuerta: I received my first #COVID-19 vaccine courtesy of Dr. Joaquin Arambula, in Del Rey, CA yesterday! The #Vaccine is safe, …
RT @brianschatz: 1) biggest investment in native communities in history 2) cutting child poverty in half 3) justice and financial help for…
RT @mmpadellan: NEW RULE for the Senate: Every day they are in session, at least ONE Senator must drag Ted Cruz thusly. https://t.co/HmZJg0
RT @TheBoroHoller: Once again, the GOP doesn’t give a damn about you. Tennesseans are starving and they get nothing from their elected repr…
RT @PressSec: Anyone wondering who best captures the heart, soul, empathy of @POTUS and who does so with a level of humility that is incred…
RT @Cruella1: News At Kate 2021: This Arming Man https://t.co/mseHTE2ibY On the hypocrisy of aid and arms in Yemen. No paywall, please watc…
RT @JohnWDean: .@capitolhunters are the good people, the real patriots! These folks can probably use all the help they can find. They have…
RT @TimFullerton: And he was in the Senate when the ACA passed. This is a big, big deal. https://t.co/XAnxLBJglb
RT @MsMagazine: As the @UN prepares to debate conflict and hunger, it is imperative that world leaders embrace the leadership of displaced…
RT @CassandraCorvid: No moral Republicans. https://t.co/uwCnNUSJjD
RT @allamaze: @jibberjabber57 @atrupar Very surprised she would ask this question considering Trump made a pretty racist remark towards her…
RT @JRehling: @atrupar If a person uses "many people are saying" as a form of evidence in a debate, that person is an idiot.
RT @harleyb11: @SanchMachine @PragObots @atrupar @weijia I got secondhand embarrassment watching it at home. The unintended hilarity of usi…
RT @SanchMachine: @atrupar Honestly @weijia , you should be embarrassed by this. “A lot of Americans are saying...” and then when asked who…
RT @atrupar: REPORTER: Americans are saying immigrant surges are happening under President Biden's watch PSAKI: Who are the Americans? RE…
RT @addiebrownlee: @DanCrenshawTX You’re talking about the former guy’s illegal use of the National Guard at our Southern Border - yes? I’m…
@DanCrenshawTX You’re talking about the former guy’s illegal use of the National Guard at our Southern Border - yes… https://t.co/RfivIzyUAy
RT @WonderKing82: Y'all have no problem blaming Nancy Pelosi, VP Harris, Chuck Schumer, President Biden but when Bernie Sanders fucked up..…
RT @KBeds: I think the kids call this a psakibomb https://t.co/mrs8n8ada0
RT @RBReich: Democrats spent years in the wilderness as Republicans controlled the Senate and stuck together. Now Democrats control the Se…
RT @RepJayapal: The next time I hear a Senator from either side say that $15 an hour is too much, I am going to ask you to tell me your net…
RT @waltshaub: What conclusion are we supposed to draw from the former Defense Secretary ordering the national guard to stand down, barring…
RT @ericswalwell: Today, I filed a civil claim against Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rudolph Giuliani, and Rep. Mo Brooks for inciting an…
RT @Acyn: “We don’t take our advice or counsel from former president Trump on immigration policy” https://t.co/090Sdf5mY6
RT @mskane2u: Coming Soon: No Masks From the people who brought you no electricity and no running water.
RT @eliehonig: Let's start with this: why was ANY member of Congress communicating directly with any insurrectionist in the days leading up…
RT @kurtbardella: Senate Dems should put forward a rule change that stipulates if a Senator calls for the reading of the bill, that Senator…
RT @neontaster: I am literally crying laughing. https://t.co/k7ur1dDt6S
RT @ArkDems: AR Legislative Black Caucus President: @hodgesmonte1 “This has nothing to do with my party affiliation, but my deeply held be…
RT @ArkDems: .@meganforAR powerfully talks about women who have experienced pregnancies with fetal abnormalities. #SB6 takes away women and…
RT @PPGreatPlainsAR: @ashleyforAR "We don't have to do this. We don't have to make women in this state collateral damage just to promote a…
RT @RockShrimp: Maybe some of us don't want to force new life into a rapidly emerging christofascist dystopia? https://t.co/5ySEu8SQlB
RT @kylegriffin1: Chairmen Nadler and Thompson, along with a bipartisan group of House members, have introduced H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Back…
RT @pollygolightly: @thepurplesage24 @bluedillygal @Strandjunker Missed the round of questioning, but this is long overdue, along with an i…
RT @thepurplesage24: @Strandjunker Andrea, did you see Sen. Whitehouse last night? Apparently FBI Dir. Wray did not handle the Kavanaugh "…
RT @RadfemBlack: @PurpleRose0666 @crosleysarah @EqualityModelNY @AF3IRM @SPACEintl @RachelRMoran @HuschkeMau @endclasssociety @CATWIntl @ca…
RT @RunchieC: @svgwhitelotus @HuschkeMau @RadfemBlack @PurpleRose0666 @crosleysarah @EqualityModelNY @AF3IRM @SPACEintl @RachelRMoran @endc…
RT @SPACEintl: The system of prostitution normalises male violence against women and girls https://t.co/nrnMTQHSl4
RT @SylviaKAlston: The 8 women who’ve commanded a US Naval Ship. ADM Michelle Howard - SWO CAPT Monica Stoker - SWO CAPT Janice Smith - S…
RT @MSNBC: Senior WH Covid-19 adviser Andy Slavitt tells @AriMelber the White House thinks "it's a mistake" for Texas to drop its mask mand…
@rudepundit Which means you’re up at 3 goddamn 30.
RT @tomwatson: Neera Tanden was treated disgracefully by @JoeManchinWV, @BernieSanders and Big Political Media™ - so now they've "won" the…
RT @inlowdownlow: @addiebrownlee @Sfdog60 @EdieJarolim @tomwatson @JoeManchinWV @BernieSanders @SenSanders https://t.co/SByAD8J71u
RT @CrowleyAntmarga: @ryanjreilly @LOLGOP Didn’t Charlie Kirk delete this tweet? Mmm. 🤔🤔🤔 @charliekirk11 https://t.co/NSod3L30eD
RT @ryanjreilly: Here’s something I’d missed: an attorney for Robert Sanford — the man who was captured on video striking three police offi…
RT @addiebrownlee: @Sfdog60 @EdieJarolim @tomwatson @JoeManchinWV @BernieSanders Hilarious that you think @SenSanders focuses on issues. He…
@Sfdog60 @EdieJarolim @tomwatson @JoeManchinWV @BernieSanders Hilarious that you think @SenSanders focuses on issue… https://t.co/OXeeXXCQaR
RT @blackwomenviews: I told y'all last week this was going to turn into an anti-MVP Harris propaganda campaign. 2024 has started and the *p…
RT @Margoandhow: See? It can happen. https://t.co/fEWmnmVpJz
RT @DiegoBernalTX: No mask mandate. No vaccines for teachers. No expansion of Medicaid. Politically "pro life" with "let die" policies.…
RT @DanielPantss: Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley leaving the scene of the crime after Christopher Wray refers to the January 6th insurrection as…
RT @HillaryClinton: Two secretaries of state talk shop: Don't miss my conversation with @SecBlinken about his North Star and the unique ch…
RT @jodipicoult: Today my daughter, who is NOT vaccinated bc teachers don't matter in Massachusetts, spent the day IN PERSON with 4 ten-yr-…
RT @Redistrict: FLORIDA: if you thought things couldn't get worse for Dems...it can. FL could be the GOP's biggest redistricting weapon of…
RT @ParkerMolloy: Dear Senate: please pass the Equality Act https://t.co/hIF2LHBDrE
RT @tify330: VP Harris is not the Senate Dictator, she is the Senate President and we don’t have 50 votes for the $15 minimum wage. Go ann…
RT @ThomboyD: @tommyxtopher @Mediaite Maybe instead of being at the podium in front of a bank of cameras and mics she should park herself i…
RT @matthewamiller: Why is Josh Hawley so concerned about what cellphone and other data the FBI has gathered about January 6?
RT @therecount: @PalmerReport Sen. Josh Hawley asks FBI Director Chris Wray about the FBI's collection of cellphone metadata during the Cap…
RT @owasow: Do BLM protests generate any real change? @jimdaleywrites offers a thoughtful overview of a new study by Travis Campbell that f…
RT @funder: Hawley is super concerned about what Wray and the FBI have on him. I’d be worried too if I were a Jan 6 accomplice.
RT @funder: Wray confirms Antifa wasn't involved with Jan 6th. Because it was Trump/GOP who attacked the Capitol.
RT @NateSilver538: What's kind of screwed up is that states like Texas and Florida that are eager to fully open up tend not to have made th…
RT @mkraju: 15 senators who voted NO on Gina Raimondo to be Commerce Secretary: Barrasso (R-WY) Cotton (R-AR) Cramer (R-ND) Cruz (R-TX) Ha…
RT @addiebrownlee: @DollyParton @VUMChealth Atta girl. Nine to Five anyone??
@DollyParton @VUMChealth Atta girl. Nine to Five anyone??
RT @hmcghee: The zero-sum divide and conquer racial politics have been lethal for labor, and thus for the strength of the middle class. An…
RT @glennkirschner2: Video dropping soon: today’s announcement that Trump officials entered into “unlawful” contracts . . . with our tax do…
RT @PaulaCobia: Republican-controlled states have specified which IDs will be accepted & immediately afterwards CLOSED offices in predomina…
RT @CoriBush: URGENT: We just found out that the House will vote tomorrow on my and @MondaireJones’ amendment to restore the right to vote…
RT @mattwilstein: “A lot of flashy garbage got nominated, but that happens. That’s like their thing.”—Amy Poehler “We all know award shows…
RT @Sifill_LDF: .@vanitaguptaCR should be overwhelming confirmed as Associate Attorney General. It’s a test of whether any President can se…
RT @straterize: The “bin” they are paid $30 for is around one ton of fruit. https://t.co/0PSrZXzyNH https://t.co/QCifRJ0IOk
RT @Miiiigs_: I saw a comment that said “no picture ever radicalized me more than a picture of fruit pickers.” I’ve never felt this more ht…
RT @JillFilipovic: Yes. I wrote a whole newsletter about this dynamic of liberal press-bashing when the press does their job and interrogat…
RT @jordanzakarin: @yashar Years of covering personality over policy has made people identify with lawmakers. Thus, objective criticism bec…
RT @cmclymer: At the risk of pissing a few folks off (though I hope not)... If you're in a priority group for a vaccine, you probably know…
RT @DeanObeidallah: WOW: Rep. Al Green (D-TX)amazing response to GOP Rep Greg Steube who said God opposes transgender rights: "You used Go…
RT @womensmediacntr: “The list of women attacked physically by vigilante mobs goes into hundreds since 2014 ... The attackers used stones, …
RT @yashar: Happy anniversary to this tweet https://t.co/ePxiLj9SDC
RT @RVAwonk: It’s quite f*cked up, indeed. https://t.co/Pp5nZJPRQY
RT @Ms_MMMJ: Are the cable networks still going to have him on after this? Do @CNN and @MSNBC think this is acceptable? https://t.co/rVWOim
RT @showme_02: @Ms_MMMJ @CNN @MSNBC Where’s Jake Tapper now that our Black woman VP is being disrespected by one of his colleagues in the m…
RT @MsEntropy: I'll say it again - Christian Identity Movement is dangerous in no small part due to the name. If you don't believe me, re…
RT @MsEntropy: Brief thread on the white supremacist Christian Identity theology you asked in response to this thread. Incoming. https:/…
RT @yashar: >>>>> https://t.co/lXNywBiMIr
RT @ElieNYC: Dear Democrats: If you don’t expand the courts (Supreme and lower courts) YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING. Trump judges will stop EVER…
RT @ElieNYC: This would be a good time for Moses to do some smiting. https://t.co/tAKHtxhTdP
RT @ElieNYC: @auntie_shay @zarbusiness @AngryBlackLady The best way to STOP the GOP from ever controlling all of government again is to...…
RT @ElieNYC: Do white male Senators have a list of tweets women of color are not allowed to send if they ever want to be confirmed by the S…
RT @ElieNYC: We're not going to make it, are we? https://t.co/zbGURt36OJ
RT @LiberalNavySeal: WAPO: Beryl Howell, chief federal jurist for DC, snarled at a defense attorney’s claim that his client, a Proud Boy r…
RT @bigley_l: @JanNWolfe The “sensitive nature” closed to the public is exactly why the we, The People, deserve to know what these murderou…
RT @JanNWolfe: Jessica Watkins, one of the Oath Keepers, was at the Capitol to help maintain "law and order, " her defense lawyer said. "Af…
Again. Not often that I retweet Bill @BillKristol - but... https://t.co/9JZZEMjDK8
RT @arlenparsa: The moment needed music. Here you go. https://t.co/7mirN91L8e
RT @arlenparsa: i still can't believe my dumb tweets made the national news https://t.co/rditcr1Vn9
RT @arlenparsa: when your drunk uncle thinks he's making a really good point: https://t.co/uebN9irBm3
RT @Selena_Adera: Keep tearing up because of the tangible excitement for a woman taking control. For a Woman who will be spending mo… https://t.co/tjuKxMJbK4
RT @wkamaubell: Lindsay Graham sounding less like a senator and more like an nursing home orderly. https://t.co/m3w2uXBfj7
RT @AalayahEastmond: Hey Louis CK - since you like making fun of me and other Parkland survivors behind closed doors, I’m right here if… https://t.co/mfa4kuUlXe
RT @JuliusGoat: If your reaction to people like Brett Kavanaugh or Louis CK or Woody Allen is "well where do we draw the LINE?" you… https://t.co/VssEvKMEN3
RT @xdelmar59: Elizabeth Warren, along with Donna Brazille, claimed on national television, that the Democratic primary was rigged… https://t.co/XVu49O7zXj
RT @MrFilmkritik: An American soldier was left alive by private contractors to be brutally murdered by terrorists in Niger, his body… https://t.co/mIks0Mj6RR
RT @shannonrwatts: You left off the gun lobby again. https://t.co/eWDL2RvWaz
RT @JuliaDavisNews: #Russia's state TV, August 2018: Russian lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky: "They're grabbing our people all over the… https://t.co/7dNZJwcpeA
RT @Amy_Siskind: Dear @instagram, owned by @facebook - I reported this 2 days ago and heard nothing. Other times, you tell me mess… https://t.co/pRdwMQEs0e
RT @fred_guttenberg: To anyone who knows Louis CK, please deliver this message for me. My daughter was killed in the Parkland shooting.… https://t.co/48JIwFOoUa
RT @JMyers1971: I'm about to lose some followers, but fuck it. STOP trying to bully me into saying I will vote for Bernie if he's… https://t.co/cu1FkEKsck
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Louis CK is a sexual predator who mocks school shooting survivors, delegitimizes trans people, and could not work t… https://t.co/ppyeYblCIc
RT @SenSherrodBrown: Our billionaire President is denying these workers the cost of living increase they have earned. https://t.co/rCgQ6IZT3I
RT @KarimeMasson1: @Selena_Adera ALWAYS!! https://t.co/kMFgF3n5EV
RT @ConnieBallou: @Selena_Adera Let's not overlook the only woman who exclusively has his ear all the time, his *better* half, who wi… https://t.co/GerENAzRGY
RT @Selena_Adera: Bernie's reckoning with #MeToo has come. Letter from ex-staff made public to: - Address what happened on 2016 cam… https://t.co/4eZedhfsrh
RT @911CORLEBRA777: Really, this is fuckin hilarious. And as @kelly2277 has pointed out, Cloud4 is a major partner with Russia's bigges… https://t.co/9sCMEiPwB5
RT @kimadler: @kelly2277 @TrueFactsStated @MingGao26 https://t.co/TJZ1pnx3ls
RT @RyanHillMI: @realDonaldTrump This never gets old! https://t.co/7iVGLcd9A5
RT @FadingTeacher: To "Franklin Graham" and all those who claim to be "pro life" --- #Immigrants #SundayThoughts https://t.co/CjXpQYCzfq
@SallyAlbright @Ithinkitscatchy YEAH. DUMB CHUCK.
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Oops https://t.co/HIzws1TjGV
RT @funder: BREAKING: This is allegedly a photo of Kellyanne Conway in Florida right now. Looks like same shirt and earrings fr… https://t.co/ChsRx1Bqux
@Shopaholic_918 @owillis Following you solely for “ass-breath smelling mouth”
RT @splcenter: Men who call themselves "incels" — involuntary celibates — believe that women owe men sex, exist purely for their r… https://t.co/Q30FkRfkTL
RT @au_heyyou: @BlueSteelDC Ignoring the blatant anti-Clinton bias, let's also remember that Chuck Todd's wife, Kristian was a pol… https://t.co/Nzybp30N5V
RT @BlueSteelDC: 4. He didn’t hold a job until late 30s and didn’t vote until he was 40. How you going to say you are a civil right… https://t.co/h05XvMjdhd
RT @BlueSteelDC: But Sanders has a lot of ugly in his background. Usually ppl don’t run for President with backgrounds like his. 1.… https://t.co/Mzmi7S6i75
RT @leonidragozin: 22-year-old Russian Daniil Dubov, who has just won the world rapid chess championship, says that he is “entirely on… https://t.co/481LaU4hnV
RT @SenBlumenthal: Most Americans agree, presidents can be indictable while in office. No constitutional reason precludes it. Justice… https://t.co/53MRVhnvT1
RT @KamalaHarris: Don’t let this be overlooked: government contractors — who do everything from janitorial work to computer software… https://t.co/6Hw1w47Y9Y
RT @MarkHertling: For those who may have forgotten, there are still 24 Ukrainian sailors being held as “prisoners of war” by the Russ… https://t.co/sIZhhj0i8q
RT @CraigDi33414: https://t.co/KCcQiilvXN Not a Gentleman in anyway. Many more examples are out there.
RT @AP: The mother of one of two Guatemalan children who died in U.S. custody at the U.S.-Mexico border tells @AP journalis… https://t.co/83lTE7JIe0
RT @Arutak1: I just read Jamia Wilson’s piece about Spin a Soft Black Song in the @wellreadblkgirl anthology ✨ https://t.co/VccI9MgLut
RT @Zeddary: again, holy crap. Time reporting that after Manafort "left" the Trump campaign he was pitching himself to an anti-N… https://t.co/sRAudRWttG
RT @Zeddary: Holy crap. Time magazine identified AND FOUND the Russian spy/arms dealer who apparently was tasked with 'collectin… https://t.co/PO7Yf6GGYA
RT @TIME: Exclusive: Russian ex-spy pressured Manafort over debts to an oligarch https://t.co/tnKYl1Md9J
RT @AmandiOnAir: This evil is what the Nazi’s did👇🏼 https://t.co/8odSiX2vqd
RT @TheLoyalO: The #Kurds are becoming a central focus in the discussion about Trump's #SyriaWithdrawal. Context is crucial to be… https://t.co/4Kwb0craXx
RT @MollyJongFast: “But there’s another explanation that I think is even more convincing: Kushner is exactly like Trump. He is all sho… https://t.co/2UncG1xMQo
RT @joncoopertweets: Exclusive: Russian Ex-Spy Pressured Paul Manafort Over His Debts to an Oligarch https://t.co/8QY0FeeKhm
RT @MSNBC: Forces loyal to Sen. Sanders are waging an increasingly public war against Rep. O'Rourke, the new darling of Democr… https://t.co/35EaUXnFyS
RT @TheDailyEdge: "The future of the Justice Department, and that of all Americans, will be impaired if it appears the department is… https://t.co/wyZ9sYEaC0
RT @apignataro: Today is the anniversary of the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre, in which the US Army slaughtered at least 150 Lakota me… https://t.co/vg1Hm2rBmp
RT @frankrichny: It's not Dershowitz's shilling for Trump that is taking him off the air. It's new revelations about his shilling fo… https://t.co/nfsB9QjwDI
RT @FiveThirtyEight: What If Only Men Voted? https://t.co/gSCUPX5AAp https://t.co/q5Lv68K0Iy
RT @tomorrowtambien: Downtown CHARLOTTESVILLE right now. F*ing white trash has a black man submitted first with a knife around his neck, … https://t.co/NFSQaAQe5x
RT @TheOnlyKAVIN: Russians launched pro-Jill Stein social media blitz to help Trump, reports say https://t.co/mheIn8uDuF
RT @page88: @SethAbramson Marc Kasowitz’s firm is also the one Brett Kavanaugh seems to have met with — to, perhaps, discuss t… https://t.co/SMZSHpVCU2
RT @olgaNYC1211: Last month Russia started pushing a false narrative of Ukraine preparing a chemical attack (they are not). This fak… https://t.co/FMEOhDpnwa
RT @joshtpm: nothing to see here https://t.co/c4JvRsopNr https://t.co/1cijZFUs0j
RT @Spaziotwat: Dear Jesus, I'm not sure any of my sins are worth dying for. Perhaps just graze your knee? Thanks
RT @jilevin: A decision tree compliments of the @NRA. https://t.co/c30LpAg1sQ
RT @lauren_kelley: My colleagues on the NYT editorial board and I have a new series out on fetal personhood — how that notion has been… https://t.co/e5AoNCXlxe
@MoscowTimes @olgaNYC1211 Merk and Mac. Not elected by Russia.
RT @RWPUSA: For the past five years have these jokers done anything other than investigate Hillary Clinton? House Republicans… https://t.co/t8JRBmCbKn
RT @dcbigjohn: A note to my fellow reporters. In this story we didn’t run the quote from @DHSgov. It was unresponsive to our quest… https://t.co/F2fwDMKIX3
RT @TomthunkitsMind: Apparently Crooked Rick Santorum has hired a firm to scrub the internet of this picture of him cozied up to confess… https://t.co/EzoaDSMdCD
RT @JuddLegum: Tucker is on a break until next year but he’s still losing advertisers https://t.co/3boybJjzap
RT @CNNPolitics: House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, who is poised to be the next House majority leader, says Democrats would object to… https://t.co/JGfguwl3s9
RT @riotwomennn: @antiindividual @iMarx5 @morelosa @GovHowardDean @amyklobuchar @KamalaHarris @SenBooker @BetoORourke @SherrodBrown… https://t.co/bcrqrvmbie
RT @therealdrix78: I have made the executive and very adult decision to glitter bomb men that touch me without my consent or otherwise harass me.
RT @chrislhayes: A useful corrective to some of the over-the-top praise of Mattis' tenure https://t.co/TJIXhjeywa
RT @OjPats4: What are Berners going to do when people start talking about the rape essay? Chris L. Hayes show isn’t long enoug… https://t.co/bENYwOz1Z0
RT @ACLU: ICE paid private prisons $807 million this year. Those companies pay incarcerated workers from migrant communities… https://t.co/kd1nPjNIzH
@kylegriffin1 Maybe it’s just that the rapture happened?
RT @fawfulfan: @NateSilver538 I like Beto a lot. But I wish half the energy spent to defend him had gone to defending Hillary, who… https://t.co/Wx1YdHJgw9
RT @JessicaHuseman: An absolutely dishonest article. This person stalked a woman, repeatedly contacting her and bothering her after she… https://t.co/GPqpmBVt9U
RT @AdamParkhomenko: It is nice of team Bernie to give us a preview of how they’re going to try throw the next election to Trump.
RT @ddayen: Earlier in the year I got a tip (which I blew off) positing that the FBI's roughing up of a short seller was partia… https://t.co/4iPAlSvQao
RT @spirishdancer: @riotwomennn Never forget the most expensive ad during the campaign was for bern.Paid for by russia
RT @riotwomennn: What do you do when the top two candidates for the job are both women? Hire them both @amyklobuchar @KamalaHarris
RT @riotwomennn: Beto is a hardworking Democrat. We should welcome his dedication with open arms but let's hear about @staceyabrams… https://t.co/QU0w95vyst
RT @votevets: Calling it “arrogant” and “a violation of national sovereignty”, Trump’s surprise trip to Iraq infuriated Iraqi pol… https://t.co/ywT0TT04uw
RT @riotwomennn: Bernie Sanders & his surrogates? That's weird too. Bernie admits he knew Russians were helping him. What did… https://t.co/Mi3yC9gP8w
RT @riotwomennn: The end of the audio clip where Vermont journalist @JaneLindholm asks Bernie Sanders about why he watched in silenc… https://t.co/jrKemL8S3B
RT @riotwomennn: A @NYT article. The chief strategist for Bernie Sanders lied about his continued $10K per day work for a now indi… https://t.co/fN1j5KWA2q
RT @riotwomennn: The public announcement of Tad Devine joining Bernie was made in Nov of 2014. Common sense tells me that behind the… https://t.co/kHs5wFjaDX
RT @riotwomennn: In Bernie Sanders latest email he brags about making Democrats “pay a price” for our attempts to vet him in 2016, b… https://t.co/9ei7ZFDdFC
RT @riotwomennn: I am a lifelong Democrat and originally thought I might vote Bernie, then I looked at his voting record, video of h… https://t.co/zz4zXEckbo
RT @RepMcGovern: I just tried to bring up a bill to end the #TrumpShutdown & reopen the government, but the @HouseGOP wouldnt even r… https://t.co/PzlvnYU6Ra
RT @riotwomennn: The top 10 of Bernie Sanders' highest paid staffers ....they were all men. That's not the record I want going in t… https://t.co/0JdIkf7kSN
@riotwomennn PS. I hate him so much.
@riotwomennn Bernie has always felt he has a right to direct women’s bodies.
RT @riotwomennn: Another: Bernie directed to Acad Pres Margaret Archer walks right past, ignoring her for man 239 years we have pu… https://t.co/hEKxF3SCXP
@riotwomennn KEEP. EM. COMING. https://t.co/1M7ZkuV9ff
Meet the guys who tape Trump's papers back together - POLITICO https://t.co/dSC9trTyuT
RT @nytimes: In what may be the world's happiest town, there are over 100 sports and cultural, all state subsidized. The only ob… https://t.co/y1rMZV7XVk
RT @joncoopertweets: Even though the American traitors involved in the #TrumpRussia scandal (including Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Don J… https://t.co/jsR4QCbt3C
RT @ALT_uscis: Lettuce killed more Americans than undocumented immigrants this year.
RT @Mikel_Jollett: Every argument I hear against free public college, Medicare for all & a living wage is a dishonest platitude about… https://t.co/faaij2yhB6
RT @DeniseDuncanRN: Three red states - Utah, Nebraska and Idaho - approved Medicaid expansion in Tuesday's midterm elections, changes t… https://t.co/9q1T4e4wXc
RT @TrumpsareNazis: Trump is banned from running any charity due to fraud. But, he can still “run” the country?
RT @brunello4me: @IChotiner @chrislhayes such a cliche and stupid thing to say.. Reality is Republicans, Fox, Russians, and bots spe… https://t.co/kjWCRuPzmd
RT @2020fight: Hey pro-lifers? Look at Felipe Gomez Alonzo & Jakelin Caal Maquin and tell them that they deserved to die because o… https://t.co/xzGvhHOLS4
RT @robinmarty: if you missed the previous links: What to do when roe ends: https://t.co/BTeiL6yBvQ Resource guide:… https://t.co/CmzVURcySS
@tommyxtopher Um. What.
RT @Amy_Siskind: Have also heard great things about this LGBTQ organization helping in El Paso. https://t.co/u93zLSsMJw
RT @Amy_Siskind: This organization in El Paso is helping. https://t.co/OBW74j4mGy
RT @Amy_Siskind: I have been posting about ICE releasing over 1, 000 migrants at a Greyhound bus station in El Paso in the days aroun… https://t.co/cNb3vXJlil
RT @robreiner: He lies about bone spurs. Trashes war heroes & gold star parents. Refuses to honor the fallen because it’s raining.… https://t.co/TckXQOuYoc
RT @AGBecerra: It’s hard to imagine a world in which millions of Americans could lose #healthcare, but these are the stakes right… https://t.co/NLFApSRXvv
RT @YesMomsCan: Throughout my 18 yrs at DOJ, I did attorney hiring. Any career attorney applicant who did this would’ve had the plu… https://t.co/ZWo7mQWbyl
RT @waltshaub: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner traveling during the Trump shutdown means Secret Service agents who are not currentl… https://t.co/XjG8sXMJ0s
RT @HoarseWisperer: Keep an eye on Sirota. Political operatives on the left posing as journalists... that’s some shady sh**. Bernie Sa… https://t.co/0Jq8NIlTGm
Oh my god. Grandpa. https://t.co/z4wNDb1Ikl
RT @activist360: How Russian money saved Trump and his family crime syndicate: After his financial disasters two decades ago, no U.S… https://t.co/mOHiqrh5RY
RT @HoarseWisperer: Since he deleted it: https://t.co/18dzm3XnBn
RT @Martina: Susan Collins Delivered 2018's Most Shameful Hijacking Of Feminism- Susan Collins has completely lost her moral com… https://t.co/N44bsfzAff
RT @notcapnamerica: Merry Christmas to everyone except Bernie Sanders 🤓 https://t.co/k5al9xhZe5
RT @nytimes: The daughters of a foot doctor based in Queens, New York, say their father came to Donald Trump’s aid with a diagno… https://t.co/CI12GiGJGg
RT @SunflowerSoul71: @InspiringU2 @sonny_scroggins Besides I look at this list and SMH. Hillary is LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of anyone on this l… https://t.co/pOUvm7TcN4
RT @FrankieComedian: This baby has more motor skills than I do https://t.co/PjfACj8e2s
RT @iwnewroresists: @tommyxtopher @MaxineWaters @mtracey It's not like he has a documented history of faking being the victim of assaul… https://t.co/smxucMlIj6
RT @PortlusGlam: NEW FROM ME: THIS IS WHY RUDY GIULIANI IS IN ARMENIA RIGHT NOW To understand what is really happening w/ the onsla… https://t.co/wZNfbDByrU
RT @johndalytv: Farm bankruptcies surpass Great Recession levels in upper Midwest - Axios https://t.co/ObyM5l9OjS
RT @ideacity: Happy Christmas Eve! Whilst #food preparation may be well under way, take a moment to watch Professional Gastronaut… https://t.co/UqUq8Xx1o5
RT @SethAbramson: Trump's multinational pre-election collusion (the "grand bargain") is the greatest story—the most complex, continen… https://t.co/p51u3wxxJ9
If you read one thread this whole year. It needs to be this one. https://t.co/Exf9UQ3FrZ
RT @TheDailyEdge: Trump says he needs a wall to stop human trafficking? Human trafficking wasn't a concern for the pedophiles at his… https://t.co/ytvelqbUhn
RT @SenJeffMerkley: Last week I introduced a bill to shut down Tornillo immediately because child prison camps have no place in America… https://t.co/Raksdr3nKY
RT @DanRather: To all who argue they're shocked about where we are, go back and look at the vast majority of newspapers that didn'… https://t.co/rG941JbQUc
@idgafwuthinkha @iam_dr_cha0s @thinkprogress She did pocket the money. Have you met my friend, Google. I’m assuming… https://t.co/f3sDExiHpg
RT @BrianJMacaluso: @thinkprogress Let's not forget this.. https://t.co/IwfFJVc4wb
RT @thinkprogress: The Russian effort to divert votes to Jill Stein was more extensive than previously thought https://t.co/7H9JS8xraT https://t.co/9EZTu5XFT3
@InspiringU2 Rodham/Harris 2020 Harris/O’Rourke 2028
RT @CrisLeeMaza: In case you forgot about Ukraine for the holidays, @JohnEdHerbst reminds us “Moscow likes to commit aggression when… https://t.co/cuvFme6Dmb
RT @olgaNYC1211: https://t.co/mxSu91zSwh The signs are all there! The military movements are all documented! The intel is there! Why… https://t.co/3YKC5Nd0yg
RT @eclecticbrotha: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the American media to believe Bernie Sanders is a Democrat.
RT @renato_mariotti: He was a George W. Bush appointee, and no one loaded up airplanes with cash to send to Iran. https://t.co/58kpsWySb8
RT @waltshaub: Lest anyone misunderstand this tweet, the President just announced on Christmas Eve that he has negotiated for the… https://t.co/dN5C5Piona
RT @leahmcelrath: ICE dropped 211 immigrants, including women and young children, at the El Paso bus station without plans for transp… https://t.co/lkaI0tZlkE
RT @enja1949: @realDonaldTrump My husband is a Park Ranger in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. He had to sig… https://t.co/7BdVbEAyWe
RT @MrDane1982: There's no answer Jill Stein can provide that will make me believe she's not a Russian agent like Maria Butina. Wha… https://t.co/Ne4iQyZd9H
RT @Montejp231: 60 years of marriage My parents still get it done on the dance floor #MerryChristmas https://t.co/FZXHBPRVVS
RT @princessmom122: Great to see all the reporters defending Beto from the Sanders attacks, but where the fuck were they when it was Hi… https://t.co/en4x4shyGa
RT @JuddLegum: NEW: Startling details about alleged election fraud in North Carolina's 9th Congressional district https://t.co/vaxVCgsEfu
RT @Khanoisseur: Um…ex-Defense Sec Mattis was on board of directors of defense contractor General Dynamics (plus on also on board of… https://t.co/GDvaYx9V8H
RT @emrazz: Women who dedicate their lives to harassing men are a rarity. Men who dedicate their lives to harassing women are c… https://t.co/9pYtuWOIU8
RT @neeratanden: Oddly enough no one at the Green Party responded to this story. But since @DrJillStein is an avid reader of my twee… https://t.co/7VYhJArrgx
RT @marcushjohnson: Just wrote a new piece, "The Sanders 2020 Primary Strategy, " let me know what you think. https://t.co/8akYSVBAu3
RT @Amy_Siskind: Now do Epstein and name all the powerful men who sexually assaulted underage girls. https://t.co/QDrfVDtd50
RT @ananavarro: #PresidentLoco is drunk-tweeting sober. https://t.co/fJm5G5TXqC
RT @jonallendc: In any other administration, it would be newsworthy that the new defense secretary is a defense contractor.
RT @riotwomennn: Being silent is not an option between now and 2020. Bernie Sanders and his ilk are dangerous. We need to wake up an… https://t.co/5Jpp40awFK
RT @sarahkendzior: Reminder that Steve Mnuchin is one of few people to profit massively off the Madoff Ponzi scheme. They will crash… https://t.co/BAQyz2opXR
RT @m_jo_c: @sarahkendzior tweeted this in 2016. She’s not prescient, she’s a *student of history. *By student, I mean the kind… https://t.co/TjZhVVCy66
RT @susanmcp1: Hmm! @nike was the only company in the Dow to finish up for the year! Taking a stand on kneeling might have really… https://t.co/Rkd3Z31w2T
RT @reproaction: June 19, 2018 - Who is Surprised a Fake Clinic Operator Is Misrepresenting Feminism, Too? https://t.co/WgU6h7nLjG
RT @MSNBC: Rep. Waters: "I have warned America from the beginning that this president is not worthy. He should not be there. T… https://t.co/Zdb7ceMtSG
RT @joncoopertweets: #TrumpTariffs #TrumpResign https://t.co/ofSMSRrdm6
RT @riotwomennn: What do we think? Was #Khashoggi murdered as a gift to Trump? Khashoggi was barred from writing in Saudi Arabia af… https://t.co/ejT4g1Nrp2
RT @MiaFarrow: Trump Is relieved that troops are being withdrawn because hes too cowardly to visit them in war zones
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: https://t.co/eQXn5CosPx
RT @kathygriffin: The GOP hated an experienced woman so much they put our country in the hands of a sociopath.
RT @UN_Women: #MondayMotivation from Eleanor Roosevelt, the Chairperson of the drafting committee of the Universal Declaration of… https://t.co/8ioKtbpacY
RT @SpyTalker: How the collusion began... https://t.co/XeSufMjeGX
RT @waltshaub: Back on Earth, this would be everything: POTUS fires FBI Dir + AG to stop investigation of him, picks acting AG who… https://t.co/eyJ95OUSia
RT @queerBengali: Doesn’t anyone find it a tad bit funny that supporters of Kamala or Kirsten or Amy or Cory or Liz are not so insecu… https://t.co/fgWMDHWdQy
RT @eclecticbrotha: Sanders supporters have attacked Cory Booker, Liz Warren, Kamala Harris and other Democratic contenders. Now they'r… https://t.co/AtUGHtMfMr
RT @SenatorDurbin: The President likes to say this shutdown is about border security, but it’s really about his own political insecuri… https://t.co/wEltLWuaYn
RT @RogueFirstLady: Goodnight friend in the Twitter. My life suck.
RT @MrFilmkritik: The GoFundMe for the border wall is over $15million. Flint still doesn’t have clean water. Puerto Rico still needs help.
RT @joshscampbell: This new reporting is a bombshell. The President of the United States shouldn’t be conversing with DOJ about *any*… https://t.co/aZTznm12HP
RT @Ali_H_Soufan: Unfortunately, the Russian strategy paid off: In PA, Stein received 49, 678 votes. Trump won by 46, 765 votes. In… https://t.co/U87cgyOXVv
RT @EricBoehlert: btw, it’s completely not normal. Dems and surrogates traditionally have never approached the primary by relentlessl… https://t.co/VLQxupaAzT
RT @KaivanShroff: So the Violence Against Women Act just officially expired. This will cut off funding for programs that help victim… https://t.co/KkRIUrOMgt
RT @BillKristol: I’m not a Democrat and it’s none of my business, but based on what I saw of their respective performances in that O… https://t.co/2hiYBB8MGk
RT @IChotiner: Chris Cillizza is still doing this. Forget whether you think he’s correct or not and just focus on the sheer hacker… https://t.co/hw9p9WTolU
Female-Led Movies Have Outperformed Male-Led Movies for the Last Three Years - Vanity Fair https://t.co/nXokCpcV2d
RT @pithywidow: "Cases like Epstein’s don’t just hurt the victims, they undermine the legitimacy of the entire justice system." Bra… https://t.co/rI6nOVf6GW
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RT @LMAO_in_Fla: Jacob Anderson was accused of rape. He'll not spend one night in jail. He won't register as a sex offender. The pro… https://t.co/Iv9sjjShNq
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BwhaaaaaaaAaAaa https://t.co/uXp812vy7O
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...solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States... https://t.co/CzAYg3tBMM
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@tommyxtopher @NancyPelosi Cause we got NANCE!!! https://t.co/wMkLpRhREF
RT @tommyxtopher: Haha, @NancyPelosi on why the Trump meeting was private: "We didn't want to say, in front of those people, 'You don… https://t.co/zzBIWersMo
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RT @notcapnamerica: In 4th grade I had a crush on a boy in my class named Max. He was cute, smart, and he made me laugh. I remember wr… https://t.co/LcfTrNuUdH
@notcapnamerica And I second those two fuck yous and the thank you for Max. Chris. What an awful thing to experienc… https://t.co/cTRGmXRzCz
RT @AriBerman: 6, 670 ballots in Florida not counted even though they were mailed before Election Day. This is real election scanda… https://t.co/NOdPRN2Qd6
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RT @EricHolder: Constitution does not anticipate allowing a president who used fraud to obtain the office to remain in power. Execu… https://t.co/xKtio0wcJG
@Ange_Amene Except he hadn’t ridden the subway in so long he still thought it took tokens.
RT @Ange_Amene: https://t.co/zoWW9YpSVQ
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RT @MollyJongFast: Just the president’s lawyer picking up a little extra cash because that fourth divorce isn’t going to pay for itsel… https://t.co/UsMvsSt40D
RT @AshleyJudd: "The Times’s archives are rich with pictures of Gloria. They weren’t edited to reflect a certain truth, and yet the… https://t.co/KpvUHSNUSZ
RT @voxdotcom: You have to go back 20 or 30 years to understand Trump's ties to Russia, writes journalist Craig Unger. https://t.co/KqwiTJJWS4
RT @MyDaughtersArmy: I can’t say the same for Kevin Hart. I can't find a history of helping at risk LGBT youth. To be honest, his tweets… https://t.co/MjFQnqTj0E
RT @BettyBowers: Smarmy Mike Pence was handpicked by seedy Paul Manafort to be VP. Pence ran the transition team. Pence has repeat… https://t.co/3xQGJY5kqA
RT @TheRickyDavila: But if he were black or Latin... https://t.co/Dgpqey3XgK
RT @jilevin: No jail for Baylor student accused of fraternity party rape https://t.co/OsubL5sJQd https://t.co/jXAAyToMKd
RT @AdamParkhomenko: I’ve been tweeting about Nick Ayers since early 2017 and I am still dismayed that even as Chief of Staff to the Vic… https://t.co/P0LXO7eBfM
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RT @ninaburleigh: @AdamParkhomenko As @SpyTalker tweeted earlier today, young Nick has a $54 million fortune that probably doesn't ne… https://t.co/gNu10yLd3Y
RT @ksadjadpour: It's exceedingly rare--perhaps unprecedented--for a male activist in the Middle East to risk his life for women's r… https://t.co/m4ODPrvC45
@juliamacfarlane Parliament is always better than congress. https://t.co/Fqi0dw34Y7
RT @NARAL: Lives could once again be endangered by the Trump administration and anti-choice extremists. How super “pro-life” o… https://t.co/4YXH05NkwW
RT @washingtonpost: Opinion: Saudi Arabia’s brutal treatment of female reformers should have woken us up long ago https://t.co/rLhbkyIFDX
RT @WokeZilla95: @notcapnamerica @MeghanMcCain For real white women come get your girl.
RT @UN_Women: On #HumanRightsDay, remember @HillaryClinton's 1995 speech as she addressed a special session of the @UN Fourth Wor… https://t.co/3cTUx0H9mc
RT @nytimes: "She has always listened to black women. I know because it is evidenced in the photographs — which are templates of… https://t.co/3rdfvKCmZL
RT @knowyoursnakes: I hope all the white guys in this pic just shit their pants. https://t.co/MMO8iggWsu
RT @sarahkendzior: @leahmcelrath It is bizarre to read the national press on Nick Ayers and see no mention of the Eric Greitens scanda… https://t.co/6P7CD2e3HG
RT @KaivanShroff: This thing where white dudes give obviously awful other white men the benefit of the doubt when all evidence and ev… https://t.co/jqiJqK0nnp
RT @Unpersuaded112: Take a real good look. This is not the 2018 map, the United States could slip to a 6. Think about this.… https://t.co/jPDjbKTEj7
@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews Sorry everyone is smocking you this morning.
RT @joncoopertweets: Mike Pence and the Trump administration’s complicity in downplaying Russian election interference #PenceKnew https://t.co/yWiOJkXScS
RT @HillaryPix: Actress Vidya Balan took to social media to share this pic. "The first time in my life that I asked to be introduce… https://t.co/wvmlhNumOw
RT @aravosis: So, I’m like a single gay guy, so I know why on vacation I’d chat up a 21 year old poolboy named “Giancarlo, ” but p… https://t.co/WS1o2Xcs9l
RT @natasharothwell: .@realDonaldTrump on a scale from trash to not trash, u trash.
RT @BradMossEsq: HAHAHA Larry Klayman is alleging 4A violations by Mueller against Jerome Corsi in reliance upon Section 702 of the… https://t.co/c56aJ1hvv7
RT @NormEisen: Mr. Barr, you know the rules, 18 USC 208, 5 CFR 2635 & 28 CFR 25.2: a personal or professional relationship w/ the… https://t.co/K3DjnlD0CD
RT @DrRJKavanagh: Let me link here to amazing article by @CoatsandLinen & @aintacrow about how women once they are incarcerated on Ri… https://t.co/ceRx2OWKwR
RT @ananavarro: Nothing about this is normal. Nothing. Russians interacted with at least 14 Trump associates during the campaign an… https://t.co/qkZ5In0Ii1
RT @SpencerAlthouse: I often think about the time Oprah did a cooking segment with a woman whose chicken recipe won $1 million, and Opra… https://t.co/7Ln64man3Z
RT @joncoopertweets: Trump Hates Butterflies! 😡🦋 "Bulldozers are expected to tear through a protected butterfly habitat tucked along t… https://t.co/AYGIyRM0Y8
RT @Patrickesque: Bernie supporters in 2018: “We’ve never been negative to an opponent😁” Bernie supporters in 2016: ✨jeers Stacey… https://t.co/ShmnkmYBQt
RT @msleen1970: @ninaturner @_waleedshahid @VanJones68 Truth in the river my ass. You’re nothing but a bitter black woman. Go sit y… https://t.co/Osbtllemvq
RT @ma_nyc7: Opinion | The sad truth about Russian election interference is that we knew about it before Election Day https://t.co/7Mf7Bczki7
RT @reesetheone1: Ok, HRC took Obama the closest he came to losing this side of the ass kicking Bobby Rush put on him. No one has a… https://t.co/TZUINw04kX
RT @KamalaHarris: ICYMI: I’m calling for the immediate release of documents related to Roxsana Hernández, who was a transgender woman… https://t.co/YNHFp8JL0K
RT @itsreallyalexb: This excellent article is a damning indictment of John Kelly, and a well-deserved one. Kelly was a callous monster.… https://t.co/20i3ZnSosj
RT @stevemorris__: Mainstream media continues to be obsessed with normalizing Republican power grabs. Chuck Todd says of Wisconsin GO… https://t.co/i5pnAPN1Iw
RT @JamilSmith: This is the most concise (yet thorough) timeline of Donald Trump’s years of coordination with Russia, via Michael C… https://t.co/8Pqq7IgdrB
RT @jilevin: At scene of South Sudan mass rape, 'no one could hear me' https://t.co/XfYesJNVk4 https://t.co/Fpk0Ab89TI
RT @kylegriffin1: COMEY: "Mid October, maybe a little bit later, Mr. Giuliani was making statements that appeared to be based on his… https://t.co/WjtrPVzMdm
RT @riotwomennn: The Tad Devine emails prove Bernie Sanders' chief strategist was MEETING a now Mueller indicted Kremlin operative i… https://t.co/J7lPGly5M4
RT @kylegriffin1: McCrae Dowless, the man at the center of NC-09 election fraud allegations, often works for candidates who perform b… https://t.co/Y9CGsxpAII
RT @100_Disable_vet: Trump promoted the racist Birtherism conspiracy theory. I will start my own conspiracy theory called Edugate. Edu… https://t.co/ovHTDQfV4X
RT @228Years: A moment that will stand for eternity... Imagine a Hillary/Michelle ticket for 2020. How absolutely amazing that w… https://t.co/KqJrJ3PqG8
RT @HunkyGayJesus: Happy #sacrilegeSunday My Sheeple! https://t.co/EBQEddTkSv
RT @SocialPowerOne1: The New York Times Just Released an Eye-Opening Report on Jared Kushner’s Ongoing Chats With the Saudi Crown Prince https://t.co/9yArPcQM4T
@davidaxelrod @RahmEmanuel @CNN I don’t know what to say except that @RahmEmanuel has always been a piece of sh*t
RT @misslaneym: Bravo to this Judge who threw a drunk driver’s mom in jail for laughing at victim’s family in court https://t.co/4GoWr7JN8G
RT @jmflatham: @wisconsinsane @davidaxelrod @RahmEmanuel @CNN Every man who has this take when Hillary, love her or hate her, had… https://t.co/TeSpnJjXH1
RT @JulieMorr: Trump needs to be disqualified from having won the election. He didn’t win, he cheated. He undertook multiple avenu… https://t.co/KAKkaC7fhT
RT @voxdotcom: “The greatest lie of Lean In is its underlying message that most companies and bosses are ultimately benevolent, th… https://t.co/3G5qvXetQa
RT @kurteichenwald: 1. Everyone has some area of expertise. Mine is in corporate crime. I reported about it for 20 years at NY Times, w… https://t.co/5JoWdhRTgr
RT @justinhendrix: It is intolerable that a President who was elected on the back of felonies to deceive the public during his electio… https://t.co/GmzJqBwAzB
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Bernie Sanders’ campaign strategist Tad Devine turns up 16 times in evidence against Paul Manafort. https://t.co/NhPUbxOkhl
RT @Maggie_Klaus: Anybody else feeling completely heartbroken knowing this election was stolen and realizing Hillary should be our le… https://t.co/hof9QuepXo
RT @soledadobrien: News org should not quote things that are obvious fabrications. https://t.co/xYGUiRRajM
RT @flushednsticky: How about we not threaten to use Congressional subpoena powers against a private citizen because he said mean thin… https://t.co/Gx40MNi3kD
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Write her and tell her to run again. Hillary Rodham Clinton Post Office Box 5256 New York, NY 10185 https://t.co/Ydvs7fmc7z
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: Loretta Lynch’s brief Tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton sent the GOP into a frenzy, so surely, there will be intense… https://t.co/PbNXvQ06On
RT @DearAuntCrabby: After seeing and hearing the initial findings of the SD of New York and the Mueller Team, it is obvious that… https://t.co/nybwAJynLD
RT @Hatewatch: Neo-Nazi James Alex Fields was just found guilty of first-degree murder for killing Heather Heyer when he rammed hi… https://t.co/nqWSzBSTlG
RT @Dangchick1: She is a beautiful piece of broken pottery, put back together by her own hands. And a critical world judges her cra… https://t.co/vTke14a3VQ
RT @stuartpstevens: Accusations in N.C. are not “voter fraud”but “election fraud.” No one is saying illegal voters participated. This… https://t.co/knimdig8KZ
RT @paulkrugman: I read the news today, oh boy. Shocked at how little there is about the anti-democratic coup in Wisconsin. A once-p… https://t.co/SjkvCSLY8p
RT @Unpersuaded112: Its time to ditch all fossil fuels because no matter how many times they lie about it being safe, its never safe. https://t.co/pJRFYwXLvO
RT @DavidCornDC: Hey @facebook, I have 66K people following my author's page. Yet when I post material there, you only show it to a… https://t.co/Z897t1d0mE
RT @HoarseWisperer: The quotes from this interview with Tucker Carlson are pretty remarkable. I said it back when Fox News went dark o… https://t.co/yUQvKqpY56
RT @NickKristof: Talking about my trip to Yemen and what I saw. Questions or provocations welcome. https://t.co/PDMyV6c5J9
RT @JamesMartinSJ: 5/5) There are many opportunities where the church, without denying church teaching, could advocate for LGBT people… https://t.co/PvwyYgjCX2
RT @stucam7771: The stock market is now lower than it was last Christmas. Pay rises for the majority of people have been non-exist… https://t.co/Fwo1x5Y190
RT @Patrickesque: @ebruenig We are not making this racist the Democratic nominee for president https://t.co/JhaGA5SQIU
RT @The_UnSilent_: I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Dan Quayle wants to fight Trump. BAD https://t.co/OnEJNt0BE3
RT @ledmondson39: @RepSwalwell @lauferlaw Also, note that it was a Republican pastor whose campaign committed election fraud to win.… https://t.co/7FsGmRBX2D
RT @joncoopertweets: Documents Point to Illegal Campaign Coordination Between Trump and the NRA Trump and the gun group used the same c… https://t.co/49Xs79uINC
RT @NydiaVelazquez: Tear gas is a chemical weapon and it was used against innocent children and families by the U.S. government at the… https://t.co/n4UMSfKDKS
RT @tainabienaime: “Prostituted sex is always coerced...men are very well aware that the sex they buy is unwanted. The consent is not… https://t.co/LTsyzzHN6x
RT @SenWhitehouse: My colleagues & I just sent a letter to @TheJusticeDept demanding an explanation of its handling of potential polit… https://t.co/5XTqvEC9u1
RT @LincolnsBible: Why didn't any cable news outlet cover the child rape affidavit filed against Epstein & Trump, which was in public… https://t.co/r2TWiyQw8D
RT @voxdotcom: Tchiya Amet’s allegations against Neil deGrasse Tyson didn’t get widespread attention for years. Her story says a l… https://t.co/VY1cMOsnro
RT @ProChoiceOH: HAPPENING NOW: Faith leaders organized by @OhioRCRC are speaking against bans on reproductive rights. We’re across… https://t.co/kfXkbGJVmP
RT @Alfree7619: So if somebody is bullying you, trying to tear you down, just listen to Momma Clinton here.… https://t.co/k6KU7KSMF9
RT @Salon: Attorney and author Seth Abramson: Donald Trump sets “new paradigm for treachery.” Part 1 of 2 https://t.co/uYQQZQtBEY
RT @MyChickenDinner: If Donald Trump wanted Hillary Clinton locked up, he should have hired her to work on his campaign.
RT @soledadobrien: This article is many, many words to describe that ultimately Paul Ryan was a failure. Over-run by his own party. A… https://t.co/glNMaGB3gE
RT @BetoORourke: December 15 is the final day to sign up for insurance at https://t.co/pzp2uo0kAj. Hope you'll spread the word. https://t.co/rDC116NpBW
@riotwomennn @HardballChris @HillaryClinton https://t.co/LnEOY5UcwK
@TomDangora @BoleyGo @HardballChris https://t.co/kNNNE4nRlq
RT @kylegriffin1: WaPo found that McCrae Dowless has worked on at least five campaigns in North Carolina since 2010 in which his cand… https://t.co/kOYTSJMwwb
RT @SaysWho14: @realDonaldTrump Uh Oh. Did you notify Congress? #ImpeachTrump https://t.co/m9OAoDRoLS
RT @marceelias: URGENT: The North Carolina GOP now has a bill that appears aimed at obstructing a fair investigation of the NC-9 el… https://t.co/mp6T7cWaXC
RT @leahmcelrath: Through the media, male supremacy has used Hillary Clinton as a proxy for all women and targeted her for abuse acco… https://t.co/l6apT92SAN
RT @PGourevitch: hell of a headline for a coup https://t.co/rX17Av6NGr
RT @DerekCressman: Manhattan DA Who Shielded Sexual Offender Jeffrey Epstein, Also Shielded Trump Children https://t.co/cX4xxQstDp
RT @CNNPolitics: 81 children have been separated at the US-Mexico border since June https://t.co/w5wFEaf6PN https://t.co/bEHMTEOASO
RT @pronounced_ing: Important read—and it dovetails with recent research showing that large gender imbalances and the rise of far-right… https://t.co/x4sBecrXkR
RT @sarahkendzior: On the new @gaslitnation, 34 minutes in, we discuss the Epstein case, the allegations of child rape against Trump, … https://t.co/VSldXkiy40
RT @sarahkendzior: "Donald Trump is friends with at least five pedophiles, most of whom were involved in sex trafficking or blackmail… https://t.co/NMgATGB4lJ
@MsMollyRachael https://t.co/VFKchRoH9z
@HillaryWarnedUs @HardballChris https://t.co/SG4nKP8eRJ
RT @jmpalmieri: Legit reasons to love Beto. But worth reflecting on this...I fear intangible sentiments like “something about him t… https://t.co/qlP2cX2z9M
RT @aterkel: Dozens of these appointees were also just submitted yesterday. So they haven’t had public hearings or anything. https://t.co/zKYVexJGu7
RT @BeccaMaljak: @Patrickesque @SarahBCalif @HardballChris I love shows like Deadline White House, Maddow, and All in... but ever si… https://t.co/vuDBHvZvrR
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Why did you lie about this, @HardballChris? https://t.co/Xp5y9Q3Epj
RT @MsMollyRachael: Mathews: “She (HRC) obvi doesn’t like Pres. Carter. She’s sitting right next to him and hasn’t said one word to him… https://t.co/BZ48ONYzwr
RT @maddow: The guy who appears to be at the heart of the mass vote-stealing scam in #NC09 wasn't just being paid by consultant… https://t.co/95vdsLmx05
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: I hope there’s never a president who makes Trump seem better by comparison the way Trump makes George W. Bush seem better by comparison.
RT @notcapnamerica: Women police almost never use excessive force, though they use the same amount of regular force. Studies show they… https://t.co/DGRxXqnl04
RT @notcapnamerica: Since the Bernie people are so intent on branding Kamala Harris a cop because of her being a former prosecutor, let… https://t.co/XnI6zRdH7z
RT @sahilkapur: The silence on NC-09 from those who traditionally raise hell about voter fraud is deafening. This is an actual — an… https://t.co/99sESWG1yU
RT @OkCallMeAL: How do the evangelicals feel that Obama (the “Muslim”) knows all the words to the Apostles’ Creed while their “chos… https://t.co/G1CFDwEInN
RT @anildash: Has anybody written about how Indian activists’ successful resistance to Facebook’s attempt to launch Free Basics p… https://t.co/9q2uH9mWC2
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Trump being praised as presidential for doing things any normal human being would do is a metaphor for white male privilege in general.
@SunflowerSoul71 @DMandicino https://t.co/nnBqXH22p6
RT @NBCNews: 2-year-old Florida girl battling cancer needs extremely rare blood, sparking worldwide search. https://t.co/iWfKjRwY9e
RT @CJPatruno: Yale psychiatrist explains how devotion to Trump is based on emotional patterns most people grow out of by age five https://t.co/bdd5V6sf8b
RT @NARAL: We’re so grateful for the incredible work of @TaranaBurke. #MeToo https://t.co/RqCQ41zVOg
RT @benwikler: Updates from Wisconsin: - Rumors suggest GOP Senators might not have the votes for some of their power grab - A… https://t.co/rtwncBmRkr
Worth exploring https://t.co/MFTOiZoNH1
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote This is fucking nuts! He had been doing it for years. Trust me what we are seeing now is because we… https://t.co/KRHsiJ0ncW
RT @TheLoyalO: Despite #Mueller's #TrumpRussia probe & evidence of #Kompromat, Trump approached & met w/Putin at the #G20Argentina… https://t.co/6CS5qLEhrZ
RT @Mimirocah1: I worked on many child sex trafficking cases as a Fed Prosecutor. Epstein ran a child sex trafficking ring. We vigo… https://t.co/gvZpF3nHwl
@JSavoly @JoeBiden How the country feels https://t.co/EupMJUGT6v
RT @paulkrugman: Another question: was this the only place something like this happened? Did less clumsy electoral fraud take place… https://t.co/I45mhN3dWB
RT @jonlovett: Guys, I know it's morbid and a pretty unlikely scenario for most of us, but we should all just make sure our loved… https://t.co/ZIGbJdH0No
RT @girlsreallyrule: The Supreme Court is set to hear Gamble v. US, which will determine the future of Double Jeopardy for state and fed… https://t.co/ZDunCBlgrh
RT @danpfeiffer: This should be one of the biggest stories in America. It is a crisis for democracy https://t.co/ZuskNH8vZc
RT @docrocktex26: HRC campaigning in Trump country wasn’t going to stop her from being female, her coalition from being predominately… https://t.co/OZ0Ou5bfNv
RT @riotwomennn: Bernie Sanders' supporters gave him money that many could not afford. Tens of millions of dollars went to Tad De… https://t.co/cAqiRrTjNc
RT @HarryShannon: @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/s7JA9VpRR0
RT @riotwomennn: In 2014 Tad Devine signed on with Bernie Sanders. But in 2014 Devine was also emailing with Paul Manafort's right… https://t.co/Dt7C3r3IY2
RT @riotwomennn: Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian political operative, was indicted by Mueller for conspiracy to obstruct justice and… https://t.co/6Rp6Utp5B1
RT @riotwomennn: Palm Beach multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein is a free man, despite the rapes of dozens of children according to pol… https://t.co/Yt6udcRsCr
RT @KaraCalavera: Hillary Clinton has been a champion debater for decades and was no campaign neophyte. The harm he did in smearing h… https://t.co/Pk8aUPaGwV
RT @JonEHecht: A year after #MeToo, the Miami Herald can publish quotes from an affidavit alleging Alan Dershowitz had sex with a… https://t.co/GOFTvTfQol
RT @Selena_Adera: Stop wondering why the Democratic Base doesn't, and will not, support Bernie Sanders: At every turn he erases us.… https://t.co/nVXxogrkZU
RT @JesseFFerguson: SPEAKER FACTS 2018: Nancy Pelosi got 203 (86%) in caucus to be Dem nominee for Speaker. 2015: Paul Ryan got 200… https://t.co/ZLFX8Sv1b7
RT @originalspin: #NC09 GOP candidate @MarkHarrisNC9’s campaign appears to have sent people door to door in rural Robeson & Bladen Co… https://t.co/J2LnZPuCZ1
RT @EricBoehlert: NYT columnist publishing obsessive hate abt the Clinton’s, Susan Sarandon being treated like policy wonk....this we… https://t.co/d5CvWaaTtb
RT @ReginaA1981: You need to call @HillaryClinton up and apologize. https://t.co/CltfKQmmo2
RT @lynnv378: Missing from Rachel @Maddow's excellent summary on Trump & sanctions is the fact that sitting at the same table at… https://t.co/sohOG0P7nS
RT @GuthrieGF: Church sign winning. https://t.co/lPkgfb4A24
RT @DavidCornDC: George H.W. Bush had a mixed record. For instance, an independent counsel did consider indicting him for his role i… https://t.co/UrYYubs3ie
RT @ASlavitt: BREAKING: ACA enrollment down 10% so far with Trump marketing budget down 90%. The good news: Most can get covered… https://t.co/eIbDjY2Mfl
RT @VABVOX: 14, 000 children are still being detained. This has fallen off the radar. Hillary Clinton keeps raising the issue (… https://t.co/GTGq7dptpX
Election fraud not voter fraud but not the point.... https://t.co/FaQf6xZl3C
RT @womensrrhumanr: Just a reminder. @NancyPelosi and Elizabeth Taylor fighting before the House for HIV/AIDS funding when no one else… https://t.co/vNLVKw5D5T
RT @rhorseranch_joy: Time for the @Democrats to stand with Hillary. #SheWon in 2016 and we all know the election was stolen. Defend her, … https://t.co/4T4LAppoL8
RT @SonyaBaker2: @Only4RM @RonaldKlain @HillaryClinton Hillary Rodham Clinton is the legitimate President of the United States of America. Swear her in now!
RT @dollyp724: YES, #SHE SHOULD! We all know @HillaryClinton #WON the #2016Election & the course of our history must be put back i… https://t.co/WEzEk8utXh
RT @herstory2017: @maureendowd I saw Hillary Clinton last year at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, sold out and when she walked out on sta… https://t.co/xXpJmmWEdy
RT @Cirincione: I don’t want to be alarmist, but the State Department and the NSC seem to be steadily building a case for war with… https://t.co/vfpMUvKgx2
RT @JuddLegum: There is strong evidence emerging that Republicans stole a Congressional seat in North Carolina by destroying, fals… https://t.co/AgbbqikKMH
RT @JeffSharlet: Claire McCaskill says post-Senate she's looking forward to helping young women politicians learn how to be "self-ef… https://t.co/hHv9CkALw2
RT @VickerySec: .@tedcruz Your campaign gave US voter data to a guy in Russia named Yaroslav Leontenko. He wrote code directly into… https://t.co/EWwopzL2i8
RT @malinablue: @JoyceWhiteVance @phyllissharp54 Thank you for that. I’m still angry about how everyone - including media - talked… https://t.co/80wVEPzPS0
RT @UN_Women: On the #DayfortheAbolitionofSlavery, tell the world that: Women and girls do not have a price tag. 🔖 Women and gi… https://t.co/nynkXPGlDv
RT @FriesOverHoes: The men in white are the surviving members of the Original San Francisco Gay Men's Choir. Those in black represent… https://t.co/8qrzMBQnuR
RT @emokidsloveme: 🚨🚨🚨🚨 https://t.co/BJPUsVZiO9
RT @__Dutch: Your daily reminder that Joseph Gordon-Levitt BODIED the choreo to Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” 🔥 https://t.co/zQgpsqrFOe
RT @lynnv378: How many of us have been screaming this shit? How many? Like me, @Ange_Amene, @reesetheone1, @BravenakBlog, … https://t.co/k197TVpMMo
RT @tomwatson: Reading @daveweigel's piece on the "Run, Bernie, Run!" confab up in Burlington, it's crystal clear it was programme… https://t.co/86dYMyjnzC
RT @soledadobrien: Seriously, how does someone pay him actual money to write this drivel? https://t.co/RAJn07tZgS
RT @kylegriffin1: Trump reportedly killed a proposal to end a tax break solely because it would negatively impact his own business, a… https://t.co/mt6RdhqhEY
RT @MaddowBlog: What Trump neglected to mention about his support for dropping sanctions on Russia was that he had a massive busine… https://t.co/cbenlsiI3M
RT @DoubleHP: @AP ❤❤! Our police dept in Southlake Texas posted this. ❤❤ https://t.co/kyzIj4VaHz
@AP This is a good thing. I’ve always been uncomfortable with this song “What’s in this drink?”
RT @AltUSPressSec: Sater is also known for his email outlining a plan to steal the 2016 President Election using assistance provided b… https://t.co/zaG376d1lZ
RT @jilevin: Eight women say George HW Bush groped them. Their claims deserve to be remembered as we assess his legacy. https://t.co/nzktFr16iA
RT @SusanBordo: It’s crucial but not sufficient that the press only be “free.” We also count on you to resist rumor and myth. I val… https://t.co/f9KP4x9SSX
RT @AngryandAsian: 14, 000 children being detained. The US Government is not allowing any type of fostering even with family members. T… https://t.co/GiFvZTPZF8
RT @Sbengler: @Jarnocan @JamesReader_RP Funny this tweet didn't show up in the comment thread, so I added some copies of the trum… https://t.co/p3gVCmvFYX
RT @RepJayapal: It's because they aren't criminals. Seeking asylum is NOT a crime. https://t.co/gItimtiOCo
RT @Gabbiedrice78K: @donnabrazile @HillaryClinton You added to her pain by stabbing her in the back, to sell a book and to try to ingra… https://t.co/YNfRCXMRo7
RT @oysteinbogen: Very peculiar incident Northern Norway right now. Several seemingly simultaneous breaks on crucial fiber cable knoc… https://t.co/0wgNtkKzMn
RT @Selena_Adera: "And at that moment, if finally dawned on Trump why Hillary Clinton called him Putin's puppet." #StillWithHer… https://t.co/lWh0XcvuBe
RT @jordanwfisher_: Imagine being born into the female half of the population, through no fault of your own, and suddenly discovering t… https://t.co/Jq1f9fshjd
RT @HRC: .@HRC is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Tydi, a Black transgender woman who was fatally shot this week in… https://t.co/yDojppqW7Q
RT @franifio: Let’s agree to eulogize every Iraqi civilian killed and every American soldier broken by pointless wars, and *then*… https://t.co/OPKsp65aTV
RT @sahluwal: A transgender teen at Osseo Highschool had her privacy violated by administrators & was kicked out of school for us… https://t.co/n6MVWjf3zC
RT @BrianOsuch: Like her or not... she called it. https://t.co/GHhw9BLbJI
RT @JamesMartinSJ: I always admired #GeorgeHWBush even if not always agreeing with him. Motivated by an inborn sense of duty that led… https://t.co/Yw8i544Z2a
RT @BarackDaVote: @dagreatscienski @YarmondShore @notcapnamerica Word? https://t.co/c7URyqvW15
RT @jennycohn1: Wow. The implication is that Aggregate IQ may have told likely Nelson voters in the Florida senate race to vote by… https://t.co/dOOsq3QOrY
RT @PolitiwhatBlog: @VicBergerIV @Cernovich I would hope that networks like @cnn @msnbc @foxnews would give a disclosure about Dershowi… https://t.co/IKYhsXS1hP
RT @Oooooo_Donna: @HoarseWisperer @donnabrazile @HillaryClinton It wasn't even just the 2016 election---she threw Hillary under the b… https://t.co/MgTfl2xacx
RT @ByRosenberg: Gerrymandering North Carolina: Democrats won 48% of votes and 23% of seats Ohio: Democrats won nearly 50% of votes… https://t.co/6RpwgOSnC7
RT @stableford: Lorena and her two children hold out their arms to show the numbers they were given to be on a list of migrants see… https://t.co/2NRk9C6E3l
RT @Susan_Hennessey: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, when deciding who should challenge Trump in what may be the last best s… https://t.co/cYHSpBMRJn
RT @jennycohn1: Sedgwick County, Kansas says that ES&S EXPRESSVOTE touchscreen barcode ballot markers—the ones that counties all ov… https://t.co/oNgFLVYOpb
RT @KaraCalavera: The best comment under this hypocritical drivel: My husband just came into the kitchen for coffee. I told him Iv… https://t.co/PxC3J7AElt
RT @MrDane1982: No, repeal Trump, replace with Hillary Clinton https://t.co/Hi7Duxse0m
Unbought and Unbossed!! https://t.co/NNw935K2KL
RT @mitchellreports: .@brhodes: I don't believe that anybody at that summit believes for one second that the reason that Trump cancelled… https://t.co/Uj4CMXQma1
RT @jbendery: In little noticed news, the Senate voted yesterday to advance one of Trump's circuit court nominees, Jonathan Kobes… https://t.co/hm6Vtb8Emm
RT @sarahkendzior: The next media lackey who interviews Alan Dershowitz about his summer party plans should ask about his tenure as Ju… https://t.co/3NkGKjnEF6
RT @sarahkendzior: Or they could ask Dershowitz about his defense of Beny Steinmetz, implicated in financial corruption with the Kushn… https://t.co/ujELVqoob6
RT @sarahkendzior: Or they could ask Dershowitz about the child rape charges against himself, Trump and Jeffrey Epstein. Thread: https://t.co/O2SMJRW12V
RT @shannonrwatts: “I had sexual intercourse with [Alan] Dershowitz at least six times, ’’ Roberts wrote in the 2015 court affidavit. “… https://t.co/nNAQ4xge6Y
RT @AmandiOnAir: So when the smoke clears on Mueller’s findings, proving that Trump’s illegitimate & was treasonously operating at t… https://t.co/bB816b6Cko
RT @Refugees: “Sexual harassment is both unacceptable and unjustifiable" - @RefugeesChief at the start of #16days of Activism aga… https://t.co/7bg056NwJ8
No. Uh uh. Absolutely not. https://t.co/BG8uIhtzl3
RT @speechboy71: Somehow this Murray Waas story in Vox fell through the cracks when it came out 3 weeks ago, but it's an absolute st… https://t.co/KtqS9Jxf8G
RT @Acute_Tweetment: When you’ve gotta copy off of someone else’s homework...😂 https://t.co/qW7kXSyBgs
RT @JohnBrennan: The iceberg of lies, deceit, corruption, & criminality is steadily but surely surfacing, despite the efforts of man… https://t.co/WdQHcAJFZt
RT @chrislhayes: This is monstrously Orwellian. The impurity of Iranian intentions aside, the Saudis are quite literally bombing and… https://t.co/TUA75rhcs9
RT @PerryFingal: @nasser_bovi @mermacl1000 @EVNow @NormOrnstein So what! Did he hear how the election tuned out?
@EVNow @NormOrnstein Have to agree with EV and Betty. Obama didn’t make this mess, but he gets let off the hook too easily in all of this.
RT @EmpireOfDirt2: @AJentleson What exactly would the repercussions have been if the WH & Democrats publicly shared Russian election m… https://t.co/I52LMloWYf
RT @JudgeBobOrr: Huge concern in the 9th District race. If one campaign had inside info on early vote totals, it impacts last minute… https://t.co/qQkwSE8lEI
RT @gregorykorte: "This is a story the world needs to hear.’’ Jaw-dropping @MiamiHerald story details Labor Secretary Alexander Acost… https://t.co/R6pdvGgIN5
RT @Amy_Siskind: @gregorykorte @MiamiHerald I hope all these women get justice - Epstein ends up in jail for a long time, the men wh… https://t.co/KHc4JoxEAQ
RT @Patrickesque: One of the greatest things I've experienced was watching Christiane Amanpour get the mic during a Q&A in London and… https://t.co/2w1HMZ4gxf
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: The only person in the world to call Donald Trump a puppet of Vladimir Putin to his face. In front of 71.6 million… https://t.co/bQAV8eQgEr
RT @WisamIAm: Look, I’ve never been a big fan of the Clintons, but @HillaryClinton definitely earned this “I told you so” moment https://t.co/QfhFRs3Nj7
RT @ElleAndGone: And remember, at this point, Bernard had already been involved with RU-related Slack & had hacked HRC data. Why is… https://t.co/AYMzgJdvbm
RT @ashtonpittman: The Clinton campaign tweeted this out on Oct. 31, 2016. #TrumpRussia https://t.co/xNkU7QUY0B
RT @TruthWrite: A Dutch Church Has Held Services Continuously Since October to Prevent a Family's Deportation — Dutch law forbids p… https://t.co/k9rYtzWCcz
RT @Bdwal359: Remember when Mike Pence hired a FOREIGN AGENT and then LIED about it on national TV? Rachel Maddow: "It is IMPOSS… https://t.co/RhoYWy9H53
RT @jordanwfisher_: I graduated HS in 2012. I served in the Marines from 2013 - 2018. I just want to go back to school and be paid for… https://t.co/IrV5U7gRzy
RT @broadeyeview: @notcapnamerica @Millgrist1 @AMluvinit2 Worse. He claimed he didn't take NRA donations but the NRA ran attack ads a… https://t.co/ya7jDQM5eU
RT @ScottMStedman: Russian Government Granted Amnesty to the Chairman of the Trump Tower Moscow Development Company https://t.co/DZlTZ7nDuE
RT @funder: Don’t we deserve a new election? Thoughts?
RT @wamandajd: @josheidelson Important wrinkle: Jeffrey Epstein was a close friend of Trump, and a member of Mar-a-Lago, where som… https://t.co/c8P5JHytJH
RT @MrDane1982: Imagine if the media spent an ounce of reporting on Trump business and russian investigation like they did Hillary Clinton email.
RT @notcapnamerica: Holy shit. How am I only now seeing this clip of our new Dem Caucus chair Hakeem Jeffries dragging Bernie for th… https://t.co/1VNEMf97ns
RT @JoePerticone: lol police inform Laura Loomer that Twitter isn't pressing charges and she can stay chained to their door as long as she wants
RT @_cingraham: This is amazing: a map of fragile masculinity https://t.co/LZOCPOVo6z https://t.co/ectpIzoq5h
RT @notcapnamerica: If this 5 year old's reaction to his brother being gay doesn't make you tear up, you have a lump of coal where your… https://t.co/DU1OkB4Xlw
RT @owillis: so old i remember when greenwald and company were enraged anyone on the left was paying attention to this russia stuff
RT @PiperPerabo: THIS ⤵️ IS AWESOME 💚🌎 Thank you ⁦@patagonia⁩ Patagonia’s CEO is donating company’s entire $10M Trump tax cut to fi… https://t.co/qY0zrw1vXG
RT @SenFeinstein: Thomas Farr has built a career on voter suppression. He does not belong on a federal court. https://t.co/s5JffhFRuJ
RT @VettingBernie: Hillary was robbed. She's still Democrats' most exciting candidate. She the best qualified, most experienced, tough… https://t.co/u5pU9htoKy
RT @TomDangora: She always ends up being right! https://t.co/JbMlRtjWwg
RT @NathanHRubin: The GOP in Ohio is considering making abortion punishable by death. Don’t ever tell me you’re pro-life if your pl… https://t.co/sIqieXKPjz
RT @CNN: A DC neighborhood group just voted to rename the street in front of the Saudi embassy for slain journalist Jamal Kh… https://t.co/03wzN5KpJm
RT @LoveNotGreed: @nytimes Imagine the perfect storm investigation where Panama, Trump/Russia and epstein stuff all collides. And the billionaires get caught.
RT @AngryBlackLady: *pats pockets* Darn it—where’d I put those fucks? https://t.co/HXnJgcCS8G
RT @julsieb3: @AngrierWHStaff When the rest of the world finally figures out that the presidential campaign was in fact rigged ma… https://t.co/VL5enOSOqE
RT @MikeLevinCA: I’m proud to have signed this letter along with many of my freshman colleagues in support of @NancyPelosi for Speak… https://t.co/psbcPqiO4l
RT @TannyMcG: I’m changed for the better because of “Far From The Tree”. Your work touches me every time, @Andrew_Solomon https://t.co/yI2f4YhPwc
RT @SenGillibrand: There are no more excuses. We must end America’s support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen — a humanitarian disaster.… https://t.co/PZErjJadXm
RT @SenWarren: We currently spend more than the next 8 nations combined on defense. But every year, the Pentagon asks Congress for… https://t.co/9HcxclhY7d
RT @HeerJeet: "I've known [Jeffrey Epstein] for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that h… https://t.co/T9G9GyOnJO
RT @DavidNir: My god. This is just so typical of the @NYTimes. Pelosi won *more* votes and had *fewer* "nos" than Ryan in 2015, b… https://t.co/3LWHkvL0LK
RT @SenBlumenthal: Contemptible incompetence by VA in GI Bill benefits failure is a betrayal of trust—moral bankruptcy. It must lead t… https://t.co/RrrWswwGr0
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: When we look at Auschwitz we see the end of the process. It's important to remember that the Holocaust actually did… https://t.co/AsiEn6lPGa
RT @Lonestarmomcom: @neal_katyal Can they get DTjr too, since they’ll be in New York anyway?
RT @SecondBolt: Day 3 of #thebig9! countdown to our birthday is dedicated to the magical musicians who took an early chance on us:… https://t.co/yJQMUpyI2d
RT @danielradosh: All day I've been seeing people who literally never heard of Jeffrey Epstein and I just want to remind you that the… https://t.co/hOsXoGY1l9
RT @HelenKennedy: This year-long Miami Herald investigation into Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta's role in covering up Jeffrey Epste… https://t.co/Qx5WB03iL4
RT @MarisaKabas: Future Trump cabinet member Alex Acosta was instrumental in helping Epstein avoid life in prison for the sex traffi… https://t.co/aN34t8q5F5
RT @politvidchannel: BREAKING: Rep.Adam Schiff, The next chairman of The House Intelligence Committee Today Said He Will investigate whe… https://t.co/TFMRBGI2zM
RT @riotwomennn: Video of 2016 GOP platform committee meeting. This is state @SenatorBrakey of Maine who just lost to Sen Angus K… https://t.co/F4yWU9ceUl
RT @soledadobrien: And if you follow the scientist @KHayhoe —you’ll see they also bumped her—but had a long intv with Santorum. Not. G… https://t.co/Ar1EzGB125
A. Must. Read https://t.co/LzO8aECuFz # via @HuffPost
RT @activist360: “You did not have it, sir. No, you didn’t”: Serial lying con-man Trump gets fact-checked by reporter Paula Reid rig… https://t.co/ICtKXEaSPD
RT @funder: Bravo to MSNBC for not airing this Sarah Sanders press briefing. Others should follow suit. Stop amplifying all of them.
RT @cmclymer: I repeat: Chuck Schumer not having a glove laid on him this month while Nancy Pelosi is weirdly being roasted in th… https://t.co/zOtUV6y0Da
RT @DropDragonfly: We are Google employees and we join Amnesty International in calling on Google to cancel project Dragonfly, Google’… https://t.co/Z4y6ah5H7k
RT @tomwatson: Keep in mind what the strategy had been over the four weeks leading up to the meeting. When the nomination was no l… https://t.co/T616bxeH7F
RT @starry_galaxies: @stellaaaa @tomwatson Excellent point. Coddled by the MSM & his followers, he doesn't fully grasp how many people, … https://t.co/JIq0uRbAwJ
RT @JoMoreland760: @Scooterstation @Owenamy @tomwatson @SenSanders She was absolutely right about him and those weaknesses too but lor… https://t.co/HVHEHDD6aD
RT @julianborger: White House prevents Gina Haspel from briefing Senate on Khashoggi murder https://t.co/rp1ztH5mq3
RT @Infantry0300: EVERYONE in Mississippi needs to see these numbers: #47 in education #50 in healthcare #50 in income #47 in e… https://t.co/A4Xo8fKBNC
“No one has an obligation to tolerate the idea that they should not exist.” https://t.co/nsDHevXnDm
RT @tribelaw: This vital opinion piece elegantly makes a point thus far overlooked: Even if Whitaker’s appointment were otherwise… https://t.co/I4pLxMx8Ud
RT @mattklewis: Admit it: Republicans wish they had a House Speaker as tough as Nancy Pelosi. https://t.co/bej0zZvwuo via @thedailybeast
RT @_JakubJanda: Stop calling it Ukrainian-Russian tension. It is not. What is happening is a direct RUSSIAN AGGRESSION aganist U… https://t.co/tDbDWZRjXf
RT @C_Stroop: @at_risk_dad @sarahkendzior And a big part of that is that he blows their cover; he completely destroys the fig lea… https://t.co/5Yw5rnLe8F
RT @RVAwonk: Please stop with the prison-rape jokes about George Papadopoulos. The guy totally deserves to be sitting in a jail… https://t.co/ypSys5hQXK
RT @NARAL: The "pro-life" Trump administration is 𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐑 𝐆𝐀𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐋𝐃𝐑𝐄𝐍 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐅𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐈𝐄𝐒 who are 𝑙𝑒𝑔𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 seeking asylum. This is w… https://t.co/L1lS5dwGiG
RT @RVAwonk: Remember when Paul Manafort lobbied on behalf of the Trump campaign to remove a provision from the GOP platform tha… https://t.co/uWDZ1RqcbF
RT @leahmcelrath: The face of the young child in diapers after having been shot at with tear gas by U.S. forces. Photo by @Reuters https://t.co/vD4UtMFmHL
RT @goldengateblond: See, the problem with “both sides” journalism is when one side presents facts, they still want someone to “represen… https://t.co/WTB0RAFBkA
RT @ManCreatedGod1: @iamAtheistGirl Why did god drown/kill all the infants & pregnant women in the Flood? Why did god order the murder… https://t.co/RO8fev5MxR
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: I left Christianity because incredible, unverifiable, contradictory tales in an ancient book written by hopelessly… https://t.co/KQweRlFiEU
RT @marcushjohnson: We'll all be ready to stand up to him and defeat him again. For the final time. ✊🏾✊🏾 https://t.co/BNlaTamRfg
RT @peoplefor: “Of the 48 people [Trump has] nominated to appellate courts, none are black or Latino. 39 of them are men. 80% come… https://t.co/quV6ZLit2m
RT @sparksjls: Guess which one offends conservatives? https://t.co/VZGhdw14Gi
RT @EWagsterPettus: People are standing in line outside the Hinds County Courthouse in Jackson, #Mississippi, to vote absentee in US Se… https://t.co/uMje0yZUZd
@geokaren @Carolyny1948 Ironic isn’t it?
RT @Carolyny1948: https://t.co/rrmoWhsbzQ
RT @PassionFruit62: Sean Hannity to Ted Koppel, “So you think I’m bad for America?” Koppel replies, “Yes I do.” @seanhannity… https://t.co/29LXcEpz4y
RT @grandoftwo: I've never seen this photo. Hillary looks gorgeous. I wish every day she were our POTUS. https://t.co/AYFVtW1e1I
RT @_celia_bedelia_: Why are some men so offended when I point out the blatant sexism of other men?
RT @jayrosen_nyu: By @NickKristof: "We let ourselves be used to elevate lies about the caravan to the top of the agenda. We even knew… https://t.co/aVu1FONngl
RT @hobbsisme: “The heart is deceitful” means “don’t trust your intuition” Just keep letting us tell you what to think #EvangelicalIntoEnglish
RT @charlotteirene8: "God laid you on my heart." = "I'm about to get all up in your business and invade your privacy." #EvangelicalIntoEnglish
RT @BriKrummy: "Have you found a new church yet?" = despite the fact that you seem happier and healthier than you ever have, I am… https://t.co/fVpHQzoNY1
RT @Zenaphobe: @C_Stroop I like the "Let's just agree to disagree" translation of #EvangelicalIntoEnglish which is, "I know you'v… https://t.co/rM3MUuwekH
Hahahaha Make My Day https://t.co/3npqWjuUoM
.@donnabrazile is and has always been a Hillary despiser disguised as a Democrat https://t.co/Rsmt3jzBnr
@sethmoulton Your middle name is Wilber https://t.co/qF8VpMExKk
RT @KikiAdine: FACT: If Hillary were POTUS, Nancy Pelosi & Ruth Bader Ginsburg could have retired 2 years ago. Instead they’re her… https://t.co/JBVX9qyByi
His middle name is Wilber. https://t.co/ki4hatg3p3
RT @PoliticsWolf: Every Democrat complaining about Nancy Pelosi is targeting the wrong chamber's party leader. Between this & being t… https://t.co/Zn7XsJUXeD
RT @AndyGilder: @JasonSchwartz @worgztheowl The appropriate response is "Sir, I am legally hung. Just ask your mother"
RT @mrdolcethecat: Whaaaat? Melania lied and broke immigration laws?? Do you mean she didn’t earn that Einstein visa? White people wit… https://t.co/rXFVmsLSdH
RT @stellaaaa: Amazing number of anti-Pelosi accounts have the magical, 50 Or 100 followers, who is financing this troll farm?
RT @cmclymer: My good friend (and West Point grad) Army Captain El Cook is one of six individuals profiled in the new award-winni… https://t.co/3z2by9FsUj
RT @Amy_Siskind: I will say this to @sethmoulton @RepPerlmutter @RepSchrader @RepBillFoster, and @RepTimRyan you stay on this divisi… https://t.co/sdwTsVl0cl
RT @NateSilver538: Hi all, My friends are launching a journalism startup called The Correspondent. It's the opposite of pivot-to-vide… https://t.co/663kZNqXwI
This is incredible!! https://t.co/NmcGyAz5jX
RT @mattmfm: Remember that viral town hall where a guy scorned his Congressman for trying to take away his wife's health insuran… https://t.co/7kGj2nxfeB
@KMTBERRY Thanks Kathy!
Best. Chart. Ever. https://t.co/t3LRZHuHzM
@mrsweller99 Lol - thanks, gal!
RT @eclecticbrotha: So today's the day a bunch of stiffnecked men in Congress attempt their Manarchist Coup against Nancy Pelosi.
RT @RachelBitecofer: Lately, I've been asking people why they dislike Pelosi. Turns out, most people don't know WHY they hate her, they… https://t.co/gv3YZLWVid
RT @rosalindchao: Last year, handguns killed 10 people in Japan 50 in Great Britain 47 in Switzerland 611 in Canada 105 in Israel 41… https://t.co/fDKdx489QC
RT @charley_ck14: The invasion! #OtherTrumpPhobias https://t.co/O6VA1q90zv
RT @paulkrugman: Not really tracking this whole Pelosi-as-speaker thing. But really: the most effective speaker in modern history, w… https://t.co/kx5GMjbApo
RT @ericawerner: House Republicans-elect look pretty different from House Democrats-elect. https://t.co/KSgFVU4cFx
RT @davidhogg111: Buying a gun should not be easier than getting a drivers license.
RT @JohnJHarwood: the blue wave of 2018 in a nutshell: Republicans carried white evangelical Christians by 53 percentage points Dem… https://t.co/XvwOeQNP4l
RT @VeraMBergen: Mattis: "My mother was an immigrant, ok? She told me how hard it was to get into America. So believe me, we want le… https://t.co/6mQJwQrIp8
RT @mrsweller99: @krassenstein @Acosta This is what they should do at the next press conference https://t.co/2fZr6hFAMu
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: The following news orgs will support CNN and @Acosta in an amicus brief. In other words it will be Prac… https://t.co/qIz53PZ6M7
It’s not just me https://t.co/H3t9Fa419i
RT @RogueFirstLady: Little Marco, imagine if blue team have roadblocks set up by red team so only 1/2 of blue team even make it to game… https://t.co/K0lmTVFBaA
Whoot! Love me some C Vivian! Live me some HRC! https://t.co/yeatGk1vJd
RT @ACLU: Thanks to a victory in our lawsuit against the CIA, we obtained secret documents on the torture program. They inclu… https://t.co/91wZmA5hHt
RT @HuffPost: “The whole time that I’ve trained the justice, the one word she has never used with me is ’can’t, ’” her trainer tol… https://t.co/pjPSgjkuao
@EdKrassen I appreciate much of what you have to say, but this is condescending.
RT @peterwsinger: Seriously, this is odd. @FoxNews Twitter feed just going silent for 5 straight days has no parallel in the period s… https://t.co/d9CXjoSUxU
RT @HoarseWisperer: A woman led Dems back to the majority in the House. A man led Dems further into the minority in the Senate. Peopl… https://t.co/1hX05ATYo4
RT @thehill: Ruth Bader Ginsburg plans to resume workouts next week https://t.co/wQYFf2idNN https://t.co/eioegqzOKg
RT @joanwalsh: So #fivewhiteguys are following the tactics of the right wing white guy Freedom Caucus to block a woman speaker aft… https://t.co/i0tQx9DAG6
RT @aravosis: Oh my god. The French government showed up at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday to honor our fallen heroes when… https://t.co/U708ZndBSK
RT @jimsciutto: New: A federal judge finds Georgia county violated Civil Rights Act by rejecting voters’ absentee ballots with omit… https://t.co/oELzX90Q42
RT @stonecold2050: Breaking News: Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she tripped over the new guy passed out drunk in the hallway. https://t.co/WiXZERw2kQ
RT @CapehartJ: This is no time for on-the-job training. 4 reasons why Nancy Pelosi must be the next Speaker of the House. https://t.co/yuvRcTSOwL
RT @CoryBooker: Paul Matey was a NJ hospital exec. at University Hospital in Newark as its patient safety ratings nosedived from gr… https://t.co/XFCweoCySj
RT @FlaDems: This is why counting all the votes matters. #CountEveryVote https://t.co/k2U9KdFE3M
RT @JRowanBXL: If you blended Merkel and Macron together in this photo you would end up with Bowie on the cover of "Low". https://t.co/jHAyQeYJ8k
CNN: Give Jim Acosta Back His Press Pass Or HE WILL KILL AGAIN https://t.co/RR9xraAOga
@CNN @DanaBashCNN Right on!!!
RT @aravosis: Good point by @DanaBashCNN right now: Pelosi had a historic victory in the House, while Schumer lost seats in the S… https://t.co/IQHqUzc4nP
RT @JuddLegum: WOW "Since the tax cuts were passed, the 1, 000 largest public companies have actually reduced employment, on balan… https://t.co/uku5mJvSkY
@senatemajldr Did you type that out with your turtle typie hands?
RT @SBfut3: @notcapnamerica Nancy graciously gave her an out, which is why she is the Speaker. She knows how to handle people.
@SPB7911 @Sha_Elise24 @notcapnamerica You brought Hillary up because you’re a weirdo with mommy issues.
@NikemaForSenate proud of you for doing the right thing. We support you. https://t.co/SOHD0yJnON
Wake up people. This shit is happening. We have to stop it. https://t.co/SOHD0yJnON
RT @NateSilver538: The recent rhetoric from Trump, and often other Republicans, trying to delegitimize election results is awfully dan… https://t.co/5EuZ0TEHAA
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: NY AG is in week 2 of this trial, which involves Commerce Sec'y Wilbur lying about the reason he wanted a citizensh… https://t.co/urHv50rCuB
RT @HoarseWisperer: Incoming freshman representative secures Leader’s commitment to... *checks notes* thing she already announced a wee… https://t.co/NMsli4KN89
RT @RevJJackson: https://t.co/LgBOr5vgkA: Judge orders Georgia to protect provisional ballots in Abrams-Kemp race: @NBCNews .… https://t.co/YIUs9uZjvk
RT @arjunsethi81: The FBI just released its annual report on hate crimes in America and it contains glaring omissions. The murders o… https://t.co/ExZE4EPANh
RT @jilevin: That's just not natural… https://t.co/Kt64NQBLYv
So amazing!!! Brings tears to my eyes. https://t.co/hIJw2oJxPj
RT @Public_Citizen: We filed a FOIA request and found a foreign government was involved in planning Trump's now-cancelled military para… https://t.co/qHKL4scTk8
RT @KVynall: The new soft conversion therapy being pushed by some Christians like David Bennett is that you can only be gay and… https://t.co/iJ3jQhQBqo
RT @stonecold2050: The 92 year old Queen Elizabeth II of England out in the rain tonight attending a ceremony to commemorate the 100th… https://t.co/MMo9qxb699
RT @ChelseaClinton: #VaccinesWork only when we vaccinate ourselves & our children - New York’s Orthodox Jewish community is battling me… https://t.co/HfGdSTtXPB
RT @DanaBashCNN: Our new installment of #badasswomenofwashington is out. @NancyPelosi has some candid advice for women. Check it ou… https://t.co/iPSeTrTNrc
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: "You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep-seated… https://t.co/xqqkxv65WI
I’ve always thought this was an amazing initiative. We should try it in the US https://t.co/reXyglA0DN
RT @DanaHoule: Whoa. Federal judge just brought Kemp’s victory lap to a screeching halt. No certifications until Friday—was suppos… https://t.co/ChzgHTnhav
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: It is so hard to find words... This is why every single day we work hard to educate. We need to explain what is t… https://t.co/JzWnZub4EP
RT @RandyResist: https://t.co/AtOD64mgIa
RT @mark7130: @DrRJKavanagh @DonCheadle As a black man it makes no sense I have to choose between the police and Tucker
RT @AalayahEastmond: When we aren’t armed we get shot and killed. When we’re armed because it’s our job we get shot and killed. Who… https://t.co/mNYyAool28
RT @BravenakBlog: May I point out something to those of you who want @NancyPelosi to retire? Not one of you knows what role the Spea… https://t.co/iTIEdkP3fh
RT @HillaryClinton: The final margin in the race for Senate in Florida is too close to call, and the Secretary of State has just ordere… https://t.co/G3SRaWw0f4
RT @notcapnamerica: Meghan McCain was not prepared for that Gillibrand smoke. #NancyPelosi #GiveHerTheGavel https://t.co/jSw4y68X6S
@CassandraCorvid @CNN His mommy issues when it comes to Hillary have always been pretty apparent. @CNN should be em… https://t.co/qxdpgHEVxi
RT @jackmjenkins: SPEAKING of Catholicism: Notre Dame students cited their faith as they knelt during national anthem over the weeken… https://t.co/Ce4QfmGzem
RT @xtrixcyclex: What if this were your child? Your family basically became surrounded by a drug war so you fled to a shining city o… https://t.co/jsPva2qxmG
RT @MiQL: @kawaiinataliee @ApurvaYRawal It's important to note here that people, white people, specifically, need to start st… https://t.co/NjpHwwnIkW
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) The men below say Mueller is about to indict them. Both are suspected of a) collusive crimes, b) perjury.… https://t.co/QaBpb1BVZx
RT @staceyabrams: .@gwlauren: "A week after Election Day, #TeamAbrams finds ourselves...having to advocate for the rights of Georgia… https://t.co/Du7ENbZ2SC
And he still doesn’t even realize that half of his support got drummed up for him by good ol’ Putin https://t.co/AXd2TjZFoA
RT @ProudResister: This is the face of a Trump supporter: White. Male. Angry. Racist. Misguided. Unintelligent. Un-American. https://t.co/EVpEhp0pCD
RT @SallyAlbright: So this is me saying what I didn't say before: "Taking a stand" on something with consequences that won't fall on you is about privilege 12/
@DinaSaS69 @blechtimes @notcapnamerica Thought @Gustav_Swart and Chris’s exchange was worth adding to this conversa… https://t.co/Jhpl8ZdXtP
RT @HillaryClinton: A brilliant way to draw attention to the equal pay gap: Women in the UK set out-of-office notifications this weeken… https://t.co/kC8aXrdgS2
RT @itsmebeccam: I can relate to this wholeheartedly. I’m still disassembling my internalized misogyny and sexism. And it speaks to… https://t.co/ZlarSpS9N4
Wow. I shouldn’t be surprised at Bernie pushing back. https://t.co/jexsxpzKbt
RT @coleyworld: I’m not fighting with people on the Left over who should be leading. We have a leader. She led us as Speaker and th… https://t.co/rZMuGHZrAV
RT @Shakestweetz: I have never, in the decades I have been closely following and then professionally writing about politics, seen a m… https://t.co/YNCYoaThI6
RT @creynoldsnc: Glad to hear it. Maybe they'll let a few more of their great women reporters and analysts join in...we are the stor… https://t.co/Mq8WR6hGhZ
RT @briantylercohen: Oh are Dems asking to see his birth certificate? https://t.co/YhsecOblrr
RT @ScottFrazier19: Trump wants to exclude military ballots from the Florida vote count. So he doesn’t care if the people risking their… https://t.co/DTJPugCjN9
@CatrineMarie @nungwa @CrazyCa74303444 @CNNPolitics Anytime I see someone who says Hillary accomplished nothing I k… https://t.co/vsar3usXs5
RT @LeftStandingUp: BREAKING: @BrianKempGA's Secretary of State office has just REMOVED tons of public data from its website They've r… https://t.co/znWgVqUgHA
RT @jules_su: I spoke with the only student who is visibly not comfortable with the “salute”, he provided this statement. https://t.co/HbNBc8xLOK
RT @shaunking: I just now saw this tweet. A complete fabrication. Undermines our democracy. This is despicable. In a state where… https://t.co/D4Rq8yCDui
RT @MrFilmkritik: Trump will not visit Arlington cemetery on Veteran’s Day as rain is expected. But please, tell me again how kneeli… https://t.co/aaoEAG4ufQ
RT @melindagates: When a woman has access to contraceptives, everything changes for her and her family. Here’s why. https://t.co/STXfzGf6iE
RT @JackieEspinal4U: @kylegriffin1 @NancyPelosi is the speaker of the house we need. She's experienced in getting things done. We can't… https://t.co/P1qXTNbcbB
RT @IanDunt: Find the photo of Merkel and Macron very moving. It took so much to get to this point, where war in Europe is unthi… https://t.co/GRPbqQhsLm
RT @McFaul: To those media outlets who covered extensively the " the invading caravan" before the election-- sometimes on page… https://t.co/i3vXIaFytl
RT @keithboykin: Mississippi has had: • Republicans senators for 30 years • Republican governors for 14 years And yet Mississippi h… https://t.co/57Coslqf4d
@brianstelter @AprilDRyan It’s all true. Trump is everything bad in this world. And that includes racist. Yes he’s… https://t.co/hfKbrhhcTs
Anyone starting to think that @realdonaldtrump doesn’t get how things work? https://t.co/vsr4DKHpNw
RT @brianstelter: Re: the White House revoking press passes: "It's likely to happen again, " Floyd Abrams says. "So whether it's CNN s… https://t.co/BwRHa8DHBj
RT @crampell: ICE Detention Center Says It’s Not Responsible for Staff's Sexual Abuse of Detainees https://t.co/npkKw2O7Yu via @aclu
RT @ananavarro: Non-political Post: I’ve watched 2 amazing shows recently. Both are produced by @KingJames. “Liberty City” (Stars)… https://t.co/pQ4FhkfHQW
RT @NBCBLK: Veterans haven't received GI Bill benefits for months due to ongoing IT issues at VA https://t.co/PGxD04d9Fh https://t.co/IQSjZ0BLIK
RT @ProudResister: Here is the list of the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian operatives WHILE Russia was attacking our election.… https://t.co/kXBtUcBGJJ
RT @scrubbedin: Hey @NRA ! Wanna see my lane? Here’s the chair I sit in when I tell parents their kids are dead. How dare you tell… https://t.co/tGlF96AQFd
RT @AshaRangappa_: Today would be a good time to reread the NYAG's lawsuit against the Trump Foundation, which used fundraising for ve… https://t.co/WBYybAukFm
RT @real_farmacist: 👀 👍🏼 “As we sit here in the rain, thinking how uncomfortable we must be, as our suits get wet and our hair gets wet… https://t.co/JhVRlRxzxg
RT @nbcsnl: Lieutenant Commander @DanCrenshawTX stopped by Weekend Update. #SNL https://t.co/pBFoSH7Yom
RT @fawfulfan: Handwriting analysis is pseudoscience and always has been. It is nothing short of insane that it plays any role wh… https://t.co/pjn7tONM4U
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Give me a president who looks at Putin like this...not this. https://t.co/x6vCkcB8aL
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: When @BarbMcQuade & I wrote this piece on protecting the Mueller investigation & insuring its conclusions become pu… https://t.co/PTg3SnfKAi
RT @TruthWrite: 1/ Let’s talk about Trump and his history with casinos, shall we? This thread will be completed over a period of… https://t.co/eMd6FXaMpK
RT @RBraceySherman: Where are these articles for abortion providers? https://t.co/D85QMV2VfS
RT @liberrygirl65: @NUCKLLEDRAGER @AAEC40088110 @BRSMatthew @GenMhayden @SteveSchmidtSES @TheRickWilson @BarackObama I guess it’s okay… https://t.co/dpxKLpwiCc
RT @TeamPelosi: "Now that we have all of these women coming into the Congress, it would be a damn shame that you then replace this… https://t.co/tN1CKKklb2
RT @danpfeiffer: It’s 2018, when will media outlets learn to stop tweeting out accusations without evidence? Most people don’t clic… https://t.co/6MrsedCzrI
RT @kmgee9: To the @NRA, this is what it looks like to stay in #mylane. We will not be silent about the toll of #gunviolence. I… https://t.co/B0Fx6wqgg9
RT @TranslateRealDT: The President of the United States is warning journalists that if they don't lie for him, he will publicly defame t… https://t.co/Bzs1ZAFTZU
RT @jilevin: What are the odds of you dying in a terrorist attack? https://t.co/T2ZOAbGC4H
RT @The_UnSilent_: The @GOP are fucking crooks https://t.co/Ee7fsNlHGJ
RT @SenSchumer: What @realDonaldTrump’s afraid of: 1. Putin 2. Mueller 3. Rain The President cancelled his visit to an American ce… https://t.co/DiObatH0xH
RT @jtuckermartin: If Dems can’t figure out how to make hay for days out of Trump not visiting military cemetery on anniversary of con… https://t.co/tfYpHaV2dw
RT @ksplanet: @realDonaldTrump Wuss. https://t.co/0gF9LuvsbJ
RT @PostBaron: An attack on one of the world’s bravest journalists. https://t.co/Jy0L2rFHvq
RT @exoticgamora: #BREAKING: FL's GOP Sec of State is rejecting provisional and mail in ballots based on voters' signatures. More th… https://t.co/gbfMNbntEA
RT @gigimorgan15: @remax #CoralSprings Florida This is Liliana Olinick. She works for your organization. She should never be allowed… https://t.co/nDOXd5I6zD
RT @HuffPostPol: 80 years ago, the first major Nazi-led attack against Jews occurred throughout Germany and Austria. Today, hate and… https://t.co/dXz9e74TTS
RT @dilemmv: Let me just say this. This man who held a Press Conference to call Hillary Clinton "extremely careless" for having… https://t.co/VMGSZAUCqA
RT @docrocktex26: And folk really had the nerve and gall to say she came forward for personal gain.🙄 https://t.co/P9DEPcw8xn
RT @DanRather: I've noticed some confusion about how elections work. People vote on (and now often before) Election Day. And those… https://t.co/r2rqtxki7u
RT @HoarseWisperer: Have you tried calling your Senator, Susan? https://t.co/Sf6FzS4GTG
RT @LucyTeece: I have the 👌perfect graph to share on #EqualPayDay ⚖️ https://t.co/3Rl4R4q7fx
RT @robreiner: There is only one enemy of the people and he sits in the Oval Office. Unfortunately this criminal will have to be d… https://t.co/F4xrCLbGpH
RT @keithboykin: 1. Fulton County is the most populous county in Georgia. 2. It has more than 1 million residents. 3. It's a maj… https://t.co/ipr7sMhaQa
Just left the hospital - bum gallbladder - but I voted. I voted in honor of all the women born before the 19th amen… https://t.co/FYYtOvYIzy
RT @zellieimani: In Georgia, officials did not supply power cords for their voting machines at a polling site in a mostly African-Am… https://t.co/31pLigvuxt
RT @funder: If you’re a candidate and your race is close but you’re behind, DO NOT CONCEDE. Wait until professionals can verify… https://t.co/NAujbS6d9P
RT @chloebabauta: As of 7 a.m., with all precincts counted, Lou Leon Guerrero is our unofficial gubernatorial winner - a historic fir… https://t.co/1xPBLEV8CH
RT @fewexecptions: @SteveDeaceShow "The guy who got emotional and yelled about liking beer during his job interview has a constitution… https://t.co/OoxtrUsU84
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Love this! Vote! Thanks Congresswoman @Grace4NY! https://t.co/miPmIuZxRl
RT @DavidJones2898: My knowledge of Scripture is a little hazy, but I can’t recall that passage. 🤔 #MarchForOurLives https://t.co/2fdPN7Y7PL
RT @DavidJones2898: The inscription on Holocaust survivor Tom Lantos gravestone are words to live and vote by ⬇️ https://t.co/aR7I3q9Ei7
RT @notlarrysabato: Of all the election day stunts, this one by a @Scotttaylorva supporter might be the winner in the voter intimidatio… https://t.co/3fhnMJDM8O
RT @OpalVadhan: It’s been two years since Election Day 2016, and I want to share a few of the things I’ve seen since then that make… https://t.co/IY6jeRVgOj
RT @rzrbladecupcake: @OpalVadhan @AdamParkhomenko https://t.co/SkjzBlr04B
RT @OpalVadhan: I’ve seen her walk through the Beyond Suffrage: A century of NY women in politics exhibit at @MuseumofCityNY where… https://t.co/81uSEyVDtb
RT @freedlander: Democrats should run on 2020 about how Trump wants to abolish ICE https://t.co/P1MjqbqqYZ
RT @AdamParkhomenko: holy shit yes https://t.co/cmT6aoq9md
RT @MSNBC: WATCH: Pamela, 77, with her oxygen tank and her “BETO FOR SENATE” T-shirt, fights back tears while talking about se… https://t.co/Dy94XlcvBs
RT @windy_moon: @NateSilver538 stop refreshing twitter to see if Nate has anything more to say you are already over the edge nervou… https://t.co/EcbzC3UaZo
RT @SoDoSlayer: @RBReich https://t.co/zWojZNze8I
RT @Eviljohna: I would like to know how Bernie Sanders got my phone number. How does an Independent senator from VT get access to… https://t.co/r1LPyYAXfs
RT @gaywonk: Me for the next 24 hours: https://t.co/G1tJyktGaS
RT @Amy_Siskind: Please snap a photo of this number and have it handy if you need help voting tomorrow. https://t.co/1EiYpsqjN7
RT @Weinsteinlaw: The fact that Donald Trump has held sixty-six rallies since being elected president but still hasn’t visited our tr… https://t.co/EAwfwd3wX6
RT @CecileRichards: For every person who asked me “Can he win?”, this goes out to you. When Ann Richards was elected Governor of Texas, … https://t.co/At8YtLZanJ
RT @itsJeffTiedrich: my favorite Bible story is probably the one where Jesus holds nightly hate-festivals, whips his worshipers into a v… https://t.co/PalGV5b1tt
RT @scottbix: President Trump introduces Rep. Jim Jordan at his Cleveland rally, highlighting his college wrestling career. His… https://t.co/R8aQpwPwp2
RT @sharicedavids: We’re knocking doors from Olathe to KCK and everywhere in between on the final day before #Election2018. What’s you… https://t.co/9BTgqF2K2v
RT @NateSilver538: The. Railroads. Are. A. Great. Investment. It's the utilities that suck. https://t.co/BbWBnQjNI1
RT @politvidchannel: This must be the most Powerful Anti-Ted Cruz Ad “Ted Cruz says he supports veterans, but he has voted against us… https://t.co/7B18H4tlA0
RT @RepSwalwell: We know. In just 18 months, law enforcement has already indicted/convicted YOUR campaign chairman, YOUR deputy camp… https://t.co/WkSP864XGj
RT @Pinboard: My favorite line from @Scholten4Iowa's stump speech is "we're borrowing money from China to give to Iowa farmers to… https://t.co/pij0Y3f6B6
RT @timkaine: 14 years ago I asked my mailman what kind of shoes he wore—I was gearing up to run for Governor and I knew I’d need… https://t.co/dkvC55i98v
RT @RobSchentrup: Had to fly over 800 miles to do it but I voted for the first time!!! https://t.co/UQpBEwnYUI
RT @VaughnHillyard: Here ya go: Kyrsten Sinema just wrapped up running a half marathon in Phoenix. She beat her personal half marathon… https://t.co/D2fBAoJjSs
RT @rendale: @jimsciutto @jeffgoldesq With 39% approval rating can you please tell me again why we cover every one of his rallie… https://t.co/4IqWeSaFiW
RT @Alfonsodelucioo: @jimsciutto @jaketapper It shows that our education system is failing at least 39% of our citizens.
RT @mradamscott: Not voting is not an act of rebellion. It is an act of surrender. https://t.co/dSeApkxXay
RT @ACLU: We’re heading into court right now to fight the Trump administration’s plan to put a citizenship question on the 20… https://t.co/2UFgeZTxWB
RT @KFILE: Kemp is also running robocalls telling voters that Stacey Abrams is trying to “steal” the election by having undocu… https://t.co/P8rr9dItt7
RT @voxdotcom: The midterms are even more important than you think. They won’t just determine who controls Congress next year. T… https://t.co/vjP8TX1Ybk
RT @AdamSerwer: a great column from @jbouie on how to solve america's voter apathy problem https://t.co/ZkpYH1Adqu https://t.co/1CiE88YgqS
RT @annaleekain: Wow. This morning’s #TheDaily episode is phenomenal and important. Listen. @mikiebarb
Bwahahaha. Asshat in Chief tagged the wrong person. https://t.co/99TQdlJHRH
RT @CynicalCitizen4: @JohnJHarwood VOTE instead of reading these polls. Remember 2016 polls??
This. Amazing. https://t.co/Fgs9LrpYmO
RT @EricBoehlert: euphemism alert! Trump "misrepresents" AP is just burning through that thesaurus https://t.co/aPmdnCPL3p
RT @marceelias: First they tried to suppress Democratic votes through dirty tricks. Then they tried changing laws. Now, the GOP has… https://t.co/CZFDiEgEYH
RT @Citi: This election day, @CitiBikeNYC rides are free. Enter code “BIKETOVOTE” in the Citi Bike app to claim your free day… https://t.co/Hffuciim7a
RT @JuddApatow: So @nbc and @Comcast aired that racist Trump caravan commercial during the football game. Who made that decision?… https://t.co/fgT1NbRM3x
RT @ciardha: @ThankfulThinker Many racist, misogynist real Berners harass lifelong progressive Democrats on Twitter-epecially ha… https://t.co/m9KENZjvIM
RT @RogerPine2: As a Conservative, I never thought I would be voting straight Democratic in ANY election. But I love my country mo… https://t.co/tzRgrr4SNz
RT @paulwymer1: @BlueGhost40_ Cast my first Democrat ballot in my life.Normally a Republican! Trump has destroyed that and I can on… https://t.co/tbMsHpagbG
RT @nytimes: The notion of a veteran singling himself or herself out for special treatment, some critics said, was distinctly un… https://t.co/E00v13uXFr
RT @dworet: Since both my sons one murdered, one wounded in a mass school shooting you nor anyone from your administration has… https://t.co/d1VhNVwDmR
RT @anneapplebaum: Since his election, President Trump has made 6, 420 false or misleading claims https://t.co/vmlJks2goU
RT @jilevin: Human rights group calls for investigation of Giuliani, Trump money-laundering scheme https://t.co/46dAIvuLWC
RT @FastfoodRights: McDonald's doesnt value its workers enough to pay them a #RealLivingWage dispite making billions in profit. Workers… https://t.co/WsikIWdHv3
RT @RevDrBarber: Georgia is not a “red state.” It’s a state in transition w/ a new electorate ready to reconstruct democracy.… https://t.co/1KRiXwA7TN
RT @TheDemCoalition: Dana Rohrabacher needs to lose on Tuesday. Retweet if you agree. He’s Putin’s Congressman. @HarleyRouda can win, bu… https://t.co/wOKIX70Rnt
RT @TheDemCoalition: .@GinaOrtizJones is running for Congress in #TX23. Gina is an Iraq War veteran, who also served as an Air Force int… https://t.co/Bz3WMrfYI0
RT @WilDonnelly: Nationalist @realDonaldTrump tells Montana rally that: “Barbed wire used properly can be a beautiful sight.“ https://t.co/d7N2gW35J9
RT @chillibeanboy: @BOX10ENTGROUP @Knowledge2Seek @rachelbedik I acquired this one yesterday. It’s awesome. Please steal. https://t.co/gy1XNWZ1q8
RT @a35362: CNN anchor humiliates GOP chair over Trump’s racist ad https://t.co/7G6jfI6sXG
RT @RawStory: Former white supremacist gives chilling warning on CNN: Extremists ‘will act’ when they hear Trump’s ‘bullhorn’ to… https://t.co/w9xMUnKeHb
RT @voxdotcom: “One of the key requirements for a fair and trusted process is that there be nonbiased supervision of the electoral… https://t.co/sDlQPyocxI
RT @briantylercohen: Laura Ingraham: ”Who is in this caravan?” Judge Jeanine: “Everyone you’ve ever seen in your nightmares, Laura. It’s… https://t.co/1yHUrI60mw
RT @SpanbergerVA07: Rep. Brat hasn’t held an in-person town hall in a year and a half. Over the same period of time, I have visited all… https://t.co/eEDzKG7Iyq
RT @sam_vinograd: Accusing your opponent of hacking an election when you are running against her + overseeing the integrity of aforem… https://t.co/0CQ2OvEixb
RT @BarbinMD: It takes seven paragraphs to mention the fact that voter suppression is all on the Republican side. And it's a good… https://t.co/5ERejBDwwt
RT @socialistdogmom: if you see a reporter interviewing a racist on camera, yell some swear words. it ruins the footage & they can’t use… https://t.co/9oPameQFSd
RT @CIndiana58: Russian Lawmakers Head to U.S. to Monitor Midterm Elections - Bloomberg In what world is this okay? This is like… https://t.co/rZgrRsXUbm
RT @knader88: Thanks Mellisa Etheridge for donating a bus and driver to help get Dodge City peeps to their voting location. @MelissaEtheri17
RT @seungminkim: For the gazillionth time, Trump did NOT win the women's vote in 2016. He won the white women's vote.
RT @karentravers: Reminder that earlier this week, Sarah Sanders said "The president is not placing blame." Today he points a finger… https://t.co/0doW9oNQUZ
RT @ananavarro: 13 Americans died b/c of hate crimes last week. I can’t rationalize voting for anyone embracing Trump as he continu… https://t.co/byirKsA7op
RT @NARAL: A new Trump administration rule would require universities to allow accused sexual abusers to cross-examine their v… https://t.co/Qg6Ht5RSNw
RT @AC360: Ret. Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters calls Trump "an un-American American president" "I want to take the President...ser… https://t.co/EmBjGXVDqp
McCaskill doesn’t deserve her Senate seat. But we can primary her another time. Please vote for her and I promise t… https://t.co/82QXpCtpYu
RT @KristenClarkeJD: BREAKING: We won! We have fully defeated Brian Kemp in our exact match lawsuit securing ALL relief we sought for vo… https://t.co/tBp1DZbGVX
RT @washingtonpost: Clinton accuser Kathleen Willey fights foreclosure and a legacy of being doubted https://t.co/u9F5qU68eL
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: John Lewis dancing to "Happy" is my favorite thing today. This 78-year-old man puts me to shame on the dance floor.… https://t.co/rPgo8JR5k5
RT @KFILE: Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry's office called the bosses of a University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate pr… https://t.co/uTTfLNst6w
RT @MSignorile: This week, listeners to my show heard stressed-to-the-breaking-point women calling who had men in their lives who a… https://t.co/VsjvDqJr8g
RT @AUkeibro: Why aren’t reporters on the ground, speaking with “the caravan” members fleeing violence, reporting on their storie… https://t.co/so6OVuLYQT
RT @staceyabrams: Your right to vote is sacred, and we have to fight every day to protect it. As #GAGov, I will work to establish sam… https://t.co/ZPVEA0MuFL
RT @repjohnlewis: Be bold. Be courageous. Vote like you’ve never voted before. Together we can redeem the soul of America. #GoodTrouble
RT @RepAdamSchiff: Literally nobody believes this. You held a rally at the White House to celebrate the passage of a bill taking away… https://t.co/V2YbIAnkjz
RT @PhilBredesen: “In this era of dissension … Phil Bredesen's fair-mindedness, independence and civility are even more valuable, and… https://t.co/KizaLH8p7u
RT @SenatorKelly: Raise your hand if you're ready to slam the door on the past eight years and elect Laura Kelly as the next governor… https://t.co/ygHVhAjhRG
RT @BreeNewsome: I feel like the Civil Rights generation, b/c they were so violently barred from voting, better understood both inhe… https://t.co/P23VuMv7G0
RT @joncoopertweets: Retweet if you agree that students should walk out of class on Election Day to head to the polls and VOTE. Thank yo… https://t.co/8SO8D8euLD
RT @Lawrence: A 7-year-old Cub Scout with a dangerous pre-existing condition gave this note to a Senator: “I’m scared I’ll get… https://t.co/xtoUYIasmh
RT @MDBlanchfield: @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/Vqa0LlX6xZ
RT @notcapnamerica: In which a vapid, petulant brat tries to come for an educated black woman and gets her ass eloquently handed to her… https://t.co/CDXg4a50gE
RT @RepSwalwell: My hope for America’s future is rooted in the next generation. If they show up with the same vigor that they have s… https://t.co/smas764W5R
RT @jamieleecurtis: Lets use this, so called, “social” media, to help@educate and awaken dormant voters. https://t.co/IsOzeHTL2m
RT @StephenAtHome: Carl Reiner 2020! https://t.co/6IB8EWBWIi
RT @rosenbergerlm: This is all well and good, but if you really want to be doing something, take these people and ask them to knock do… https://t.co/kacVb9MLZ1
RT @shannonrwatts: Steve King - an avowed bigot, racist and misogynist - served as Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign co-chair in 2016.… https://t.co/Ywy4UlG4gE
RT @GeneralClark: The American taxpayer has every right to demand that President Trump reimburse the government for his insane waste… https://t.co/Dn0QCVNKhS
RT @franifio: ‘Would you kill baby Hitler?’ is no longer a hypothetical question. We get to on November 6th. VOTE 🗳
RT @TheTinaVasquez: As I reported last week: A federal law bars active-duty military from enforcing domestic law, including immigration… https://t.co/HUB1wkZjX3
RT @MrDane1982: Days before one of the most vital elections in American History Bernie Sanders is out here like in 2016 defending b… https://t.co/c7hjXV5wRf
RT @VABVOX: When are people who are not Jewish going to understand that evangelicals being pro-Israel does not mean they are no… https://t.co/clIsCKBqNT
RT @robreiner: Puerto Ricans are Americans and will never forget the Administration's response to Hurricane Maria. https://t.co/Z60WkhtJYh
RT @lukeharding1968: How #Czechoslovakia spied on Donald and Ivana #Trump during the Cold War, seeking access to 'highest echelons of US… https://t.co/SYy8lD8SS9
RT @jonallendc: Sarah Sanders just said the president was elected by an overwhelming majority of Americans. That's not true.
RT @AndrewGillum: I am the only candidate in this race who believes women should have the freedom to make their own healthcare decisi… https://t.co/TVuc1dyuic
RT @MSNBC: .@morningmika: "How can you look at Donald Trump's reaction to those bombs sent to some of his most prominent criti… https://t.co/tQnunP3Ffr
RT @MiaFarrow: Full text of Carter's letter to Georgia secretary of state asking him to resign https://t.co/dsBT8GpgTX
RT @SarahBCalif: Trump reportedly plans to hold several more TRUMP HATE RALLIES prior to midterms MSM must stop covering TRUMP HATE… https://t.co/hsRwfmv3gA
RT @maggieNYT: Trump Persuaded Struggling People to Invest in Scams, Lawsuit Says via ⁦@BenWeiserNYT⁩ and me https://t.co/44Gyt8YEIW
RT @julietulbert: For the last 2 weeks, The Daily has used so-called "partial-birth" abortion as a frame to talk about the "extremism… https://t.co/9wTln0fARc
RT @RVAwonk: Trump is reportedly ordering the Pentagon to send 5, 000 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border. That's an increase from i… https://t.co/mj3MbIzze8
RT @Tennesseine: The IRS needs to revoke the #NRA’s tax-exempt status. They are not a non-profit advocacy group; they’re a lobbyist… https://t.co/OingJbZjOu
RT @MuslimIQ: How to claim asylum. Block out all the nonsense you’ve heard. This journalist gets it. https://t.co/Z6C4yARS1H
RT @navi_tavi: Here's the racist Donald Trump showing his true colors. #Pittsburgh https://t.co/ExRps7dgkK
RT @goodoldcatchy: Someone name the migrant caravan Tiffany so Trump never mentions it again.
RT @NellSco: Fat Hitler https://t.co/kIy7slojVb
RT @iamAtheistGirl: doh! 😆 it’s totally true 😆 https://t.co/OPjRDs3ZNF
RT @HeidiHeitkamp: This huge pile of unsold soybeans in Casselton is what the trade war looks like. Our farmers can’t sell their beans… https://t.co/4EAE47znQI
RT @FFRF: BREAKING NEWS. It's official - blasphemy is no longer a crime in the Republic of Ireland after yesterday's referend… https://t.co/JAGTOlP2aV
RT @mrbenwexler: One dead giveaway about the “both sides” argument is... ...only one side keeps making it.
RT @HeidiHeitkamp: Kevin, when asked about the trade war, you said "that's why we have bins." I'd like to see you say that to farmers.… https://t.co/3exULVpCLZ
RT @AshaRangappa_: Was there ever a time when people routinely declined an invitation to meet the President of the United States, rega… https://t.co/FIHHdDBKF1
RT @OMGno2trump: Today the FBI proved two things when they caught the pipe bomb terrorist. - the FBI is the best investigation and l… https://t.co/pT25jVAX4o
RT @eliza_relman: GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart's wife, Maria, said she's concerned by his embrace of the Confederate flag. Sh… https://t.co/nS8T0nNcd8
RT @RogueFirstLady: Is 5 only? https://t.co/wqHRW7m1Hb
RT @repjohnlewis: I fought too long and too hard to end discrimination based on race not to stand up and speak out against discrimina… https://t.co/JEpPZygTq4
RT @TXHiker: My mom has voted Republican for years. This weekend she told me she would be voting for @BetoORourke. I asked her… https://t.co/RkABuTBz27
RT @TerencePlumb: 😳😳😳 https://t.co/81ZrddrlqP
RT @kahuna754: @SyfiliticMadMan @grandoftwo @leopattie @rashonts @BravenakBlog All the leaked emails showed was the DNC knew what… https://t.co/k8it9ZqDCo
RT @ryanlcooper: Obama *massively* ramped up internal deportations and border security. one measure of how pointless this was is not… https://t.co/eN3m3xOcwc
RT @RockShrimp: that he wasn't immediately struck by lightning is probably evidence there's probably no god. https://t.co/LqCD9OIt4p
RT @TrueFactsStated: One is a singer. One is a swinger. Easy mistake. I’ll give him a pass. https://t.co/yTUW1T8E6J
RT @scopedbylarry: Last night @tedcruz told his pathetically small but rabid rally that his opponent should be locked up with Hilary C… https://t.co/oAWZn2ze8G
“I care as much about babies at the border as I do about babies in the womb, ” Tess Clarke https://t.co/qmwQduvXHb
RT @treasonstickers: I believe that McConnell believes he was assaulted, but I believe he was mistaken about who assaulted him https://t.co/9md1OeS93t
RT @SarahBurris: So much for "Tough as Texas" @TedCruz chickens out of CNN town hall with Beto O’Rourke — who’ll appear on his own https://t.co/dxwViq7R85
RT @Maggie_Klaus: Why do me like @tribelaw have to say “I admit it, I like Hillary Clinton” like she’s broccoli and this is a shockin… https://t.co/NsmYZQYBsI
RT @Thatwasmymom: That was my Mom. Sometimes the people we love do things that hurt us without realizing it. Let’s turn this around.… https://t.co/6EtIs9dyQJ
RT @agraybee: @SJGrunewald What's great is that she falsely accused him of something and he had to clear his name because his reputation was destroyed
RT @MadisonSiriusXM: What do you think of this? Let's eliminate Columbus Day as a national holiday. Instead, make Election Day a nationa… https://t.co/caFtTWFAdm
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: One of Trump's biggest tells is that he accuses other of doing the things he himself does. He assumes everyone else… https://t.co/PerZZDP1xk
RT @aravosis: Chip in to thank Sen. Heidi Heitkamp for opposing Brett Kavanaugh. Support women who support women.… https://t.co/HZt73Zqr0b
RT @ErickFernandez: OMG, I can't stop laughing. A @Fire_Ted_Cruz ad making fun of the idea that Ted Cruz is "Tough as Texas" "If some… https://t.co/kfg0jTPJk8
Your virginity is more important than your life https://t.co/pzt3lLaDyb
RT @waltshaub: Saudi Arabia could produce video footage of him leaving its consulate if he was alive and ambulatory when he did it… https://t.co/wLvL1nhm5L
RT @EllenBa23840352: @faryl @juliacarriew @JBomb11 Oh my god Mitch McConnell's son-in-law is a meditation dance instructor. HOW is this not widely known?
RT @juliacarriew: This is the first moment of pure joy I can remember experiencing in quite some time https://t.co/yHmNOkbbGb
RT @TomPerez: What a powerful piece from Emma González. I'm telling you, this young generation will change the culture of our cou… https://t.co/oiY2oQoOLf
RT @PattyArquette: Young people who are on the fence about voting please take into account what might happen to your family if they ca… https://t.co/4uEx4f2kzu
Yeah you did Tay Tay https://t.co/glQ29SePQC
RT @Stop_Trump20: https://t.co/BwS4nVNyRP
RT @GeorgeTakei: Asked about efforts to fund her opponent, @SenatorCollins said, “If our politics has come to the point where people… https://t.co/nT8AIIOj8W
RT @mayawiley: THIS story: “Why the hell is a #Russian bank communicating with a server that belongs to the #TrumpOrganization , a… https://t.co/WRnlelUGno
RT @notcapnamerica: @jdawsey1 https://t.co/hPgWAdlaU3
RT @riotwomennn: This is us. This is what democracy looks like. Moms, daughters, grandmas & our supporters are not a mob. Concern… https://t.co/AzoKDQf1uY
RT @madeleine: Colin Powell, @HillaryClinton, and I used to consult each other when we were Secretaries of State. Watch as Elizabe… https://t.co/95FnqQXvEC
RT @docrocktex26: Of course you’re not surprised by it, you and your sour grape stans intentionally sabotaged the Democratic oppositi… https://t.co/bqDsRWwUlh
RT @tragedythyme: A quick reminder for men: Common events for you can turn into really scary situations for women in a snap. Case i… https://t.co/EKS0VTdwan
RT @tragedythyme: @beatmasterJLS Seriously, why the fuck should we have to have a dryer in the middle of our living room in order to… https://t.co/EaoBVjEtrA
RT @tragedythyme: So men, if you want to be allies, then recognizing that assault is bad is just the minimum. For every sexual assaul… https://t.co/4SsmBv4rqo
RT @CajPaLa: Would you trade #ColumbusDay for "Voting Day" as a national holiday? RT if YES !
RT @krassenstein: I have had dozens of angry Twitter users contact me directly attacking me & asking me what I'd do if I was wrongly… https://t.co/E2T6vk708T
RT @nowthisnews: This brilliant but brutal PSA is trying to motivate young people to vote with some reverse psychology https://t.co/xcTjfyQzQh
RT @RawStory: This website will tell Georgia voters if they were purged -- but they must reregister by Tuesday https://t.co/C2NS0vx4ab
RT @guardian: Indian schoolgirls beaten for resisting boys' sexual advances https://t.co/vldFzLXnXg
One of the most incredible things I’ve ever read https://t.co/6GoeXwKYgo
RT @kjoerwin: Bernie Sanders Blames Hillary Clinton For Allowing 2016 Russian Meddling Please #UnFollow me #MuteMe or outright… https://t.co/o1kPkG4wfG
RT @LMplusG: Yes! @JRubinBlogger is right! Hillary supporters have been saying for some time – and the data supports this – that… https://t.co/D5g7XMp2ac
RT @bryanbehar: Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse and Susan Collins all wanted bipartisan thoughtfulness points for their public hand-wringing.… https://t.co/GbZRWHO9hF
RT @jkornack: @MalcolmNance Make America Great Again should be the slogan of the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.
RT @EdKrassen: Here are Democratic Senators who need your help in the upcoming midterms. Please follow and VOTE! @SenBillNelson -… https://t.co/TYmDMH45Fg
RT @TheDailyEdge: Remember when @JeffFlake said he would change his vote on #Kavanaugh if he could be shown proof that #KavanaughLied… https://t.co/lLtB2S4vUR
RT @Amy_Siskind: I am making a choice. I am choosing instead of rising above or putting away my anger as women are socialized to do, … https://t.co/3f5MEZDVyF
RT @Amy_Siskind: The GOP branding something “happened” to Dr Ford but it wasn’t Kavanaugh is one of the most diabolical messages eve… https://t.co/UjSwXU0dMD
RT @ClaraJeffery: One member of the GOP Judiciary Committee is up for reelection in 33 days: Ted Cruz.
@SenatorBooker no mannouncements please. https://t.co/vDIuq0KMQo
RT @CultOfEh: Your inability to make sense of “reason” without the use of a supernatural crutch to explain away the parts you can… https://t.co/jLMn6JPkjJ
RT @PaulaCobia: https://t.co/mP1Hn8nc64
RT @jordanwfisher_: WHO PAID THE $200, 000 DEBT OFF WHO PAID THE $200, 000 DEBT OFF WHO PAID THE $200, 000 DEBT OFF WHO PAID THE $200, 000… https://t.co/qRQI3D73PS
RT @PaulaCobia: https://t.co/lA7iWBes9b
RT @goldengateblond: “Collins made me realize there would be no moderates to lead conservatives out of the rubble of the Trump era.” ⁦ https://t.co/X7gJrtHT3L
RT @inglamwetrust: This is my #EvergreenTweet for the duration of the horrific Trump regime. #Resist https://t.co/G2i1U2idmv
RT @RedloraineV: @Ange_Amene I made this because I was so frustrated coming up against the same hurdles trying to talk to other whit… https://t.co/fuMJgW34xN
RT @Ange_Amene: 1/ So last night at dinner we got into the conversation about what white women can do to move white women in the direction of listening...
RT @LOLGOP: FYI: Saying, “I believe Dr. Ford but I have a better idea of who assaulted her than she does” isn’t a great way to support survivors
RT @dianelyssa: You CANNOT register to vote online in Texas. If you "registered to vote" online and you're a Texas resident, the mo… https://t.co/xxrbN1kuTC
RT @dianelyssa: “Love the people who are largely, actively, and gleefully working to ruin your life. Love the people who shamed an… https://t.co/2wlMKNCzpj
RT @RosenforNevada: Senator Heller just voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. Today marks exactly ONE MONTH until Election Day and we need… https://t.co/sRmF3i3Ob8
RT @Amy_Siskind: This week I donated to: @sharicedavids @DelgadoforNY19 for Congress, @AndrewGillum for Gov, and with treatment of D… https://t.co/sP0jpmanUk
RT @NickKristof: Saudi Arabia is believed to have murdered and dismembered the brave Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Here are the… https://t.co/FRuR5nHxAz
RT @VABVOX: Worth noting that THREE of the #GOP men on the Senate Judiciary Committee--Grassley, Flake and Sasse--do not have l… https://t.co/TE1AcF8Ud4
RT @dceiver: I don't think it's controversial to say that what Collins wanted to do with her speech wasn't simply to support Kav… https://t.co/XQz9M5lsJr
RT @joanwalsh: With all due respect to those reporting this: have you confirmed in any way that Republican senators got credible d… https://t.co/oIbGx2AxGv
I fricking love Joan Walsh https://t.co/MpCYC4NOiz
RT @politico: The former dean of Yale Law School: Kavanaugh's “very presence will undermine the court’s claim to legitimacy; it w… https://t.co/9SQrp4UeaO
RT @SaysHummingbird: THIS. HEADLINE. HITS. THE. NAIL. ON. THE. HEAD ---> Susan Collins stabs women in the back for her fellow Republican… https://t.co/G7dyCqOk7r
RT @RVAwonk: Why is Susan Collins so fixated on the presumption of innocence? You don't have to believe Kavanaugh is guilty to b… https://t.co/mWrmwSIPfg
RT @NormOrnstein: Collins called for Franken to resign without an ethics hearing and investigation. Her concern for due process and p… https://t.co/MdGZTp2MJo
RT @MarinaHyde: My bit on Ronaldo / Kavanaugh / Trump / John Maynard Keynes / Adam Smith / incels https://t.co/cxoLcDaoZc
RT @jruggiero86: @HawaiiDelilah https://t.co/w4Y9xdnavn
RT @ericgarland: <THREAD> You want to talk Sen. Susan Collins' vote on #Kavanaugh? Let's talk about her husband, lobbyist Thomas Da… https://t.co/oUWV7K19XP
RT @TrialLawyerRich: Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins just cast a vote to put an accused sexual abuser of women onto the Supreme C… https://t.co/lt6Rb4FmbA
RT @CNNPolitics: The effort to unseat Sen. Susan Collins in 2020 is already underway https://t.co/1wC4VXqrXy https://t.co/nVX635PImJ
RT @sarahcwestwood: George W Bush called Sen. Susan Collins several times over the past few weeks, a source tells @jeffzeleny. While Bu… https://t.co/2kIg3yk4co
RT @7im: 2018 Candidates Voting for Kavanaugh Hyde-Smith - MS Wicker - MS Fischer - NE Heller - NV Cruz - TX Manchin - WV Barrasso - WY
RT @feministabulous: except the one who did a sworn testimony under oath. https://t.co/phaiQ1mnc3
RT @Lmo66Olson: # NO More Racists/rapist/sexual assaulter in POWER!! https://t.co/MhKNv5XLfs
RT @paolamendoza: I was in the Senate Gallery as @SenatorCollins spoke her words of betrayal. You have made your alligence clear Co… https://t.co/AJ2FZ0Vfz6
RT @NatashaBertrand: .@RepSwalwell (in Devin Nunes’ hometown paper): Nunes buried evidence on Russian meddling to protect Trump. I know… https://t.co/Lr6gUDxhgX
RT @AwardsDaily: Let this be a wake up call to the millennials who were tricked into voting against their best interests in 2016 by… https://t.co/bMwSYBPrLO
RT @AngryBlackLady: Imagine holding yourself out as being pro-choice and pro women’s rights and then giving this speech, which is essen… https://t.co/AcwkrR3uD5
RT @girlsreallyrule: I have never been more insulted by the behavior of another woman as much as I am right now with Susan Collins and t… https://t.co/QqI8TSEEEO
RT @LOLGOP: Jeff Flakes week of posing as courageous was so worthless that it impressed Ben Sasse.
RT @NateSilver538: Really wish we had some recent **non-partisan** polling in Maine.
RT @brianefallon: Heidi Heitkamp and Lisa Murkowski won't get a fraction of the coverage Flake got for last week's pause, but they sh… https://t.co/tohdNJxg52
@SenatorCollins my mom calls BULLSHIT on you.
RT @chick_in_kiev: idk if you know this but a ton of women were occupying the Hart building today while you were tweeting this https://t.co/JhAJT1Linc
RT @davidhogg111: Dozens of men are being arrested in D.C. right now for protesting Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Imagine if our Senato… https://t.co/AUlEZUfO94
RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: Susan Collins will not be elected again. Hope she knows that.
RT @IanSams: Is Senator Collins just going to completely ignore the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh and his tempera… https://t.co/T04tGZ9vlF
RT @Hegemommy: Susan Collins voting for Kavanaugh is the perfect snapshot of white women bringing Trump and his administration over the finish line.
RT @importantmeagan: also it’s wild that we never got to the bottom of Kavanaugh’s six-figure “baseball debt” that disappeared overnight
RT @shondarhimes: Mhm. This is my #FridayFeeling. https://t.co/Y2Y8xkXu6d
RT @MSNBC: .@MaddowBlog: Alaska's Lisa Murkowski jolted the political world a bit, voting not to advance Brett Kavanaugh's Sup… https://t.co/mg2V8dTAHR
RT @RonanFarrow: “I feel like I’m being silenced." The FBI declined to interview primary witnesses related to the Kavanaugh allegati… https://t.co/VGFmVeDK5M
RT @MarisaKabas: did he bring his own turtle food https://t.co/CQIwnu0To3
RT @MsMagazine: "The Senate must vote against Brett Kavanaugh, and we must continue to challenge the culture of toxic masculinity a… https://t.co/CWjQ39UIOi
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: I miss when October was filled with scary things that *weren't* McConnell, Graham, Cruz, Hatch, Grassley, Kavanaugh… https://t.co/a9Blip9k1N
RT @washingtonpost: Trump is convincing men they are the "true victims" of #MeToo movement, says a serious Trevor Noah https://t.co/WXCy91OwKZ
RT @irin: Chutzpah thy name is Biden https://t.co/Mv6ntEl1Ly
RT @RachelPiermari1: @ArletteSaenz @JoeBiden Appreciate Mr. Biden but he has a way to fix this legacy. He could lead a charge to get Tho… https://t.co/viTExS3Mup
RT @HeidiHeitkamp: That’s why I voted for Justice Gorsuch, and that’s why I’m voting no on Judge Kavanaugh. You’ll probably hear a lot… https://t.co/ILIu71bv0G
RT @keanothedog: @kylegriffin1 #StopKavanaughNow https://t.co/DleFoTt4CK
RT @kathygriffin: FUCK YOU @ChuckGrassley FUCK YOU @OrrinHatch FUCK YOU @JohnCornyn FUCK YOU @ThomTillis FUCK YOU @SenMikeLee FU… https://t.co/TbzAl7B5Bx
RT @kasie: There are people drinking PBR from red Solo cups outside Mitch McConnell’s house at this early hour. They are chanting “I like beer.”
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote @jack. Your platform is over run by Bots. Two years later and another key Election and it just keep… https://t.co/VyyWWVkuwW
RT @paulwaldman1: By the way, 36 hours ago we learned that the president engaged in a years-long conspiracy to commit tax fraud on a… https://t.co/GWf9squ5Md
RT @mattmfm: American political parties, in summary: Democrats learn of sexual assault allegations and become less supportive.… https://t.co/J5VciDIXRt
RT @MSNBC: A Yale classmate of Brett Kavanaugh says the FBI did not return his phone call after he tried to provide the agency… https://t.co/hIbYKm6LJF
.@SenatorHeitkamp Thank you for doing the right thing. Just donated $50 via @actblue https://t.co/kfBAanQoZ9
RT @marinmaven: @renato_mariotti @CheriJacobus Time to fund Collins’ Opponent’s war chest for 2020. Help us cross the 2 million mar… https://t.co/qbPWSl3svG
RT @goldengateblond: She's losing by more than 10 points in recent polling, so props to @HeidiHeitkamp for doing what's right instead of… https://t.co/j0O9AaJmK7
RT @SenatorHeitkamp: My statement on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh: https://t.co/exZcK78JtF
RT @IronStache: Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. Repeatedly. .@realDonaldTrump might not care, but the American people sure do. https://t.co/rHKLP3bnRo
RT @Amy_Siskind: And in the end, they silenced her. The FBI did not even interview the victim. Never forget the courage of this hero… https://t.co/wPwv8enq9g
RT @HillaryClinton: .@JasonKander’s openness and honesty about his PTSD is a service to his fellow vets and the rest of us, too. Wishin… https://t.co/R3DATWP1XI
RT @judgebobsmith: Where Brett Kavanaugh lost me: A conservative former appeals judge explains why he turned against the nominee https://t.co/1DNumiyVm2
RT @KaylieEHanson: Approaching the Capitol with THOUSANDS of women to #cancelkavanaugh #stopkavanaugh https://t.co/SlQ5T2Wbvq
RT @Stonekettle: Religion, mostly. https://t.co/qfJpm7OpCM
RT @rudepundit: Gotta say - a vagenda of manocide is looking pretty good about now.
RT @ACLU: Say it with us: Sexual assault is not the fault of the survivor. https://t.co/fRkZhGZV8p
RT @gregolear: This Kavanaugh thing is far from over. The press MUST continue to report on the allegations: the sexual assault all… https://t.co/Jx25UdP8q5
RT @maydaymindy9: My husbands Republican friend is stopping over I’m hiding in the bathroom all I have is my phone with me and one of my dogs help
RT @4everNeverTrump: We aren't criticizing the FBI's investigation. We know FBI agents thoroughly questioned the NINE PEOPLE they were a… https://t.co/PcfHJTgRbj
RT @peoplefor: “Vote them out!” #StopKavanaugh #Kavanaugh #BelieveSurvivors #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh https://t.co/N0zT4kLrLj
RT @AmandiOnAir: Promise that you will BOYCOTT & SHUN any book publisher, media outlet, or speakers bureau that attempts to give a p… https://t.co/rPDbRqtrYc
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Best sign in DC today: “Devil’s Triangle: McConnell-Trump-Kavanaugh”
RT @KellyHeyboer: Within hours of my story w/ @SusanKLivio publishing, #Rutgers drops its two-year rule. If you were sexually harasse… https://t.co/syFVU15T5h
RT @FullFrontalSamB: This is not a request. https://t.co/THzfkRsNP6
RT @DogginTrump: All you peeps protesting in Washington D.C. right now against Judge Kavanaugh's nomination, I FUCKING LOVE YOU!
RT @johnpavlovitz: “To Young Women of America, You don’t matter. You are the acceptable collateral damage of our misogyny and entitl… https://t.co/0vq4PRP60d
@neiljohnmiller @HelenBrosnan Bet you’re also worried for your sons but not your daughters huh? How about a real investigation?
RT @HelenBrosnan: The entire hallway is in tears. We are at a moment in history where women have to repeat their trauma to the masses… https://t.co/mgsLLxTx1J
RT @SunflowerSoul71: I am in a good mood. Can you tell? LOL The ONLY people who tried to save us from trump and all that is happen… https://t.co/ZC4PELekO0
RT @JuddLegum: Grassley confirms that FBI was blocked from interviewing Ford & Kavanaugh. Claims that the hearing, where Kavanau… https://t.co/TPDOLLPfuo
RT @civilrightsorg: We’re watching. We’re marching. We’re fighting back. To #CancelKavanaugh. And we’re not going anywhere. https://t.co/t5mXQJp27k
RT @minakaji1: #CancelKavanaugh protest underway- demonstrators planning to march to the U.S. Supreme Court https://t.co/P7qijwaoPj
RT @CarolynBMaloney: Senators should think about how history will judge them. There is plenty of evidence that #Kavanaugh is unfit for… https://t.co/C2zdW5i2bZ
RT @JerryDMayer: In essence, Garland showed how extremely qualified he was for the Supreme Court by handling his obscene treatment b… https://t.co/4k9DKa9Mo9
RT @SenFeinstein: The terrible treatment of Dr. Ford and Ms. Ramirez by Senate Republicans tells every woman in this country to keep… https://t.co/ZLJ0epeys1
RT @NicholasFerroni: Dear @realDonaldTrump, I polled my male students and NONE OF THEM (0%) felt scared about being falsely accused of… https://t.co/6A4kyUTASd
RT @StevenLHall1: “There is..nothing more painful and upsetting to Donald Trump..than the suggestion that he is not as rich as he say… https://t.co/5IMskzUlyO
RT @Amy_Siskind: This to me is the biggest story of the week: Kavanaugh sent texts to Yale classmates ahead of the Ramirez story bre… https://t.co/r5gFOjLz4U
RT @lrozen: wow. per Feinstein, WH confirming not allowing FBI to interview Ford or Kavanaugh? https://t.co/nKbYEja3SP
RT @witliftin: Nominating a rapist to the Supreme Court so you can stop rape victims from getting an abortion is peak Republicanism
RT @AmandaK_B: Keep calling!!! @SenatorCollins, R-ME 207-622-8414 or 202-224-2523 @lisamurkowski, R-AL 907-271-3735 or 202-224-6… https://t.co/hz5MrLoAMY
RT @KenKalfus: A detail the Times missed: in 1965, when my dad was opening his dry cleaning store in Trump Village, he had to slip… https://t.co/KBsKLiZYoU
RT @RobinH2222: @aravosis #HellHathNoFury, #Enough, https://t.co/svuIa7ZfnJ
RT @maxwellcyoung: Such an important piece by @MonicaMedinaDC. A must read. https://t.co/jMWCfyeOBp
RT @dennisdiclaudio: Can we hurry up with that white genocide please? https://t.co/VBd8R2MJ34
RT @LOLGOP: A guy whose whole political career is based on accusing people of invented crimes is telling his fans to worry about false allegations.
RT @NatashaBertrand: Intriguing detail: Rachel Mitchell appeared to still be working for the Republicans as of Monday, according to a co… https://t.co/EZtS7JpEJx
RT @peterdaou: To any reporter or editor tempted to ask "Has #MeToo gone too far?" ... don't do it. It's nothing but a GOP anti-woman talking point.
RT @EricBoehlert: i'm an outlier https://t.co/VQesBzdMbS
RT @jedshug: How do you feel about this direct attack on Prof Ford and “Lock her up” chants directed at her, @JeffFlake… https://t.co/E1zpIu5NYs
RT @SethAbramson: MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Please read (and RETWEET ASAP, as time is short now) this new witness statement against Kavana… https://t.co/KapT1ICp2l
RT @battletested5: The Fred Trump story was always there for journalists to investigate 4th Estate could have EASILY done this shit b… https://t.co/dcTBUFR48z
RT @JohnBechard: I don’t want any fucking text messages from Trump.
RT @joshscampbell: Yikes. WaPo's @GregPMiller describes a tense moment from 2016 involving a CIA director trying to sound the alarm on… https://t.co/nAr125xFvj
RT @jilevin: "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."… https://t.co/YNHeg68UrB
RT @JenGranholm: Lotta chatter: If Kavanaugh knew about Ramirez story well before it broke, texted friends to help him minimize it, … https://t.co/ZwNcxX6ccu
RT @digitalmaiden: @MikeDelMoro 99.9% of the women in America knew BK's outburst on Thursday was because he was caught.... not because… https://t.co/iAA3N80uQG
RT @axidentaliberal: RAPED. Is it not enough that we revile them as criminals? Is it not enough that we rip them from the arms of thei… https://t.co/mmnyGZN45t
RT @mattkatz00: Trump Administration jailed an immigrant child for 25 days in a chain-link holding pen without a bed or shower. https://t.co/SkLs8Uixp3
RT @ScottMStedman: Twice now my source who knew Kavanaugh in high school and refutes his testimony has called the FBI major case numbe… https://t.co/BjFbqiGKTz
RT @krassenstein: Sean Hagan Jeremiah Hanafin Mark Judge Thomas Kane Brett Kavanaugh Leland Keyser Keith Koegler Dr. Mark Krasberg Be… https://t.co/hP9PCEiCTg
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have just sent this list of 24 witnesses to the FBI's Ch… https://t.co/Xom2kVjEUc
RT @DisavowTrump20: BREAKING: President Obama has endorsed Democrat Sharice Davids for Congress in Kansas’s 3rd district where she is p… https://t.co/J0WB0Um1Zn
RT @riotwomennn: "I have argued to you that when you found that a judge was a perjurer, you couldn’t in good conscience send him bac… https://t.co/v74HDBfDrw
RT @DanielleMuscato: Ladies, a question for you: "What would you do if all men had a 9pm curfew?" Dudes: Read the replies and pay atte… https://t.co/DCf3VBKngS
RT @DisavowTrump20: BREAKING: Democrat Laura Kelly is in a statistical tie with Trump puppet Kris Kobach for the Governor’s race in dee… https://t.co/azIdjCaO6Y
RT @plettre: My friend wrote this to @BenSasse. Shared w/ her permission. "I implore you to consult your younger self, the 20-… https://t.co/CVLi49SpKj
RT @PeoplesCourt79: Interesting how the same ones who are so concerned with their daughters being assaulted in public bathrooms have no… https://t.co/9nxFqtF10v
RT @illuminator99: None of this should have happened the way that it did. Thanking Christine Blasey Ford for her bravery is the least… https://t.co/pmQaWbOU53
RT @RepMaxineWaters: Hurray for the courageous women who confronted Sen. Flake! They are without a doubt the reason Sen. Flake joined De… https://t.co/6xWY1yBzMA
RT @resisterhood: A lot of white women were tweeting during the hearing Thursday that Rachel Mitchell believed Dr. Ford and was execu… https://t.co/HAfNkhGGAJ
RT @sarahwoodwriter: Bam. Trump can pardon the lot of them and they have nothing to fear from state's attorneys. We're all looking at t… https://t.co/bE7R2grsNh
RT @sarahwoodwriter: At stakes is the "separate sovereigns" exception to double jeopardy. If he (and the other 4 conservative judges) vo… https://t.co/kMPspXdyzi
RT @sarahwoodwriter: On next month's SCOTUS docket is Gamble vs US. No 17-646. This is what the rush is about. Yes, they want him to ove… https://t.co/6w1f8rMUVS
RT @JohnAmato: The way Kavanaugh acted to both female Senators during the hearing "sober" was instructive. Imagine him drunk with… https://t.co/43GEAyDhvx
RT @MelissaJPeltier: There’s a good reason why McConnell - the savviest & sneakiest power player alive today - warned Trump/GOP NOT to n… https://t.co/BgEe38DyBC
RT @matthewstoller: 1. Kavanaugh's clearly on display anger and pain was quite confusing to millions of Americans. Many saw authenticit… https://t.co/0onM0D1055
RT @JGordon337: Thank you, @SenFeinstein. Thank you, @SenatorLeahy. Thank you, @DickDurbin. Thank you, @SenWhitehouse. Thank you, … https://t.co/PwHnTb6qvG
RT @sharpo7: @adilbinaslam @EarnKnowledge https://t.co/IVR3hXmHH3
RT @ATC330R: 150, 000 years of human history. 2500 gods to choose from. Not a single piece of evidence to offer for any of them. https://t.co/UxsIxsVDaq
RT @jilevin: "Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it's not a problem for you personally." https://t.co/AFbX9dj4Fr
RT @goodoldcatchy: There are people kicking up a fuss about due process and false accusations of sexual assault against men. I'm 40.… https://t.co/ShQQOKLPMN
RT @riotwomennn: REMINDER: Anyone with tips or leads that can help the FBI with the sexual assault investigation of Kavanagh or Ma… https://t.co/iCU0XFZB8A
RT @cmclymer: Divorce your Republican husbands. Pass it on.
RT @1pissedPolack: I don’t ask for retweets, I’m making an exception. Since the FBI was forbidden from contacting Safeway about Mark J… https://t.co/k1ss7oDTFR
RT @TheStableGenuis: Anyone who worked at the Potomac Maryland Safeway in the early 80s and you have info regarding Mark judge or anythi… https://t.co/PYOKQhJD1e
RT @roseperson: Imagine if we made these demands of people who were shot, stabbed. So many people simply don't see sexual assault a… https://t.co/t974AKUDl2
RT @simpson_patia: Attention, good people. I *NEVER* ask for retweets but I’m asking now. We NEED to find people who worked with Mar… https://t.co/7K6EW4z1RT
RT @AdamParkhomenko: For all the credit @ChrisCuomo gave to @JeffFlake last night I hope Cuomo will dedicate time to asking whether Jeff… https://t.co/xigDFSTJQi
RT @CNNPolitics: Parkland father Fred Guttenberg to Brett Kavanaugh: "Your life and family are not ruined" https://t.co/587gZ67gZA https://t.co/cNw3Ua4FuE
RT @HRC: .@realDonaldTrump and @mike_pence have been trying to erase the #LGBTQ community ever since they stepped foot in th… https://t.co/s9KDgTUNYt
RT @hilaryr: This. @amyklobuchar was impressive. More dignified than I would have been after #BrettKavanuagh tried unsuccessfull… https://t.co/46Mnbotr2U
RT @SethAbramson: Was there "sexual license" at the huge Georgetown Prep parties Kavanaugh attended in the 1980s, as Julie Swetnick a… https://t.co/C4o4zZPPE7
RT @AdamsFlaFan: The Kavanaugh Hearings in Cartoons https://t.co/dNoh57y45l
RT @JenAshleyWright: I'm so glad @harpersbazaarus let me write about what a world without safe, accessible abortions actually looks like https://t.co/62iALRxnfX
RT @behindyourback: I've been assaulted. I've also been not assaulted. The difference didn't seem to be what I was wearing, how flirty… https://t.co/E7f9gpmyKy
RT @PPMW_DC: “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” -Audre Lorde… https://t.co/kTO9MSNBRI
RT @Susan_Hennessey: Klobuchar is one of the most impressive sitting senators. When people discuss 2020 names they usually talk about so… https://t.co/b256T3q7vg
RT @riotwomennn: Attention! Georgetown Prep men emerge and speak out! Thank you! "A call to action from alumni of Georgetown Prep… https://t.co/TfSgP6u4uL
RT @stonecold2050: https://t.co/8nNRjSOfUj
RT @Chris_PSM: @joshtpm https://t.co/nR7bXbjFsO
RT @em_bee_kay: I've never wished so hard that Alyssa Milano was a real witch. https://t.co/Oqaw7210eq
RT @VABVOX: Folks gave me a time for reminding people this guy got us into two wars, but this is what Bush2 does when he's not… https://t.co/bge8LGj20h
RT @Sifill_LDF: This is essential to remember: in 2006 the ABA downgraded Kavanaugh from “well qualified” to “qualified, ” citing pr… https://t.co/dSdhaTC4mH
RT @slack2thefuture: @newtgingrich Um... you... you know you’re NEWT GINGRICH, right? I mean, google “newt gingrich 1990s” and just read… https://t.co/d1JDTnD3iY
RT @TimOBrien: "He lied even when he didn't have to lie. He lied in preposterous ways easily disproven by common sense." https://t.co/JjuA1DSOob
RT @DelaneyMiller2: This is one of the most empowering yet heartbreaking images I have ever seen. Thankful to have witnessed this momen… https://t.co/kREdoU3XEj
RT @page88: .⁦@Millicentsomer⁩ on toxic homosociality: Most high-profile [#MeToo] stories feature a man & woman alone. Kav accu… https://t.co/0xAMjD2W7x
RT @PBandKelley: At 17 a guy lead me to a dark room at a party hiding a group of men that wanted to gang rape me. We began kissing u… https://t.co/OrP4shol0w
RT @adrienneleigh: In 1975 the women of Iceland went on strike. Completely on strike. No paid work, no housework, no childcare. It las… https://t.co/coLXYEeO3Z
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: The Giving Tree is the story of a man who exploits a woman until she fucking dies it should be called The Patreearchy
RT @CharlesPPierce: On a week in which I lost respect for a lot of people. I gained a lot for Amy Klobuchar.
RT @melissaFTW: The thing that kills me about people who question the timing of Kavanaugh’s victims: It IS about timing. I don’t wa… https://t.co/GtZx2igUo2
RT @marnieg1967: @abigaildisney @rmayemsinger Yep in one way or another, every woman has seen this face
RT @abigaildisney: 1) In all seriousness, let me say this. I feel for Dr Ford, I have experienced sexual assault. But nothing today h… https://t.co/ogUWKA2q5k
RT @prchovanec: Who will tell Lord Vader that the Rebel ship got away? https://t.co/8hI8iFoTgy
RT @atrupar: Cruz obliviously argues that if Kavanaugh was really a sexual predator, there would likely be multiple allegations… https://t.co/5Sw7TINnsX
RT @JimKeithleyWMTW: Crowd of protestors continues to grow outside Senator Susan Collins’ Portland office. ⁦@WMTWTV⁩ https://t.co/fIX4Q0ofKq
Did Flake just get up, tap Coons on the shoulder and walk out with him?? Maybe the protestors had an impact...
.@tedcruz Even @ChuckGrassley is tired of hearing you #KavanaghHearing #KavanaughConfirmationHearings #KavanaughFord #KavanaughVote
RT @HillaryClinton: Donald Trump refuses to be subject to the law. The legitimacy of our elections is in doubt. The president is waging… https://t.co/Xrly8kwwMK
RT @susie_meister: White, straight, Christian men are scared to death of being treated the way they’ve treated every other group throu… https://t.co/NviIGksfHN
RT @ananavarro: This entire: “I do believe something happened to Dr. Ford, but I don’t believe it was Kavanaugh” defense is so ridi… https://t.co/fxIOLasRZl
RT @TheRaDR: "Every woman has a well-stocked arsenal of anger potentially useful against those oppressions, personal and institu… https://t.co/4fPPiuGAfU
RT @Mimirocah1: This is the point @SenWhitehouse was arguing. https://t.co/YL7pCwP1Zo
RT @sarahkendzior: Please watch this all the way through. What these women are saying is so important. https://t.co/B5mBz2Y1jT
RT @HunkyGayJesus: It’s Friday, My Sheeple. God help us. https://t.co/MlCpjPfSaP
RT @Evan_McMullin: Kavanaugh’s 1982 calendar details a July 1st drinking gathering at a friend’s house with two people who Dr. Ford al… https://t.co/WwCcDNdihH
RT @atrupar: HARRIS: You've said you think Ford's allegation is part of a left-wing plot. If that's the case, then why didn't Ne… https://t.co/E6xCSBxfEk
RT @AmandaMarcotte: I hope this disgraceful exchange about “God” demonstrates exactly how much Christianity is not about morality or de… https://t.co/KTqUZ9ltPI
RT @EmmyA2: 1) This is amazing 2) The teens are alright 3) W! O! M! E! N! 4) Something especially gut-punching about seeing… https://t.co/LApZ1eIPRw
RT @AmandaMarcotte: Here you go, America. This is what women are talking about when they talk about emotional abuse like gaslighting an… https://t.co/q6unvGwlAv
RT @HunterDK: Lying rape-enabling pieces of shit, every one of them. https://t.co/29nxNbfOtr
RT @jbview: Dems should be making this absolutely clear. https://t.co/1Fu0aIeU0L
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: Senator Graham is complaining that he felt ambushed by the allegations against Kavanaugh. You know who felt ambushe… https://t.co/lDCsFDJmFZ
RT @girlsreallyrule: Kavanaugh is showing all of the country how disrespectful he's growing. Also, his explanations about "devil's trian… https://t.co/96iHwb42zv
RT @AndreaChalupa: When I confronted the man who sexually assaulted me, he cried just like Kavanaugh.
RT @rhondaconn: #Kavanaugh was extremely disrespectful to @amyklobuchar . That is how he speaks to women apparently. All eyes are… https://t.co/kM62YJfqct
RT @WilDonnelly: Lindsey Graham, who is no longer at the hearing, just told reporters that Republicans will make up false sexual ass… https://t.co/SY2RL7mKul
RT @ThePlumLineGS: Entitled, petulant, frustrated @LindseyGrahamSC can shed all the fake tears of outrage that he wants. He can't e… https://t.co/xXxgF51Hb1
I agree with Senator Graham. This is hell. And Lindsey Graham is the devil #KavanaughFord
RT @RockShrimp: https://t.co/w73VyOEaVm
RT @joshtpm: Kavanaugh yells at Sen Feinstein and avoids her question about an FBI background check. https://t.co/AFQmfIR6Qf
RT @aravosis: Yes https://t.co/kdmr5dCKX9
Why is he mad at Madison Square Garden?!?! #KavanaughHearings
BECAUSE SHE GOT AWAY! "I never had sexual intercourse" #KavanaughHearings
RT @NormOrnstein: Actually, it answers many questions about his objectivity on the Court. And helps to explain why Trump picked him. https://t.co/fZYMW9A3vs
RT @BettyBowers: Dr. Ford saying the worst thing was the laughter is both heartbreaking and confirmation that she's telling the truth. #KavanaughHearings
RT @c_cauterucci: why was Renate important enough to make Kavanaugh's yearbook but not his tearful list of lady friend names
RT @neeratanden: At this point who doesn’t think that Dr. Ford would make a better Supreme Court Justice than this guy?
RT @JesseCharlesLee: Point of fact: Keyser also said she believes Dr. Ford. https://t.co/i6qYuTew2Z
RT @speechboy71: Brett Kavanaugh helped write the Starr Report. He wanted Bill Clinton subjected to the most personal, sexual questi… https://t.co/u6wxTu8qTw
Can I get a witness? https://t.co/gsFWrPqmfX
RT @Wonkette: He's LOSING IT CRYING because he kept calendars because his DADDY kept calendars and this makes him CRY because DAD… https://t.co/BLyr8M0BrQ
RT @hannahsmothers_: https://t.co/Cs3ogHI3ak
That was point #1?? #KavanaughHearings
RT @EricBoehlert: this is his weakest argument: Ford never came forward while i had big gov't jobs. none of them come close to serv… https://t.co/mGBUVDVnGV
RT @sarahkendzior: Kavanaugh's unhinged, entitled rage is making it easy to imagine him grabbing a teenage girl, throwing her on a bed… https://t.co/RdG5flUtzT
RT @mattmfm: The visual contrast is striking. https://t.co/R9BeCZ6j2L
RT @emptywheel: Golly. Really hard to imagine this red faced screamer is a violent drunk.
RT @akarl_smith: Interesting bit from @emmaogreen's report in @TheAtlantic on Rachel Mitchell's questioning of Christine Blasey Ford… https://t.co/S3CTD9Hlzh
.@ChuckGrassley BRENT? #kavanaughhearings
BECAUSE SHE GOT AWAY. https://t.co/2x8xjYxzrL
RT @AmyAbroad: Doing my makeup on the train this morning and a random man told me he likes women to have a more natural look. I to… https://t.co/ItHzCHhkHq
RT @BravenakBlog: Since Bernie is running in 2020, I have a few things I'd like cleared up: Where are your final FEC filings and ful… https://t.co/1whsmaMhHZ
RT @SyriaCivilDef: We are sadden of the news that "Sobhiya Alsa'ad" was killed along with several members of her family after aerial b… https://t.co/vPdRB4oxmQ
RT @wokeluisa: Friendly reminder: don't forget to delete one hour from the Trump presidency at 2 AM
RT @PersuasivePR: In case you needed something else to give you insomnia. https://t.co/BhTL3OXKTn https://t.co/sCaf8F1gQD
RT @USATODAY: She was 11 when she was forced to marry her rapist, and she has worked for six years to ban child marriages in Flor… https://t.co/G81AXKR5CS
RT @armandodkos: Again Bernie lost the OPEN primary in Texas by 65-32. I don’t get it. https://t.co/83MmXXRrzB
RT @sam_bova: To students who fear the consequences that come with participating in the school walkout: never be afraid to do wha… https://t.co/voQfjbvJeg
RT @EdKrassen: I’m calling it now. During the midterms when President Trump realizes that Democrats are about to take the house, … https://t.co/eZGcU82Ef0
RT @EdKrassen: @Emma4Change Great merchandise for a great cause.
RT @girlsreallyrule: UPDATE: Ms. Kathy will be doing a show at the @kennedycenter! Can't wait! https://t.co/dEcMSLqqCs
RT @wokeluisa: Martin Shkreli went to jail for defrauding investors and not for raising a life saving drug from $13 to over $700… https://t.co/UoCHUlRgYM
RT @NYinLA2121: Dana Loesch: “Any Gun Control measures should be left to the states.” The state of Florida passes gun control meas… https://t.co/4Rlobwbexs
This would affect workers of non traditional shifts as well as people who must cover child care. All folks who are… https://t.co/U2Pnno2J6D
Oh. It’s true and sad and sick. https://t.co/WrvSm4XCGw
RT @Ange_Amene: For 2 years I've read and watched many people analyze what Democrats need to do to win in 2020 and the answer has n… https://t.co/G05NsWMKcb
RT @KaraCalavera: I'm not sure why the Democratic party keeps listening to a guy who (1) is not a Democrat and (2) was supported by R… https://t.co/eo0AcHhoMf
RT @Ange_Amene: Diane Fienstein doesn't need the endorsement of Bernie Sanders. In fact it's the best thing she could ask for. He… https://t.co/QlAmcfbbW0
RT @tedlieu: My letter to the NRA asking the organization to explain if there are any Kremlin links. NRA officials can put this… https://t.co/a9t2BdyH0n
RT @ACLU: BREAKING: We filed a national class-action lawsuit against the Trump administration for forcibly separating parents and young children
RT @AP_Politics: Awkward. The federal government has been advising a Jersey Shore beach town on plans to build a pier and start a fe… https://t.co/6RAPGKFPU3
RT @AGSchneiderman: .@realDonaldTrump’s plan to turn over New York’s coast to Big Oil threatens our environment, our economy, and the h… https://t.co/ESYQabu5f9
RT @B52Malmet: Every single one of these Republicans is a traitor to democracy, willing to trash a criminal investigation into the… https://t.co/8vzkIapVSt
RT @Amy_Siskind: US ambassador to Panama resigns: “I resigned because the traditional core values of the US, as manifested in the pr… https://t.co/OIthhf6yYM
RT @xLiserx: I once climbed down the side of a mountain to rescue a man who’d been in a car accident. He rolled down his window… https://t.co/Zd7McFe9oI
RT @johnfkirby63: Asked by lawmakers to assess US gov’t response to Russian cyber threats, EUCOM commander says, "I don't believe the… https://t.co/9C32JVHIKg
RT @CarolynEllis5: @TheAtlantic @NatashaBertrand Every man who stands by Trump is either a sex offender or a sex offender sympathizers… https://t.co/cv9CNDEwZO
RT @joanwalsh: God bless you Fred Guttenberg. I'm sorry for your loss. You, not @DLoesch, will have the last word. https://t.co/NemCAEY4TW
RT @HillaryPix: “Secretary Clinton has provided a model of what it takes to transform society, often under scrutiny: tireless effor… https://t.co/6IPvHHvPv5
RT @paulwaldman1: That seems like it might be significant. https://t.co/rxQeCCh5QC
RT @lynnv378: I would love Elizabeth Warren if she wasn't a Berner, if she didn't slam Obama, if she had been quicker to endorse… https://t.co/YdtUYfQVY2
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Here's to finishing unfinished business. #InternationalWomensDay https://t.co/93mz0ZJFiq
RT @rmasher2: Trump, just now, to steelworker: "Your dad is Herman?" "Herman. Yes, sir." "Well, your father Herman is looking do… https://t.co/XRejzYrTYU
RT @kurteichenwald: 1. I have advice for @Emma4Change, @davidhogg111 and other students leading this country toward an end to this gun… https://t.co/OyEO7l8NbA
RT @thehill: NEW: Dems: Uranium One informant provided "no evidence" of wrongdoing by Clintons https://t.co/VXgNeshenJ https://t.co/6jVvW5ihrJ
RT @krassenstein: Last week it was Kentucky, this week it's Tennessee... State House Republicans in Tennessee have just effectively… https://t.co/KUX52ANwn9
RT @rudepundit: Over at HHS: "Teen pregnancy rates have plummeted over the last few years. That means too many women get to live th… https://t.co/IrR26tpGKH
RT @funder: “I did try & fuck her. She was married. I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. I just start kissing… https://t.co/EPK6irXLF8
RT @BanditRandom: Assange is attempting to cast doubt RU poisoned a UK based ex-spy and his daughter, stating RU doesn't kill women.… https://t.co/OWCtf8tbOp
RT @HillaryClinton: In honor of #InternationalWomensDay, I want to celebrate some of the women and girls who inspire me every day. The… https://t.co/tYIlgJwrCK
RT @funder: I think Betsy DeVos should be implicated in Mueller’s probe. Her foundation gave $2, 686, 500 to Russian orgs, her co… https://t.co/5yDLS3pN6o
RT @Row_Boat_Cop: This seems.... significant. And not the sort of thing you just ask off the cuff. https://t.co/Gg7uYR9ke3
RT @LaChristie: BREAKING: Kids are sitting down on the floor of Mitch McConnell’s office protesting for #GunReformNow https://t.co/HdiXnXkcPi
RT @Row_Boat_Cop: The fact that Chuck Todd just had *Roger Stone* on for a total puffball interview in which he provided zero pushbac… https://t.co/u5P4Jdxobe
RT @tedlieu: Only 2 possibilities: -Michael Cohen used $130k of personal funds to silence Stormy Daniels, which means it was a… https://t.co/zghd0Jnuew
RT @rudepundit: Fun fact: in July 2016, Trump signed an anti-pornography pledge. The 2016 Republican platform public said porn is "… https://t.co/5hcIXX3tp7
RT @Amy_Siskind: I think tonight we can safely say it’s a question of what will bring Trump down, not if.
RT @LCARS_24: Donald Trump has shown us who he is. And we ought to believe him. He is taking a hate movement mainstream. —Hillary Clinton
RT @funder: LIVE: These kids are sitting down on the floor of Mitch McConnell’s office protesting for #GunReformNow #NeverAgain https://t.co/huBwfHMa5i
RT @TomSteyer: Maryland is drawing a line in the sand. The American people must know where our elected leader's financial stakes a… https://t.co/t3xU0OTKpy
RT @DavidCornDC: This is what happens when you try to investigate a Scottish shell company with Russian ties that paid an American l… https://t.co/o2T2WGPTJX
RT @irishrygirl: As we like to focus on Trump and his lack of everything, I’d like to do a friendly reminder the VP of this country… https://t.co/280A0DOZux
RT @TimInHonolulu: When you figure his mortgages IMO Trump is insolvent. That's why he does cash deals to betray allies like the Kurds… https://t.co/YEzPUG6slI
RT @ByTomFrank: I was one of the former CNN journalists who lost his job. And I found the NYT story very interesting. https://t.co/RFvCxXsEWL
RT @SafetyPinDaily: Republicans are trying to get Democrats thrown off the ballot in one of Texas' biggest counties | MotherJones https://t.co/hAycpfSIJP
RT @KingKush212: @MuslimIQ They have the complexion for the protection
RT @MuslimIQ: One Neo-Nazi terror org is responsible for 5 murders—but they’re still promoting their hate as “free speech.” If t… https://t.co/VFFLMxsXMg
RT @EmilyEggbert: How is this not registered as a terrorist organization, with all assets frozen and all members’ communications and… https://t.co/DRa3mlcM6N
RT @ByTomFrank: I am one of the former CNN reporters, and plan to sit by my phone today waiting for that elusive apology :) https://t.co/mZsUTN4EDN
RT @nycsouthpaw: A friend points out that CNN fired three great reporters for a Scaramucci story that NYT apparently just confirmed, not for nothing.
RT @ShieldingC: Hey, assholes. Stormy Daniels is going up against the most powerful human being in the world. Her raw courage is… https://t.co/IgjrB418qT
RT @jonlovett: Chris Christie killing the tunnel and Lieberman killing the Medicare buy-in for 55+ are two decisions I think about… https://t.co/C0dywwySXi
RT @kylegriffin1: Trump Firings/Resignations/Departures* Yates Flynn Bharara Walsh Comey Dubke Shaub McFarland Corralo Spicer Short H… https://t.co/96aAG3L88q
RT @cmclymer: If Hillary Clinton were president, right now, you would be safe and bored and ungrateful and watching a serious new… https://t.co/RzKdzwNLeM
RT @EricBoehlert: suddenly Benghazi hysterics at Fox News don't care abt 4 dead Americans https://t.co/Gs2IdBW7EC
RT @tedlieu: Hush agreement & side letter attached to Stormy Daniels' filing essentially shows coordination between… https://t.co/FOmpnrJ0nR
RT @goodoldcatchy: Dear America, If Russia can pick your Secretary of State, can Canada or somewhere pick your next president?
RT @RVAwonk: Milo Yiannopoulos canceled an event in AZ because he said Scottsdale Police had informed him of credible death thre… https://t.co/i9DLNGwa5w
RT @aliasvaughn: 1. BREAKING: see this guy here? Mr. George Nader? (see thread that I'm quoting for info on him). HE FLIPPED. He is… https://t.co/gjlNL8D3IB
RT @Winkster15: When is the @whpresscorps going to start pushing back on Trump’s lying? Sanders lying? I’m sick of listening to the… https://t.co/nGne6zVDYp
RT @NWPinPDX: As seen while walking in Portland, Oregon. Clean up after your President. #voteblue #Midterms2018 #VoteThemOut… https://t.co/0ccTveetwB
RT @SyriaCivilDef: More than 85 people killed today due to airstrikes & shelling in #EastGhouta, highest daily toll since the #UN reso… https://t.co/7vPn5vE203
RT @SyriaCivilDef: Direct hit on the civilians and @SyriaCivilDefe volunteers while they were working to evacuate an injured civilian, … https://t.co/qUOUAUu7Pb
RT @RexHuppke: 2/ If you want to understand white privilege, consider the fact that all of these barely sentient mopes have manage… https://t.co/2Wf5p21ZZA
RT @washingtonpost: Analysis: Trump is implicated in his attorney’s Stormy Daniels payment for the first time https://t.co/1ULovkutc3
RT @Mikel_Jollett: “You think I’m going to jail?” - Sam Nunberg, the second he realized he was going to jail. https://t.co/SLYrroj9Vy
RT @fiImsus: That she wasted 12 years being married to ben affleck https://t.co/AGXipO6Qn8
RT @ClaraJeffery: Just saying that if I were worth "billions" and didn't start work until 11 am and took every weekend off my hair color would be so on point
RT @BettieRose100: Women’s March Leaders Have An Anti-Semitism Problem — Maybe It’s Time To Leave Them Behind https://t.co/DxXZyX22Nv via @refinery29
RT @GirlNamedBoston: #ThingsIDontRegret Voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. I can live with myself knowing I’m not responsi… https://t.co/9OIhZuPxMv
RT @aravosis: 5) omg There’s more. https://t.co/rencb0zVRk
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Sam Nunberg is testifying live on TV to the grand jury right now. The grand jury is Gloria Borger
RT @tedlieu: Read this Christopher Steele piece. Now consider this: -Tillerson has spent $0 of the $120 million Congress gave hi… https://t.co/KlfROwAhRL
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: A god who is evil enough to send two she-bears to maul 40 children because they called an old man “bald-headed, ” is… https://t.co/LRIyyoi1dS
RT @Ike_Saul: Students have: - forced CNN town hall - got new commitments from Rubio - pressured POTUS to call for bump stock b… https://t.co/o3WI3ZvnvY
RT @anirvanghosh: @realDonaldTrump @EndTimeTuber Putin must be rolling on the floor with laughter. Russia orchestrated a massive hack… https://t.co/mLFuco0vTt
RT @TheAcademy: We thank those who stand up for something. #Oscars https://t.co/4gSS6MRxsU
RT @SteveSchmidtSES: Trumps’ refusal to defend the integrity of the US election system and our Democracy from Russian attack represents… https://t.co/vJMYlFNMnd
RT @Kiwi19841: RT if you agree it’s time to #FireKushner
RT @HeidiSeattle: #25thAmendmentNow #ImpeachTrumpNow #FireKushnerNOW #FireKushner #TrumpRussiaConspiracy #TheResistance He’s go… https://t.co/8qFqIJ1HCM
RT @PrincessBravato: #FireKushner #FireKushner #FireKushner #FireKushner #FireKushner #FireKushner https://t.co/MtYqKyW1YK
RT @ellle_em: For people worried about the children, here is the conversation I just had with my 8-year-old Me: oh they're gonna… https://t.co/D1cir7LtWE
RT @krassenstein: Pop Quiz!! Q: Do you know why the CDC is unable to investigate gun deaths? A: After research on gun violence in t… https://t.co/jPUwplRrfg
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: “Gullibility and credulity are considered undesirable qualities in every department of human life except religion.”… https://t.co/DZOgXUSQlD
RT @irishrygirl: How about more alcohol to combat drunk driving, more cigarettes to combat cancer, more drugs to combat the opioid c… https://t.co/T5n97LyGwU
RT @sarahkendzior: Authoritarianism moves fast, and once autocrat is in, very difficult to get them out. Often power passes to leader'… https://t.co/6IiQtd6Eir
RT @grantstern: To recap: Trump publicly begged Russia for Hillary Clinton's emails almost two years ago. But the mainstream media… https://t.co/2TmjP0tmhK
Just came in hot @LGAairport - assuming #johndunkin is now head of the FAA? https://t.co/9WmqTDgIuQ
RT @SethAbramson: Four months ago, I started telling friends/family that I thought if Trump were somehow able to a) stand for re-elec… https://t.co/q73Xup8p7i
RT @aliasvaughn: Welcome to dictatorship. Donald Trump wants to be a dictator. https://t.co/endYugxT7t
RT @leahmcelrath: He's not joking. Pay attention. https://t.co/ydTBaQAajN
THANK YOU FOR THIS THREADDDDD I’ve been saying this in my head and then get too exhausted to write everything down. https://t.co/LYQ65Dtrwv
RT @RogueFirstLady: The Donald not afraid of Mueller. Him have pardon deal already with the Pence. The Donald only fear 1 thing: Proof… https://t.co/tSoOQKihvo
Why don’t you send a $200 voucher to each of the friends and family members who had to fly to FL for funerals. WWJD… https://t.co/IPgOJ8xS6z
@JackieKochevar That’s awesome! Were you flying into the Northeast?
Dry Humor winner for the day https://t.co/zVDu4WnEWd
RT @parraqiiii: @andrewbrodie331 @TwoDawgies Hahahha not every country though, welcome to Sunny South Africa where our previous pre… https://t.co/csJZ6w1KO4
RT @TwoDawgies: @andrewbrodie331 Trump has been a repulsive person his entire life. Mocking a disabled person was not a surprise or… https://t.co/7iRes1krbH
RT @andrewbrodie331: Sorry but it warrants being said. In a civilized country it would have ended RIGHT HERE https://t.co/O13EcOivY8
RT @allusblm: The true heroes of #NationalAnthemDay. #rt https://t.co/b34U5d2zWW
RT @thehill: Obama AG: Mueller has enough evidence to charge Trump with obstruction of justice https://t.co/nRqfQadH3U https://t.co/z4KuNQAZs9
RT @Amy_Siskind: Trump hit a milestone today, enriching himself by patronizing his properties along the way by golfing at this clubs… https://t.co/Wz53IvdeQE
RT @funder: Trump’s attack on the European Union is exactly what we should expect from Putin’s puppet. He also picked a fight w… https://t.co/lg23mIEIlM
RT @JYSexton: We're seriously living in a time where a president is waging a trade war and tanking the economy because he's unraveling.
RT @Niigaanwewidam: Ojibwe Grandmother has walked 17, 000 km to raise consciousness about water https://t.co/46UlvQQraU
RT @nytimes: Delta Air Lines might scrap discounts for all politically contentious organizations after its removal of a discount… https://t.co/0LOsHDooqL
RT @repjohnlewis: I stand with @Delta
RT @atheistic_1: #intelligentdesign #cdesignproponentsists #creationism #LyingForJesus https://t.co/pJQ1UGVNE4
RT @frances888: @jrajra Children are human beings and not personal property. The obstruction of your bill is another example of why… https://t.co/AoNkIGmUgx
RT @Michellekuiper4: @jrajra Terrible. With more more parents addicted to opiates and seeing headlines of children being sold right her… https://t.co/qxtNGUX8ZL
RT @happyhomemaker2: @jrajra Sadly in some states, it is ok for a child as young as THIRTEEN to get married! This needs to be addressed!
RT @YourVoice_SC: @jrajra Their opposition sends a message to perpetrators and abusive parents that child sexual abuse is okay if it’… https://t.co/7CB41NXZpS
RT @TuraGypsyRobin: @the1Victor @jrajra Here's one who is opposed to the bill. Kentucky state @SenatorSchickel https://t.co/t4oTxjnpPM
RT @tedlieu: Sen Graham believes war would result in long term stability. Did US increase stability when we attacked Iraq, Afgha… https://t.co/k3uhlFbhlR
RT @TinaMorphis: Throughout history you will find moments where the voices of children were the clearest and loudest voices for prog… https://t.co/TzkisIY0Hp
RT @BethDoane: For anyone afraid of the dark - this. #quotes https://t.co/6DzW0vVaDu
RT @rudepundit: You know, we just don't talk enough about the fact that Jared Kushner's dad went to prison, in part, because he hir… https://t.co/Db9V2c1GRZ
RT @funder: A GOP lobbyist told me this morning Trump’s only publicly acting like he’s taking on the NRA. Privately, he’s reass… https://t.co/ax8ZY6D3Mq
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: You. Are. Shitting. Me. https://t.co/boDdyuMbeM
Um. WHAT?!? huh HEY!! “Russian politician Alexander Torshin claimed his ties to the National Rifle Association prov… https://t.co/00aFPvlBpM
RT @joynessthebrave: When someone hasn't read a classic book, I always try to say "Oh! What a treat you have ahead of you!" rather than… https://t.co/kxRDMGuN3S
RT @delaneytarr: I would love for some people to understand that we didn’t ask to have to speak out about this. We would have loved… https://t.co/uRNAijcFDQ
RT @Amy_Siskind: I don't think this storyline is getting enough attn: in the chaos and deluge of news, Trump is essentially seizing… https://t.co/9eJOJe3EKp
RT @sarahchad_: There’s around 2.6 million students enrolled in Florida. Marco Rubio has received around 3.3 million dollars from t… https://t.co/6oF4c2hCJ7
RT @AdrianCJax: 3. The women's groups he scolded because they exercised their right to not go to the dance with him? https://t.co/EvIoQTxDSc
Walmart Will Raise the Minimum Age for Gun Purchases to 21 Years Old - Mother Jones https://t.co/u0yNU1NdwB
RT @kylegriffin1: Trump Firings/Resignations/Departures* Yates Flynn Bharara Walsh Comey Dubke Shaub McFarland Corralo Spicer Short H… https://t.co/OIJ20TchsB
RT @krassenstein: KABOOM!! Dick's Sporting Goods has just announced that they will stop selling assault-style rifles and require all… https://t.co/QCWghv1ArM
RT @funder: $3, 303, 355 is what it costs to buy Marco Rubio. #BoycottNRA #AMJoy https://t.co/dFz4fCVL54
RT @WendySiegelman: 🚨 Follow the money: new chart & article on "Trump’s Two Largest Creditors — Ladder Capital Finance & Deutsche Bank"… https://t.co/6IwWCIMnbJ
RT @WendySiegelman: Russian millions laundered via UK firms, leaked report says - Denmark’s biggest bank believes cash was funneled thr… https://t.co/OPdMlCpmaB
Bwahahahaha Cause .@realDonaldTrump likes to be called a “baby” anything - ‘Long-time Christian nationalist fixture… https://t.co/kPT1GtoKra
Sounds like .@DrJamesCDobson needs to focus on the dementia https://t.co/Rh0XI59iIp
RT @realMatMolina: The @NRA thinks they "speak for Americans." NRA members: 4.5 million U.S population: 323.1 million You don't… https://t.co/wJizyeCVTl
RT @kylegriffin1: The Lt. Governor of Georgia is threatening to punish a business that takes a political stance he doesn't like. https://t.co/N8PC3d7wQv
RT @brycetache: Hi @realDonaldTrump. Only 1/3 of the country supports you now. And the rest of us? We loathe you. We reject everyth… https://t.co/PmngNS5OkR
RT @EdKrassen: The fact that the Florida Gun Show is seeing record turnouts, as vendors display AR-15s to children right after 17… https://t.co/AnVKJH97ED
RT @jilevin: Southern Poverty Law Center: Hate groups on the rise in Maryland, nationwide https://t.co/0ElgUWOheJ
RT @Feminists32: @NRA @Delta Maybe you NRA people don’t realize this, but there are a lot of great gun owners in America that do not… https://t.co/dXHkRYRdT0
RT @ACLU: President Trump doesn’t get the last word on LGBT people’s rights. https://t.co/jLteck6OnF
This is a great thred. https://t.co/4TB0BCvCCX
RT @Miss_bk: @addiebrownlee https://t.co/RObNhMhEHc
Every single school in West Virginia is closed bc this is the third consecutive day they’ve been on strike. WV rank… https://t.co/0AgF2srfeg
RT @speaxeasy: @Miss_bk @votevets Idk, seems like teacher safety is just as important. What we really need is a nationwide walk-ou… https://t.co/4dhVNk58pt
RT @Miss_bk: @speaxeasy @votevets I'm sure that will be frowned on. Meaning it will not be allowed. Calling all retired… https://t.co/DYtsc5r9id
RT @speaxeasy: @Miss_bk @votevets Teachers need to march w the kids too
RT @cmclymer: Hi, I'm a military vet and gunowner. I've compiled a thread of fellow vets speaking out in support of gun control… https://t.co/31tBUJ3FjT
RT @joanwalsh: He's a coward, and a liar. https://t.co/YZVXZcUbi3
RT @HillaryClinton: "To all the little girls watching...never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world."
RT @ryrysven: @lizzyborden123 @SemiMooch @PolitikMasFina @politico https://t.co/5xO16831iX
RT @ryrysven: @JeffersonsNotes @PolitikMasFina @KaraCalavera @politico STRAIGHT UP https://t.co/DhRZUiGrZw
RT @IDreamOnDemand: @Ithinkitscatchy @HilesDavid @PolitikMasFina @politico @BernieSanders Bernie's Record: -Ignored Russian interferenc… https://t.co/9J0n3KQIy4
RT @Ithinkitscatchy: @HilesDavid @PolitikMasFina @politico Sure...on the 4th of Never.🙄 Btw, @BernieSanders is so over.
RT @ZootopiaCity: @charles_gaba @SarahLerner Bernie (@SenSanders) #Sanders is the other side of the coin to @realDonaldTrump. He's t… https://t.co/FjP6lYWNEX
RT @LawrenceConnol2: @k8winkler @MrMurder37 @charles_gaba Listen to @SenSanders again, and ask why he voted against Russian sanctions? https://t.co/QA7gdxNPhZ
RT @sexygirl798: @GozoTweets @charles_gaba @blechtimes @DNC @TomPerez @dscc @TheDemocrats Do you remember what happened in SA after… https://t.co/XNvItywBeE
RT @blechtimes: @GozoTweets @charles_gaba I vote for finding out if Tad Devine was in regular contact with Paul Manafort at any tim… https://t.co/TNYSwLdowM
@joanwalsh @MichaelSteele Joan girl. You just keep on keeping on.
RT @JoyAnnReid: When the @NRA warns that it represents some 5 million Americans, keep in mind that the total population of the U.S.… https://t.co/esTrdYSGgU
RT @krassenstein: Updated List of NRA Partners to drop the NRA Alamo Rent a Car Avis Allied Van Lines Bestwestern Budget Chubb Insur… https://t.co/g9nik7rjxb
RT @yashar: Rather stunning when it’s laid out this way. Five people have pled guilty and fourteen have been charged. https://t.co/TKl9hRcip1
RT @davidfrum: Can we please cease describing “lobbying for the authoritarian Putin-backed Yanukovych regime” as “lobbying for Ukraine”?
RT @nicholasalanb: @davidfrum @JohnJHarwood I just heard you say this on @MSNBC and made week to hear it. I served as a Peace Corps Vo… https://t.co/zy555lA2ZT
RT @krassenstein: BOOM!! MetLife just ended their partnership with the NRA. RETWEET your thanks to @MetLife #BoycottNRA
RT @BrennenLeigh: Y'ALL. I saw an ALL MALE band last night, and they were all playing their own instruments, even the drummer. They l… https://t.co/vWIWJpnR6u
RT @TimfromDa70s: Chris Kyle the greatest american sniper in military history was shot and killed when confronted by a "crazy guy" wi… https://t.co/FLYY0g1tbe
RT @joanwalsh: I'm very impressed by the activism getting corporations to sever ties with the NRA. But someone should be leaning o… https://t.co/X8Z29Wj5BM
RT @SethAbramson: She speaks for tens of millions of us. https://t.co/RASzJiyT21
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!! https://t.co/00CPs8jqvJ
Oh hello yeah!! https://t.co/ALPtslAmQa
RT @BillKristol: I’d take in a heartbeat a group of newly naturalized American citizens over the spoiled native-born know-nothings o… https://t.co/0CeVFvCy6B
RT @SLSmith000: It seems like 5 lifetimes ago that Devos said teachers should carry guns to keep kids safe from bears. These peopl… https://t.co/0XxtAwgmNH
RT @JStein_WaPo: Here's the list of co-sponsors so far Interesting to note: Two high up in Dem leadership - Crowley and Hoyer - are… https://t.co/iSLYCsgzDO
@Delta @united What was the discount you offered friends and family of murdered students who needed to fly to their… https://t.co/xUFnTWGFDj
RT @majdkhalaf1993: Damascus and Damascus countryside, look at the pictures& you will see the extent of the destruction in the eastern G… https://t.co/ZNDwGfuJHd
RT @chrisablesart: “Don't Be A Dope, Vote Like Knope. Fuck The NRA" #NRA #GunReformNow #GunControlNow #EnoughIsEnough #LeslieKnope… https://t.co/Zjtr5hebuN
RT @KaivanShroff: FOR THOSE KEEPING SCORE... Convicted criminals who are DREAMers: None Convicted criminals who worked for the Tr… https://t.co/j5gSEywPuf
RT @chrislhayes: I mean, maybe it’s all a coincidence! Maybe it just so happens that highly leveraged professional foreign agent Pau… https://t.co/6V4xzcvVkK
RT @tedlieu: Dear @realDonaldTrump: Given recent events, your recitation of The Snake at #CPAC2018 was interesting. I am curious… https://t.co/YTFeWiH8eC
RT @tribelaw: Listening to the remarkable Florida students — and even Rick Scott, no great brain — explain the many reasons that… https://t.co/XmbsStqkzp
RT @JuddLegum: UPDATED: The NRA is being supported by these companies That's a lot of red lines. 15 brands have severed ties.… https://t.co/fAq2j1oGfM
RT @bryanbehar: We could have universal background checks, longer waiting periods, gun license and registration, bans on assault we… https://t.co/ISuLU2GHe2
RT @mmpadellan: .@realDonaldTrump: If you're so confident that our children, who mean EVERYTHING to us, will be perfectly safe wit… https://t.co/XHAHhO3pgW
RT @RogueFirstLady: Please RT this sweet boy from Parkland. Him do the work adults fail to do. https://t.co/XxnkOB5DSR
RT @ACLU: Lots of questions about students’ rights in a walkout. Here’s the gist: Your school can punish you for missing cl… https://t.co/xVLUyA2El7
RT @celiebugpro: We ended our NRA membership in honor of the children. We ask that everybody ends their NRA membership to show the N… https://t.co/YNesHIj0rU
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Laura, you’re attacking a teenager who just survived a school shooting from your verified account, inciting your 2… https://t.co/GrifuxqWFA
I like the way you think. https://t.co/cjNawubIOg
RT @krassenstein: The following companies have cut ties with the NRA over the last 24 hours. - Enterprise - Wyndham - Metlife - Her… https://t.co/vDwa5l72RU
RT @JoyAnnReid: This man continues to dishonor the seat Thurgood Marshall once held. https://t.co/IXWabfe6xd
RT @SethAbramson: BREAKING: As this Reuters scoop shows, the current occupant of the White House isn't just indifferent to U.S. natio… https://t.co/Hxh30h3TiA
RT @EdKrassen: BOOM! Earlier today I tweeted a list of companies who were still doing business with the @NRA. Now a couple hour… https://t.co/kiypUse29p
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: This morning Joe Scarborough attacked Hillary Clinton for being the "worst communicator ever." When he was a Flori… https://t.co/bhs9cjyK2b
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Enterprise, Alamo, and National car rental have all dropped their partnership programs with the NRA. RE… https://t.co/TFeoCu0OsU
RT @WrrrdNrrrdGrrrl: To the kids who are being threatened with reprisals if they go on strike: Do it. Seriously, just fucking do it. T… https://t.co/BZ4JBvVMWP
But isn’t that just a prereq for becoming a GOP lawmaker? https://t.co/cqia89IrhB
RT @acrmom2000: @rudepundit As a high school teacher, the 20% of teachers that would “volunteer” to carry are exactly the teachers… https://t.co/KKSdSeDO0P
RT @rudepundit: Trying to think here of which of my high school teachers I would have been comfortable with being armed. The Vietna… https://t.co/mYiwdOEvhv
.@FNBOmaha THANK YOU. https://t.co/oSnfFr5JSF
Oh DANGIT! Look what I accidentally did at the airport. #billygrahamcracker #BillyGraham https://t.co/NlvrpkUxKx
RT @RWPUSA: College admissions officers take note. Any high school student with this three day suspension on the record should… https://t.co/leTYKVA7lJ
RT @Nataya: This is why @SenSanders needs to sit down Bernie lost by a lot and way earlier than he admitted His Bernie bros wer… https://t.co/DJQ8c2sSoh
RT @MDBlanchfield: Asked to reject NRA money, Rubio avoids the question | MSNBC https://t.co/sXG3zIv73y
RT @HillaryClinton: Women’s rights are human rights. That was a radical idea back in 1995. It shouldn’t still be two decades later. https://t.co/BYZR7nI8Qh
RT @VicenteFoxQue: .@realDonaldTrump arming the citizens would turn the U.S. into a Grand Theft Auto videogame, causing more havoc and… https://t.co/OBsPncMDdd
RT @TomSteyer: The NRA contributed $30 million to Mr. Trump's presidential campaign. His allegiance to NRA interests is at the exp… https://t.co/pu7RWzO3R1
RT @MichaelSkolnik: Incredibly moved by @DelaneyTarr’s speech today. Follow her! "We've had enough of thoughts and prayers...we are c… https://t.co/fluzdVyf8K
RT @SenFeinstein: The assault weapons ban was effective. When the ban was in place, the number of gun massacres fell by 37 percent. T… https://t.co/BLTPRRvjpx
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Matthew Masterson, currently chairman of the US Election Assistance Commission, who protects election sys… https://t.co/AidvRQGDLY
RT @AndyRichter: Please read this: The AR-15 Is Different: What I Learned Treating Parkland Victims - The Atlantic https://t.co/mCVUeXaP1s
RT @SLSmith000: MANAFORT, PART ONE https://t.co/1ZARD7aTFR
RT @SLSmith000: 67/ An aside: I regulated lobbyists as Executive Director & General Counsel to my agency for 18-yrs, which included… https://t.co/sFW27MaY5B
RT @wokeluisa: This administration is more willing to ban entire RACES of people than to ban assault rifles #ParklandStudentsSpeak
RT @RepWillBailey: My kids learned about Parkland today at school. After dinner my 9yo climbed onto my lap & asked if we own guns. I… https://t.co/Jvo869UC37
RT @Ange_Amene: Bernie Sanders is questioning why the CLINTON CAMPAIGN didn't stop Russia's amplification of HIS divisive anti-Demo… https://t.co/F6mtrI0Tdq
RT @IronStache: The House of Representatives has not taken a vote on a bill specifically designed to reduce gun violence since 2007. https://t.co/hdRXbzg9XL
RT @ABC: Students in Iowa City, Iowa stage a walkout in protest against gun violence. “Not all of us can vote…not all of us… https://t.co/UV83Iy62iK
Why do I have reports of three -THREE different schools on lock down in a row in my feed? #KillTheNRA https://t.co/GKySnHjwNS
RT @jilevin: Fresh U.S. criminal charges filed in special counsel's Manafort case https://t.co/29x3yKbYJD
RT @smartflexin: “But why didn’t she fight back?”~Bernie Sanders https://t.co/M2UV2paNzw
RT @shannonrwatts: “Mrs. Schimmoeller, we talked about it. If anything happens, we are going to carry you.” THIS is the burden our la… https://t.co/Zo7o1aWDsr
RT @psgent92264: Fascinating NPR article from Dec 2016. I had not noticed this before; however, I feel certain that Bob Mueller is w… https://t.co/G5cJobwmOu
RT @activist360: Anita Hill -- Do You Believe Her Now? The case for impeaching sexual predator Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas… https://t.co/3c3aRoRRzQ
RT @EliottCNN: Senior Julia Bishop, 18, attended a friend’s funeral before getting on the bus to Tallahassee today. She has a mess… https://t.co/j4Z4W2MwOP
RT @jilevin: New report says NPR news chief continued inappropriate behavior despite repeated warnings https://t.co/RvH4EmR56p
RT @tedlieu: Dear Dana Loesch: The clenched fist of the American people is bigger than the clenched fist of the @NRA. https://t.co/ICoFjIJK0m
RT @GloriaSteinem: Men are 77 percent of the 2018 Oscar nominees for behind-the-scenes roles, as reported by the Women’s Media Center.… https://t.co/0nveXGNPSW
RT @JasonHalle: TRUMP'S BUDGET CUTS MILLIONS FROM GUN BACKGROUND CHECK SYSTEM This will significantly undermine efforts to keep fi… https://t.co/JV1ZTR7m9E
RT @Millennial_Dems: The real question is why didn’t the Clinton campaign stop Bernie from writing rape fantasies in 1972? It’s disgusti… https://t.co/l9A2NBlWBB
RT @realAsteroid: @InfoMEndler @vprnet @SenSanders Remember bernie also blamed her when his campaign hacked hers. He's a victim blamer.
RT @InfoMEndler: @vprnet @SenSanders Ugh, @SenSanders, really? It was obvious watching social media in real time that bad actors wer… https://t.co/vlzkMSo6uN
RT @ehosseh: In an astonishing development, Gallup no longer considers Texas a Republican state. We hear the call and we are mo… https://t.co/fzQetB8Lhx
RT @girlsreallyrule: Billy Graham was a man who claimed to preach the word of God while espousing severely homophobic views that were cr… https://t.co/mgRkj5x4AP
For nurses, sexual harassment from patients is 'par for the course' - NBC News https://t.co/XX9iGsgwgC
You in danger .@realDonaldTrump https://t.co/SBYGU48b9t
RT @aletweetsnews: @juskurius look here: https://t.co/GdSk2XzXyF
That’s correct https://t.co/qMHG4TO6fJ
RT @JaymayAllDay: @986 @aletweetsnews @AP And in case anyone was wondering, every single "Nay" vote was from a Republican.
RT @986: @aletweetsnews @AP Take a look at the roll call https://t.co/Q8E7geour7
RT @aletweetsnews: .@AP photo of Parkland students watching as the Florida House rejected another attempt at banning assault rifles. https://t.co/iTX9tvRJIO
RT @JaclynCorin: Locked in a meeting with Governor Rick Scott tomorrow
Sounds like Jack could use some #thoughtsandprayers https://t.co/FIbtvLZArz
I hope all these folks are ok with getting thoughts and prayers instead of donations to their campaigns this year.… https://t.co/j7OIeF6Aj4
Cause all that’s really needed is thoughts and prayers. https://t.co/pS6nj1W8un
RT @Ange_Amene: If I'm being honest with myself I completely and utterly resent Bernie Sanders for the fact that I now have to go t… https://t.co/bmavce6TPo
RT @Amy_Siskind: Still don’t get why our media waits so breathlessly for these press briefings - they’re nothing more than state pro… https://t.co/1ap6rQGJez
RT @A__Stout: The USA is NOT—and NEVER WAS—a CHRISTIAN NATION. (I'm Canadian and I know your own history better than you do!) https://t.co/KBp6BRH8Tf
Trump accuser keeps telling her story, hoping someone will finally listen - The Washington Post https://t.co/xF4yEOUlHI
Trump spent the weekend tweeting about Russia. He lied, a lot. - Vox https://t.co/CqNBYJcZ9M
RT @TinaMorphis: Just remember Russia's Attack on the US would not have been nearly as successful if not for the Media joining in on… https://t.co/IUlc90yi2B
RT @Amy_Siskind: While the students are protesting at the White House, Trump is golfing at one of his clubs in Florida. https://t.co/ss8Fa8J8ri
RT @Shaker_aphra: You wanted to be a big player in national politics, Senator Sanders. You wanted to be president. You can't just blo… https://t.co/z7xK3hAtvE
RT @SassBaller: Happy President’s Day to the legitimate 45th president of the US! #presidentsday2018 https://t.co/zUUpF9hvs2
RT @ReproRights: A new bill in Arizona would force doctors to take women through a checklist of reasons for an abortion before getti… https://t.co/YQbmNcAmfp
RT @wokeluisa: In case you missed: Hillary Clinton is the rightfully elected President of the United States. Period #PresidentsDay2018
Give em Hill!! https://t.co/pNtZKLOP01
RT @dansinker: Proper amount of days to wait to golf after children are slaughtered is two. https://t.co/dguEID5PTi
RT @tedlieu: The forced internment of over 100, 000 Japanese Americans is one of the most disgraceful chapters in American histor… https://t.co/maO04MrLES
RT @francismmaxwell: The fuck are you talking about, when a police officer shoots an unarmed black man you blame the unarmed black man. https://t.co/3joWfOYeWz
RT @metalkfoodie: On Presidents Day I want to thank the #PeoplesPresident @HillaryClinton for inspiring us to never give up and alway… https://t.co/ANbf9ONavE
RT @samstein: again, this man is doing more than some FEMA contractors. Also, it’s an absolute scandal that they’re without power… https://t.co/5NxjnUf9hd
RT @LizMair: I actually agree it should be illegal to boil lobsters unless they're killed in a relatively swift and painless fas… https://t.co/JGiQK7U13Q
RT @arionnashank: Happy #PresidentsDay, Hillary Clinton! | 💙 | ❤ | 🇺🇸 https://t.co/dCBotxNSu9
RT @nytimes: One of America's most prominent black CEOs describes for the first time why he broke with President Trump after Cha… https://t.co/gZH92SBQiF
RT @timkaine: In awe of Parkland students like Emma Gonzalez who are speaking out in the wake of the horrific tragedy they experi… https://t.co/MGw2jaakr0
RT @ProudResister: #MarchForOurLives On March 24, 2018, students will rally in Washington D.C and in local communities across the cou… https://t.co/XG0i3wZt6W
RT @sahilkapur: A revealing admission. The animating fear on the right is less about amnesty for lawbreakers, more that they’ll vot… https://t.co/Eec1bddgfv
RT @ezraklein: 9 experts on how to stop Russian interference into our elections. These are things we could do to safeguard our ele… https://t.co/gAqogplWUi
RT @CREWcrew: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s debt increased to between $31 million to $155 million. With those sorts of financi… https://t.co/eEbtFQ0yt5
RT @WendyMalloy: A spectacular day in #Tampa welcoming 100+ new @MomsDemand volunteers to honor the victims and survivors of… https://t.co/XCsk6FxORG
RT @WilDonnelly: New evidence of more Trump lies about Don Jr.'s Trump Tower meeting with Russians. We already knew Trump was friend… https://t.co/tL3egAePz3
RT @SamuelAAdams: Teenagers who were almost murdered four days ago are leading the nation on gun control. The head of Trump’s EPA is afraid to fly coach.
RT @krassenstein: Just a friendly reminder... People with pre-existing mental health conditions have access to firearms but not healthcare..
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: It’s about time “I’ll pray for you” gets the disdain it deserves. For too long, it’s been a socially acceptable fre… https://t.co/IQhaZqwyeD
RT @LiPiZiM: @womensmarch students are already organizing at @studentwalkout #studentwalkout
RT @MAD_Goddess1: @GenControl @scn_widow @mickhargreaves @womensmarch If and when punitive measures are taken against protesting stud… https://t.co/jz2fmMmUPk
RT @TheOnlyKAVIN: @womensmarch Are you communicating with the students and teachers or are you simply taking advantage of this horrib… https://t.co/7sBBOcV2Rf
RT @kwapiskwapis: @womensmarch @AnneLippin This post is not accurate in any way. Students are organizing to walk out on April 20th an… https://t.co/JmflvUm12U
RT @janieqjones: @TheStagmania @womensmarch My first thought was "are they gonna get Bernie to speak at this one too because if so I swear to God"
RT @TheStagmania: @jackjonesbabe @SpinnakerPix @eclecticbrotha @womensmarch Women’s March, Inc is a specific organization created to… https://t.co/oXY1h74ORY
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: I lost a bunch of followers after making fun of Jill Stein today and I’ve gotta say, from the bottom of my heart, good riddance.
Whoa. I'm finding and following this @baratunde https://t.co/bjG489Ppls
RT @funder: Here's Jill Stein on Russia Today, the state-ran tv network in Russia, talking about how she uses the propaganda ch… https://t.co/TFm6BcDwxK
@HillaryWarnedUs Hahahaha. You’re cracking me up. Heh heh heh heh
RT @funder: Here’s Jill Stein trashing the US while in Russia in December of 2015. She attended a Russian propaganda tv gala &… https://t.co/EGhCyeBhAd
RT @Craven7Jessica: @brittontaylor @NRA There's also a good website: https://t.co/C84YewSBq7 that will tell you if any of your $ is in… https://t.co/hor5ddLaa3
RT @NYDailyNews: The FBI is reportedly investigating whether Russian money was funneled through the @NRA to help Trump become Presid… https://t.co/baSbsO9Nwi
RT @DanaBashCNN: —> https://t.co/oRdybwLegh
RT @sarahchad_: One hundred of my classmates and I will be traveling to Tallahassee this Tuesday and wendsday to speak with our sta… https://t.co/YYiN9cwK6b
#Hillaryforspeaker2018 Order. Of. Succession. Y’all. https://t.co/2aUT1AisrR
RT @activist360: ‘You’re here celebrating the death of 17 children’: Literally 48 hours after the Parkland massacre, Paul Ryan hoste… https://t.co/WMImzjhTNP
RT @MollyMcKew: If you want to know what Vladimir Putin is afraid is, it's pretty much the kids from Stoneman Douglas High School:… https://t.co/uKHKCHb6hg
RT @Diane_7A: How many people have to be tragically murdered in a school shooting for President Trump to party all weekend? 17 https://t.co/N1vZBpPcgd
RT @alexburnsNYT: "I will not write another check unless they all support a ban on assault weapons" Bush family stalwart, who has gi… https://t.co/hGi3A2idcj
So what are we gonna do about it? #Hillaryforspeaker2018 Order. Of. Succession. Y'all https://t.co/F3ziUJQ1nr
RT @kenchengcomedy: terrorism is one of the only areas where white people do most of the work and get none of the credit
RT @PGourevitch: hard fact is that even in America gun control works and standing in its way is legislative mass murder:… https://t.co/FnXTSShxLF
RT @funder: Court Docs: Paul Manafort & Brad Zackson were sued for taking kickbacks from Russia-Ukraine oil deals, and also for… https://t.co/A1nWy7uu7C
RT @sarahchad_: To the politicians saying this isn’t about guns, and that we shouldn’t be discussing this rn: We were literally be… https://t.co/zfQuP4lR4u
RT @K200mph: Cameron Kasky, a student who survived the Parkland school shootings just said in an interview: "There's a section o… https://t.co/Pfdy0nEOPr
To his and our country's detriment @barackobama was/is obsessed with his legacy/ being adored, which led to persist… https://t.co/3M3XAAOS4T
RT @thehill: Trump ambassador pick accused of inappropriate behavior by female employees: report https://t.co/amMUqr5Wwv https://t.co/iqYvMnr8Df
RT @JuddLegum: If gun laws don't work, why don't you hear about mass murders using machine guns anymore? In the 20th century, mac… https://t.co/i4OjkpmFed
RT @RVAwonk: Very sad that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES doesn't know that there's a difference between the FBI's counterin… https://t.co/db10I8S2LA
RT @Hey_Theist: #Atheism #Atheist https://t.co/2hb4Lkk5sC
RT @EM_RESUS: I'm an ER Doc and don't claim to be a gun violence expert, but looking into the data I've found insufficient eviden… https://t.co/m3U1fLRV1n
RT @riotwomennn: The well-known and public surrogates of Bernie Sanders were some of the most effective advocates of the criminal ac… https://t.co/zKthUCsPic
RT @riotwomennn: Ari: Did you know then that Russia was leaking emails to further divide the Dems? Sanders: Of course we knew. But… https://t.co/C9w8nhFTu8
RT @smittycanada1: @PreetBharara https://t.co/1CzaTxpF9V
RT @justinhendrix: Facebook executive @robjective gave everyone from InfoWars to Brad Parscale to Donald Trump Jr. to the President hi… https://t.co/xh0i8vww2P
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Good point on MSNBC: 13 Russian indictments. With the 9 Russians that were murdered, there may have been more indic… https://t.co/B7NVx6s4Kq
RT @joanwalsh: Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez is a hero. She's calling out Trump and the NRA by name at this rally… https://t.co/njcjHr73yk
RT @tedlieu: Today is #SaturdayMorning. That means we need to ask again: Why does Jared Kushner still have a security clearance?… https://t.co/ciBzyDR908
RT @MamaRose2017: @riotwomennn @mshambleton4 https://t.co/cXmQlQPzqS
RT @riotwomennn: What Hillary Clinton said during that debate is epic. She told America step-by-step what Trump & Putin were up to.… https://t.co/X0rlcVZbsv
RT @riotwomennn: The iconic, historic, epic moment when Putin & his misogynistic puppet Trump were called out during a live debate b… https://t.co/U1zxtgEYEC
RT @BlueGhost40: If anyone tells you there's no evidence trump has any Russian connections, show them this https://t.co/KscPbyjUIq
RT @womensmediacntr: New Yorker investigation into Trump affair finds system of ‘silencing women’ https://t.co/jATxFaHs04
@nevslin Students should align with teachers who are planning a walk out on May Day - Rather than 4/20 - It’s a poo… https://t.co/bP8RCYl7bU
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: Being free from religion is being free from the requirement to HATE other people. Ex-Muslims and Ex-Christians know… https://t.co/h1ZmCvlD7k
RT @rudepundit: Honestly never thought that supporting Hillary Clinton was an act of resistance against Russia, but it sure seems like it was.
RT @tedlieu: If the National Enquirer consulted or coordinated with the Trump campaign on the payment to Karen McDougal, then it… https://t.co/5cu3XGG2ok
RT @selectedwisdom: “So What Did We Learn? Looking Back On 4 Yrs of Russia’s Active Measures” my latest post on the intel failures we s… https://t.co/6GAeppGZiH
RT @sarahchad_: Dear Marco Rubio, As a student who was inside the school while an active shooter was wreaking terror and havoc on… https://t.co/CrIoLaI1LW
RT @RheaButcher: I’m joining whatever political party those kids in Florida just started
RT @stonecold2050: Marco Rubio is getting called out over gun control in the wake of the Florida shooting. Three billboards are parked… https://t.co/oBixWj5IYh
RT @joshgerstein: BREAKING: Special Counsel Mueller's prosecutors level new bank fraud allegations at Manafort, including 'conspiraci… https://t.co/YYvmB4Xuco
@realDonaldTrump Do you plan to meet with Sarah? .@CNN .@andersoncooper .@JoyAnnReid .@joanwalsh .@chrislhayes .… https://t.co/mgTw2ICzqe
So many reasons for Rogue Melania to be sad. This going #2 behind needing friend. https://t.co/PAdvDnVxgh
Love me some REEESEARCH!!! https://t.co/FZQW2sUbxs
RT @SethAbramson: CONCLUSION/ *No one* in the intel community confirms your claim—or Pence's—that the election results weren't affect… https://t.co/obkGSM89v5
Lady Ga-Gawd y’all gotta read this whole thread https://t.co/10ekfqWd2f
RT @SethAbramson: 14/ Mind you, this is separate from Schiller confirming that a Russian in your Moscow entourage offered you prostit… https://t.co/7y6vyxFE3r
.@realDonaldTrump You think you’ve got folks fooled because you haven’t been indicted yet. https://t.co/WEM2WRjC2f
RT @SethAbramson: Mr. Trump, you told the Russians you'd be running for president in Moscow in November 2013—and indeed it was that d… https://t.co/tjls0aUy0O
RT @RVAwonk: Good thread breaking down Mueller's indictment against the Russian-backed Internet Research Agency. https://t.co/YXBrPjoCRz
RT @SarahLerner: All of this to take down a woman.
RT @AriMelber: Mueller indictment lists two candidates that Russian defendants intended to “support” — Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.
RT @brianklaas: Mueller's indictment also talks about some orchestrated Russian attempts to promote Jill Stein, who dined with Puti… https://t.co/qxI2I1KwHZ
RT @MissTallulah2: I love this generation. They shouldn’t have to fight for their own protection this young, but it gives me hope to… https://t.co/dpehG4rhm8
RT @WeNeededHillary: When Bernie Sanders voted to strip funding for gun research - The Boston Globe https://t.co/R2OleFYr6U https://t.co/ZpKrmXcN8F
RT @geokaren: Russia supported Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and Trump. This is outlined in an indictment. Let that sink in.
RT @BetteMidler: THE MENTALLY ILL!! THE SCAPEGOAT RETURNS!! Some men who kill are not mentally ill, they are enraged and out of co… https://t.co/bdG3OKylas
RT @aravosis: Hmm. What is this new Mueller news? https://t.co/M1QIPiCwNp
RT @marcushjohnson: Knowing that the Russians helped Bernie Sanders is going to really hurt his 2020 aspirations especially with the tr… https://t.co/3aOvFehsHY
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Jared Kushner Investors Subpoenaed by U.S. Tax Authorities!
RT @BBCMonitoring: The life of Morgan Tsvangirai was plagued by violence and tragedy thanks to his seemingly tireless opposition to fo… https://t.co/heHVZVQFAB
RT @Jmalewitz: "Advocates for Nassar’s victims can’t believe Michigan State has hired a firm that has been associated with reporte… https://t.co/vjUx65rf7A
RT @wokeluisa: Marco Rubio: "We are monitoring the horrible unfolding situation in Broward County, Florida. Today is that terrible… https://t.co/vyIuJdQOdj
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: "President Donald Trump quietly signed a bill into law rolling back an Obama-era regulation that made it harder for… https://t.co/KYwgTHXPRs
RT @AmandaMarcotte: Note to self: The gun issue, since it provokes anxious masculinity, draws out mansplainers. Don’t engage. Don’t engage.
RT @crampell: Refugee resettlement agencies are preparing to shutter more than 20 offices across the United States and cut back o… https://t.co/o37kam3y8E
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Remember this sit in? House Democrats were protesting for common sense gun legislation. Paul Ryan called this a "… https://t.co/099TCD6bl1
RT @krassenstein: Bill and Melinda Gates say that the Trump budget could lead to millions of global deaths. I take their words over… https://t.co/a2nWaviRmV
RT @EdKrassen: “Donald Trump could not pass an FBI background check or get a security clearance if he worked as staff at the White House.” — Matthew Dowd
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: You will receive a more thorough background check if you adopt a puppy from a shelter than if you purchase a gun. https://t.co/5B0qBwWdcW
RT @jessphoenix2018: Actual studies about actual gun reforms show that if we change things, we'll see fewer gun deaths. #facts #data "… https://t.co/NCECm2MSdS
RT @JonAndJoeInIndy: @alamedamark @CharlesMBlow https://t.co/MVU6CVAfOR
RT @mysteriousrook: A good time to repost @NickKristof amazing NYTimes piece on sensible, small gun regulations. It's the only list I'v… https://t.co/jzqeKkBg6d
RT @pinkheretic: If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes... #atheist https://t.co/8BqSZfmBqX
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: The old joke is the most dangerous place in the world is between Bernie Sanders and a television camera. But guess… https://t.co/VLXDQHzZeP
RT @eclecticbrotha: Maybe a certain senator from Vermont should've passed on the NRA money that jump started his political career so he… https://t.co/7Sq0IxwJil
RT @aauthorsmusic: What if... #CommonSense #GunReformNow #guncontrol https://t.co/HNIa8vgh16
RT @EricBoehlert: btw, the Fla HS today had two armed policemen on duty--doesn't matter, 17 dead
RT @JoyAnnReid: One third of Floridians own guns. One third. Florida is where Stand Your Ground laws were born. Florida politicians… https://t.co/DvPorK87d3
RT @joanwalsh: I want to remind everyone about Virginia 2017: In the 13 races where pro-gun control Democrats squared off against… https://t.co/5IGemcD0Rk
Why the IOC should see Shaun White as a warning sign - CNN https://t.co/HLWVYPZ2OA
RT @peterdaou: How about taking the $30 million for a military parade and using it to help solve the hideous scourge of #gunviolence?
RT @JesseLehrich: I am calling for a total and complete shutdown of assault weapon sales in the United States until our country’s rep… https://t.co/6AvqefLJ8F
RT @VABVOX: Keep telling us there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. One of the most distinct differences is… https://t.co/hwpwE1X0DG
@LJBreedlove @matlyna155 @Trixie_Cats @PatriotDem @bayofarizona @Only4RM @DafnaLinzer @carolelee @mikememoli… https://t.co/ZdCUtwwuNV
RT @bayofarizona: @DafnaLinzer @carolelee @mikememoli @kwelkernbc THE FUCKING WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL HAS NO CLEARANCE
RT @neal_katyal: This story is unbelievable and a must read. The White House Counsel himself and others don’t have permanent high le… https://t.co/SuOgP8aj5X
RT @stopthenutjob: Sorry, we live near Newtown & we're sick & tired of playing footsie with those behind the bloodshed Here, meet the… https://t.co/tPX68WuT63
RT @fawfulfan: That's exactly the point. You can't pray away murders. #GunControlNow https://t.co/ze5K9SK0Wl
RT @LizMair: Dear everyone who thinks this is controversial: You really want to hear from the "among the Neo-Nazis were many goo… https://t.co/Ab5waiOo87
RT @JamieOGrady: This cartoonist deserves an award. https://t.co/GZ6SQZHAJ4
RT @emokidsloveme: The NRA doesn’t have enough money to cover the unbelievable number of lives lost to policies they have pushed. It i… https://t.co/wq1LoVjuis
RT @jilevin: Jared Kushner's Debt Soared By Millions Since Entering White House, Ivanka Trump Financial Disclosure Reveals https://t.co/ii4G4iL7zB
RT @brhodes: This is a democracy. It doesn't have to be like this. We can protect our children.
RT @JasonKander: The leadership of the @NRA has an agenda and it ain’t got a damn thing to do with gun rights. It’s 100% about gun s… https://t.co/q8izwxiQGO
RT @mattyglesias: Okay guys. I’m starting to think that some of the passion Republicans mustered a couple of years back about scrup… https://t.co/TUPGeDiiZs
RT @AKinkhabwala: The NRA says the AR-15 is a hunting rifle. After the AR-15 was used to massacre the innocent at Sandy Hook Elemen… https://t.co/bbG9u91FWC
Let’s not forget @SenSanders entire career built by and for the NRA https://t.co/wpA6lth6gV
RT @rudepundit: 1. Outlaw the assault rifles. 2. Have buybacks. 3. If that doesn't work, confiscate them. 4. If that doesn't wor… https://t.co/VgdplEGCjL
RT @EdKrassen: This is telling: A recent German poll on President Trump's Job Approval: - 9% Approve - 84% Disapprove This is a… https://t.co/fpL5xiX5UV
RT @AlexMohajer: Let me get this straight: Vladimir Putin is now speaking on behalf of - and as an intermediary for - the President… https://t.co/l1Oqu9oHAU
RT @Adaripp: To all those who tweet at me saying that they “hope I fail”, I have failed many times many times in my life. But mo… https://t.co/UqRSVR9nDv
RT @krassenstein: Bill and Melinda Gates say that the Trump budget could lead to millions of global deaths. I take their words over… https://t.co/nfQ9ScMhSJ
RT @RepAdamSchiff: Last year, @TimKaine and I wrote to @POTUS to request the legal justification for the strike in Syria in April 2017… https://t.co/pYNlxQT4p5
RT @sivers: “The opposite of feminism is ignorance.” I like this: https://t.co/faLiR6z5Xm
Freaking love this reply to the woman who said to him “did you even read the article?!?!” Bwhahahah https://t.co/tJ6dCWhpKz
@AndyBCampbell @javeriali @nytimes Oh my lawd Andy. You’re a better man than most.
RT @mmfa: A new lawsuit alleging toxic workplace culture for women at a prominent Wall Street firm includes a gross Fox News… https://t.co/bGzwoT7zIa
RT @_celia_marie_: If Hillary Clinton was a Nazi sympathizer/Nazi, would the @nytimes finally write stories about her supporters?
RT @EdKrassen: BREAKING: A 2nd Federal Court -- this time in NY state -- has ruled that President Trump's termination of DACA is u… https://t.co/VuVsc55CUP
RT @PaulBegala: I ask again: why isn't @realDonaldTrump outraged and concerned and committed to protecting USA from another attack?… https://t.co/OgfhuFxY4G
RT @tedlieu: As a lawyer, I would ask this question when I knew the witness was caught in a lie of her own making. I am going to… https://t.co/RCTV3eZprf
RT @OliviaMesser: This French sexual-assault case is just........... “She was 11 years and 10 months old, so nearly 12 years old. It… https://t.co/wIuyShMvwS
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote Our article "Pennsylvania, How The Hell Did Trump Win" is now published on Medium. https://t.co/qmHqNJJrZw
RT @Reuters: U.N. says @Reuters report on Myanmar massacre demands 'attention, action': https://t.co/Lbb2XPNVE1 Read the investi… https://t.co/KD7gDUFCVa
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote Why is no one asking what States Voter Registration Sites are being targeted right now? Why is no… https://t.co/HJHy02ZVVs
RT @peterdaou: SINCERE QUESTION to @CNN: Why are you doing ANOTHER "Trump supporters support Trump" segment? Especially when you a… https://t.co/ArJXIiH7Un
RT @sarahhollowell: the one Twitter constant is that if there is a woman tweeting "don't do this thing", a guy is in her mentions doing… https://t.co/38wQpIy7hU
RT @voguemagazine: “I would absolutely not go out of my way to meet somebody who I felt has gone out of their way to not only show tha… https://t.co/VHAneNz6ni
RT @docrocktex26: President Trump and accusations of sexual misconduct: The complete list https://t.co/KPdfeW8fsc #AmericanSociopath
RT @StevenBeschloss: He's a self-confessed sexual predator who's proud of his freedom to grab women's genitalia and stare at naked teena… https://t.co/7QFkZcEvpU
RT @Zac_Petkanas: This Newsweek piece is incredible. I had no idea that Rep. Devin Nunes was so close to General Michael Flynn. He… https://t.co/tt5YFjWImm
“It’s not Pie.” https://t.co/aKh2lqUE7l
RT @RogueFirstLady: There concern today USA athletes attemp defect.
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Pennsylvania to require voting machines with paper backup https://t.co/I9l3z0uH4I
RT @Amy_Siskind: It might be interesting for a reporter to dig up why Walmart was so keen to lure away Rachel Brand from the Justice Department.
RT @krassenstein: Just a friendly reminder... People with pre-existing mental health conditions have access to firearms but not healthcare.
RT @JoyAnnReid: Bottom line as confirmed by @tribelaw - Trump has no constitutional authority to bar the release of the Democratic… https://t.co/giQRlGtN2D
@Amy_Siskind I might regret saying something cruel like this, but @maureendowd has always been a waste of good ink… https://t.co/vlXih9WhLI
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: "Bernie would have landed a quadruple axel." https://t.co/XTY5RMTneU
RT @itsmebeccam: Fact: She isn’t going anywhere so y’all should stop wasting your time writing these sexist op-eds. https://t.co/aom8aaNJUl
RT @AdamParkhomenko: What reasons does she have not to believe the women that have come forward with their stories on Trump? https://t.co/ReoCJwyoxL
RT @riotwomennn: Did a divine spirit, the universe, God, energy, fate, Nature or some combo deliver the perfect villian at the right… https://t.co/Rna5n5EEhX
RT @Redpainter1: You know who defends Nazis? Other Nazis. You know who defends traitors? Other traitors. You know who defends chea… https://t.co/CbIEXz712i
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: #KenHam thinks we shouldn’t bother with aliens bcos Jesus didn’t die for aliens and aliens won’t need to hear his g… https://t.co/b91gK8ehWR
RT @Amy_Siskind: This! Every state must operate this way until we get rid of the Trump regime and the stench of Russian interferenc… https://t.co/kNqfTPJTlS
RT @tedlieu: This is a very disturbing article. If in fact Rob Porter's interim security clearance expired on Jan 15 and John Ke… https://t.co/od0KP6v0yJ
RT @everybodyzzmama: There most certainly IS a way to stop it. Quit victimizing women. If you keep your hands & your penis & your nasty… https://t.co/81JALPG3DO
RT @ACLU: For years, the LA County Sheriff's Department has been illegally incarcerating THOUSANDS of immigrants without caus… https://t.co/dzl25uIyFB
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: I was just called a dumbass by a Trump supporter who spelled it dumass.
RT @pplswar: Kansas is taking the whole "dictatorship of the teens" thing pretty seriously. 😆https://t.co/IYpTdlDrNv
RT @GavinNewsom: Wait — does that mean that not standing up is a way of peacefully protesting and expressing your views, @VP? 🤔 https://t.co/arl4M2qjyb
A quote for the AGES y’all!!!! https://t.co/NYZIW3JRMm
RT @Khanoisseur: Kushner (billions in debt to overseas creditors including Chinese-state linked actors) accessing classified materia… https://t.co/Dp3PnVPMZG
RT @tedlieu: I read the #DemocraticMemo and @realDonaldTrump is lying. The memo is: -Not political -Not long (many adults, and… https://t.co/PYyxTpJ5XF
RT @krassenstein: When you lose sleep thinking that Mike Pence may be our next president, remember one thing... Paul Manafort "hand-… https://t.co/wpSFwshl0n
RT @ACLU: 1. Your government spent months trying to prevent an American citizen detained overseas from seeing a lawyer. 2. I… https://t.co/WXfKKGaYhf
RT @BreeNewsome: This man spent $85K of his own money taking out full page ads in newspapers calling for the deaths of five Black an… https://t.co/ZfWW6drILP
“No hate in my holler” march is a window into West Virginia’s political divide https://t.co/gRreHOujQR
RT @krassenstein: Does anyone find it suspicious that a senator who won in Wisconsin in 2016 with 50.2% of the vote, Ron Johnson, is… https://t.co/9sl82GbLy9
RT @TheBaxterBean: PREDATORS TRUMP DEFENDED • Rob Porter • Steve Wynn • Roy Moore • Steve Bannon • Bill O’Reilly • Corey Lewandowski… https://t.co/J7Yq5Us1Gk
RT @rudepundit: Democrats need to gut the Republican Party and throw the bodies into a fire. https://t.co/nkbVVgmKor
RT @Smartassicus: You should probably not be allowed to work with women. https://t.co/CJ6aLk3fLG
RT @PoliticusSarah: ICYMI: Rob Porter And Trump’s Disturbing Pattern Of Surrounding Himself With Men Who Abuse Women… https://t.co/63YlYtUwMk
RT @Amy_Siskind: A story broke today that the DHS cybersecurity chief said Russia hacked into US voters systems in the 2016 election… https://t.co/oTlJ9ItED3
RT @itsmebeccam: Who is going to stand up & say what happened to Hillary was unacceptable? Who isn't going to normalize it? That person gets my vote in 2020.
RT @AdamParkhomenko: reminder from the woman that a majority of Americans voted for to be President of the United States. https://t.co/7dMmQQOdln
RT @itsmebeccam: What happened to Hillary is bigger than Hillary. Some still don't get this. Normalizing what happened to her is dangerous for women.
RT @itsmebeccam: To all the little girls who had to witness a qualified woman with a big dream be ripped apart and shooed away, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
RT @itsmebeccam: The comments made by Schumer, Biden, Sanders, and the like play right into the narratives that helped Trump win. It's unacceptable.
RT @tedlieu: Dear @POTUS: If you want to honor our troops, here are things more useful than an expensive #militaryparade: -Have… https://t.co/Y2NdFaYdjw
RT @SethAbramson: Americans don't do North Korea-style military parades. And we shouldn't start now. It's not who we are.
RT @Jezebel: Here's audio of Quentin Tarantino defending Roman Polanski: 13-year-old girl "wanted to have it" https://t.co/4qkNpbnAVM
RT @SethAbramson: I wonder if Trump and his lawyers realize that—should Mueller subpoena the president—Trump CAN plead the Fifth to a… https://t.co/SZZNliB5mF
RT @RogueFirstLady: Him want rockets, tanks, artillery, jets flyover and the goose stepping. https://t.co/u1TimVh9iW
RT @peterdaou: I really don't know what to say about this. https://t.co/okUIKLKgky
RT @funder: Story of the day: The Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. during last year’s election campaign says he offered… https://t.co/lX03MPEV4Y
RT @FSCDems: #RELEASE: At Hearing with @USTreasury Secretary #Mnuchin, Ranking Member @RepMaxineWaters Presses on #Russia Sancti… https://t.co/oXCOIEuiPS
RT @costareports: Sec. @HillaryClinton attended a book party tonight in Washington for Lanny Davis, whose latest book takes on Comey’… https://t.co/StORVZZIo4
RT @SethAbramson: 40/ From the excellent @NatashaBertrand and her article in The Atlantic (https://t.co/C20f20fyxA): https://t.co/Awo4IQTDsW
RT @SethAbramson: 29/ Kata Sarka's story—told before the Steele dossier came out—confirms Trump is lying about how careful he was (as… https://t.co/9rsqlG4iQN
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) We now know that there's a *second* memo—one members of the media and law enforcement have seen—that alleg… https://t.co/p7InqDt9VM
RT @tedlieu: Dear @realDonaldTrump: I served on active duty in the US military to give people the right to clap when the Preside… https://t.co/hp0WNSTEFT
RT @lrozen: (paper now owned by wynn's fellow vegas/macau casino mogul sheldon adelson) https://t.co/JV68snHV6k
RT @kylegriffin1: Randy Bryce, Paul Ryan’s Democratic challenger, asked for $1.50 donations to show opposition to Ryan after his $1.5… https://t.co/Sq5vXIOrzk
RT @sjhawkwood: @JohnCleese That’s definitely the slogan of both conservatives & evangelicals. Projectionism is their favorite spor… https://t.co/aRZJ0hEiNg
RT @JohnCleese: One should never forget the first principle of the old KGB " Always accuse your enemy of exactly what you are doing "
RT @jilevin: Old allegations against Steve Wynn should raise new questions for the RNC https://t.co/Bqsgvswi6M
RT @EricHaywood: “Angry mob” vs. “rowdy” 🤔🤔🤔 https://t.co/6cdHAaAA2i
RT @funder: .@SpeakerRyan-Can you explain to the American people why a Trump campaign advisor, who met with the Russian governm… https://t.co/BdKPdM6QaT
RT @ABoettgerArt: I just gave my $1.50 a week for 52 weeks to @IronStache thanks for the motivation and for your complete lack of awa… https://t.co/HmElbJmmMX
RT @RogueFirstLady: I glad we not get puppy because if had one this morning The Donald kick it.
RT @Amy_Siskind: Please do a team boycott! “No, I'm not going to the White House. Are you kidding me?" https://t.co/8gb4CPDRRh
RT @HillaryPix: U.S. Secretary of State @HillaryClinton smiles at a traveling reporter during a news conference at the Foreign Mini… https://t.co/K5mP9RU50A
RT @Amy_Siskind: Hey #Eagles - I hope every last one of you boycotts @realDonaldTrump's invitation for a White House visit.
RT @funder: NEW: I just found this video of Carter Page in Moscow, Russia speaking in support of Vladimir Putin, while working… https://t.co/GYRdSBdinE
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Breaking: @funder has found this video of Carter Page you must stop what you are doing and watch right now. https://t.co/75T9rAltSs
RT @jilevin: Fun fact (well not so fun if you think about it...) https://t.co/e9BzYOiC60
RT @thehill: Record number of scientists running for office in 2018 https://t.co/P7WLlTYZiU https://t.co/6MyDG6zi4p
RT @JemiSHaaaZzz: Here's a visual reminder of what Ruby Bridges faced every day and why what she did was so powerful.… https://t.co/pgBIK3CwNG
RT @ACLU: ICE is running amok. https://t.co/aBWprWK3pW
RT @docrocktex26: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his… https://t.co/zMkf38kmr1
RT @kylegriffin1: A former lobbyist for the corn syrup and snack food industries is now helping set USDA dietary guidelines for the T… https://t.co/W7Hw103hek
RT @JSavoly: What was Russia's real impact on the 2016 election? #TrumpRussiaCollusion https://t.co/wVlVOJs281
RT @EricBoehlert: It's like he's purposefully trying to damage US security https://t.co/zUFU7NqdUr
RT @JuddLegum: Carter Page is an upstanding American citizen who was only subject to surveillance because he was railroaded by a c… https://t.co/5NHEC7O2Jg
RT @SethAbramson: The greatest challenge the rule of law in any country can face is bringing to justice its most powerful man. I h… https://t.co/mVzfuPaa7y
RT @funder: Whatever you do don’t retweet this video I found of Donald Trump Jr saying he’s “been to Russia many times” & sayin… https://t.co/0Kb7KAi2aX
RT @lrozen: Army doctor at gym today said he had gotten email informing him he may be sent to Korea in April, ostensibly for th… https://t.co/ySAFqlolke
Then you’re a hero. https://t.co/YDbHlO7uqL
RT @PaulBegala: I'm no expert on optics, but this doesn't look good. https://t.co/RW99u8QVFx
RT @AdamParkhomenko: News: Everyone in Devin Nunes’ district is talking about how we met our goal of 15, 000 new twitter followers for… https://t.co/jBzU59Punj
RT @tedlieu: Today is Super Bowl Sunday. That means we all need to ask again: Why does Jared Kushner still have a security clear… https://t.co/91Oa6cWaVw
RT @Amy_Siskind: Gonna keep saying: watch Deutsche Bank and Cambridge Analytica in the Trump-Russia probe. We know publicly the ti… https://t.co/U6sU9q4KpL
RT @greenhousenyt: .@ThePlumLineGS--The hugely skewed Nunes report and President Trump's rush to release it carry some “very ominous e… https://t.co/A4EDaaJQTp
RT @JuddLegum: Paul Ryan does not want you to see this tweet. But it is a very important tweet that everyone should see even thoug… https://t.co/Wk0q0UHBwn
RT @KaniJJackson: Your memo is so dumb it failed to graduate from Trump University. #YoMemoJokes
RT @lorkiklen1: Yo Memo so embarrassing it makes Mexico want to pay for the Wall. #YoMemoJokes
Yo Memo so small it won’t even cover your yearly Costco membership #YoMemoJokes https://t.co/SF8pTPLYpu
RT @TheSWPrincess: #YoMemo so fake Donald Trump put it on top of his head this morning. #YoMemoJokes https://t.co/5qqSSV9iCy
@AP BREAKING: Pat Robertson responds to news of Pat Robertson’s stroke: “Pat Robertson is a feminist, socialist, an… https://t.co/5Nb5LYfyXD
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa https://t.co/mmVxMRVfCR
RT @realFireNunes: Out at the Rally for Truth - Nunes must go!!! Fresno CA https://t.co/8eEpZHOZdf
RT @BuzzFeedBen: ICE Says It Separated Immigrant Father From Infant Son Because He Couldn't Prove Relationship https://t.co/HIJMAhpdz2 via @aflores
RT @MatthewWolfff: Yo’ memo so fake, Sheriff Clarke pinning it on his Uniform! #YoMemoJokes https://t.co/vVvWQQx5eF
RT @Amy_Siskind: It needs to be said: Donald Trump was put into office with the knowing help of a foreign enemy who sought to weake… https://t.co/s9wYAFgLqr
RT @robreiner: It’s one thing to steal people’s money by not paying contractors or defrauding people through Trump University, but… https://t.co/m0x0lHEhWi
RT @activist360: What brave, patriotic Republican will have the courage to finally say to Trump what is long overdue? "Until this m… https://t.co/9jfEAGmwDM
RT @JoyAnnReid: Nunes’ hyped up memo was so lame, #YoMemoJokes is now a thing that’s happening. Hannity’s head must be an entire fi… https://t.co/zh6zbTM7tV
RT @wickedatMLT: @Chooglin1 @DennisSlack5 @4030lisa @JChengWSJ Trump-Kushner Crime Family
RT @Chooglin1: @DennisSlack5 @4030lisa @JChengWSJ They are no longer a political party. They are instead, an organized crime syndicate.
RT @EricBoehlert: and guess what, she hit the NYT for sitting on the Russia dossier, which **they had during the campaign** and while… https://t.co/JBijDTeVGl
RT @HRC: 1/ BREAKING: The @GOP approved a resolution that supports @realDonaldTrump’s discriminatory trans military ban. The… https://t.co/trHlg2knaP
RT @dailykos: Following public backlash, ICE releases Dreamer they arrested at a traffic court https://t.co/mIhRZP4PzK
RT @rudepundit: Wait, seriously, that's the damn memo? That the FBI got info from a source so they investigated? 'Cause that's all it says.
BREAKING: Humane Society changes its name to INHUMANE Society #inhumanesociety #buthelikespuppies https://t.co/xvxHd3NqMm
BREAKING: Humane Society offers stern warning to anyone who asks the Society to be Humane. https://t.co/xvxHd3NqMm
RT @bradheath: The astounding thing about this story is that the president is in charge of the U.S. national security apparatus, i… https://t.co/osucDxOqHH
RT @ZaibatsuNews: Rachel Maddow may have discovered the legal defense fund for Trump staffers caught up in the Russia probes… https://t.co/FEp24K3QAc
RT @smartflexin: “No emissions after conception and none until the mother has finished breastfeeding - ejaculation is for inducing p… https://t.co/nZ9WdMVKUx
RT @Khanoisseur: @VP Pence forgot to mention that bonuses are tax deductible for employers. So not only does Wal-Mart’s very wealthy… https://t.co/E3KZ5wBk22
RT @JesseLehrich: David Brooks should've taken like 10 minutes to learn why some women get abortions after 20 weeks before writing th… https://t.co/EqXgaz5S2X
RT @kcpirana: @tedlieu @LCARS_TechGuy Leak the minority memo. In fact, leak/release it all - Trump's memo, the Dems', Trump's Tax… https://t.co/41KFSShtG1
RT @THR: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Investigators open up about their findings as they look into the actress' mysterious d… https://t.co/i7llhNUojD
RT @A80466758: How does this fucking double standard still exist? CURRENTLY nytimes still employs Glenn Thrush, and Haberman is s… https://t.co/r6Yriua74i
RT @CBCNews: A mocking "Hurt Feelings Report" left in the mailboxes of female employees exemplifies the sexist, toxic culture at… https://t.co/w2NZJBINJp
RT @funder: LIVE: Protesters have assembled at the gates of the GOP retreat #TheResistance #RemoveNunes https://t.co/n8KsvcnkiC
RT @RVAwonk: Umm... Don Jr. seems to have just accidentally admitted that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe didn’t resign — he w… https://t.co/27EfHSaRub
RT @RogueFirstLady: When FBI investigated Hillary, she crooked. When FBI investigate The Donald, FBI crooked.
RT @thompowers: DIRTY MONEY, exec prod by @alexgibneyfilm, "is an enthralling take on cons and corporate malfeasance, from money la… https://t.co/1wLWgdhzDm
RT @lrozen: take some time to read this transcript. it is frightening. the constitutional crisis is already well underway https://t.co/u4VZxLYxBN
RT @rabiasquared: I'm a fucking immigration lawyer. https://t.co/1oyJtSS4tZ
RT @krassenstein: Dear Hope Hicks What's more important? Loyalty to a man-child who would throw you under the bus in a second, or y… https://t.co/TmEspGT3VG
RT @AdamParkhomenko: https://t.co/MX5DeEK9RW
RT @AdamParkhomenko: who could have predicted any of this https://t.co/fI0cj41jQx
RT @empathywarrior: I'm thinking about all the survivors who have tried to hold institutions accountable for sexual violence and who ha… https://t.co/cmONqXLFg2
RT @TomthunkitsMind: Ex-FBI special agent: “There is a lot of anger in the FBI (the entire intelligence community, for that matter) over… https://t.co/isSd3d6uqV
RT @a35362: With Cleveland Indians to Drop Racist Logo, Eyes on Washington 'Redskins' - https://t.co/pxMmBy6dfR https://t.co/gJTLFauujA
RT @washingtonpost: Opinion: Trump’s night of intense gaslighting https://t.co/lFnUSUa2ap
@TinaMorphis Thank you for this great post. And reminding us that gas lighters come in all stripes. @SenSanders goo… https://t.co/u2Nw9Ciitt
RT @TinaMorphis: I have written about @ealDonaldTrump gaslighting before, but I'm going to write about the 11 signs again, just so p… https://t.co/Cp36yh2Wdc
RT @Only4RM: #SpoilerAlert: @SenSanders @BernieSanders is NOT the immigration / DREAMer savior some people are hoping he is. https://t.co/Mhbg2tqO7D
RT @TPM: Report: FBI director Wray told White House that Nunes memo contains inaccuracies https://t.co/yPZVCqOs5F https://t.co/Kg3rL6jWty
RT @PersianRose1: It looks really silly when feminists follow the religious instructions of a misogynistic man who thinks women are w… https://t.co/wt33UJCda5
RT @PersianRose1: I know the mullahs trick the unsuspecting female visiting politicians by saying "it's the local law" but according… https://t.co/Jlrt0yiAYn
RT @krassenstein: Remember Mark Corallo from the "Fire and Fury" book? He's the former spokesman for President Donald Trump’s legal… https://t.co/LReixZRPKm
RT @pretareporter: Women in Black: Congressional Democrats make powerful statement for #MeToo movement: https://t.co/SmdAv9MhJE https://t.co/vYzA4RbrUo
RT @ZackBornstein: I wonder who's right in the abortion debate: A handful of old men who benefit from us being mad at each other, OR t… https://t.co/QfLnaM9vWk
RT @SenGillibrand: I voted against the 20-week abortion ban. This bill was nothing more than another attempt by Republicans in Congres… https://t.co/WvcuWopPqp
Guess who feels like an asshole? #SOTU #SOTUBLACKOUT #SOTUResponse #SOTU2018 https://t.co/OMTE8QOGSM
RT @HillaryClinton: I wrote a Facebook post about a decision I made 10 years ago, what’s changed, & on an issue you didn’t hear a singl… https://t.co/g26PP5U8qJ
RT @kylegriffin1: Trump seems to have borrowed the catchphrase for his first State of the Union — a “New American Moment” — from an u… https://t.co/tl2P28JAmn
Check this fact. https://t.co/9O7u4JGrf4
RT @OfficialCBC: Many of our members attended the #SOTU to stare racism in the face. Both those who attended & those who didn't wore… https://t.co/qPVhK1izfj
RT @TVietor08: I thought Trump's "New American Moment" SOTU line sounded familiar. Sure enough, here it is in a 2010 speech by… https://t.co/pHRZwA5e6p
RT @krassenstein: Anyone catch this? Melania Trump failed to stand with everyone else when Trump stated: "In America we know that… https://t.co/OSl9bCfxho
RT @SethAbramson: 3/ SOURCE: https://t.co/0a8kN7eMEs
It's reports like this that send him over the EDGE. HIGH-larious. https://t.co/Ea5f1QZgYe
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) It's time to tell the biggest untold story of the 2016 election: how a cadre of pro-Trump FBI agents and i… https://t.co/UT9hDTaQAE
RT @GWillowWilson: It's a mistake to think a dictatorship feels intrinsically different on a day-to-day basis than a democracy does. I… https://t.co/h1KU3bb1E8
I try not to curse on here too much. But this guy is just a piece of shit. https://t.co/WxfQoF2Osn
RT @krassenstein: Wake Up America!! Devin Nunes was on the Trump Transition team. The Transition team is currently under investigat… https://t.co/N0lV98z2yC
RT @PreetBharara: Protect Mueller
RT @AdamParkhomenko: @PreetBharara https://t.co/GpQt7G5ns8 - If you are in Washington, 8 PM EDT Tuesday. https://t.co/m3Q1l9HKOt
RT @AdamParkhomenko: What the hell are all these guys like Nunes hiding? Don’t let off. There’s no memo that says Democrats have to be p… https://t.co/YOIIPv9u5l
RT @krassenstein: Make no mistake about it. President Trump has officially breached the Constitution of the United States of America… https://t.co/bALoP87Yg1
.@mikefarb1 .@SethAbramson .@Khanoisseur Look at @Monilopez827 post in this thread. Gary Johnson was the third larg… https://t.co/ErjFl0vQU8
@Monilopez827 @IgiturOne @mikefarb1 Oh. Look at #3.
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote And here is everything you need to know. They gave him the Presidency. He has been paying back the… https://t.co/w7JZ8mi7wg
RT @tedlieu: THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. @realDonaldTrump is thwarting the bipartisan will of Congress. Also, what does Putin have… https://t.co/XNkDRyqJL5
RT @cmclymer: Canada: “Sorry.” Australia: “No worries, Mate.” U.S.: *inexplicably eats fistful of crayons* https://t.co/M2QzI4EWk7
RT @Amy_Siskind: We are watching a train wreck in slow motion: McCabe today and likely Rosenstein next and Mueller thereafter. On t… https://t.co/EbZptfqprm
RT @SethAbramson: PLEASE RT: The nation is on alert for Trump firing Acting AG Rod Rosenstein—a prelude to blocking progress in the M… https://t.co/imuBMSKMkf
RT @DemWrite: ‼️ Get your marching shoes ready. Rapid response marches now officially will occur if EITHER Mueller OR *Rosenstein… https://t.co/crgeMQHtbV
RT @SethAbramson: BREAKING: All indications are that Trump—via agents in Congress—has forced the retirement of a key witness against… https://t.co/rwOFJoH3Sq
RT @AlGiordano: I'm guessing that the proposed "conditions" included no mention of the grand jury on the Burlington College bank fr… https://t.co/5bQdyJWZHa
RT @marcushjohnson: After Bernie couldn't set the conditions for an interview (to try and avoid talking about his wife's FBI investigat… https://t.co/K9MyTFgCVB
This is an incredible idea! https://t.co/cYQzZAXpWl
RT @ClapGod: If a gay teacher can teach my kid the difference between they're, their, and there, I'm good. https://t.co/yczFcx7bdR
RT @mmpadellan: A message to @realDonaldTrump: We, The People, who you are duty-bound to serve whether you like it or not, have Ro… https://t.co/2D2WyU175R
RT @rudepundit: Sorry, but I can't get behind anti-Trump conservatives like Bill Kristol or Jennifer Rubin until they apologize for… https://t.co/T7Cw1LHnAS
RT @MrDane1982: What economic policy has Donald Trump passed since January 2017 that helped propel the Black unemployment to drop d… https://t.co/fXBsQkRBvW
RT @FiveThirtyEight: This map is drawn to maximize the number of districts that usually vote Republican — seats where a R has greater th… https://t.co/cxmcKgMP5B
wha...WHAT?!?! Good God. Another feminist icon bites the dust. https://t.co/ths8zDKoBF
RT @ananavarro: Ted Cruz is the son of a Cuban immigrant. But maybe when Cruz looks in the mirror, he sees a Norwegian. 🤷🏻‍♀️ https://t.co/VN0cLISsZ8
RT @fakedansavage: We asked some sane people and we asked some fucking morons. https://t.co/HDmfduDie6
RT @krassenstein: Facebook has told Congress that Russian agents created 129 U.S. election events on their platform Facebook said th… https://t.co/KvZiICoN5s
RT @HawkfanM: @Dan__McClure @RunninGirrL @NicoleEggert @07SilverSpyder @ScottBaio 😂 nailed it, if she was gonna make this shit up… https://t.co/jUgRXizvCK
@RunninGirrL @HAWofPA @NicoleEggert @07SilverSpyder @ScottBaio Lol - and I just looked at your profile, Lisa - you… https://t.co/QqrGGcPnAg
@RunninGirrL @HAWofPA @NicoleEggert @07SilverSpyder @ScottBaio Lisa, your arguments are STALE, girrl. Go ahead and… https://t.co/ogGfK3LnW9
RT @Lee_in_Iowa: And also just to clarify, Zogby is the SANDERS guy who is on here telling us actual lifelong DEMOCRATS to step asid… https://t.co/JJj1tS5dRy
RT @EricBoehlert: this is how NYT frames retirement of one of the most important progressive DC leaders of the last quarter century https://t.co/GNFTzlC2Bt
RT @ClaraJeffery: This story is fascinating and the interactive elements of the scroll are super cool. https://t.co/IK3YyzOkZz
RT @sarahkendzior: I have a chapter in a new political anthropology volume on emotion and state power. I wrote about paranoia, surveil… https://t.co/HKUAauSawP
RT @MarisaKabas: joe biden, john kerry and bernie sanders walk into a bar. i lock them inside. forever. oh, sorry this wasn’t a joke setup.
RT @MrDane1982: End of an era.... Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards will step down as the group’s leader.  Run for office!
RT @krassenstein: Trump's useless $25 Billion Wall could instead pay for any of the following: - Hire 35, 000 full-time teachers for… https://t.co/PgnHAmLII3
RT @AlexMohajer: A message "to all the activist bitches supporting bitches" by the inimitable @HillaryClinton. https://t.co/fnUfsJnUN4
RT @kimmie8264: Boycott the SOTU address https://t.co/ixaoFP5tTI @MoveOn #Demforce #TheResistance
RT @AlexaLisitza: Your MCM is the grandson of Hispanic immigrants but doesn’t support DACA. He’s 47 and his real name isn’t even Ted.… https://t.co/EDcEcHMfMq
RT @MDBlanchfield: Opinion | I Was Tortured in Gay Conversion Therapy. And It’s Still Legal in 41 States. - The New York Times https://t.co/Kg6uFCftg7
RT @funder: .@SpeakerRyan-You need to launch a Congressional probe into the 20 allegations of sexual assault against Donald Tru… https://t.co/jT1ecJ9Ot1
RT @kylegriffin1: Steve Wynn, one of the most powerful men in Las Vegas and a man who Trump has called a “great friend, ” engaged in a… https://t.co/uLz1M1xJUm
RT @RVAwonk: Trump just got booed when he talked about the "dishonest" and "fake" press at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
RT @a35362: Analysis | Trump's handling of the Russia investigation has never looked more like a coverup https://t.co/qrZwnLlD7S
RT @Rosie: there he is - North America https://t.co/TiGjNcyWKM
RT @paleofuture: This photo of Trump heading to Davos should be his new official portrait https://t.co/RYBqS2zuFY
RT @Khanoisseur: Photographer Simon Edelman who shared pics of Rick Perry getting a memo from coal baron Bob Murray was fired and is… https://t.co/PuSwvuBaVj
RT @PeterAlexander: NEW: Nikki Haley presses Arab leaders to step up in peace process, asking: "Where is the Palestinian Anwar Sadat?"… https://t.co/kXsJ60UiCu
@iamAtheistGirl You actually just ruined his life plan.
RT @joanwalsh: Whoa Robert Ray is a horrific GOP partisan and a rank sexist. Thanks @donlemon for letting Laura Coates speak.
RT @issyelliot: Why don't the Republicans who want the border wall just start a GoFundMe. And if you donate more than $100 you ge… https://t.co/nmIKyOpk7G
RT @CrisAlexJimenez: Trump's plan to protect young ppl from deportation includes separation of families & nativist policies. Let me be v… https://t.co/i5FoIG3l3x
RT @joanwalsh: Yes @donlemon goes to break as Robert Ray continues to insult and filibuster other guests. That was breathtaking.
RT @krassenstein: Yesterday Trump Admitted to not caring if Russians infiltrated his campaign, and no one even noticed: Direct Quo… https://t.co/Xzk1fK6Yn0
RT @tedlieu: News that @realDonaldTrump ordered the firing of Mueller emphatically shows CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT. https://t.co/4yUgdM4OGt
RT @MrDane1982: When Mueller is done with Trump, Pence and the Administration. Either give Hillary Clinton the presidency or she s… https://t.co/pqhlhWGXx3
RT @sarahkendzior: Trump has confessed to obstruction of justice at least twice -- on TV and on Twitter. Secondhand reports are intere… https://t.co/GjS5iYWgH9
RT @RogueFirstLady: I have best anniversary ever.
Are you KIDDING ME?! https://t.co/wlBVXupEe6
RT @AsperGirl: The people who sold out Dreamers were the millions of Bernie voters who voted Trump, 3rd party, or sat home after s… https://t.co/00KadQ3ocA
RT @MrDane1982: If Bernie Sanders think Democrats running against him will not go after him unlike Hillary Clinton style, then he's… https://t.co/dpiEgGxhTP
RT @DearAuntCrabby: To the members of the Secret Society. Tonight's meeting will be held at Walt Disney World in the Hall of Presidents… https://t.co/IejxusSGMs
RT @RogueFirstLady: Good morning. Today I sneak to NY for secret meeting of own self maybe.
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Wisconsin Republicans Have Abruptly Decided To Oust Top State Elections And Ethics Officials. Note that… https://t.co/kV2lw0ww2u
RT @vstrvlprojected: I just found the greatest video ever https://t.co/khmHaUTeVC
C’mon y’all. Send a message, and you don’t even have to get arrested. https://t.co/7y8PZtDYG8
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) On November 4, 2016—96 hours before the presidential election—Trump advisor Erik Prince went on a radio ne… https://t.co/5EuowPhsCv
RT @Alt_FedEmployee: I guess the GOP realized their thoughts & prayers were useless, so they are trying a new tactic called "completely… https://t.co/UGJxTAziJH
RT @irishrygirl: Nothing says true Christian like cheating on wife #1 and getting wife #2 pregnant while still married to #1, then c… https://t.co/I49twhRCcn
RT @SethAbramson: I want to be clear: I worked with law enforcement for years, and had great respect for those I worked with in the c… https://t.co/Qfn2IMhiJt
RT @JuddLegum: Anti-Mueller narratives that fell apart in last 24 hrs: 1. Texts from two agents deleted to cover up plot against… https://t.co/VIyWcKRtmX
RT @MrDane1982: If you believe Trump is guilty of working with Russia to win the election then you should believe Hillary Clinton s… https://t.co/SfHaVDcrUd
RT @SethAbramson: Not one person in America, Democrat or Republican, doubts this story is true. https://t.co/Z37uoiH4mu
RT @cmclymer: Larry Nassar was forced to listen to the statements of all 168 girls and women he sexually assaulted read out in co… https://t.co/nqS7uesdnX
RT @rudepundit: In one day's news, I keep thinking about how we have failed children. From school shootings to how long Larry Nassa… https://t.co/05EHBKQhoS
RT @MrDane1982: Yes, there's a difference between white Hillary Clinton supporters, Bernie Sanders supporters and Donald Trump Supp… https://t.co/U28ANHRo8j
RT @mmpadellan: Knowing how much of a ratings whore @realDonaldTrump is, wouldn't it be fun if *someone* were to convince him that… https://t.co/zIpHuPydOa
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: More Pope shade... https://t.co/9EJzuMGe4G
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Donald Trump doesn't care about the Pope, he has plenty of guys in white robes who support him.
RT @michaelpfreeman: You go, Michael Steele. https://t.co/cYQGwLH5Xn
RT @NormOrnstein: Tony Perkins doesn’t get another chance. Amoral, revolting opportunist scoundrel. https://t.co/7mE8v6iqjx
RT @CassandraCorvid: Chance the harrassment occurred: 100% https://t.co/h5MsWVKHOn
RT @joncoopertweets: According to latest poll, 53% of Americans believe Trump should resign in the wake of sexual assault allegations by… https://t.co/ucS46pZjLy
RT @Normsmusic: Sex offenders can not live in Government Housing. https://t.co/dVr83i4qx7
RT @Normsmusic: Christian Evangelical Trump supporters: We kind of gave him a pass... Trump payed off porn star #Mulligan 19 women… https://t.co/yoRJeHjpfV
RT @shannonrwatts: The always ghoulish @NRA posted this despite Kentucky school shooting: "You look at the left. You look at the money… https://t.co/BYHKkOrCh7
RT @JSavoly: GOP Rep. Blames Obamacare For Sexual Harassment Allegations 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 https://t.co/S3VhWHdFj7
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: Ironically, being an atheist activist is arguably a Christian thing to do. 😄 Eph 4:25 “Wherefore putting away lyin… https://t.co/QyHClJCl2s
RT @rudepundit: "When is there going to be a point where the citizens of a town or city simply form a human wall against the ICE of… https://t.co/tcXPWbpE57
RT @steve_vladeck: Just so we don’t lose track of the wrong-ness of this (since-deleted) @TuckerCarlson tweet, #SCOTUS has expressly a… https://t.co/ACsBIw2ZW0
RT @PaulBegala: So secret that the FBI director threw the election to Trump. https://t.co/VdR3Ysq4v1
RT @dae_gore: My grandma ain’t give nobody time to wake up good and brush they teeth this morning https://t.co/28ld3tZPhV
RT @rudepundit: The President of the United States is actively lying about and destroying the lives of 2 FBI agents who haven't eve… https://t.co/nRTr5AIWdJ
RT @SkepticNikki: During a disaster, survivors are always quick to say god was looking out for them. What about those who died? Was… https://t.co/UX6izCS6VP
RT @krassenstein: 2 students have been killed, 19 injured at Marshall County High School in Kentucky. It has been 6 Hours since th… https://t.co/4GlXMvRwHW
RT @DearAuntCrabby: You're not selling me, @SenSchumer ... We're fucked. @maddow
#UnpopularOpinion Obama has always suffered from everyone must like me disease. He cared more about his legacy than… https://t.co/JkI0WA91Lv
Yeah!!!!!! Sit on it .@realDonaldTrump https://t.co/qeOPTyhzGq
If you keep it up, you’ll embarrass him enough he won’t come. https://t.co/UEVJZmLKQU
RT @allusblm: "We March, y’all mad. We Sit Down, y’all mad. We Speak Up, y’all mad. We Die, y’all silent." #BlackLivesMatter #USA
RT @allusblm: After 1 Year of Trump, America Is Losing Its Soul... ✊🏽 #USA #TrumpRisign #TrumpShutdown #Resist #MAGA https://t.co/LNux7Qx4qt
Pay attention #resistance https://t.co/kLDDcYxhkM
RT @freedevo_: what did they expect when they went to Africa? No Africans ?!?! https://t.co/tFoGgTdN0T
RT @BravenakBlog: Ha!!! We are still waiting for the truth about the last set of bots from 2016. https://t.co/kSXim75SeY
RT @ABC: NEW: Sen. Feinstein, Rep. Schiff urge Facebook and Twitter to investigate involvement of Russian bots in pushing "R… https://t.co/e82cl0ItZ3
RT @BeachPeanuts: Nice work if you can get it while also outsourcing the presidency* https://t.co/ddjQiRq0Pj
Thank you thank you thank you. https://t.co/I3HABqaGa4
How about we all yank @SenSchumer for even considering funding the wall. #schumerschmumer #trumpshutdown https://t.co/1kBBp4Ko9i
RT @ryanjreilly: Some House Republicans and conservative media outlets are pushing this notion that the FBI texts show a “deep state… https://t.co/emeHOubqZB
.@realDonaldTrump Poor Man’s Dracula want to suck your job away. https://t.co/AEmCuuEoEy
RT @ebpersons: Income inequality is one reason we have an unfit moron in WH and are now a 3rd rate nation. Some women benefit from… https://t.co/3K4MVdLiL0
RT @Rosie: tell us where to donate to every single one of them https://t.co/5ZEF8mOEyl
RT @SethAbramson: A 32 year-old white supremacist now controls the federal budget negotiations. Think about that.
Dear freakin whatever. https://t.co/l1BLBNCYR0
RT @SneakyCatLady: @DyanneWark @gettinnoticedmo Yes, my sister worked as a nurse before Roe v Wade and said D&C is what would be writt… https://t.co/z2X8LxLxZo
RT @Shipulski: @SethAbramson Methinks @ggreenwald should register as a foreign agent.
RT @SethAbramson: Lost 1000 followers over the last two days after this man came after me on Twitter. Now I'm thinking that it might'… https://t.co/hTn1cR7EY2
RT @SethAbramson: BREAKING (VANITY FAIR): Trump, Whose Approval Rating Is in the Mid-30s, Insists to Friends It's "In the High 50s"… https://t.co/6cuM1TtxQh
RT @NateSilver538: The Women's March is probably a more *important* story than the shutdown. It involves less drama/unpredictability, … https://t.co/w5c499fwhl
RT @riotwomennn: Is it true? Did Melania Trump try to join the #WomensMarch2018 https://t.co/OOEIUjH0AN
RT @PaulaCobia: Love this sign in Austin Texas! #WhyIMarch #WomensMarch2018 #MeToo #TimesUP https://t.co/eSjFh4QF4d
RT @JuddLegum: ‘If black, shoot them’: Former Kentucky police chief’s racist Facebook messages revealed https://t.co/haVXeZwGmA
City of Angels... https://t.co/PHdOCWPn9K
RT @JuddLegum: The military should be getting their paychecks but so should all the other federal government workers who do import… https://t.co/e5vY5mLKPt
Couple of Bosses. https://t.co/Cp7uAYrwf2
RT @ABC7Chicago: About 300, 000 people are attending the 2nd Women's March Chicago, exceeding last year, organizers say:… https://t.co/hgzBGtfLM4
RT @RobinBrenizer: #WomensMarch2018 Denver https://t.co/Rh2R4aVFsL
RT @ClareWHarris: You know Vancouverites are mad when they protest Trump in the pouring rain in January! #WomensMarch2018 #cndpoli… https://t.co/fvKqCKhuo8
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: 👇👇👇 Count on it. 👇👇👇 https://t.co/ZjygXCdudh
RT @RobinBrenizer: #WomensMarch2018 Denver https://t.co/ZxoEFcalON
RT @addiebrownlee: #WomensMarch #theResistance #Equality https://t.co/f3QGrXrfft
RT @goldengateblond: Took this at last year’s SF march. One of my favorite photos ever. Forever relevant. #WomensMarch2018 https://t.co/zp9KInDbCD
RT @Nupe117: Blue Wave 2018 #WomensMarchNYC making its way down Sixth Avenue. @realDonaldTrump @cspanwj @CNN @ABC @CBS https://t.co/HNXstNYNia
RT @SkepticNikki: So Jesus is the cure for everything? He's not very good at his job. https://t.co/ZiVxtmZHT2
RT @robreiner: 90% of Americans are in favor of extending the CHIP program. 90% of Americans are in favor of DACA. 90% of American… https://t.co/fyrOrGk4IB
RT @funder: LIVE: #WomensMarch2018 in Manhattan Wow. Absolutely amazing. Republicans should be terrified of Election Day 2018… https://t.co/TMp1XJt05Y
RT @EricBoehlert: WH: we won't even discuss immigration during shutdown--Trump will tweet abt immigration in 7 hrs
Article not so much but HILARIOUS headline https://t.co/3exjUB6oe5
RT @MrDane1982: This is why Hillary Clinton supporters rejected purity politics, it's dangerous, damaging, dismissive. Change, rea… https://t.co/Sgwo93vbAn
RT @MiekeEoyang: Will someone please explain to me how paying off a porn star to not talk about an extramarital affair during which… https://t.co/REPuB4pEV9
RT @MrDane1982: Trump is the 'most pro-life president in American history, ' Pence says Well the record says he's not By killing… https://t.co/nuo1AQt7lP
RT @CREWcrew: Deutsche Bank is investigating suspicious money transfers by Jared Kushner. https://t.co/IakDT2qLBn
RT @tedlieu: Today is Friday. That means we all need to ask again: Why does Jared Kushner still have a security clearance? https://t.co/THSjdXJ4YC
RT @DenbrotS: 7.It was at these series of parties that I personally witnessed the Plaintiff being forced to perform various sexu… https://t.co/1H1akJUUjA
RT @DonnaNoble10th: .@SpeakerRyan said if the Dems force a government shutdown, they’ll prevent things like CHIP being funded. No, yo… https://t.co/lmmBUOAnNk
RT @tedlieu: The resignation of @realDonaldTrump official Carl Higbie is yet another example of the importance of the Free Press… https://t.co/UrACcQRjA8
@realDonaldTrump Always picture John Kelly trying to wrest his phone from his hands saying, “it’s grammar (wrestlin… https://t.co/bogoOfTh3Q
RT @dianelyssa: He is absolutely NOT our best hope. He’s run for President THREE TIMES and hasn’t won the nomination once. He’s to… https://t.co/ZbzmQ2Cws0
RT @dianelyssa: @ joe biden: https://t.co/ZxngqZ4WJC
RT @dianelyssa: Joe Biden also has spent a good portion of his time since leaving the White House talking utter shit about Hillary… https://t.co/mmITm8c0h8
RT @dianelyssa: Joe Biden assisted in the tearing down of a sexual harassment victim, has yet to apologize to her directly, and thi… https://t.co/BZaR65rhnn
RT @dianelyssa: Good to know that Anita Hill smearing, Crime Bill co-authoring, Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself to Save My Life, Joe… https://t.co/4xUUl7lLF9
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) Trump committed Obstruction as to Bannon and Lewandowski, as he did the following WITHOUT invoking privile… https://t.co/5sxGgwVYRn
RT @JordanUhl: UNREAL. @TomCottonAR has sending cease and desist letters to his own constituents. So much for representative demo… https://t.co/fmOl8n0igh
Oh why oh why oh why oh did I ever leave Ohi... oh. Right. https://t.co/31M9YDiq7j
RT @goldengateblond: Really cool of the @nytimes to give them that big platform today, as though there's ever a day we DON'T have to thi… https://t.co/zivCh2hfj2
RT @ananavarro: These are US citizen children, separated from their father. Republicans, this is not “family values”. America, th… https://t.co/RDKT9YyHyy
RT @jilevin: Larry Nassar's rampant sexual abuse was reportedly an open secret at Michigan State https://t.co/cdiKV3KCmD
RT @SLSmith000: 1/ Starting thread over. This thread will analyze Mueller grand jury matters known to the public. It will be gradua… https://t.co/OiSjrBd6zK
RT @SLSmith000: Thread (great job, @Erinlank & @ScottMStedman) ! https://t.co/cdDDmJrxc9
RT @Wonkette: Mueller has ALWAYS been following the money https://t.co/EfFJruzm75
RT @NelStamp: We are trying to get 1000 women to sign up to go through a campaign management training by this Friday:… https://t.co/xkZOhQw4bs
RT @nadabakos: Hungarian Police Have A Warrant Out For Former Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka https://t.co/FyOLkQWQUs
RT @funder: The FBI & Robert Mueller are probing whether a prominent Russian banker with close ties to Russian President Vladim… https://t.co/TuJp66n3eH
RT @HRC: Hi, this is Cristina Jimenez (@CrisAlexJimenez). I’m the executive director and co-founder of @UNITEDWEDREAM, the l… https://t.co/jNNAM3yEJg
RT @MarcACaputo: The problem with congressional shutdown reporting: It must be written But a deal always happens Even if the dea… https://t.co/xmo7mpi6qk
RT @MuellersKnife: Still fresh! https://t.co/bXDjCW5xMD
RT @ScottMStedman: NEW: Maria Katasonova (friend/associate of Konstantin Rykov featured in the music video confessing to hacking) with… https://t.co/ayvvcLuAeg
RT @RachelRMoran: Damaging the emotional and mental health of prostituted women is not enough for Irish punters; their orgasms are wo… https://t.co/PTKxbtRHSu
RT @AidenWolfe: Evangelicals: "Sure, Trump may stand as the antithesis of Jesus's teachings. He may view himself as a god, he may b… https://t.co/P8EXrUyqKj
RT @ericas: Oh hey, I’m in @TeenVogue today encouraging more women to become campaign managers! Women and people of color are t… https://t.co/uv1V72KnqA
RT @funder: #TheResistance ALERT: Trump wants to blame Democrats for a #shutdown, but we won’t let him. This would be a… https://t.co/DT64CVaiLb
RT @awelab1956: @KimH80593422 @addiebrownlee @MSNBC Actually I disagree. He's openly misogynistic. He tore Hillary down, was demean… https://t.co/dXHKsNdEfB
RT @RBReich: Why attend a State of the Union address by a president who has done more to divide America than any president in re… https://t.co/clpZDEYdHm
@MSNBC Hey Ya’ll! Think that press release about firing Chris Matthews is STILL in someone’s outbox. Lol. Won’t tha… https://t.co/OVwimSyuli
RT @EdKrassen: BREAKING: When DHS Sec. Nielsen was asked if Norway was a predominantly "white" country, she answered: "I actually… https://t.co/U2efETME0q
RT @JoyAnnReid: Kudos to the young woman reporter who asked whether Trump still has bone spurs.
Tennessee pastor accused of sexual assault placed on leave of absence https://t.co/DSabkABM46 # via @HuffPostWomen
RT @ironstowe: Reminder: John Gotti was deemed as untouchable, and was nicknamed "The Teflon Don" because prosecutors was never a… https://t.co/O7QOQI5nQn
RT @krassenstein: There are Now 5 US Representatives who have announced their intentions of boycotting Trump's State of the Union Add… https://t.co/KLKV6ev5W5
RT @MrDane1982: Hillary Clinton, turn your camera on and do you own damn rebuttal for State of the Union. Dont ask snd dont wait to… https://t.co/fXxEkhVROt
AAAAND... BABY DOC - SECRET MONEY: How Trump Made Millions Selling Condos To Unknown Buyers https://t.co/lsdCEU2uEs via @ByTomFrank
RT @VABVOX: ▪Your mother was a teenaged maid who fled poverty and barely spoke English. ▪Your first wife was a divorcee who fle… https://t.co/kedadGhCbj
RT @Alyssa_Milano: This morning, on #MLKDay, our president tweeted the phrase “America First”. I would like to draw your attention to… https://t.co/BewhMctIfL
RT @EricBoehlert: dude, it's gonna work everywhere https://t.co/uJ47waXfq8
RT @JoyAnnReid: Rand Paul is on TV right now literally pretending that immigrants come here without a desire to work and that they… https://t.co/dnTLYRkiKI
RT @omarvaid: THIS WON’T FLY: Trump appoints an incompetent 24-year-old as America’s “drug czar, ” an insult to every victim and f… https://t.co/1QmKXnqo7e
RT @SLSmith000: 1/ Let’s examine Dmitry Firtash within the context of his ties to Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort & Trump (This thread wi… https://t.co/pRAXJuCHqD
Not watching. #stateoftheunionofmyass https://t.co/hy5n0jcXAX
RT @JoyAnnReid: Please explain the meritorious aspects of your immigrant mother, paternal grandfather and wife's backgrounds which… https://t.co/nhko9j3T1c
@MSNBC Hey! How’s it going! I think there’s been some weird thing going on with your press releases. Still haven’t… https://t.co/hT3VglwgNX
RT @dianelyssa: Friendly reminder that @MSNBC fired @joanwalsh, a feminist champion, because they apparently couldn’t afford to kee… https://t.co/IAmEPzMjwr
RT @galwayuc: We're waiting, @MSNBC, for you to finally do the right thing and take #ChrisMatthews off the air. https://t.co/G1DFlOgaxk
@MSNBC did we miss the announcement that Chris Matthews has been fired? Please repost. Thanks! #Hardball #HasChrisMatthewsBeenFiredYet
RT @ethorkel: If @MargaretAtwood would like to stop warring amongst women, she should stop declaring war against younger, less po… https://t.co/QzHI6d6Jk4
RT @PenAndDragon: Would like to know who @globeandmail gave Margaret Atwood a national platform to misrepresent the very real critici… https://t.co/9QS8WdT1wt
RT @WordsandGuitar: @MargaretAtwood And in the national news, too. Can you imagine how having you, one of the most celebrated writers i… https://t.co/zUWJzI60AQ
RT @empathywarrior: I wish I knew what to say. I wish people who can readily shift the conversation by publishing a thinkpiece whenever… https://t.co/h1xfqbsLOF
RT @empathywarrior: Atwood calls for the "unproductive squabbling to stop" so we can redirect our focus at UBC. Well, some of us have b… https://t.co/NRknrQulD9
RT @empathywarrior: I've seen THE THINKPIECE. I'm tired. 1. Still not a fucking witch hunt. 2. Atwood hasn't a CLUE about what dealing… https://t.co/IdwsdQVDQL
RT @JulieSLalonde: Look, I’m not taking her bait. The only thing I’ll say about this is if you’re comparing feminist criticism, grou… https://t.co/kK6VoMlzWH
RT @funder: Can we please For the love of God Talk about the 20 women That Trump has raped, sexually assaulted, groped, inap… https://t.co/ND9ollb46A
RT @peterbakernyt: "America is an idea, not a race, ” Graham told Trump. And by the way, the senator added, he himself was a descendant… https://t.co/UlIuruoAaO
RT @funder: Trey Gowdy has resigned from the House Ethics Cmte! REPEAT Trey Gowdy has resigned from the House Ethics Cmte! M… https://t.co/F4pOhzmVoC
RT @SethAbramson: Here's a question for U.S. media to ask Donald Trump: "Did you use *campaign funds* to pay off the women accusing y… https://t.co/H4M03XCb0m
RT @funder: The word “shithole” is being projected onto Trump’s DC hotel. https://t.co/pq0b7b1BEW
RT @SethAbramson: I honestly don't understand why *any* Democrats are attending the State of the Union. How does it honor the office… https://t.co/jciZB3szBJ
RT @sarahkendzior: The only barrier to Trump's susceptibility to blackmail is his total lack of personal shame. He doesn't care if you… https://t.co/Gfh0lb8BmW
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: https://t.co/5WQ2W05CT4
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: https://t.co/RTJSJThrsf
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: https://t.co/o0kzh3X2W7
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: Holy cow! https://t.co/aOUR2cBZmN
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: https://t.co/5248VOoRfI
RT @DrStaceyPatton: The media isn't diverse – and this leads to appalling reporting | Steven Thrasher https://t.co/sUs6CgvMvD
RT @KateMaltby: I wasn’t aware anyone in the #metoo movement was suggesting it’s ok for young women to “use sex to get power”. The… https://t.co/3gDndjmGZf
RT @peterdaou: BITTER VINDICATION: Those of us who consistently called out sexism against Hillary were ridiculed by tut-tutting wh… https://t.co/UiKQsaeFUM
@maddow Waiting for your powerful statement about how you will resign if @MSNBC does not fire Matthews immediately.… https://t.co/L6e85STBlq
@MSNBC Fire this horrific pig NOW. And if we find out you gave him severance so help you. https://t.co/8W4WRrnlFY
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: Chris Matthews, what the fuck were you thinking? And to everyone in the room who laughed, you aren’t much better.… https://t.co/s1LVkASbPZ
RT @ShaunaRDeBono: Chris Matthews joked about giving the most powerful woman in the world a date rape drug. If he isn't immediately fi… https://t.co/zdehr8nKWA
RT @MattGertz: Let's start with this gargantuan compilation in 2008, highlighting Matthews' "history of degrading comments about w… https://t.co/NOarnM0KgQ
RT @dianelyssa: Hillary Rodham Clinton has been a: - 1st Lady of Arkansas - 1st Lady of The United States of America - 2 term NY… https://t.co/lF1e7ajTqO
RT @cmclymer: Chris Matthews literally made a rape joke about the first woman presidential nominee of a major party. OH, WAIT--… https://t.co/6FG7mcNLIs
RT @cmclymer: All the asshole dudes just laughing off-camera when Chris Matthews makes a rape joke instead of calling him out? This is on you, too.
RT @SarahLerner: MSNBC would be better served if they got rid of Chris Matthews & gave that nightly slot to Joy Reid.
RT @MattGertz: In light of the footage of MSNBC's Chris Matthews joking about his "Bill Cosby pill" before an interview with Hilla… https://t.co/HGCAtSrqEr
RT @RogueFirstLady: I like the Stormy Daniels because she keep The Donald busy leaving me alone.
RT @sarahkendzior: I don't care that Trump had consensual sex with a porn star. I care that he's been accused by at least 16 women of… https://t.co/Rh3qxaP19V
RT @KatieELN: @amjoyshow @JoyAnnReid @allinwithchris @MSNBC Joy. Take the Hardball spot. I'm tired of lousy men disappointing me.
RT @CleverTitleTK: So Dan. Let's say Victor Scavino arrives from Canelli, Italy in 1904, then brother Hector in 1905, brother Gildo in… https://t.co/7GbpM088mu
RT @RantingOwl: GUYS. Just now. In gym. *guy approaches two women working out, with flirtatious eyebrows at the ready* Girl 1: UH… https://t.co/SYHvYwgmoG
RT @shannonrwatts: Trump's guide to diversity Africa: Array of shithole countries Haitians: Have AIDS Nigerians: Live in huts Puerto… https://t.co/cl8QbKFGn8
RT @Amy_Siskind: Every Republican silent tonight on Trump’s bigotry should be ashamed. It’s not enough to retire either - if you do… https://t.co/R6tpbdwh5e
RT @SkepticNikki: No one who believes the things #DeepakChopra says should be president of anything. I'm talking to you, #Oprah.
RT @eveewing: The question of Oprah’s “qualifications” to be president is entirely beside the point. The question of why we conti… https://t.co/FerURmtDQv
RT @RedTRaccoon: When you say "I hate to say it", it's time to stop talking. "I hate to say it, was that the African Americans, the… https://t.co/RWOlkcp00s
RT @DearAuntCrabby: What an embarrassment @realDonaldTrump is to the United States. https://t.co/JsmAPptizg
RT @StillLes4Hill: JUST TRUE—There is 1 scenario—& only 1—that would restore US's world standing. Rectify the hijacked election and sw… https://t.co/KNmAjCyeWI
RT @Shakestweetz: 👇🏼This dynamic is so sinister. "Oprah did something another woman couldn't" isn't saying something authentically co… https://t.co/0nq2XCMFVX
RT @ShaunKing: White supremacist aimed to stop an Amtrak train to “kill Black people.” Now imagine how widely told this story wou… https://t.co/UrV90qFJzK
RT @RVAwonk: Today, the Committee to Protect Journalists named Trump the top global “press oppressor, " alongside some of the wor… https://t.co/3MPskQoi90
RT @peterdaou: Understand this: The dominant - and false - narratives that male journalists continue to repeat about Hillary (unin… https://t.co/ErVPJBB2mu
RT @Amy_Siskind: Mr. stable genius and so-called defender of the National Anthem from NFL players, also doesn’t know the words. https://t.co/jT4O0YGlow
I Can’t Believe I Have to Explain Why Oprah Shouldn’t Be President - VICE https://t.co/wpVIu8NkFn
That Oprah! Gettin’ everybody fired up! And that’s all you need to be president! Ask the Bernie Bros! https://t.co/CY4zdy5J4D
RT @oscarmiked: when a man does something well, we congratulate him. when a woman does something well, we drop her in thunderdome t… https://t.co/2P0kKQMst5
RT @sapphicgeek: Victoria and I were in line at Starbucks and witnessed a break up that was amazing. Guy: I don't understand why p… https://t.co/WE1BgOzCMW
RT @RogueFirstLady: I think The Donald should do live Tweet interview with Bob Mueller.
RT @liviapolise: #SwingLeft 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 #FlipTheHouse #Election2018 https://t.co/FglNGmJxOA
RT @waltshaub: @PressSec @RajShah45 Members of congress may want to warn POTUS not to lead his staff to violate these ethics rules… https://t.co/H5IRwagtr7
RT @waltshaub: Hey @PressSec & @RajShah45, Norm is right. If you or *ANY* WH staffers work on this or post it on the WH website, i… https://t.co/Ka7D3YCo6T
RT @NormEisen: WARNING to White House staff: the president may be exempt from the rules at 5 CFR § 2635.701 et seq. on misuse of p… https://t.co/PNL79xWpWR
Please read this important thread https://t.co/U68h3MSiJM
RT @HuffPostEnt: Dylan Farrow hopes #timesup movement won't spare Woody Allen https://t.co/vcme6uL3mJ https://t.co/NCKWJ496ZM
RT @SassyMamainLA: Emma Stone, wearing black, speaking up for #TimesUp and brought an activist to the #GoldenGlobes Emma Stone also… https://t.co/GA982e7oVa
RT @loonybinsblog: umm what's the joke? "look honey, I just made millions from a woody allen movie & I'm wearing an anti sexual harass… https://t.co/WPZrBwhzZo
RT @jessicajaffes: @ celebs who have worked with known abusers (like woody allen) and haven’t apologized for it: you can’t just wear b… https://t.co/SXPaXiUHJq
RT @UniteWomenNJ: The movie that Seth Meyer just brought up -Manhattan - by Woody Allen - is basically a movie glorifying harassment… https://t.co/8v2xMr8XPU
RT @nytimes: The truth has a voice. This commercial for The New York Times premiered during the Golden Globes. https://t.co/bDdSVPgLzf
RT @jezebelly1: @realdylanfarrow Anyone that doubts Dylan’s account of the sexual abuse, you can start here:… https://t.co/Dom7KHHBjx
RT @DearAuntCrabby: What say you, #DOJ @CivilRights @jeffsessions ?? https://t.co/XTYyQtUHI2
RT @allysheedy1: James Franco just won. Please never ever ask me why I left the film/tv business.
RT @allysheedy1: Ok wait. Bye. Christian Slater and James Franco at a table on @goldenglobes #MeToo
RT @allysheedy1: Why is a man hosting? Why is James Franco allowed in? Said too much. Nite love ya #goldenglobes
.@SpeakerRyan OOPS! https://t.co/8hVmhOXJ3t
RT @KattyKayBBC: The BBC’s superb China editor steps down over equal pay after discovering she is paid 50% less than male counterpar… https://t.co/A9nrlptskI
RT @IronStache: .@SpeakerRyan believes the government has no role to play in our healthcare system. Except for when it comes to wom… https://t.co/bCZiggzLqL
RT @AlHuntDC: Will Lindsey Graham turn on his best friend, John McCain ? Sen. Graham wants DOJ to investigate Trump/Russian doss… https://t.co/WhdSvJvlXe
RT @TheRickWilson: This is what adult supervision looks like, and it's glorious. https://t.co/Tx5F9vF6fv
RT @hodgman: It is hard not to conclude that something is happening at the @nytimes. https://t.co/EKZMYZf1G5
RT @Mandari25733571: @TamponsForTrump @Amy_Siskind Ecactly. Why abandon Pence if there's a chance he might get to be President? Unless t… https://t.co/bnJT2Gltc1
RT @Darkhorse724: @MichNazz @lakegirllifer @saydiesiamy @Amy_Siskind I'm in the Philippines for work. Protest here is a religion. The… https://t.co/eQS4USJFax
RT @AP: BREAKING: Four women accuse Oscar winner Paul Haggis of sexual misconduct, including two rapes.
Does this person of interest happen to frequent shopping malls and ride a horse named Sassayyy? https://t.co/JJ9AlWGPoB
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: Some say “God” is love. I believe in love! What I don’t believe in is the god who impregnated a teenage girl with h… https://t.co/YU0jj8YWYi
RT @AGSchneiderman: Let me repeat: I will lead a multistate lawsuit to protect the free and open internet. We can’t stand by and watch… https://t.co/r5hdz44Q90
RT @funder: .@SpeakerRyan sided with Trump lapdog Devin Nunes over the DoJ & the FBI. This is absolute insanity. Our country ha… https://t.co/0WEVW46Aa8
RT @krassenstein: KABOOM!! Special Councel Robert Mueller has substantiated Comey’s charges that President Donald Trump pressured hi… https://t.co/nldjBrEoDr
RT @krassenstein: I have a suggestion to the publisher of "Fire and Fury, the Henry Holt Company @Henryholt How about taking things… https://t.co/G0xYIk8YHp
RT @funder: FALSE! A majority of the states that denied Trump’s request for voter fraud data are run by Republicans. https://t.co/Q7Wk1AOR2H
RT @joanwalsh: I'll make my @CNN debut with @jaketapper tonight at 10 pm from Washington! Please join us!
RT @Amy_Siskind: One gets the sense that an awful lot of people who know full-well Trump is not mentally competent are allowing him… https://t.co/M6B6ZFebEI
RT @kurteichenwald: @FoxNews 6) ...to DEFCON 2, possibly DEFCON 1. When Reagan accidentally made a bombing joke over what he thought wa… https://t.co/tM136Z1jSl
RT @kurteichenwald: 1) It can’t happen. The Roman Empire can’t fall. The Soviet Union can’t disintegrate. Nazis can’t rearm. The Titani… https://t.co/t4UrXCJD8W
RT @timkaine: Message to President Trump: you can't Mean Tweet us into a blundering war. Wars require a vote of authorization by… https://t.co/MzmuDzLRPP
RT @MiaFarrow: Bannon on whether Trump Jr involved his father in that meeting with Russians: “The chance that Don Jr did not walk… https://t.co/Idh1Su8Tk8
RT @chrislhayes: Half of Puerto Rico still has no power and ***a thousand people died*** there largely, it appears, because of insufficient storm response.
RT @funder: It’s now clear @SpeakerRyan is helping GOP Rep Devin Nunes interfere in the Russia probes. Ryan kept Nunes on Intel… https://t.co/5Gjw6BzMjY
RT @krassenstein: Looks like the GOP Tax Scam is ILLEGAL! The 'Revenue Act of 1862' stated that federal tax liability was to be calc… https://t.co/JyjU4OIY8h
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Just saw an old white man chastise a young WOC for parking in a veterans spot so she whipped out her phone, showed… https://t.co/0cgWur7caU
RT @tribelaw: So the FBI warrants in no way depended on the Steele dossier. So much for the main argument that the mounting case… https://t.co/rdrh9KlSH5
@MrDane1982 @kiwigirl888 She’s one of us 😉
RT @mrmarkpotts: Remember when Trump was crappy to Australia and we were all like, “why?” https://t.co/HQpkQizewu
RT @matthewasears: Now I say "black lives matter"; "I believe women"; "I don't get to debate the existence of others"; "free speech ab… https://t.co/LjrMSKHKFN
RT @ZeddRebel: Ossoff came within a polling error of flipping a district Republicans had safely held for damn near 40 years. So, y… https://t.co/TUYvHoWcet
RT @judithmknott: The Australian connection in NYT Papadopolous article reminds me of something. In May, in Trump’s presence, Turnbu… https://t.co/TVDlPCQrJc
RT @obbiecole: @speakout_april @slack2thefuture @AdamParkhomenko @FBI Also some left-wing ones.
RT @speakout_april: @slack2thefuture @AdamParkhomenko @FBI Kushner was responsible for setting up the Trump campaign, digital operation… https://t.co/2437xbxS5j
RT @speakout_april: @slack2thefuture @AdamParkhomenko Although under reported, earlier in the year, @FBI started investigating US news… https://t.co/IMWRgPkN8G
RT @SenBlumenthal: Trump denial of Russian collusion rotten at core and doomed to unravel. Expect more serious convictions and indictm… https://t.co/KbHdueIAn1
RT @ameliabonow: How can you possibly claim to be “against poverty and medical debt” when you are anti-choice? We’ll never eradicate… https://t.co/OLs9x5WA1R
RT @pwcdanica: My name keeps showing up in end-of-year lists, so here's my response: Trans people are just as good at public servi… https://t.co/re6M8szL7S
RT @ezlusztig: So when the Comey Letter was written, the Trump campaign was under active FBI investigation by officials who had be… https://t.co/n7BgRnHWmd
RT @TheNandanSage: @ezlusztig Harry Reid spoke out. We should’ve put it all on the line & we didn’t. I love Obama, !I believe now he sh… https://t.co/yo2OtnYpOQ
RT @sleezsisters: My wife's nurse had to stand for 30 mins & administer a drug slowly through a syringe because there are almost no I… https://t.co/saWyhUMsIK
RT @FiveThirtyEight: One of our best stories this year: @ClareMalone on whether the #metoo movement will come to low-wage workers:… https://t.co/nojgTOf4Eg
RT @moorehn: If you get off on proximity to power, consider that journalism is not for you. Be a political aide or a PR. Journalists question power.
RT @ProudResister: Donald Trump repeated 16 times in his interview with the New York Times that there is “no collusion.” Then he said… https://t.co/fdohhYR1EC
RT @JuddLegum: Roy Moore denies that he lost the U.S. Senate election, even after Alabama's Republican Secretary of State certifie… https://t.co/BsrkgfLiSE
RT @ProudResister: There is a CRIMINAL in the White House. There is a CRIMINAL in the White House. There is a CRIMINAL in the White Ho… https://t.co/QdVM2z6QRp
RT @docrocktex26: When Trump starts wars w/his mouth after 1/20, these same folk in my mentions trying to shut me up about his mental status will be shocked.
RT @funder: Trump fired every single member of his HIV/AIDS council without telling them why. Not only that, he did it in a let… https://t.co/WlgrWZI8Zh
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: President Trump has fired all members of his HIV/AIDS council without any explanation what-so-ever. The… https://t.co/7xtsOoxUtU
RT @rudepundit: This is some "old man yells at cloud" shit right here. https://t.co/nl1Db4umWF
RT @MrDane1982: Howard Dean run against Bernie Sanders in Vermont.
RT @peterdaou: CURIOUS: In a year when a vibrant women-led opposition movement (#resistance) flourished at an inflection point for… https://t.co/xUENc5yQtk
RT @RogueFirstLady: The Donald very unhappy he hear of people writing #TrumpTreason on their money before spend and put into circulatio… https://t.co/6mQL7xmZSS
RT @RVAwonk: NEW: Russia's central election commission voted today to ban opposition leader and outspoken Putin critic Alexei Na… https://t.co/J1UhY8o8YF
RT @krassenstein: Our President has been accused of: - Raping his Wife - Walking in on Naked Teens at Miss Univ. Dressing room - Admi… https://t.co/djhF7f73Yu
RT @RogueFirstLady: It look like I not get my true Christmas wish again this year, but I make the hope all my friend here do.
RT @BillKristol: It's odd having an American president who's unconcerned about the FSB and hostile to the FBI.
RT @robynkanner: if anyone at vice wants to anonymously send me the things they wish they could tweet right now i'll just fire 'em off for ya
RT @JohnBrennan: Andy McCabe & Jim Baker epitomize integrity, competence, and respect for rule of law. Not surprised… https://t.co/DnnnuQHAW7
Whoooooooooo! Sistas are doing it for themselves! https://t.co/FyJuZe1fMK
RT @RVAwonk: People Trump attacked this wknd: -FBI deputy dir. Andrew McCabe -FBI general counsel James Baker -Comey People who… https://t.co/xMHC3AgyXh
RT @MrDane1982: Bernie Sanders on Republicans tax scam Overhaul: ‘It Is a Very Good Thing’ That Middle Class Will Get Tax Cuts ....… https://t.co/CJzoCgaDU8
RT @smartflexin: This man is a fraud https://t.co/1utgmNKiiD
RT @samswey: The fact so many journalists avoid using the term racist to describe this president demonstrates the extent to whic… https://t.co/B2SpFTxOX9
RT @joanwalsh: I am overwhelmed by the support I've received today from all of you. And I'm thrilled to tell you I'll be heading t… https://t.co/Mutkj0lpDB
RT @MrDane1982: Hillary Clinton warned us about everything, never forget. I’m the Last Thing Standing Between You and the Apocalyps… https://t.co/uRjKlikHov
RT @RogueFirstLady: Is suck to be marry to the joke of world.
RT @Amy_Siskind: CHIP funding has been extended through March 2018. Keep fighting!
RT @Khanoisseur: 2. Get how this game woks? Trump lets Corker sell a few arms to Ukraine which benefits an arms maker from Corker's… https://t.co/r1fWKFRJyN
RT @Amy_Siskind: If you need to get motivated to fight for and save our democracy, listen to Rep Cummings. https://t.co/03ANeP11ME
.@realDonaldTrump Are you thinking that agent Mueller is going to be like, “Where the heck did counselor Baker go?… https://t.co/EtjOTmOl2u
RT @JohnBrennan: Trump Admin threat to retaliate against nations that exercise sovereign right in UN to oppose US position on Jerusa… https://t.co/5AmeuJZ38M
RT @RogueFirstLady: There will be parade one day. Goodbye parade. https://t.co/8quw1MMj4E
RT @JoyAnnReid: But they get to say “merry Christmas” so it’s fine. #MAGAnomics https://t.co/pKPYptfQzw
RT @GetWisdomDude: A Call To War.. When DEMs Take The Helm The Gloves Are Off. Overturn EVERY Order 45 Signed. Attack Citizens United… https://t.co/PR8w2f2zlL
RT @owillis: begging liberals to stop being obsessed with the 30% of unreachables. theyre never going to leave the cult. they ca… https://t.co/VLIYNAXesd
RT @AP: BREAKING: UN General Assembly votes 128-9 to declare US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital `null and void'
RT @FiveThirtyEight: When women do get a break in Hollywood, they tend to be white. These tests ask if films incorporate women of colo… https://t.co/nJsj5rl5Js
RT @SethAbramson: https://t.co/ThqGIArvTj
RT @JesseLehrich: nations who completely disregarded Trump's threat on the @UN Jerusalem vote include: France Germany United Kingdom… https://t.co/DwxzbWlGYa
RT @JuddLegum: This is significant. For weeks there is been speculation that the White House is coordinating an effort to attack… https://t.co/1xRfCZHiaf
RT @RVAwonk: NEW: A group of House Intel Republicans, led by Devin Nunes, has been covertly investigating the DOJ and FBI for mo… https://t.co/aBCahbu3QR
RT @Shakestweetz: The collusion is right out in the open, and so is the obstruction. https://t.co/DnG8vafGb6
RT @MrDane1982: 32.In the 2000’s Hillary Clinton created a charter school in the Bronx, for Young Men of Color called Eagle Academy… https://t.co/x0AkzNghbI
RT @SteveSchmidtSES: The appalling sycophancy led by the Vice President at yesterday’s cabinet meeting is an affront to our Democratic n… https://t.co/qogJrvIWi1
RT @MrDane1982: 34.In the 2000’s Hillary Clinton supported and promote a successful re-entry by formerly incarcerated individuals… https://t.co/Hd9mliuano
RT @scientistjadams: On the fence about things like #evolution or #climatechange? Please send me a private message with your questions a… https://t.co/Mnn08Prqmd
@brianklaas The Democratic Republic Of North Korea?
RT @MrDane1982: 36.In the 2000’s Hillary Clinton Invested $5 billion in re-entry job programs for formerly incarcerated individuals… https://t.co/GWnvsXedRt
RT @rudepundit: He truly doesn't understand how Congress works. Let's try this: If your party has the majority in the House, it can… https://t.co/hl756fqlij
@MollyJongFast Also. She was ambitious. Gross.
RT @alex_zee: BREAKING: The first six plaintiffs in the #j20 inauguration protest trials (including San Antonio's @LexShoots) hav… https://t.co/rofjYihiUO
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: NBC Reports that Jeff Sessions has just ordered DOJ prosecutors to begin asking FBI agents to explain the… https://t.co/O0Vjot5pRn
RT @Amy_Siskind: In the beginning of 2017, those of us using the term authoritarian to describe Trump were still in the minority. A… https://t.co/dy14wmmdlT
RT @SethAbramson: The same day (today) that Mike Pence tells Fox News—very sanctimoniously—that he and Trump haven't been at all focu… https://t.co/hTieqQrYa5
RT @SethAbramson: BREAKING: Vice Chair of the Senate Intel Committee, Sen. Mark Warner, Issues Defiant Speech on the Floor of the Sen… https://t.co/C0CQtZTj94
RT @SenGillibrand: In 2018, I hope you will channel your anger and energy into defeating those who voted to put their donors before ha… https://t.co/AUj8DQ3ZXI
RT @NickMerrill: What Happened by @HillaryClinton was named a best book of the year by: ✔️ The New York Times ✔️ The Washington Post… https://t.co/DWlDaL6006
RT @krassenstein: The White House press secretary had the nerve to tell Democrat Ted Lieu to 'spend less time tweeting, more time doi… https://t.co/1KBoXT8VUM
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Sullivan - AK Cotton - AR Gardner - CO Perdue - GA Risch - ID Ernst - IA Roberts - KS McConnell - KY Cassidy - LA C… https://t.co/zbbhTEZehn
RT @rudepundit: For future reference: In an election between two candidates, you're not choosing the lesser of two evils when one o… https://t.co/z2WtGIWaVG
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Men are being applauded for denouncing sexual assault now while women are being demonized for not reporting it sooner.
RT @CNN: Here's a breakdown of the current 2018 tax brackets vs those in the GOP tax plan: https://t.co/t7Ei5UuY9j https://t.co/DkxrMEtkh4
RT @thehill: Columbia, S.C. to ban bump stocks https://t.co/n1DS5kQkps https://t.co/th7iWzis7U
RT @DemWrite: ⚡️ RT if you vow to do everything YOU can in 2018 to EXPEL each and every Senator & Representative who votes for th… https://t.co/jcdyvR0kJu
RT @MDBlanchfield: Opinion | Trump should face harassment allegations under oath https://t.co/C5aqTH3XjP
RT @SenBooker: Just so we're clear on where the American people stand – our office has received over 54, 000 letters on Republican… https://t.co/kB0noYmydo
RT @mrbenwexler: Roy Moore still hasn’t admitted that he lost the election last week Which maybe tells you a little something about his other denials
RT @SethAbramson: Commit yourself—right now—to voting out of office *any* politician who votes for this historic redistribution of we… https://t.co/mL2tJB4aaE
RT @MrDane1982: Who's getting a Trump tax cut, Nina Turner Bernie Sanders Colin Kaepernick Van Jones Michael Moore Cornell W… https://t.co/D6sNo1XOJC
RT @Rosie: so how about this i promise to give 2 million dollars to senator susan collins and 2 million to senator jeff fla… https://t.co/JxVPz5QAzd
RT @MrNelsonM: Trump. Jane Sanders. Jill Stein. Guess who's NOT under investigation? 🤣 https://t.co/VHc6T6kLbF
RT @funder: If you're wondering why Jill Stein is being called to testify in regards to Russian election interference, it may h… https://t.co/1zjIBBoUd5
RT @funder: Russia paid for Facebook ads promoting Jill Stein: ‘Trust me, it’s not a wasted vote’ Yes, it absolutely was a was… https://t.co/a7lmKIfLTO
RT @gettinnoticedmo: In the grand scheme of things.... I feel pretty sure that Jill Stein was a willing cooperator with Vladimir Puin.… https://t.co/evzj0PD4zW
RT @JenaFriedman: Since Jill Stein blocked me on Twitter, I can't ask her where the vote recount donations from sad liberals after th… https://t.co/OF1Joi9Or7
RT @Amy_Siskind: Gee, who coulda guessed this was coming after Jill Stein sat at Putin’s table with Michael Flynn in Moscow. https://t.co/3e5Men12TY
RT @wokeluisa: Michigan: Hillary: 2, 268, 839 Trump: 2, 279, 543 Stein: 51, 463 Wisconsin: Hillary: 1, 382, 536 Trump: 1, 405, 28… https://t.co/qyJhlDKpNw
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote BOOM! More than 250 Trump Organization Subdomains are in Communication with Computers in Russia!! Thread.
RT @RogueFirstLady: Why Dems not write competing tax plan and show difference to people?
RT @EricBoehlert: just so folks understand why Trump lawyers so freaked out that Mueller (legally) had transition emails, it's bc Tr… https://t.co/sOYAHgcany
@Amy_Siskind Because they’re not pro-life, they’re pro controlling women’s bodies.
RT @kurteichenwald: Wow. I took the same guy earning $20 million a year (top 1%). Did nothing but change his residence from a blue stat… https://t.co/hF6IJ89Axs
RT @Amy_Siskind: Anyone else wondering if the reason Paul Ryan is stepping down is because he knows what Trump did to “win” the elec… https://t.co/laRb0CPt7P
RT @dsamuelsohn: Mueller spokesman Peter Carr statement defending the special counsel's work: "When we have obtained emails in the c… https://t.co/encqVbib6n
RT @M_Breen: If someone told me 5 years ago I’d live to see a coordinated attack on the FBI and defense of Putin & Assange by “c… https://t.co/xnmvJWCIkC
RT @AmandiOnAir: If @realDonaldTrump successfully orchestrates the firing of #TrumpRussia Special Counsel Robert Mueller do you plan… https://t.co/ApEd104eeb
RT @robreiner: Make no mistake, by attacking Mueller, DT's state run TV(Fox) is pushing US to a constitutional crisis. Be prepared to take the streets.
RT @riotwomennn: Historically, the Dallas Morning News has tilted way conservative. Now the paper takes readers on a trail of evid… https://t.co/olkZV1QqZi
RT @AriannaDantone: I’m sure sexual assault charges in the military would decrease if men didn’t sexually assault women https://t.co/igLEfkP2nj
RT @krassenstein: I PROMISE that if President Trump finds a way to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, I will peacefully protest in… https://t.co/iZvIQkROtM
RT @funder: Not So Fun Fact: Most of the Republican Members of Congress calling on Mueller to be fired are probably under inves… https://t.co/TjMKE3ZegR
RT @JoyAnnReid: "The forbidden words are “vulnerable, ” “entitlement, ” “diversity, ” “transgender, ” “fetus, ” “evidence-based” and “sc… https://t.co/gC4BCkSpId
RT @AllisonWynifred: The problem with responses like the ones Tom Hanks & Matt Damon gave today is that men are taught their opinion is… https://t.co/D16jjR2GKE
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: President Trump has reportedly banned the Center for Disease Control (CDC) from using the following phra… https://t.co/syRrLA96JY
RT @neeratanden: Gotta say that this is pretty unbelievable. In 2016, when African Americans could see the damage Trump would do, … https://t.co/tG0JsNqBHw
RT @mariajpsl: After more than a year working on this story, here it is: Florida disposable workers: Companies profit from undocum… https://t.co/KH6TYXuyzJ
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Remember the British Far Right leader Jayda Fransen, who Trump retweeted disgusting anti-Muslim videos f… https://t.co/OI22UfIQu0
RT @olgaNYC1211: Message from #TheResistance for @RepMattGaetz We will be in the streets if Mueller is fired and won’t leave unti… https://t.co/B0npW20uF1
RT @NBCNews: FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn's closing remarks before the 3-2 vote to repeal Obama-era #NetNeutrality rules: "… https://t.co/y3pG3jtkyY
RT @BradenWells1: The reason why I am a @KillerMartinis Fanatic is because of her moral integrity and unwavering commitment to truth.… https://t.co/kwoi6ewMMf
RT @BrendanMLeonard: shout out the 6 people who voted for @RonanFarrow and the 17 (!) who voted for @rosemcgowan in the manhattan da ele… https://t.co/F1XTL9XRLP
RT @cmclymer: Dear journalists/reporters: When covering violence against a transgender person, misgendering them in your reporti… https://t.co/juEe4ug1pR
RT @kurteichenwald: Corporations have $1.9 trillion sitting in bank accounts & investments. Just sitting there. The largest amount of c… https://t.co/UzOwDVs3wA
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) From Russian payments to Trump advisors to failing to register as foreign agents working for Putin allies—… https://t.co/Wrz1OH5Gs8
RT @TheStagmania: Sanders playbook: 1) Refuse to endorse Dems, plan media tour to explain why they lost 2) Whoops, Dems won! Go on… https://t.co/lBENnOTFbB
RT @AGSchneiderman: And don't forget to check to see if your identity was used in a fake comment: https://t.co/yw9etGCp2x. We've uncov… https://t.co/JvaA1kMnBt
RT @gabrielsherman: Trump spoke with Murdoch ahead of Disney deal to make sure Murdoch wasn’t selling Fox News, person briefed on the call said
RT @SeanMcElwee: uh, so it certainly looks like the chair of the FCC appeared in a video with a pizzagate conspiracy theorist https://t.co/v08IpZHeuG
RT @AriMelber: People say Tuesday's result shows a rejection of Moore/Trump. By that logic, note that voters rejected Trump in 20… https://t.co/PkCz5zU7YY
.@KillerMartinis - This is the most BRAVE, RIGHTEOUS BAD ASS THING I’VE EVER READ. YOU are who WE ALL need to be. Y… https://t.co/7Hy9HQsmuL
RT @docrocktex26: We shall overcome him too. https://t.co/LVTrYJvJRH
RT @armsivilli: Okay so another 30 or 40 bite the dust? https://t.co/RTmc7gPFvo
RT @aroseblush: 🤬 Scarborough Suggests GOP Members Show Their Texts From Benghazi Hearings 🤬 https://t.co/eaEaw3igf8
RT @sanacardi: Take Note: https://t.co/VcFRJPWRkv
RT @womensmarch: Please share! The @FCC just voted to kill #NetNeutrality. BUT the fight isn't over. Congress can #StopTheFCC and… https://t.co/rL6MrQmwVj
RT @ClintSmithIII: It’s the same thing with some study abroad or mission trip programs. We send people off to do service work & “exper… https://t.co/tW7gYZu3DP
RT @yashar: New: The New York Police Department has opened an investigation into Russell Simmons. Great work by @AmyKinLA of th… https://t.co/wnj8V8ZrXC
RT @colleenv123: #25thAmendmentNow Our President needs to be able to handle the truth, not be "handled"to protect him from the trut… https://t.co/CfAOscoQgO
RT @codykeenan: This is completely disqualifying. (Along with about 500 other things.) https://t.co/o2i4aHejaP
RT @keithboykin: Three Republican men vote to take away your rights on the Internet. Two Democratic women vote to protect your right… https://t.co/Hxeyk8wuMu
RT @nicolebrodeur: Julianne Pedersen, 5, flew up from Calif. and wore a pantsuit and pearls to see Hillary Clinton, “the toughest girl… https://t.co/vO1T4QRHj4
RT @buddhameme: “Donald Trump, the man, on the other hand, is uniquely awful. His sickening behavior is corrosive to the enterprise… https://t.co/llvZnnjy0Y
RT @make5calls: Even Republicans know that repealing #NetNeutrality is a bad idea. Congress must #StopTheFCC vote tomorrow. Call y… https://t.co/JqpSz3mhjq
RT @cmclymer: @HillaryClinton Goddamn right, Madam President!!!
RT @HillaryClinton: Yes! Elections matter. https://t.co/xU8dpew1Cn
RT @HachezYanicka: @501Wittmann @lpolgreen @maggieNYT If you don't know the difference between sexual misconduct and normal human inte… https://t.co/jIiYUcPkPH
RT @Amy_Siskind: We cannot stop being outraged and alarmed that in a matter of 2 days, Trump called a @CNN host who is black America… https://t.co/9Y1bUiOsZe
RT @Amy_Siskind: One PoS bigot, serial sexual assaulter gone tonight - now we take the next one down! https://t.co/68vIOS56CG
RT @brianklaas: This is absolutely unacceptable. The conflicts of interest are egregious and compromising. US foreign policy cannot… https://t.co/FvPjDphVGM
RT @joanwalsh: Oh wow. Alabama's secretary of state is inviting Moore supporters to come to his office so he can explain the vote… https://t.co/Qseeqebxvv
RT @NBCNews: Nathan Mathis tonight: “Hopefully people in politics will stop using gay folk to bash them ... People in Alabama ar… https://t.co/GJGZr62qEy
#Itssafetogobacktothemall #NoMoore https://t.co/Wkh4AdK1Aw
Tuesday, December 12, 2017 https://t.co/ytYDbz5vSV
RT @RVAwonk: The child molester running for the U.S. Senate isn't the only weird thing going on in Alabama politics right now. L… https://t.co/YlHlKaGAQP
RT @Redistrict: Amazing: turnout is at 72%-77% of '16 presidential race in heavily black counties, but just 55%-60% in rural white… https://t.co/Csu15jT0Tj
RT @DHStokyo: Dear Alabama, Thank you. Sincerely, America https://t.co/rpWqJUeFDK
RT @tribelaw: For Jones to win despite Alabama’s draconian photo ID law is even more remarkable than it would otherwise be. RT if… https://t.co/TKaizECR5I
RT @benwikler: In a political sense, it's absolutely wild that the Democrat even has a shot in this race. And in a moral sense, … https://t.co/VEK4n0tpu8
RT @brhodes: Donald Trump the Republican President and leader of the Republican Party and the Republican National Committee supp… https://t.co/sstUZUNdNy
RT @GDouglasJones: “I have always believed that the people of Alabama have more in common than divides us. We have shown the country… https://t.co/WMzf2jzo1A
.@PaulBegala “He isn’t King David, and he isn’t Saul of Tarsus, and he hasn’t even repented Brother!” #roymoore… https://t.co/O7aFWUElVu
RT @JoeMyGod: CNN's Jim Acosts says @PressSec pulled him aside to warn him against asking Trump about his sleazebag attack on Gil… https://t.co/p5vOI02Mn2
RT @StaciaRR: I was once on a elevator alone with @realDonaldTrump (& a man w/him) at Madison Square Gardens. He was aggressive &… https://t.co/Ch7ltshW2Q
And it will be a very short story indeed. #MyVeryShortStory https://t.co/2a1VC5C7Vm
RT @NydiaVelazquez: .@realDonaldTrump your attempts to shame and silence @SenGillibrand will backfire. The American people see you for… https://t.co/JYS6fAClcJ
RT @NBCNews: Sen. Gillibrand responds to President Trump's attacks: "It was a sexist smear attempting to silence my voice, and I… https://t.co/fjFG7IdLQw
RT @SenGillibrand: You cannot silence me or the millions of women who have gotten off the sidelines to speak out about the unfitness a… https://t.co/fdJ0xThA9A
RT @JuddLegum: Trump family tried to vote absentee in the NYC mayoral election: MELANIA: Didn't follow directions to sign envelop… https://t.co/o6OhFL7Cb8
RT @rudepundit: I'd like to think that most Americans pause at least once a day as they think, "Goddamn, Donald Trump is a piece of… https://t.co/ZO0aQCgO7q
RT @RogueFirstLady: Was he bareback? https://t.co/u5fSziRRXL
RT @Amy_Siskind: Today in America: Starting our day with an overtly sexist tweet by Trump, and we’ll be closing it out with a vote o… https://t.co/IkDZt4KeKI
RT @CNN: Democratic US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says President Donald Trump should resign over allegations of sexual miscondu… https://t.co/i0FFKwAnR0
But just the ONE time. https://t.co/PAGwJxxJVU
RT @Greg_Palast: BREAKING: We just got a call from attorneys John Brakey and Chris Sautter from #Alabama. The State Supreme Court, w… https://t.co/Bfl9CFEqvA
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Who among us hasn’t accidentally gone to a brothel with child prostitutes?
RT @kylegriffin1: Reminder: The Democratic Women's Working Group will hold a press conference today calling on the House Oversight Co… https://t.co/JN1eS6L50y
RT @jilevin: PLEASE RT! Dear @pfizer, Do you really want to advertise on @SeanHannity's TV and radio shows given his support f… https://t.co/H82x0Yh7gz
RT @sahluwal: Donald Trump was quicker to denounce John Lewis, a staple of the civil rights movement than David Duke, the head of the KKK. Telling.
RT @pwcdanica: "There's a certain irony. She's a lightning rod for social issues but her campaign (focused) on the bread and butte… https://t.co/eBT5NRpDG0
RT @owillis: Hillary Clinton's campaign coverage was literally being shaped by the "no girls allowed" club. Halperin. Thrush. Li… https://t.co/wH6gkWveE3
RT @riotwomennn: Bottom line? Bill Sailing & Roy Moore were in Vietnam. They left a fellow US soldier at a brothel with underage sex… https://t.co/WQcIKHhCrX
RT @riotwomennn: Bill Sailing served w Roy Moore in Vietnam. According to Sailing, he & Moore end up at a brothel with underage sex… https://t.co/kOqbyLgX5J
@jma_words @ad1220 @22aspen36 @nana4MANY @politicoalex @BenSasse Zach was the big person here. Kudos.