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    Addie Brownlee launches Kickstarter Campaign

    Addie Brownlee launches Kickstarter campaign - You and Me Abridged - Addie's Making a New Record

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    I Beg Your Parton WEST COAST!
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    RT @jbendery: Reporters blocked from Senate halls where protesters being arrested, shouting, "Kill the bill!" Being told, "no photos. Delete your photos."
    RT @TopherSpiro: NEW: The so-called "skinny bill" will increase average premiums by $1, 238 NEXT YEAR, based on CBO estimates. https://t.co/o6tC4OUvcV
    RT @MrDane1982: When Bernie Sanders supporters hated Obamacare even though it kept them on their parents healthcare until 26 years old, you played yourself.
    RT @MrDane1982: My mom is the coolest, I was 6 years old when I begged for a Shera doll, best believe it for Christmas I had my doll, tuh!!! 😁🤣🤣😂🤣
    RT @MrDane1982: Bernie Sanders gave us Trump. Bernie Sanders candidates he endorsed all lost. Bernie Sanders gave us Trumpcare. Democrats cut him loose now!
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